Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/9/08


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At the police station, Stephanie tells Max that he could go to jail as Melanie looks on. Max insists that he didn’t kill Trent, and Stephanie says she knows that, but the higher-ups might put pressure on Bo to charge him. Max reminds her that he came clean with Bo and told him the truth about the fight. Melanie says she was a witness, so she saw what happened, too. Max says that there is a part of him that will be glad to be arrested. If it gets his ma off the hook, he’ll gladly take the rap. Melanie and Stephanie gape.

Phillip comes into Chez Rouge to find Nicole sitting alone. He joins her, and she asks about Morgan, whom she hasn’t seen around for a while. Phillip tells her they broke up, and fills her in on Morgan’s internship in Chicago. Phillip is glad, since it leaves him with plenty of free time. Nicole asks if he is really over Chloe. She has seen the way the two of them look at each other. Phillip insists that they are just friends, and she’s happy with Lucas. Nicole doesn’t buy it.

At the hospital, a doctor tells Kate that her oxygen levels are back up, and that she’s doing better. Kate removes the tubes and gets out of bed as the doctor protests. Daniel rushes in, asking what she thinks she’s doing. Kate says she is leaving--she’s going anywhere but here.

Hope comes to see Nick as he wakes up in his cell, complaining of a headache. He asks if she is there as a cop or as his cousin, and she says she is here as a friend. Maggie is really worried about him. Nick knows that he did something stupid--he got drunk and got behind the wheel. He insists that it will never happen again and asks when he can get out of here. Hope shakes her head, saying that it isn’t that simple.

Bo comes back to tell Stephanie, Max, and Melanie that the D.A. is not pressing charges against Max because the case against Caroline is stronger. Max flips, reminding Bo that he had Trent’s blood all over him. Bo says that the fight he had with Trent explains that. Besides, they have three witnesses stating that Trent was alive when Max left. Melanie sneaks Trent’s wallet into Stephanie’s purse and grins.

At the park, Lexie and Abe take Theo to meet his babysitter, Lacey. They greet her and tell Theo that they have a meeting for a couple of hours, but will be back to get him soon. Theo ignores them, engrossed in a toy giraffe he refers to as ‘zoo.’ Lacey assures them that everything will be fine and the two head off.

Melanie slyly backs away from Stephanie’s purse as Bo asks Max why he isn’t happy he’s not being arrested. Max says she can’t be happy when his mother is getting ready to stand trial. Bo vows that he and Roman will find the real killer and exonerate their mom. He tells Max that they have a lot of suspects to look at. Melanie smiles, saying there are probably suspects they haven’t even thought of. She glances at Stephanie’s purse.

Hope lays into Nick for driving drunk. He groans, saying that he doesn’t need to hear this right now. When the faculty finds out what he did, he will probably be suspended. Hope huffs, saying that she doesn’t feel sorry for him at all. He could have killed someone. Nick apologizes, saying he forgot about Zach. Hope says that he was killed because Chelsea wasn’t paying attention, not because she’s drunk. Chelsea walks up behind them just then, saying that she will have to live with that for the rest for her life. She tells Nick that his drunk-driving is unforgivable.

Bo tells Max that he is free to go, and asks him to keep Caroline occupied so her mind won’t be on the trial. Bo tells Max that he needs to speak with Melanie alone, and Max protests. Melanie grins at Stephanie, saying that she will be fine, and the two head off. Melanie wonders what Bo wants to talk about, and he tells her it’s about Trent, obviously. He asks if she wants a lawyer, but she says no. Bo asks her to come into the office, as this could take a while.

Abe and Lexie meet Scott, the board member from the hospital, at Chez Rouge. Scott tells Abe that he has found the perfect campaign manager. Just then, Evan from Java Café comes over, telling Abe and Lexie that he has moved past serving coffee. Scott tells them that Evan agreed to be Abe’s manager after he pulled him aside at a city council meeting. Evan thinks ‘Mayor Carver’ has a nice ring to it. Just then, Marino comes up behind them, asking Abe if it’s true he’s trying to take his job.

Daniel asks the other doctor to excuse himself and he heads off readily. Daniel tells Kate to get back into bed. She refuses to wait any longer for the test results. Just then, she doubles over, coughing. Daniel helps her to get back into bed and gives her the oxygen tubes for her nose. Kate’s coughs finally slow as Daniel coaches her on breathing. She wonders how long it will be before she gets the results back on her biopsy. Daniel promises that it will be soon, but that isn’t good enough for Kate. According to the literature her doctor left her, she may not have much time left. She certainly doesn’t want to spend it here.

