Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena and John kiss. She backs up, saying that she thinks--John grabs her again, telling her not to think. They kiss passionately.

Lucas comes into Chez Rouge and runs into EJ, asking if he has spoken with Sami. EJ says he has, and Lucas assumes he must be cool with whatever she told him. EJ says he doesn’t know what Lucas is talking about, but Sami is supposed to meet him here shortly. He confides in Lucas that Sami has been acting strangely lately, even by her standards. She didn’t come home last night, and she sounded frazzled when she arranged their meeting. Lucas offers to leave, but EJ picks up on the fact that Lucas knows what Sami wants to tell him. He asks Lucas to let him know what’s going on.

Nicole comes into Chez Rouge and spots a pregnant woman and her husband. She sighs and says she wishes that could be her. She glances over at EJ, saying that she doesn’t think he feels the same way. She sighs, saying that EJ deserves to know he’s the father of her child.

At the Horton cabin, Sami rummages through Johnny’s diaper bag, looking for his pacifier. Instead, she finds a rattle with the phoenix symbol on it. Sami groans, wondering how she is going to protect her children from Stefano.

John suggests that he and Marlena go upstairs, but she refuses, saying that they shouldn’t be doing this at all. It’s not right. John dives back in for another kiss, saying that it feels right to him. Marlena backs off again, telling him to stop. John doubts that she could want a divorce after that kiss. Marlena picks up the papers and hands them to John, asking him to sign them. He thinks this is a big mistake. Marlena says the only mistake being made is that he refuses to go to the hospital. John insists that he is fine, and that people have migraines all the time, but Marlena says that isn’t so. If he won’t get help, then there is no reason for her to stick around. She starts to go, but John stops her. He asks what he has to do to convince her to stay in this marriage. Marlena wants him to go to the hospital and get all of the tests run that are needed to discover what is wrong with him. John flatly refuses.

Sami naps on the couch and dreams that she is back at the mansion. Johnny is a teenager, and she finds him smoking cigars and drinking with Stefano. Johnny laughs about how he doesn’t want anyone to know he and Allie are related. Sami comes in and chides Johnny for his behavior, and he retaliates by noting that she is pregnant again. He wonders who is the father this time, his dad or Lucas? Stefano tell Sami to take her hysteria elsewhere, as he and Johnny need to discuss his upcoming winter semester. Johnny brags that Stefano is going to pressure his professors into giving him all A’s. Sami is appalled, but Johnny doesn’t want to waste the family’s power and influence. Back in real life, Sami tosses and turns on the couch and moans.

EJ asks Lucas if he knows what is going on with Sami, but Lucas insists that he doesn’t have a clue. Sami just seemed upset earlier and it had something to do with him. That’s all he knows. EJ is reluctant to believe him, but Nicole interrupts, telling EJ that she called his office to find out where he was. She asks Lucas to excuse them as she needs to speak with EJ. Lucas heads off to pick Allie up, but EJ wants to talk. Lucas leaves, saying Nicole isn’t going to have that. Nicole agrees, telling EJ that she tried to call him, but he wouldn’t return her calls. EJ says he has been busy, and wonders why she is so hostile. She reminds him of the way he walked out on their date, and EJ says that he had to go see Sami. She’s the mother of his son. Anyway, he is very busy today, so he really doesn’t have time to talk. Besides, he is meeting someone here shortly. Nicole tells him that he is going to sit down and talk with her. If the person he’s meeting with shows up, he’ll have to tell them that he is in the middle of a an important, life-changing discussion. That gets his attention, and EJ asks what’s going on. Nicole tears up, saying that he could figure it out if he gave it a modicum of thought. EJ says that if she is upset about the date, they can reschedule for the weekend. Nicole says she is all booked up. She needs to talk to him now, and she suggests he free up his day. She has something really important to say.

