Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Phillip comes in and makes a call, leaving Morgan a voicemail message. He wishes her all the best and hopes that she can forgive him.

Stephanie comes in the pub to speak with Max, who is working. He tells her that he forced Caroline to go back to bed. She seems to be holding up alright, but he can tell that she is terrified. Stephanie doesn’t blame her, considering that she could go to jail for the rest of her life. Max promises that that won’t happen. Melanie comes in behind them, expressing surprise that Caroline is already out of jail. Stephanie rolls her eyes, hoping that Melanie doesn’t really believe that Stephanie’s grandmother killed her father. Phillip interrupts, telling Stephanie and Max that Melanie is so convinced of Caroline’s innocence that she has asked him to help find the real killer.

EJ takes a jog near the pub and sits down to call one of the maids at the mansion. He asks after Sami, but learns that she never came home last night. EJ curses and wonders where she could be.

Meanwhile, Sami sleeps in Lucas’ bed at the cabin. She rolls over and puts her arms around Lucas, but wakes up to find EJ there. She figures that this is a dream and leans over to kiss EJ.

At the hospital, Marlena talks to Mickey over the phone, thanking him for expediting her divorce papers. She says she is taking them to John today and thanks him, hanging up. Kayla is standing nearby and tells Marlena that she couldn’t help but overhear. Is she really planning on divorcing John, even though his life may be at risk?

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano reads Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to Johnny. He tells him that one day, he will really appreciate the lessons in the book, even though it is very old. John comes in just then, saying sarcastically that the book sounds like a page-turner. He can’t believe that Stefano is trying to recruit soldiers this young. Stefano doesn’t think you are ever too young to learn about loyalty and power. John accuses him of being a megalomaniac, and suggests that he go back to reading bedtime stories while John takes control of the empire. Stefano says he won’t let John win. John starts to retort, but his vision goes blurry and he closes his eyes. Stefano asks if everything is alright. John winces and shudders.

Phillip tells Max and Stephanie that Melanie came to him because she didn’t want to see Caroline sitting behind bars. Stephanie is surprised, since Melanie doesn’t usually have a problem with innocent people being locked up. Phillip says he isn’t a detective by any stretch, but if he hears something, he’ll let them know. He heads over to the bar and Melanie squeals, saying that Phillip is hot. Max says they need to have a talk and he takes her outside. Chelsea comes over to Phillip at the bar and he asks how her grandmother is. Chelsea hits him over the head with a menu, calling him an idiot. She stayed up half the night talking to Morgan, who is hurt and confused. Chelsea says she had to keep reminding her that she is better off without Phillip. Phillip says that he meant to come clean when he realized he had feelings for Chloe. Chelsea reminds him that he came clean when he got caught. She wonders if he even card about Morgan at all. Phillip insists that he did, and says he hopes she will find happiness in Chicago. He asks Chelsea to apologize for him, but she isn’t sure, as she is upset at him. He admits that she has every right to be and thanks her for being such a good friend to Morgan. He changes gears and asks if she has seen Kate. Chelsea sighs and says she has seen her once. He tells her that he knows about Daniel, and that she has every right to be angry, but he wants her to go easy on Kate. Chelsea asks if she is really that sick. Phillip says it’s complicated.

Marlena asks Kayla if she is trying to guilt her into saving her marriage. She can still make sure John gets the medical attention he needs without being married to him. Kayla reminds her that they have a family together. Marlena scoffs, saying that it’s complicated. Kayla should know that. She agrees that she does, since she went through the same thing with Steve. She didn’t think she would ever get her husband back after the memory loss, but she finally got her miracle. She doesn’t want Marlena giving up so soon. Marlena says she has waited long enough, and she isn’t going to get a miracle. What’s best for her right now is divorcing John. Kayla thinks she is making a mistake. She needs to stand by her husband so she can make sure he gets the care he need. They have to figure out what’s wrong with him.