Phillip again insists that he and Chloe are just friends, but Nicole says she has seen the way they look at each other. Phillip admits that they are attracted to each other, but that will only get you so far in a relationship, and besides, Chloe is happy with Lucas. Nicole doesn’t think so. The last time she talked to Chloe, she was unhappy with Lucas for acting like a self-centered jerk. Besides, that island he lives on is the ass-end of nowhere. Phillip chuckles, admitting that it’s rustic. Nicole says there’s not even indoor plumbing. Philip wonders if that is why Chloe is upset at Lucas, but Nicole says she’s kind of freaked out about the whole motherhood thing. Phillip thinks she really keeps up with the happenings around town. Nicole says she tries, asking if there is anyone else he wants dirt on. Phillip nods, saying he’d like to hear about her dead husband.

Stephanie and Max head into the pub to find Caroline working. Stephanie heads off to take a phone call from Kayla and Max greets Caroline, who can’t believe he was questioned about Trent. She asks if he was arrested, and he says no, but wishes he had been. That way, she would be off the hook. Caroline tells Max that that is crazy talk. She claims she isn’t worried about the murder charge. She knows Bo and Roman will find the real killer and prove her innocence. Max hugs Caroline, hoping that she is right.

Nick tells Hope and Chelsea that he knows what he did was horrible, but it didn’t feel like he did it himself. He felt like someone else took over his body when he was driving that night. Chelsea asks to speak to Nick alone and Hope heads off. Chelsea lays into Nick, who says he feels bad enough already. Chelsea thinks he needs a friend, but he disagrees. She starts to huff off, but he stops her, twilling her that part of the reason this happened was because he blamed himself for Trent’s return to town and his subsequent death. Chelsea doesn’t understand, since Nick didn’t kill Trent. Suddenly, she notices the bruises and scraped on Nick’s knuckles and asks what happened.

Melanie tells Bo that she wasn’t anywhere near Trent when he was murdered. Bo asks her about the fight Max got into with Trent. He knows they were both angry with him. Melanie rehashes Trent’s scheme to get her to pay off his debts, and explains that Trent had enemies all over the world. He had a gambling problem. She tried to get him to stop, but he couldn’t, and he owed a lot of people money--the amount of money people might kill over. She gestures at the board with the list of suspects and tells Bo that he ought to stop focusing on people like her and start focusing on Trent’s real enemies. Bo asks who that might be, and she suggests Claude. Bo says they are looking into him as a suspect, and Melanie promises to call if she thinks of anyone else. Bo says that she can go for now, but he hopes she is as innocent as he knows his mother and brother are. If she killed Trent, Bo will find out. He adds that one day, she’ll slip up, and he will be there. Melanie glares and stomps out of the office.

Abe tells the mayor that he does indeed intend to run against him for mayor. He knows they have had their differences in the past, but hopes that they will have a fair, clean fight. The mayor reluctantly shakes Abe’s hand as he hopes for the best man to win. Marino whirls on Scott and Evan, telling them that he is disappointed in them. They’ve backed the wrong horse.

Daniel tells Kate that she shouldn’t jump to conclusions about her chances of making it through this. She is clearly willing to fight with him, and that mental attitude is half the battle. Kate explains that she has a company and is missing three meetings today. Daniel reminds her that she has staff to take care of it, but Kate says she is the face of the business. Daniel sighs, saying that could be facing a serious illness. Nothing should be more important to her than her health.

Nicole tells Phillip that she is glad Trent is dead, but she wishes it would have happened before Victor found out they were married. She tells Phillip that they’re trying to pin the murder on Caroline Brady, which is ridiculous. Phillip thinks they must have evidence, but Nicole doesn’t care. She and Caroline don’t get along, but even she knows it’s insane to think Caroline might hurt someone. Nicole thinks whoever has his wallet is probably the murderer. She heads off to take a call about Pookie’s play date, and Phillip pulls out his phone. He calls Bo, saying that he has a tip about the murder case. He tells Bo that he’s on his way down to the station to talk to him about it.

Stephanie comes back into the pub as Caroline takes off to speak with Mickey over the phone. Max thanks Stephanie for being so amazing through all of this. She didn’t even question the bloody shirt she found. She just believed him and he appreciates that, especially since he was pushing her away and acting crazy. Stephanie says he told her the truth, and she believed him, that was all. She says she is worth it, and heads off to the kitchen. We zoom in on her open purse.

Hope comes to speak with Bo and they talk about Max coming down to the station and being cleared. Bo asks about Nick, and Hope says she thinks she may have rattled his cage a little. Chelsea is speaking to him right now. Bo wonders what has gotten into Nick, and Hope thinks he might be involved with the Robbins’ murder. Bo doesn’t think so. He has set his sights on Melanie as the prime suspect. He tells Hope that the girl is trouble.

