Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Melanie comes downstairs to find Nick drinking a beer at the bar. He slurs his speech slightly, asking what she’s doing. Melanie thinks she should ask him the same, seeing as how he just got arrested for drunk driving.

At the hospital, Bo runs into Kayla and they talk about the Robbins’ case. Bo says he has been busy tracking down other suspects in hopes that to shift suspicion away from Caroline. He spots EJ and Nicole nearby, telling Kayla that one of his prime suspects just walked by.

EJ tells Nicole that paternity testing is a lot easier than it used to be, so this shouldn’t take long. Nicole grumps, saying that this is a pattern for them. Their first date ended almost immediately, and now that she’s pregnant, it’s turned into a nightmare instead of EJ just being happy about it. Nicole says she blames it all on Sami.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas wakes up as Sami paces around frantically. He heads for coffee, but she insists he sit down, as she has the mother of all problems to discuss with him. He guesses it’s about EJ. Sami calls him a slime bucket and tells Lucas that EJ didn’t just knock her up. He got two women pregnant. Lucas gapes. Sami nods ferociously, telling Lucas that Nicole is pregnant, too. Lucas laughs heartily.

In Max’s room, Stephanie looks at Trent’s wallet and calls the police station, asking for Detective Brady. He isn’t in, and she promises to call back later. She picks up the wallet and starts to head off, but Max comes out from the shower, asking where she thinks she’s going with it.

At the park, Lexie watches Theo play as Lacey comes over, asking why Lexie asked her to meet her here. She thinks Lexie must want her to watch Theo today while Abe makes his big announcement, but Lexie says that isn’t it. In fact, they wont be needing Lacey’s services anymore. Lacey gapes. Lexie tells her that she’s fired.

Max tells Stephanie that if she turns in the wallet, it will implicate Melanie, and Max already told her that she’s innocent. He also thinks Stephanie needs to make up her mind, First she thought Melanie killed Trent, then she accused Max. Stephanie says that she is sorry for accusing him, but when he told her he knew that Melanie didn’t do it, she concluded that he could only know that if he did. She tells Max that he has to stop protecting Melanie, and that no matter who killed Trent, the wallet is evidence. They have to turn it into the police today.

Lacey assumes this is about Theo getting lost, and she insists that she only turned her back for a minute. It was an accident. Lexie realizes that, but says Lacey should have never turned her back on Theo--not even for a second. Lacey begs for another chance, but Lexie refuses, saying that this is her son. Something awful could have happened to him, and there wouldn’t have been any second chances.

Bo comes out to speak with Nicole about Trent’s murder, but she thinks there are a lot of more suitable suspects for him to look at it. Bo doesn’t think so, since Nicole tried to murder one of her husbands before. He vows to keep an eye on her and heads off. Nicole grumbles about how he used to be her step-son and how weird it was. She’s ready to discuss nursery plans with EJ, but first, he apologizes to her for making her have a paternity test done. After everything Sami did to him with the twins, he has to know the truth right away this time. He realizes that that isn’t fair to Nicole and apologizes. She tells him that he needs to remember one thing--she isn’t Sami Brady. EJ thinks that they are a lot alike, and that worries him.

Sami rages about Nicole being pregnant and fills Lucas in on her overhearing her and EJ talking about it, and how she lifted Nicole’s shirt to prove she was lying. Lucas thinks this might be good news. If Nicole is having a DiMera heir, Stefano might just go after that kid and leave Sami’s alone. Sami says that doesn’t make her feel better and again goes off on EJ for getting them both pregnant at the same time. Lucas guesses he must be pretty freaked out right about now. Sami fidgets. Lucas concludes that Sami didn’t tell EJ that she’s pregnant. Sami says she isn’t going to tell him now that Nicole is having his child. Lucas tells Sami that she has to tell EJ the truth.

Lacey begs Lexie for another chance, saying that Theo really likes her. Lexie snaps, telling her not to drag Theo into this. Lacey tries another tactic, saying that Theo should have known better. Lexie reminds Lacey that Theo is a little boy who gets distracted easily. Lacey shifts gears and throws a pity party, saying that her rent and other bills are due. She needs this job; otherwise, how will she pay for anything? Abe comes over just then, and hands Lacey her final check, saying that they wish the best for her. She stomps off. Lexie sighs, hoping that she can let it go eventually. Abe soothes her, reminding her that they made the best decision for their family.