Stefano asks John if he still getting those bothersome headaches. John says they’d be better if all that construction wasn’t going on in the east wing. Stefano suggests he move out, but John says that isn’t an option. He knows his headaches will fade as soon as he gets control of the empire. He heads off to find some champagne. Stefano leans over Johnny’s playpen, telling him that they both know John will need more than a little alcohol to fix what is ailing him. EJ storms in just then and grabs Johnny. He asks Stefano where Sami is.

Sami kisses Lucas and suddenly wakes up. She leaps out of bed, yelling that Lucas was kissing her. He wakes up in a fog, saying that she was kissing him. Sami gasps, wondering what they did last night. Lucas looks confused. He says that nothing happened between them, and Sami admits that she remembers little from the night before. He reminds her that she was upset about EJ and the pregnancy, so she stayed the night here. Sami notices she is wearing Lucas’ shirt and wonders how that happened. He admits that he dressed her, saying that he wanted her to be comfortable. Besides, he has seen the goods before. Sami tell him that all that is off-limits to him now. He swears he was good, but she reminds him that they woke up kissing. He apologizes, saying that he is used to Chloe being in the bed. He apologizes again and says it didn’t mean anything, since they are in love with other people. She tells him she feel nauseated and heads off to make tea. She asks Lucas what he thinks she should do about EJ. He says that she needs to tell him the truth. Sami asks why Lucas is being so mature about all of this. What’s in it for him? Lucas tells Sami that the days of hidden agendas are over for the both of them. If she really is through with secrets, she’ll call EJ, the man that she loves, and tell him that she is carrying his child.

EJ comes back from putting Johnny down for a nap and asks Stefano once again what he has done with Sami. She hasn’t been home all night. Stefano gives EJ his word that he had nothing to do with it, and EJ frets. It’s not like Sami to leave Johnny for so long without calling. He guesses he will start calling around if she hasn’t returned by the time he has his meeting. Stefano offers to baby-sit, but EJ refuses, saying Mary will be watching him. Stefano reminds EJ that Mary has the rest of the day off. He asks again if he can watch Johnny, but EJ shakes his head, saying that it isn’t going to happen.

Lucas asks Sami if she will tell EJ the truth, but she says she needs more time. She has to figure out where he stands with both Nicole and Stefano. Allie starts crying and Lucas heads off to tend to her. He tells Sami that she’s going to have to tell EJ the truth soon. Like it or not, she’s starting to show. Sami looks down at her stomach and groans.

Stefano tells EJ that he needs to let his son nap. Besides, he can’t take a baby to a meeting at Chez Rouge. EJ reluctantly agrees to leave Johnny with Stefano, but says he doesn’t like it. He tells Stefano to call if anything goes wrong, or if Sami shows up. Stefano agrees and EJ leaves.

Max tells Melanie that he doesn’t want her asking the Kiriakis family for help. Melanie wonders why not. Maggie said that they know where all the bodies in town are buried. Max says that’s because they put half of them there themselves. Melanie doesn’t think Phillip is dangerous, but Max warns her to stay away from him. He doesn’t have anything again the guy, but he’s a player. Melanie says that she is, too. Max says that Phillip is different. He slept with his best friends wife. Melanie says she doesn’t want to marry the guy. Se just thought he was cute and wanted his help. Max explains that Phillip gets involved in a lot of shady business, and he doesn’t want Melanie to get mixed up in that. She wonders why he even cares after he accused her of murder. He reminds her that she accused him as well. Melanie retorts that he let his girlfriend rat her out to the police, so now she has to stay in town. Max is glad she is staying because she is his sister, and he cares about her.

Chelsea demands that Phillip answer her questions about Kate, but he tells her that she doesn’t want the family to get concerned. All he can tell Chelsea is that she is sick. Chelsea says she was a bitch to her, and she didn’t have the right. She has to go see her. Phillip says she cant. Kate doesn’t want anyone to know anything until she gets a definitive diagnosis. Chelsea cries, asking if Kate is going to die.

