Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In his room above the pub, Max looks at Trent’s wallet and driver’s license. Stephanie comes in, asking where he disappeared to. Max glares. Stephanie asks what’s wrong and he brandishes the wallet, telling Stephanie that he found it in her purse.

Melanie and Phillip stroll into the cemetery and Phillip grumbles about her choice of location for their meeting. She thinks it’s perfect since it’s private and quiet. Phillip acquiesces, and reminds her that he wanted to meet her to find out why she had her father’s wallet. Melanie insists that Trent gave it to her.

At the hospital, a nurse hands Marlena a letter that was accidentally delivered to one of the other doctors. Marlena thanks her and opens it. It’s from the court, letting her know that her divorce petition can’t proceed, since they didn’t receive both parties’ signatures. Marlena groans.

Sami heads into the DiMera mansion, preparing to tell EJ that she is pregnant. As she heads for the living room, she overhears Nicole tell EJ that she is pregnant with his child. EJ doesn’t know what to say. Nicole suggests that he is perhaps thrilled, since this is a miracle. John heads off to give them some time alone. EJ sits down, flabbergasted. Nicole wonders how he feels. Is he happy or sad, or what? She thinks she has a right to know what his reaction is.

Kate tries on clothes in a dressing room and admires herself in the mirror. She calls out to the attendant, saying that she wants the whole outfit. She shrugs, telling herself that she deserves a treat. Chelsea busts in just then, rolling her yes and saying she thought she was saving Kate’s life. She huffs, adding that this is all a joke.

EJ says that he is surprised because he didn’t think it was possible. Nicole asked him if he skipped biology class. One time is all it takes. He said that they had sex months ago. Why did she wait to tell him now? Nicole groans, saying that she was afraid he would have this reaction. She knew he would make her feel like a fool for being happy about this. She asks him if he isn’t the least bit excited. Sami barges in, saying that EJ isn’t excited because he knows that she is lying. Nicole can’t be pregnant because it isn’t possible.

Max tells Stephanie that he knocked her purse over and the wallet fell out. She huffs, asking him if he is accusing her of stealing it. Max says he isn’t, because that doesn’t make sense, but he still wants an explanation. Stephanie says she can’t give him one. The wallet wasn’t there this morning, because she switched purses first thing. Max says they have to figure out what happened. He asks if she left her purse unattended at all throughout the day. Stephanie says she did once--at the police station. Melanie was there.

Melanie tells Phillip that Trent threw the wallet at her because she needed money. Phillip doesn’t buy it, and threatens to tell Bo everything he knows. Melanie insists that Trent gave her the wallet in the cemetery. Phillip, immediately suspicious, asked when that happened. She admits it was the night Trent died.

Chelsea lays into Kate for getting her worried over nothing. Kate, of course, has no clue what she is talking about, and Chelsea tells her that Daniel asked her to find Kate. She started scouring the city, worried sick, and here Kate is, putting on a fashion show. Kate tells Chelsea to watch her tone, and Chelsea starts yelling, wondering if Kate thinks she is stupid. Daniel made it seem like finding her was a life or death situation, but now she sees it was just a ploy to get them in the same room. Kate admits that she is glad Chelsea is here and that she’d like to talk to her. Chelsea tells her to hurry, as she has no desire to see Kate again after today.

John comes up to Marlena at the hospital, wanting to talk, but she thinks they’ve said all there is to say. John reminds her that she had a lot to say to Elvis, who spoke with him. He accused John of being cold and unfeeling. Does she feel the same way? Marlena said that she had hope that she man she loved might return to her, but she is losing it everyday. Now, all she sees when she looks at John is a stranger.

Sami accuses Nicole of being a money-grubbing whore. EJ tells her not to speak to Nicole that way. Sami warns EJ that Nicole is just faking this pregnancy so he will marry her. He tells Sami that this is between him and Nicole, and that she shouldn’t be spying on them. Sami retorts that she heard them talking when she came in. She again warns him that if he believes Nicole, she’ll drive him into the poor house. Nicole asks EJ to tell Sami to leave. Sami again calls her a liar. EJ wants to know why she keeps accusing Nicole of not being truthful and Sami tells him that Nicole is barren. She can’t have kids with anyone.

