Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/10/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the pub, Pete apologizes to Nicole, telling her that her order will be out shortly. Nicole tells him to take his time, as she has nowhere to go. Sami comes up behind her, saying that that’s a shock. She says she’s not surprised to see Nicole drinking so early, and refuses to believe her when she says she’s having club soda. Sami stops Pete, asking if her parents are here, and he says no. He explains that they’re very busy so, the only seat available is next to Nicole at the bar. Sami groans and mutters that her ankles are swollen. She has to sit down. Nicole invites her to take a load off, asking if she has gained weight recently. Sami tells her she hasn’t and accuses her of being rude. Nicole asks if she is hormonal. Sami calls her a witch. Just then, a waitress brings over a steaming pile of clams, asking who ordered them. Sami and Nicole gag and rush off in opposite directions.

Outside, Roman and Marlena talk about her impending divorce. She explains that she is in love with John Black, but that man isn’t him. John would never have taken a chance on losing her. She tells Roman that she asked EJ to talk to him about seeing a doctor. Roman sees that she isn’t giving up yet. Marlena admits that she is giving it one last attempt. Anyway, she is more worried about their daughter right now. Roman agrees. When Sami wants to talk to both of them, it’s usually serious.

At the DiMera mansion, John sips a drink and flashes back to refusing to go to the hospital, even though Marlena agreed to try to save their marriage if he did. EJ comes in, interrupting his reverie. John wants him to go away, but EJ says he promised Marlena that he would speak with John. John suspects that this is about the divorce and refers EJ to his attorney. EJ says it’s actually about the fact that Marlena loves him.

At the park, a frantic Abe and Lexie run into Lacey. They’ve all looked everywhere, but Theo is nowhere to be found. Lexie screams at Lacey, wondering why she wasn’t watching him. Abe tries to calm her, telling her that have to figure out where Theo went. Lexie sobs, wondering if he was taken.

Chelsea runs into Daniel at the hospital. He asks if she has seen Kate, and when she says she hasn’t, he urges her to find Kate and get her back to the hospital. Chelsea thinks this sounds urgent. Daniel nods, saying that Kate’s life could depend on it.

Lexie sobs as Lacey cries and explains that she turned her back for a moment and Theo was gone. She called and searched, and asked everyone she met if they had seen him. Abe tells them both not to worry. He’s going to call in some favors, and they’ll find him before long. Lexie frets, worrying that he has been taken. She turns on Lacey, screaming that if he has been, it will be her fault.

Sami and Nicole come back to the bar at the same time. Nicole thinks the clams are bad. Sami says Nicole’s cheap perfume is making her nauseated. Just then, Roman and Marlena come in and greet Sami, asking what she wanted to talk about.

John tells EJ that Marlena doesn’t love him. In fact, she wants a divorce. EJ says that’s because she doesn’t think John cares about her enough to find out what’s wrong with him. John admits that he doesn’t want to lose her. EJ says he doesn’t have to. He knows that he is afraid of hospitals, but all he has to do is have some tests run, and he can save his marriage. John says that he isn’t afraid. EJ shrugs, saying going is the only way to stop Marlena from getting a divorce. John refuses, saying no doctor can help him, or cure what’s wrong with him. EJ wonders if he is giving up. John says if he dies, at least it will be on his own terms.

Abe tries to clam Lexie, telling her that blaming Lacey won’t help things. Lacey thinks she is right. She never should have turned her back on Theo. Lexie, still worrying Theo was snatched, asks Lacey if she saw anyone suspicious around. Lacey says she didn’t, and Abe tries to calm Lexie, urging her not to think the worst. Just then, an officer comes over, saying they haven’t found Theo, but they found his hat. It was found near the road on the other side of the park. Lexie moans and starts bawling, clutching Theo’s hat to her chest. She cries and screams, worrying that Theo was hit by a car. He’s not good about looking before he crosses. The officer assures her that there’s no sign of an accident. Theo wasn’t hit. He promises both Abe and Lexie that no one is going to stop looking until their little boy is found. Lexie wants to go with him, but he needs them to stay here in case Theo returns. He leaves and Lacey heads off to search as well. Lexie is convinced someone has taken him. She worries about him being confused and scared. Abe tries to reassure her as she sobs, saying that they have to find Theo.