Marlena had a feeling John would react that way. John knows that she cares, but if she really cared, she wouldn’t go through with this divorce. Marlena says wants him to sign the papers and return them to Mickey. Unfortunately, she wants her husband back, and John refuses to change. John says he is willing to try, but she doesn’t think that is good enough. She deserves more. John wonders if she is saying he isn’t good enough for her, but Marlena says that isn’t it at all. John insists that he knows he can’t lose her, but apparently, he can’t give her what she needs either. He reminds her why he can’t go to the hospital, but insists that he has made some changes. He has kept his hands clean in the DiMera business and he made nice with her family. What more does she want? Marlena cries, saying that she wants her husband back. Does he think that he can be that person? John says he can’t. Marlena says she didn’t think so. She thinks they’ve tried their best, but it wasn’t meant to be. She begs him to sign the papers, but John refuses, saying that they both still care about each other. He asks her to trust him, but she says she can’t. John says he is trying to find the right words to say to her, but can’t. She says she is too tired to argue with him, and pleads with him once again to go to the hospital. She leaves. John takes a look at the papers, then rolls them up and breaks a vase with them. He refuses to lose.

Nicole apologizes for being so mean to EJ as they sit at a table. He apologizes for their date, saying that he did really want to spend the evening with her. Nicole wonders what Sami’s emergency was, and EJ says she fainted, but didn’t tell him why. He is hoping she will explain when she meets him here. Nicole sighs, figuring that Sami is EJ’s big meeting. He admits it is, and insists that he only cares about Sami because of Johnny. He fears what she has to say has something to do with him. Nicole says Sami a deal-breaker for her. If they are going to work out, then Sami can’t be a part of their lives. EJ says that Johnny is the most important thing in his life. Nicole can’t ask him to cut his mother out of it. Nicole says she knows that.

Sami dreams that she finds Johnny and Stefano in the living room with a man they’ve tied up. He begs for mercy, and Stefano tells Johnny to take care of him. He pulls out a gun and shoots the man. Sami screams and wakes herself up. Lucas rushes in, asking if everything is alright. She tells him that she has to find a way to protect her children from Stefano.

Nicole gets up to leave, but EJ talks her into sitting back down. He says she knows how it is with him and Sami, and she says she does. He goes running anytime she needs him. He insists that he thought something was wrong with her, but Nicole just thinks she had a case of the vapors. She admits that she blames herself for allowing EJ to ping-pong between her and Sami over the last few months. He says he likes her, but then doesn’t call, and then when they have a date, he degrades and humiliates her. She says she won’t stand for it and starts to go, but EJ stops her. She says she can’t take this anymore. He has to make a decision. Nicole cries as she asks if he wants to build a life with Sami, or with her.

Lucas comes back from checking on the twin as Sami frets about Stefano. She tells Lucas about her dream, and he tries to reassure her that it was just that-- a dream. She confides in him that she thinks Stefano knows she’s pregnant. She doesn’t think she can handle trying to protect another child from him. Lucas says that he will try to help her, and that he knows she will raise Johnny in the right way, but Sami isn’t sure that that’s enough.

EJ tells Nicole that she can’t expect him to choose between her and Sami. Nicole says she realizes that Sami will always be in his life because of Johnny, but she needs to know who is in his heart. EJ says the situation is complicated, and he would rather discuss it at a later time. Nicole refuses, saying she would rather never see him again than go through what she did the night before. He insists that he cares about her, but Nicole wants more. She tells him she wants to be with him, but she needs to know that he is committed, too, before they move forward. EJ admits that he cares about her and Sami very much. Nicole cries, guessing that that is her answer. She gets up to go, but EJ stops her, reminding her that she had something important to tell him. She says it doesn’t matter anymore and walks away.

Stefano comes into the mansion singing and suggests that John get out more often. He brags about spending time with Johnny and mentions that John probably wishes Claire were around. John grumbles to Stefano that he doesn’t care, and Stefano guesses that John is in a foul mood because Marlena was leaving as he was coming in. John snaps that it is none of his business. Stefano offers John some advice, telling him to stay away from Marlena, as she is a very dangerous woman. She will destroy John’s life.