Stephanie tells Max that Melanie was the only person anywhere near her purse. Max huffs, insisting that Melanie would never plant Trent’s wallet on Stephanie. Stephanie reminds him that she suspected her right away. He didn’t even speak with her about it, he just came up here to sulk. Max says he was confused, and still is. Stephanie lays into him, accusing him of thinking Melanie is some saint that can do no wrong. Max rehashes his tied speech about how Melanie is his sister and that he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt because of it. He asks Stephanie to lay off Melanie. She says she can’t. She loves Max, and she doesn’t want to see him used and lied to. He needs to know what kind of a person his sister really is.

Phillip asks Melanie why she was with her father, and she admits that Trent called her because he wanted to talk. Phillip presses her for more answers, and she admits that her dad wanted to talk to her about Claude and his gambling debts. Phillip asks if he wanted her to help him pay them off. Melanie nods, but says that she refused. Philip asks what happened next and Melanie flashes back to that night in the cemetery with Trent. He tells her that he will leave her alone forever if she agrees to meet Claude. She calls him a liar and brandishes the knife. She comes back to the present, telling Phillip that she told her dad that she wouldn’t help him and left. Phillip doesn’t buy it, and Melanie lays into him, screaming that he doesn’t know her or her father. How dare he presume to know what happened that night? Phillip says he doesn’t, but she does. He doesn’t buy one word of her story.

John explodes, telling Marlena that he has done everything he can to restore integrity to his family name, and try to be a better man. What will it take to impress her? Marlena says she isn’t so far. The man she loved was selfless, a real humanitarian. He didn’t do it because it was expected of him, he acted that way because of instinct. She wonders if John can be that kind of man. John says no, but he is trying. He wishes she would open her mind and listen to him, so he can explain how he is going to do that.

Nicole explains to EJ that she was told she couldn’t have children, but she saw a doctor recently that told her she was pregnant. She chooses to look at this as a miracle. Sami nastily tells her that no one is buying her fake pregnancy act. Besides, she’s going to have to stop drinking if she wants to keep up this charade. Nicole says she is leaving and starts to huff off, but stops, saying she felt a kick. Sami snatches at her shirt, saying wants to feel it, too, and lifts it to discover that Nicole is indeed pregnant. She gapes. EJ asks Sami to leave, as he and Nicole have to talk. Sami huffs into the foyer, grumbling about EJ getting both of them pregnant. She stomps out the door. Nicole asks EJ to stop looking at her as if she made him sad. He says that he really doesn’t know how to feel right now. Nicole understands, explaining that she just feels really fragile right now, which is why she is demanding a reaction from him. EJ kneels down to look at her belly, asking if she is really pregnant with his child.

Chelsea demands answers from Kate. Just then, Kate gets a text from Daniel letting her know her biopsy results aren’t back yet. Kate explains to Chelsea that she feels fine, but she had a cough, so tests were run at the hospital. She won’t know if she’s sick until she gets the results, so she is enjoying some retail therapy in the meantime. Chelsea apologizes and bursts into tears, saying that she feels horrible. It’s hard for her to accept that Kate might be sick because of the whole snafu with Daniel. Kate wants to talk through it, but Chelsea refuses. She can’t forgive and forget what happened.

Marlena wants to know what proof John has that he is a better person. He tells her about Nicole’s pregnancy, and Marlena expresses surprises that she is pregnant. John explains that Nicole came to him for advice, and he told her that it was imperative that she tell Elvis the truth about the baby. They are probably out picking out nursery wallpaper right now. Marlena is pleasantly surprised, saying that John did the right thing. He is glad she thinks so, and asks her out for dinner. Sami rushes up just then, telling Marlena that they have to talk right away.

Max tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to hear it, but she presses on anyway. She loves the fact that Max wants to think the best of Melanie. She even feels sorry for her, given her screwed up childhood and horrible father. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that she uses people and lies to them. Max doesn’t understand how all of that implicates Melanie in putting Trent’s wallet in Stephanie’s purse. She reminds Max that Melanie stole her friend’s bracelet and let them go to jail for it. Is her history not evidence enough? Max admits that he remembers all of that. Stephanie hopes he can see how frustrating it is to hear him say that Melanie isn’t capable of doing this. In fact, the only person that Stephanie can think of that would put a dead man’s wallet in her purse is Melanie.