Chelsea asks what Daniel meant about Kate’s life being dependent on her being here. She talked to Phillip, and he told her that they weren’t sure what was wrong with Kate. If Chelsea thought she was seriously ill, she would have come to see her. Daniel knows, since she called. He tried to call her back, but didn’t get her. Chelsea admits she has been busy lately, asking again what is wrong with Kate. Daniel isn’t sure. They ran tests, but Kate took off, and Daniel needs to run more. Chelsea asks what Kate’s test results say, but Daniel can’t tell her. She’ll have to find Kate and ask her that herself. But afterwards, she needs to get Kate down here. Chelsea agrees, thanking him, just as Theo rushes in. He hands Chelsea his giraffe.

Sami tells Roman and Marlena, who have by now taken a table, that she just didn’t want to tell them anything in front of Nicole. She’s a nosy busybody. Roman asks what she is trying to hide. Sami flashes back to finding the DiMera rattle in Johnny’s bag and wondering how she will protect her children. She tells Roman and Marlena that she just asked them here because she misses them, and because she is worried about Caroline. Roman says she is fine, and is out in bail. Sami think Nicole killed Trent. Roman wants to hear why Sami has really asked them here. Marlena asks if she has done something wrong.

EJ tells John that he is being foolish. John doesn’t care what he thinks. EJ says he feels sorry for John. Stefano took away his memories as well as whatever made him human. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and is so consumed with making sure that everyone knows that the new John is superior to the old one. John says that isn’t true. EJ tries to convince him that Marlena hasn’t given up on him, but John thinks the divorce papers say otherwise. EJ says that Marlena cares for him. He wants to call Kayla and make an appointment for John, but he refuses, telling EJ to mind his own business. EJ agrees, saying that he only told Marlena that he would try. He accuses John of lacking all compassion and heads off. John walks over to the phone and dials. He tells someone on the other end that he needs to see them.

Lexie cries and frets about Theo. Just then she gets a call, presumably from Daniel, letting her know that Theo is at the hospital. Lexie thanks him profusely and hangs up, crying joyfully. She throws her arms around Abe’s neck, telling him that Theo is ok. He’s at the hospital. Lexie thanks God.

Chelsea tries to find out how Theo got here. Daniel comes back and fills her in on his call with Lexie, telling Chelsea that Theo disappeared at the park and crossed the street to get here. Chelsea asks Theo if he came here alone. He nods. She hopes he wasn’t here just to see her. He nods and hugs her. Chelsea smiles.

Sami tells Roman and Marlena that this was a big mistake. There’s nothing they can do for her anyway, and besides, the less the know, the better. Marlena tells Sami that she’s scaring her. Roman agrees, asking if she is in trouble. Sami admits that she is--she’s in big trouble, and she needs them to tell her what to do.

Nicole shows up at the mansion, and John thanks her for coming. She asks why he wanted to see her, and he tells her that he needed a friend. He wants her to be honest with him, and she promises to try. He asks if she thinks he is incapable of human emotion. Nicole says no. He is just practical and has control of his feelings. John says that everyone thinks he has no feelings. Nicole says that isn’t true. He is just misunderstood, like she is. John thanks her, saying that she is a good person. She thinks he is , too but he disagrees, saying that he has given her bad advice. She doesn’t understand. John tells her that she needs to tell EJ about the baby--right now.

Chelsea tries to make Theo promise that he will never run off like that by himself again. Lexie rushes in just then, screaming Theo’s name. She and Abe swoop him up and hug him, wondering how Chelsea and Daniel found him. Chelsea says Theo found them, actually. Daniel says he actually came looking for Chelsea.

