Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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Lucas shows up at the Horton cabin to find Sami in panic mode. She rails at him, saying she can’t believe he told EJ about her pregnancy. Lucas admits that he didn’t say anything to EJ. He decided that it’s not his place to tell EJ about the pregnancy, and that Sami has to do it on her own.

Stephanie and Max lie in his bed and he suggests they just stay there all day. Stephanie agrees and they kiss. Max thanks her for helping keep his mind off of everything that has been going on. She assures him that his mom is going to be fine. She’s out of jail and sleeping in her own bed, so Stephanie is sure that the worst is over. Max hopes that she is right.

In Abe’s old office, Bo tells Roman that they have to get moving on this case, or their mother could end up behind bars again. Roman agrees, saying that it could be for good this time. Bo heads out to tell another officer to put a rush on the forensic testing of the fibers and slams the door. Roman tells him that Nicole is on the top of his suspect list. After all, she has done this kind of thing before. Bo isn’t so sure. He thinks Trent’s daughter, Melanie, is a better suspect.

At the cemetery, Melanie looks at the crime scene near Shawn’s grave and flashes back to the night Trent died. He meets her in the cemetery, thanking her for calling him. She cries, wondering whys she always has to fix his mistakes. Trent leers, saying that it’s because she loves him. Melanie reluctantly admits that she does.

Bo tells Roman that Melanie has been flying under the radar lately, so they know very little about her. Roman admits that she is a wild card. A commotion outside sends them both running to find Nick staggering drunkenly around the station. Another officer restrains him as Bo asks what’s going on. The officer tells them that he brought Nick in for drunk driving. Nick slurs his speech, asking Roman if he is in trouble. Roman says that that’s a pretty good assumption. Bo asks what the hell is going on with him. This behavior isn’t like Nick at all. Nick says his life sucks right now. He has no girlfriend, he’s behind on his bills, and he chipped his tooth. Plus, Trent Robbins is dead because of him. Bo and Roman gape, asking if he meant what he said. Nick nods and laughs. It’s all his fault.

Melanie flashes back to speaking with Trent the night he died. She can’t believe that he is asking her to help him again. It’s just money, and she is his daughter. He is supposed to protect her. Trent goes off on her for being so selfish. He gave her everything, and she still whored herself around Europe. He thinks that she owes him. Melanie disagrees, saying that he never asked to be born. She accuses Trent of loving her conditionally, and she says she won’t take it anymore. Trent snatches at her arm, but Melanie pulls a knife, telling him not to touch her ever again. Trent snaps at her to put that thing away before someone gets hurt, but she says he has already hurt her. He insists that he loves her, but she reminds him that he called her a whore. Trent shrugs, saying that she clearly craves attention, which Claude will provide for her. Melanie cries, asking if he will promise to stop gambling if she does this for him. Trent agrees, but Melanie think he is a liar. She brandishes the knife. Back in the present, Melanie sighs.

Nick tells Bo and Roman to cuff him and read him his ‘Melinda’ rights. Nick can’t wait, so starts drunkenly saying them to himself. Bo sits him down in a chair and asks him what he meant about Trent Robbins’ death being his fault. Nick says that Trent only came to town because of his prototype. If that hadn’t happened, Max wouldn’t have met him, found Melanie, or brought her back from France. Bo wonders what Melanie has to do with this. Nick gags and makes a bum rush for the bathroom.

Stephanie gets dressed as Max comes back with a newspaper. He thrusts it at Stephanie and she gasps. The headline screams ‘Top Cops’ Mother Arrested for Murder.’ Max flies into a rage about the media, and Stephanie reads the article with disdain, saying that it’s all speculation. Max confides in her that a guy from one of the news stations was hanging around asking questions at the pub, but no one would talk to him. Stephanie just hopes this whole thing will be over soon. Max says it won’t be until Bo and Roman find the real killer.

Melanie flashes back to speaking with Trent. He cajoles her to put the knife down, saying that he knows she won‘t hurt him. He decides to rescind his request, since she is so distraught. He wants her to come home with him. Melanie backs away and shudders.

An officer hands Nick some coffee and Bo and Roman head off to talk in Abe’s office. Roman wonders what Bo thinks about Nick as a suspect. Bo reminds him that Nick is family. He’s a good kid, and couldn’t have done this. Roman asks Bo if he remembers what happened to Willow Stark. Bo insists that that was just an accident, not murder. Roman says he believes Bo, but all he is saying is that they can’t exclude Nick from suspicion just yet.

Maggie strides into the station and confronts Nick about his drinking and driving. He groans. She angrily demands to know what he was thinking.

Stephanie wishes there was something they could do, but Max thinks the cops are doing everything they can. Stephanie suggests that they do a little detective work of their own, but Max refuses, reminding her that her dad is involved on the case, and wouldn’t want her poking around. Stephanie grumps, saying she thought Max would do anything to clear his mom’s name. He says he would, but he thinks they need to let the police handle this. Stephanie says this isn’t like Max at all. What is really going on?