Marlena tells Kayla that she can handle John’s medical care without being married to him, but Kayla isn’t sure that she will have the same influence. John has a real phobia about hospitals now, and he refuses to let them run any more tests. If they don’t figure out what’s going on, he could die. Marlena throws her hands up in the air, asking what she should do--hold off on the divorce until he is well? Kayla says she actually thinks that Marlena should hand John the divorce papers immediately.

Lucas apologizes to Sami for what he said earlier, saying that she is barely showing and looks great. Sami thanks him, but she knows she won’t be able to keep this baby a secret for much longer. Lucas heads out the door with Allie, telling Sami to stick around for a while if she needs to clear her head. Just then, EJ calls her. Lucas wishes her luck and leaves. EJ wants to know where she has been, but Sami is evasive, saying that she sent him a text last night saying she needed to clear her head. She tells EJ that they need to talk.

Phillip tries to reassure Chelsea, telling her that Kate is a fighter and will make it through this. Chelsea worries that she might die. She was so terrible to Kate, and she might never be able to forgive herself. Phillip says that he knows she is concerned, but she has to stay away from Kate. Phillip thinks she wants to hear the news about her health on her own and not get anyone else involved. He promises to call Chelsea if he hears anything more and heads off to make a phone call. Stephanie comes over to Chelsea, asking if everything is alright. She tells her that Kate is seriously ill.

Melanie tells Max that he needs to stop bossing her around if he wants a relationship with her. Max says he just wants to her to make good choices. Besides, isn’t she interested in Nick? Melanie admits that he is cool as Phillip walks over. He asks to talk to Melanie, and she agrees. Max says no. Melanie tells Max that she will see him later and he he grumbles, heading back to work. Melanie apologizes to Phillip, saying that Max is auditioning for the role of ‘big brother.’ Phillip guesses Max was telling her that he was a bad influence. Melanie nods, saying that she can handle ‘bad.’ Phillip bets she can.

Kayla tells Marlena that she can use the divorce papers to get John to come in to the hospital. Marlena asks if Kayla really thinks John might do anything to get her back. Kayla shrugs, saying they both know he likes a challenge. She asks Marlena if she will use the divorce papers as leverage, but she refuses. She says he is going through with the divorce, but will try to persuade John to get additional tests if she can. Kayla thanks her and wishes her luck. Marlena heads off.

John makes a phone call and lines up several aspirin. He takes them one by one as he speaks with a board member of one of Stefano’s companies. They talk about Stefano’s miraculous return, and John explains that he has had time to go through the books. He thinks the board members would be very interested to know what he has found.

Stefano wheels Johnny into the cemetery, explaining that this is a great place to teach him about the family legacy. He wishes he could take him to some other family plots. Just then, Stefano’s phone rings. He learns that John is polling board members at one of his companies to see if they want a new CEO. John tells the person that the idea is ludicrous and ask him to keep him posted. He hangs up and tells Johnny that his uncle is being very naughty. If he isn’t careful, he will end up in one of these graves. Just then, Sami walks up, demanding to know what Stefano is doing there with her son.

Phillip asks Melanie how the investigation is going, but she says it’s not going well. It seems most everyone hated her father. Phillip agrees reluctantly, admitting that he did some digging for her since she was new in town, and he felt badly for her. He found out some pretty bad things, and pretty much everyone in town had a reason to hate Trent. She asks what he found out, but Phillip thinks her dad would have wanted to protect her from these kinds of things. Melanie scoffs, saying that she knows first-hand what that bastard was capable of. In fact, she is glad that he is dead.