Marlena and Roman urge Sami to tell them what is going on. Sami asks them if it’s ok to lie to someone you love if it protects someone else you love. Marlena says no, and that you should always tell the truth. Sami thinks there are some instances where it’s ok to lie, like when Marlena lied to Roma about having an affair with John. Marlena balks, surprised that Sami would bring that up. She adds that what she did was unfair to the whole family and it was wrong. If Sami really trusts this person, she will tell them the truth. Sami wonders if she should tell the truth eve if it destroys an innocent life.

Chelsea tells Daniel that she isn’t sure why Theo would come looking for her, but she’s glad he’s ok. Daniel thinks it’s obvious that he and Chelsea have a special connection. He thinks that she is pretty incredible. She doesn’t want to discuss it with him, and promises to talk to Kate. Daniel tells Chelsea that he wants to try to be friends, but she doesn’t think that she is ready.

Sami agrees to tell Marlena and Roman what is going on, but she wants to extract a promise from them that they won’t say a word to anyone. Neither agree to accept her conditions. Roman says that she has done some hurtful things in the past, and he isn’t comfortable doing something for her that isn’t right. Marlena agrees, saying that Sami might not want to take advice from her, but she has learned from her mistakes. Roman asks what Sami meant about destroying an innocent life. He wonders if this has to do with the twins, or Johnny He knows she worries about him being a DiMera. Sami says that is true. No DiMera has ever had a normal life. Marlena assures her that Johnny will. They will all make sure of it. Sami says this isn’t about Johnny, though. Roman urges her to tell them the truth.

Lexie and Abe stroll in the park, thrilled that Theo is ok. Lexie worried that she was too hard on Lacey, but Abe thinks she understands. She was just as happy to se Theo as they were. Abe suggests they get ice cream, but wants Theo to know it isn’t a reward. What he did was bad, and he mustn’t ever do it again. Lexie agrees, lecturing Theo on wandering off on his own. They all head off for ice cream.

Roma and Marlena explains that they will do everything in the world they can to help Sami, but they won’t lie for her. She says she respects that and says that they have helped her. She has decided that she needs to tell the once person that deserves to hear this news before someone else does. She rushes off as Marlena and Roman try to stop her. Marlena wonders what is going on, and guesses Sami is heading off to talk to someone she really cares about. Roman wonders if it’s Lucas, but Marlena says her money is on EJ.

Nicole wonders what has gotten into John, and he explains that he has thought about it, and it isn’t right to keep a father from his child. Nicole tells John that EJ has made his choice, and it isn’t her. She has to move on and raise this baby on her own. John disagrees, insisting that she tell the truth. Nicole wonders what has gotten into him. She thought he only cared about Marlena. John says it’s too late for him, but it might not be too late for Nicole. EJ walks in just then, asking what they are talking about. John asks Nicole if he should tell EJ, or will she.

Daniel and Chelsea re-hash the fact that he slept with Kate. Chelsea says he lied to her, and she can’t trust him, so they can’t be friends. Daniel says he has missed her, but Chelsea is sorry to hear him say that, She has moved on, and he should, too.

Theo, Abe and Lexie sit in the park and enjoy their ice cream. Abe notes how connected Theo seem to be to Chelsea. Lexie agrees. Abe suggests family hug and they all snuggle on the bench.

EJ thinks he has stumbled onto something important and asks Nicole what is going on. She sighs, and John urges her to tell the truth. Sami comes in just then, set on telling EJ the truth about her pregnancy. Just as she heads into the living room, Nicole announces that she is having EJ’s baby.


Melanie tells Phillip, “I thought you just wanted to help me.” He asks, “Why did you have your dead father’s wallet?” She replies, “Because he gave it to me.”

EJ tells Nicole, “I--uh, I don’t know what to say.”

Stephanie asks, “Max, what’s wrong?” He replies, “Trent’s wallet. I found it in your purse.”

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