Max says he can’t turn in the wallet and rat out his sister. Stephanie groans, saying that Melanie obviously has something to hide, since she plated the wallet in her purse. Max takes it, saying that she’s right, and he’ll do what he should have done all along--destroy it. Stephanie goes after him, saying that he can’t do that.

Nick says he feels much better now that Melanie is here. She wants to know why he is having beer for breakfast. She doesn’t know him all that well, but she knows him well enough to know that this isn’t like him. He helped her in Marseilles, and she is going to help him now. She asks what is going on with him. Nick thinks she knows already.

Stephanie reminds Max that he could be throwing away the one piece of evidence that might clear his mother. Max disagrees, saying that his mom will be fine, since she is innocent. Stephanie reminds him that she has been charged. Those charges could be dropped today if Max turns in the wallet. Isn’t that what he wants? Max hugs her, agreeing that his mother’s freedom is the most important thing to him right now.

Lexie and Abe arrive at Chez Rouge, which is decorated with balloons and banners for Abe’s mayoral campaign. Abe thanks Maggie for letting them use the restaurant to kick off the campaign, and Maggie takes Theo off to the kitchen for cookies. Lexie frets about almost losing Theo yesterday, and Abe assures her that everything is fine. Lexie agree, telling Abe how proud she is of him for running for mayor. Abe hugs her, saying that nothing is going to stop him from winning this campaign--especially with Lexie by his side.

Lacey stomps around near the pub and sees someone putting up a flyer for “Honest Abe” for mayor. She grumbles and takes out her phone, asking the operator for the number for Mayor Marino’s office.

Nicole lays into EJ for comparing her to Sami. When she found out she was pregnant, she realized that this baby could be a new beginning for her. It could be for EJ, too, but he is too concerned with how it affects his life to care. Kayla comes over just then, asking if Nicole is ready for her ultrasound. EJ adds that they want to do a paternity test as well. Kayla asks Nicole if she has seen a doctor, and she tells Kayla that Dr. Jonas was the one that told her she was pregnant. Nicole heads into an exam room, and Kayla asks EJ if he is the father. He says he is, apparently, and heads off to take an important phone call. Kayla goes in to see Nicole, asking her if Stefano knows about this baby.

Lucas reminds Sami that this child is going to be Allie’s sibling. If Sami continues to lie to EJ, she’ll be lying to Allie, and Lucas doesn’t want that. Sami vows to keep the paternity from EJ until the end of time, if she has to. Lucas asks what her parents had to say. Sami tries to change the subject, and Lucas realizes that she didn’t tell them the truth. Sami admits it, saying that they would have told her to tell the truth. Besides, her mom knows Nicole is pregnant, and her reaction was that she was glad it wasn’t Sami. How is she supposed to tell her she’s pregnant now? Lucas says she’s going to lose EJ to Nicole. Is that what she wants? Sami says she would sacrifice anything, even her feelings, if it means she can protect her kids from Stefano.

Lexie tells Maggie about being forced to fire Lacey, and explains that Theo crossed the street and found Chelsea all the way at the hospital. He has really taken a liking to her. They talk about how Lexie has to find a new sitter, and Maggie offers to sit him whenever Lexie needs her. She knows the Carver household is about to get very busy, especially when Abe runs the current mayor out of office.

Marino meets Lacey near the pub, asking for the information she has. She tells him that it has to do with Abe, who is getting ready to announce his candidacy for mayor. Lacey thinks that everything will change once Marino hears the dirt she has on the Carver family.

Nick tells Melanie that he is having problems processing all that has been going on lately. Melanie understands, thinking it is her fault after what happened in France and because of her father’s murder. Nick insists that it isn’t her fault, and she asks if they are still friends. Nick says they are. Melanie offers him some friendly advice, warning him to stay the hell away from her.

Max and Stephanie go into Abe’s old office and find Bo. Max hands over Trent’s wallet, telling Bo that he might want to take a look at it. Bo does so and asks how the hell they got their hands on it.

Evan introduces Abe as the next mayor of Salem to the group at Chez Rouge. Marino watches the press release from his office as everyone applauds. Lexie sees Lacey walk in and frowns.