Lucas tells Sami that EJ has a right to know that he is a father, just like Lucas did with Will. Sami groans, wondering why he is bringing that up. Lucas reminds her that he missed out on a lot with Will. He has forgiven Sami for that, but he will never forget it. She says that the two situations are completely different, but Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. She has to stop messing with people’s lives and tell the truth. EJ deserves to know that he’s a dad. If she wants to be with him and be happy with him, that’s great, but she needs to be honesty. If she trusts EJ so much, then why can’t she do that?

Maggie tells Nick how disappointed she is in him. He knows better than to drive after he has been drinking. Nick would rather discuss this in the morning, but Maggie says he is lucky that all that hurts is his head. Nick yells that he thought he was ok to drive. Maggie says that he must call her when he has been drinking and needs a ride. She reminds him that he could have died or killed someone else when he ran that red light. Nick promises that it won’t happen again and Maggie lays into him about how his life could change in a split second. He yells that he knows and covers his ears. Maggie says she refuses to let Nick’s life be ruined by alcohol as Bo and another officer come in. Bo tells the man to take Nick down to booking and the two head off. Bo says he has a feeling Nick’s time in jail won’t be as hard as the lecture Maggie just gave him. She huffs off, saying she has to call Mickey before Nick is arraigned. Bo sighs.

Max tells Stephanie that he just doesn’t want her getting involved in this mess. She thinks he is protecting someone, but Max denies it. Stephanie gasps, asking if it is Melanie. Max sweats.

Bo tells Roman that he called Caroline earlier, and Roman admits that he plans on stopping by later to see how she is doing. While they’re on the topic, he wonders how Bo is holding up. He sys he hasn’t been home in three nights, and Ciara is asking about Caroline. Neither him or Hope like to bring this kind of stuff home, but it’s personal this time. Roman agrees just as Mayor Marino comes in. He says he needs to talk to them about their mother.

Melanie waves the knife at Trent and says they don’t have a home anymore. Her home is with Max. She still can’t believe he didn’t tell her about Max. Trent says Max isn’t anything like them. He has no drive or ambition, and will probably be waiting tables in thirty years. Melanie wonders if that is all he cares about. She says that she felt sorry for Max when she first met him, because his father threw him away like trash. She walks over to Trent and says that Max was really the lucky one, because he didn’t have to grow up with Trent for a father. Melanie comes back to the present and notices blood stains on Shawn’s headstone.

Roman starts to defend their investigation, but Marino says he actually came down to commend them on doing such a good job. He thinks they all need to be tough though, since their mother is the prime suspect. Marino glances over at a board and notices that Max’s name is among the list of suspects. He finds that very interesting, and tells them to keep up the good work. He heads off. Bo wonders what that was all about. Roman isn’t sure, since they know the mayor hates them both. Bo sighs, saying that they have to get Max off of that list. Roman thinks they should start by getting a warrant and testing Max’s clothes against the fibers found on Trent’s body. Bo calls a judge’s clerk and is put on hold. Roman worries about getting the warrant so quickly, but Bo doesn’t think it will be an issue, since Max threatened Trent in public. The clerk comes back on the line and Bo asks them to put a rush on a search warrant for Max Brady’s place.

Stephanie can’t believe that Max is protecting Melanie once again. Max says that he isn’t, but if he were, it would be because Melanie is his sister. Stephanie reminds him that all Melanie has done is screw everything up since the moment she stepped into his life. Max refuses to have this discussion with her, but Stephanie doesn’t let up. She thinks Melanie is a manipulative liar. Max yells at her to stop. Stephanie reminds him that this is about murder. It’s serious. Max says he would never let his mom take the fall for Melanie. Stephanie should know that. She asks if he really thinks Melanie is innocent. She threatened to kill Trent. Max says he did, too, but Stephanie knows he didn’t kill him. He knows that she hates Melanie, but he is begging her to give the girl a break for once.

Melanie says that Max was lucky to have a family that cared about him. They saved him from Trent, but who is going to save her? Trent insists that she doesn’t need saving from him. He’s the one in trouble, after all. She throws the knife down, telling him that she won’t kill him, but she isn’t going to help him this time either. Trent urges her to come back to his place, but she refuses, saying she doesn’t want to be talked into sleeping with his friend. She says that she will disappear if he doesn’t leave her alone. Max is the only one she will miss. Trent says that they have a special connection, and that they will make up. Melanie insists that they won’t this time and starts to head off. Trent grabs her. She shrieks and struggles with him.

Lucas tells Sami that she should trust EJ, but she says she does. Stefano is the one that she doesn’t trust. What if he finds out that he has another grandchild? Lucas says he is going to find out pretty soon. What will happen when he learns that she lied to him? Doesn’t she remember what he did to her mother. Sami says that she will just have to take that chance. Lucas throws his hands up, saying that he is trying to get her to do the right thing, but she just refuses. He says that she can do whatever she wants, as he’s not a part of it. He storms out.

Maggie comes to visit Nick, who is lying down in his cell. She tells him that Mickey is doing everything he can to get him out. Nick says he feels awful, and never plans on drinking again. Maggie says she knows how bad he feels now, so she hopes she‘ll be more careful in the future. Nick wonders how he could have gotten so out of control. Maggie isn’t sure. She knows Nick isn’t a problem drinker, so what caused him to go in this binge?