Marlena comes into Chez Rouge and EJ greets her, asking if she has seen Sami. She says no, and asks why, but EJ claims it’s not important. Marlena says she came to see him because she needs his help. EJ invites her to take a seat.

Stefano confides to John that he used to be in love with Marlena, but she betrayed him. John heard that he was just obsessed with her. Stefano laughs it off, saying that he just does things on a grander scale. Sometimes people misconstrue his intentions. He tells John that he should sign the divorce papers and forget about this miserable episode in his life. John wonders how he knew about the papers. Stefano chuckles, saying he knows everything. It would behoove John to remember that. He heads off. John picks up the papers and winces. Suddenly, he spins around and falls to the ground. Stefano comes back in and watches as John has a seizure.

Lucas tells Sami that he knows that she is scared, but she has to tell EJ that he is the father of her child. Sami says that’s easy for him to say, seeing as how it isn’t his kid. Lucas thinks that makes him more objective. Sami reminds him of all that has gone wrong since they learned EJ was Johnny’s father. Everything was ruined because of that one simple truth. Lucas thinks she is exaggerating, but Sami says she isn’t. It may be too late for Johnny, but it isn’t too late for this baby. After seeing Stefano with Johnny today, her decision is clear. She is not going to tell EJ that he is the father of this baby.

EJ asks what he can do for Marlena, and she fills him in on John’s seizures, expressing surprise that Anna hadn’t told him. EJ admits that he hasn’t seen her in a while, and asks if the condition is life-threatening. Marlena says that they aren’t sure, and that John will need a battery of tests run on him to find out what’s going on. EJ asks her what she wants him to do, and Marlena admits that she wants EJ to convince John to have the tests run.

John writhes and comes to. He sits up and drags himself into a chair as Nicole comes in. She flips out and calls an ambulance, but John insists that she hang up. Nicole does so, but urges him to see a doctor. John refuses and seems to become himself after a few moments. He asks why she came by, and she tells him that their deal is off. She doesn’t want his help getting EJ because she doesn’t want EJ a part of her life or her baby’s life.

Lucas urges Sami not to let fear keep her from doing the right thing. Sami says she has to keep Stefano in the dark to protect her child, which Lucas understands. He still think she has to tell EJ, though. Sami says she has made up her mind, and she wants Lucas to respect that. He refuses. He says that if she won’t tell EJ about her being pregnant with his kid, then Lucas will. He heads off. Sami chases him down, yelling at him to stop.

John thought that Nicole agreed that the right thing to do was to tell EJ the truth. Nicole says she isn’t sure she wants EJ to know he is the father--or her baby to know for that matter. The DiMera name isn’t exactly honorable, though she means no offense to John. He tells her that it’s going to be difficult to raise this child on her own with no income. He offers to help her, as he has a lot of money. Besides, he needs to do something nice, according to Marlena, and this is his opportunity. Nicole says she can’t take his money, but she would like his friendship. A friend is what she desperately needs right now.

Marlena begs EJ to do this for her. If not for her, then she must do it for Sami. EJ laughs, saying that she plays dirty. Marlena says she only does that when it’s important. EJ agrees to give it a shot and Marlena thanks him profusely.


Bo tells Roman, “If we don’t make any progress, Ma’s going to end up behind bars again.” He replies, “Yeah, only this time it could be for good.”

Max asks Stephanie, “How’s that for a headline?” She looks at the paper, which screams, ‘Top Cop’s Mother Arrested for Murder.’ She gasps, “Oh my God.” Max fumes, “Nice, huh?”

Nick drunkenly asks, “Am I in trouble?” Roman replies, “Well, that would be a pretty good assumption, Nick.” Nick slurs, “Because of me, Trent Robbins is dead.”

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