Melanie insists that she is telling the truth, but Phillip doesn’t believe her and heads off to talk to Bo. Melanie stops him and promises to tell the truth. She flashes back to waving the knife around and Trent agreeing to back off. She comes back to the present and Phillip gapes, asking if she pulled a knife on Trent. Melanie nods.

Sami practically hyperventilates as John tells Marlena that he will call her later. He heads off. Marlena urges Sami to breathe, but she shrieks that that won’t help or change anything. She tells Marlena that Nicole is pregnant with EJ’s baby. Marlena says she knows. Sami gapes.

EJ asks Nicole what they are supposed to do now, and she says they should be making plans and getting excited, although she can tell he isn’t. He says that it is just a shock. Nicole says it was for her, too, because she wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids. It was really hard on her to hear that so many years ago, and she has always felt pangs of jealousy seeing other mothers with their kids. For the first time, she feels like she has gotten a second chance at life. She’s done things that she isn’t proud of, but she see this as her shot to do something great, and she refuses to mess it up this time. EJ assures her that she won’t. She tells him that the baby is a miracle--their miracle.

Kate says it’s time for her say. Chelsea grumps that she guesses that is fair. Kate lays into her, saying she is tired of Chelsea’s anger and self-pity. She has been forgiven for so many things, yet she continues to judge and lambaste Kate. People make mistakes, and Chelsea is going to have to learn to deal with that. The fact of the matter is that what she and Daniel did wasn’t wrong, and Chelsea is going to have to realize that sooner or later.

Max admits that he has overlooked Melanie’s faults. Perhaps she did put the wallet in Stephanie’s purse. She thanks him and asks if he knows what that means. Max doesn’t. Stephanie reminds him that Trent never would have given Melanie that wallet willingly. Max asks what she is trying to say. Stephanie admits that she thinks Melanie killed his father.

Melanie ask Phillip if he thinks she killed her dad. Phillip says that it looks bad, but Melanie insists she had nothing to do with it. Besides, why would she ask Phillip to help her find the killer if she had done it herself? Phillip thinks she did it to throw suspicion off of herself. Everyone else may be buying her innocent act, but Phillip doesn’t. he threatens to go straight to the police. Melanie swears she didn’t do it. Phillip demands that she tell him the truth. He father was murdered right in this cemetery, and now, she looks like the prime suspect. He wonders what should stop him from going straight to the police with this information.

Chelsea tells Kate that she does want to forgive her, but she can’t. Kate says she feels sorry for her. One day she is going to regret this. Chelsea huffs off, saying that she already does.

Phillip asks Melanie if she killed Trent, and she flashes back to struggling with him for the knife the night he died. She comes back to the present, admitting to Phillip that she doesn’t know if she did or not.

Max tells Stephanie that he knows Melanie didn’t do this. Plenty of other people had motive. Stephanie reminds him that not everyone was waltzing around town with his wallet. She thinks it all adds up. Max insists that he knows Melanie had nothing to do with it. Stephanie retorts that the only way he could know that is if he killed Trent himself.

Nicole tells EJ that she is pouring her heart out, but he must be sick of her talking. She asks if he has something to say. He admits that he has a lot to think about. Nicole agrees. They’re talking about a new life, and it’s a big deal. EJ nods. She asks if he is happy that she is pregnant, and he says he is. He takes her hand, saying that he is going to need proof this child is his. Nicole gasps and snatches her hand away from him.

Marlena explains that John just told her about the pregnancy and Sami throws a fit, insisting that Nicole is trying to trap EJ for his money. Marlena doesn’t buy it. Sami of all people should know how hard it is to be pregnant with a DiMera’s baby. It isn’t an enviable position. Sami says that she is resentful of Nicole for being pregnant, and that this has nothing to do with the DiMeras or Stefano. Marlena says it has everything to do with Stefano, at least until he disappears again. Sami can’t believe Marlena is happy for Nicole. Marlena chuckles, saying she isn’t. She is just relieved Sami isn’t pregnant.


Lucas asks Sami, “Alright, so you’re not going to tell your parents. You’re not going to tell the baby’s father. You want to lose EJ to Nicole?”

Nicole tells EJ, “This baby is a new beginning for me. All you care about is yourself and how it affects your life.”

Max tells Stephanie, “Then you accused me of being the murderer. So which is it? Is it me, is it my sister? You got to make up your mind.”

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