Melanie listens in around the corner as Nick explains that he hurt his hand in the lab. She flashes back to Nick telling her he hurt his hand in France. Chelsea asks him again why he was drinking, and he insists that he felt guilty about Trent coming to town. Chelsea says that Max would have found Trent eventually. Besides, Nick is responsible for helping Max to save his sister. Because of Nick, she will have a better life, especially now that her dad is gone. Melanie walks over just, then saying that she couldn’t agree more.

Kate tells Daniel that she has already been in the hospital for 24 hours, and she can’t wait much longer for those results. Daniel reminds her that biopsies take time, but promises to head down to the lab and check on her results. He warns her to stay where she is and heads off. Kate says to herself that she’ll be gone by the time he gets back and takes out her oxygen tubes.

Melanie asks if she is interrupting something, saying she heard the cops saying he was brought in. Nick tells her that it’s along story, but he’ll fill her in sometime. Melanie bats her eyelashes, telling Nick that she has time now. Chelsea grimaces. An officer heads over, saying that she doesn’t actually. Visiting hours are over, so they both have to leave. Chelsea heads out and Melanie does, too, after a long lingering look at Nick.

Evan tells Marino to get used to disappointments, because he is going to have a lot of them in the future. Marino is surprised that Abe and Lexie even want to do this, considering the public scrutiny they will face. Marino says they’re family has a lot of problems, not including their ‘slow’ child. Abe takes a step forward as Lexie holds him back. Abe thunders with rage, asking if Marino is referring to his son. Lexie tells Abe to calm down, as it’s clear Marino is trying to bait him. Marino says they mustn’t forget about Lexie DiMera, either. He wishes Abe luck, saying he’s going to need it and leaves. Lexie can’t believe that man was elected. Evan says it’s good to know the gloves are off. He’s just glad Abe didn’t fall for Marino’s ruse. He probably had a photographer outside, ready to take a picture. Scott hopes Abe can now see how important it is to get this campaign rolling. Abe nods, saying he is ready to take Marino on.

Theo plays in the leaves as Lacey gossips on the phone. Theo gets up and wanders off. Lacey pops her gum and is engrossed in her conversation, not noticing Theo walk away.

Hope asks Bo if he got anywhere with Melanie, but he admits that he didn’t. Phillip comes in just then, asking why Melanie is here. He asks Bo if he questioned her about the murder. Bo says he did and asks Phillip why. He tells them that she came to him for help finding her father’s killer.

Kate finishes getting dressed just as Daniel comes back. She explains that she’s not staying her any longer and asks him to call when he finds something out. He tries to get her to agree to at least take a portable oxygen tank around with he, but Kate refuses, saying she will be fine. She tells him to call her with news and walks out, coughing steadily. Daniel looks after her with concern.

Nick sits in his cell and puts his head in his hands, wondering what he has done.

Phillip tells Bo and Hope that he told Melanie that he wasn’t a P.I., but did some checking and found out Trent was a scumbag. Hope says they already knew that, and Bo asks about the tip Phillip said he had. Phillip says he didn’t mean a tip exactly,. He wants to contribute money to the force in some way. Titan is trying to expand its image by giving back to the community, so he wants to set up a fund for families of fallen officers, or whatever Bo decides is best. Hope sys that is generous, and promises to have someone call over to Titan tomorrow. Phillip heads off and Hope expresses surprise at his offer. Bo thinks it was odd, too.

Phillip heads over to Melanie and asks why she has her father’s wallet. Melanie says he gave it to her. Phillip glares, asking her if she is going to tell the truth, or is he going to have to tell Bo that she has it. Melanie says they can talk, but not here, and they head off. Hope and Bo watch them leave.

Max is cleaning up at the pub and knocks Stephanie’s purse onto the floor. Trent’s wallet falls out. Max opens it and sees the I.D. inside.

Lexie and Abe stroll in the park, and he thanks her for being so supportive. He has never really felt ambitious about anything, but he wants this job. On the other hand, he admits that he is worried it will take time away form his family. Lexie promises not to let that happen, and asks him not to talk that way anymore. Lexie really thinks he will be able to help people by being mayor. Just then, Lacey runs over and shrieks that Theo is gone. Lexie gasps, “OMG!”


Chelsea asks, “Daniel, please do not pull this patient privacy stuff with me, ok?” He replies, “Just find her and get her back here.”

Roman asks Sami, “Are you in some kind of trouble?” She replies, “Yes, I am in big trouble and I need you both to tell me what to do.”

Lexie asks an officer, “Where did you find this?” He replies, “On the south side of the park, lying near the road.” Lexie bawls.

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