Melanie flashes back to pushing Trent away and going after the knife. She comes back to the present, stares at the blood on Shawn’s headstone, and paces around nervously.

Bo and Roman knock on Max’ door with the warrant. As they search, Stephanie reminds them that Max is their brother. They both know he couldn’t have done this. Bo says that they have to look anyway, but Max insists they won’t find anything. Just then, another officer comes out of the bathroom, holding Max’s bloody shirt. Roman questions him about it, and Max admits that he and Trent fought the night he died. Bo explodes, wondering why he didn’t tell them before. Max insists that he didn’t kill Trent. Roman sends the shirt off for testing and Bo says they have to take Max down to the station. Max says he can explains everything and Bo says he hopes he can.

Later, back at the station, Bo and Roman lay into Max for lying to them about the night Trent was murdered. He is really making it look badly for him. Max insists that he had nothing to do with Trent’s murder. Bo yells at him for his stupidity. He has two cops for brothers, and he knows better than to withhold this kind of information. Now he is at the top of their suspect list. Roman asks for a few minutes alone with Max, and Bo and Stephanie leave. Roman demands that Max tell him everything, starting from the beginning.

Nick tells Maggie that he headed to the Cheatin’ Heart for a drink after his hellish week. Unfortunately, Dr. Jonas walked in. Nick admits that he just wanted to punch the guy. He wishes he could get over Chelsea, but he just can’t. Maggie reminds him that she was his first love. That one always hurts the worst. Nick says that he knew he didn’t have a hot against Daniel, but when he heard how he had devastated Chelsea, he was sort of happy, because that meant he might have chance with her. He admits that his beers turned into shots because Daniel stirred up a lot of feelings he had about Chelsea.

Roman receives the lab reports from Max’s shirt. He tells Bo that the blood on Max’s shirt is Trent’s, and the fibers from the body are from Max’s shirt as well. Max grimaces. Bo groans.

Melanie wonders why she can’t remember what happened next. Just then, Stephanie calls, asking her to meet her at the police station. Max is being questioned about Trent’s murder.

Lucas comes back for his phone to find Allie awake. Sami says she heard them arguing. They both apologize at the same time. Lucas says that he is happy for Sami if she has decided she wants to be with EJ. She says she is nervous about telling him she’s pregnant because she’s afraid of how he will react. She doesn’t think he wants her. She apologizes, thinking Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. Lucas says that they are friends and she can always seek his advice if she wants, but he thinks she should talk to someone else. Sami wonders who, and Lucas suggests her parents. Sami guesses that it couldn’t hurt.

Melanie meets Stephanie, who says that Max is getting the third degree because of her. Melanie doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say, but she thinks Max should decide if this is her fault. Stephanie says he has already decided that he is devoted to her. Unfortunately, she is only using him to get what she wants. Melanie accuses Stephanie of being the one that is using Max. If she really cared about her boyfriend, then she would be happy for him and his sister’s new relationship. Melanie accuses Stephanie of being needy and possessive, and warns her that guys don’t like that. Stephanie tells her that she and Max’s relationship is fine, but Melanie doesn’t think so. In fact, she is surprised that they have lasted this long. Stephanie says that part of the reason she loves Max is because he always looks for the good in other people. He has helped Melanie no matter what terrible thing she did to him. Now is her chance to help him. Melanie says she won’t confess to a murder she didn’t commit. Stephanie warns her that the truth will come out eventually. Melanie screams that she hopes it does, so everyone in this town will leave her the hell alone.

Maggie thinks that Nick should tell Chelsea how he feels, but he refuses, saying that he is ok with them just being friends. Part of the reason he hasn’t gotten over Chelsea is because he hasn’t dated anyone else. He thinks that if he does that, he will get over her sooner. Maggie asks if he has someone else in mind. She saw him out the other night with Max’s sister, and she wonders if he is considering moving on with her.

Melanie tells Stephanie that Max is the nicest guy she knows, too, which is why she can’t understand why he is with a bitch like Stephanie. Roman luckily comes out just then, asking Stephanie to come into the office. She huffs in after him as Melanie creeps up to listen outside the door. Max talks about the night he and Melanie confronted Trent in his apartment. He explains that he and Trent got into it, but Nick and Chelsea came by and broke it up. Bo asks if that was the last time he saw Trent alive and Max says it was. He asks how things stand, and Bo says it doesn’t look good .They have a lot of evidence against Max that they have to present to the D.A. Unless some new evidence comes forward, Max is all they have for this murder. Outside, Melanie walks over to her purse, takes out Trent’s wallet, and smiles.


Nicole asks Phillip, “So, Morgan’s in Chicago? Where does that leave you?” He replies, “With plenty of free time, baby.”

Nick tells Hope, “You know, when the university finds out about this, I’ll probably be suspended from the faculty. What am I supposed to do about that?”

Melanie tells Bo, “I’d stop focusing on people like me and start focusing on some of his real enemies.”

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