Kayla does an ultrasound on Nicole as EJ comes in. Kayla points out the heartbeat and limbs, but says it’s too early to tell the sex of the baby. Nicole says she doesn’t care either way. EJ agrees, but he does want to know if he is the father. Kayla assures them they can determine paternity with blood samples, and it won’t hurt the fetus. She gives Nicole a picture of the ultrasound and heads off to get a nurse to draw blood. EJ apologizes to Nicole again, and Nicole says she wants to prove that she isn’t like Sami. She wants him to know that he can trust the mother of his child.

Lucas thinks it’s noble of Sami to want to protect her kids, but asks Sami how she plans on hiding this pregnancy from EJ. Is she going to hide behind a plant every time he comes into the room? Sami fumes, saying that she will think of something. Lucas tries to convince her to be honest with EJ, at least for the twins’ sake. Sami says this won’t affect her kids. She ask Lucas to promise not to tell anyone that she is pregnant.

Bo asks Max how they got the wallet, and Max claims they found it. Stephanie groans, and Bo asks her for the real story. She explains that someone planted the wallet in her purse, and she think it was Melanie. She’s probably guilty and wanted to throw suspicion off of herself. Max says they don’t know that’s true. Stephanie adds that Melanie was the only person alone with her purse, and that they argued yesterday, to boot. Bo tells them that the wallet was missing when they found the body. Stephanie thinks the murderer probably took it. Bo heads off to get the wallet dusted for prints. Stephanie assures Max that they did the right thing.

Nick tells Melanie that he can’t stay away from away from her because he is drawn to her. She laughs, telling him that he’s lame. Maybe that is why she likes him. She admits that she thinks he’s cute when he smiles--even kind of sexy. Nick blushes.

Abe thanks Evan for his speech and tells everyone how excited and humbled he is to be given the chance to run for mayor. Just then, Lacey starts yelling that Abe isn’t honest at all. He blames other people for his mistakes and let his pushy wife walk all over him. Maggie lays into her, but Abe tells her to let him handle this, asking Lacey not to bring personal maters into this. Lacey says the voters deserve to know what kind of a man Abe really is. Photographers swarm around her, taking pictures and asking questions. Lacey goes further, saying that she was the Carver’s babysitter, and she was responsible for Theo’s care because they were never around. Lexie accuses her of lying. Lacey adds that she was fired because Abe was hitting on her, and Lexie didn’t approve. Abe gapes. Lacey smiles triumphantly, and goes on to add that Theo has problems with authority, and he walked off yesterday without telling her. The Carvers blamed her instead of taking responsibility for their son’s actions. Lexie storms over, calling Lacey a blatant liar. Marino watches the proceedings in has office and laughs boisterously. Evan asks someone to get Lacey out of here. She yells that Abe isn’t the right man for the mayoral position, as he can’t even take care of his own child. The reporters want a statement from Abe, but Evan refuses.

Nick thanks Melanie for the compliment and she tells him that he is too nice to be hanging out with her. Nick disagrees, saying that he has liked her ever since they met in France. He wouldn’t just take a bullet for anyone. Melanie agrees that he has done more for her than anyone else. Nick wonders how she will ever thank him. She kisses him in response.

Bo comes back to tell Stephanie and Max that while they may have cleared Caroline, they’ve implicated themselves. The only prints found on the wallet were their own.

Abe vows to beat Marino, as he knows he put Lacey up to all of this. Lexie comes over, telling Abe that she can’t do this anymore. Lacey made them sound like bad parents. Abe tries to assure her that this is part of running a campaign, but Lexie says she can’t handle it. She takes Theo and leaves, glaring at Lacey as she does so.

Kayla brings Nicole and EJ the paternity results, which tells them that EJ is the father. Kayla heads off ,and Nicole congratulates him. She tells him that she is capable of raising this child on her own, but EJ can help her if he wants to. It’s all up to him.

Lucas tells Sami that he isn’t comfortable keeping her secret, but Sami begs him to do so. He finally relents, but says she better figure her way out of this, because he won’t keep it for long. Sami agrees and Lucas leaves. Sami groans, saying that they’re must be another way.


Stefano tells Marino, “I do not get nervous, mayor.” He replies, “I think you’ll be nervous as hell if Carver gets elected.”

Kate asks Daniel, “So what did they say? Is it good news or bad news?”

Nicole asks EJ, “Wait a minute. Are you saying you want to marry me?”

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