Sami grabs Johnny’s stroller and calls Stefano a freak for taking Johnny to a cemetery. Stefano wonders what she was doing here, and Sami says she was saying a prayer in the church. She wishes she had prayed for a stake to drive through his heart. Stefano chuckles, and she asks again what he is doing with Johnny. Stefan admits that EJ allowed him to baby-sit. No one was around, including Giovanni’s mother, so Elvis agreed to let him watch the baby. Sami insists that anyone would have made a better sitter than Stefano. She doesn’t want him anywhere around her son--ever. Stefano says that is ridiculous, as he is the boy’s grandfather. He is depending on Elvis and his children to carry on his legacy. Sami clutches her belly.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she can’t quite forgive Kate because she betrayed her trust with the man she loved. She also can’t be angry, because she feels guilty. In fact, now she is mad at Kate because she can’t be mad at her. Stephanie hugs Chelsea as she cries. She tells Stephanie that Phillip won’t tell her what is wrong. Stephanie suggests she talk to Daniel. He might give her some more information.

Kayla comes downstairs from visiting Caroline and asks Max if he and Melanie made up. Max admits that the did, and he thanks Kayla for giving him such good advice and for being such a good sister. He really thinks Melanie is a good person underneath.

Melanie tells Phillip that her father was a horrible person and that she’s glad he’s dead. Phillip says he isn’t judging her, but Melanie thinks he should, especially after all her father did for her. Phillip tries to assure her that everything will be ok, but Melanie says it won’t be.

Marlena rings the bell at the DiMera mansion and John struggles to get to the door. She comes in, asking if he is ok, and tells him she got the divorce papers form Mickey. She wants him to sign them. John’s eyelids flutter and he struggles to stay on his feet.

Sami tells Stefano that she doesn’t are about his legacy. She wants him to stay away from her children. She takes a call from EJ and lays into him for leaving Johnny with Stefano. EJ says that he had no choice, and besides, Stefan isn’t going to hurt Johnny. Sami is worried that he could kidnap him, but EJ isn’t concerned about that. He tells Sami that Johnny is his son, too, and he doesn’t have to run everything he does by her, especially when she is MIA. He asks her to get down to Chez Rouge so they can talk. She agrees and hangs up. Stefano tells Sami that he is sorry for getting in-between her and Elvis. He knows that the two of them belong together, and he hopes they will make him more heirs soon. Sami rushes off. Stefano chuckles.

Chelsea calls Daniel, asking him to call her back when he gets her message. She needs to see him.

Kayla is glad that Max isn’t giving up on Melanie. He tells her that he hopes that Trent was just a bad influence on her. Maybe they will get to know the real Melanie now that he is gone.

Melanie cries, telling Phillip that she feels guilty. She wished that her father would die, and then he did. Phillip insists that Trent didn’t die just because she wished it to happen. Melanie tries to rush off in tears, but drops her bag. Phillip hands it back to her, and picks up Trent’s wallet, saying Melanie dropped it. He promises to let her know if he gets any leads on her father’s killer. She takes the wallet, thanks him, and runs off, visibly freaking out.

Stefano looks over the book he was reading Johnny earlier and makes a call. He tells the person that he wants the board to give John an audience. He thinks it will be interesting when they all see how competent he really is.

John thought Marlena might have changed her mind. She says she hasn’t. If he doesn’t care enough about himself to get tests run at the hospital, why should she? She buried him once already, and refuses to do it again. John refuses to let her give up on their marriage. Marlena hands the papers over, saying that it’s too late. John says it isn’t. He grabs her and kisses her.

EJ runs into EJ at Chez Rouge, asking if he has talked to Sami. EJ says he has. Lucas asks if he was cool with it when she told him. EJ doesn’t know what Lucas is talking about. Lucas chuckles and shakes his head.

Back at the Horton cabin, Sami talks aloud to herself, saying she’s sorry for EJ, but she can’t deal with him right now. She worries that Stefano knows she’s pregnant, and wonders what she is going to do.


Marlena asks John, “I want my husband back. Do you think that you could be that person?”

Sami tells Lucas, “I have to find some way to protect my children from Stefano.”

Nicole asks EJ, “Who do you want to build a life with--Sami or me?”

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