Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/08


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, John asks Nicole what’s wrong. She flies into a rage, yelling that she should have known better than to think that EJ would love her or her baby. She should have seen this train wreck for what it was a long time ago. She curses Sami.

EJ shows up at the hospital to see Sami. He asks what’s wrong and she admits that she fainted. He thinks that it’s serious and shows concern, wondering how this could have happened. Sami is quiet.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kate tells Phillip and Lucas that she is having a biopsy on abnormal tissue in her lungs. She wants them both to know that it’s possible that she has lung cancer. Phillip and Lucas assure her that she looks well. She can’t have cancer. Kate agrees that she is fine, other than the cough. She says Daniel told her that they will know more after the biopsy. Phillip says there’s no way in hell Daniel is performing this procedure or helping with it. Kate tells him to lay off, but Phillip refuses. He isn’t letting Daniel Jonas anywhere near his mother.

Nicole says that she is an idiot, and starts to leave, but John thinks she is too upset to drive. He asks her to stay, telling her not to call herself and idiot. She doesn’t want to send bad vibrations down to the embryo. Nicole grumps, wondering what he knows about being pregnant. John assumes EJ didn’t take the news about the baby well. Nicole says she never even got to tell him. Sami had some kind of emergency, and EJ rushed off to be with her. He ditched her for his precious Samantha once again.

Sami tells EJ that she is fine. EJ presses her for answers as to why she fainted, but Sami insists that she is healthy. He can go back to whatever he was doing before. She asks what that was, and he admits that he was having dinner with Nicole. Sami fumes, telling him to leave. She doesn’t want him here, anyway. EJ huffs, saying he was having dinner when she called. Sami screams that she doesn’t want to see him and demands that he leave.

Phillip rushes to the door and starts yelling for Daniel. She protests, and he tells Kate he doesn’t want her anywhere near him after what happened between them. He told her she had cancer, for God’s sake. Kate explains that it wasn’t like that, and besides, he is only assisting. Phillip asks if pulmonology is Daniel’s specialty, and when she is forced to admit that it isn’t, he insists that they find her a real specialist. She hugs him, saying that she loves him. She hugs Lucas, saying the same. She tells them both that she is scared, but she plans on fighting this with everything she has, not matter what it is. Lucas thinks she will be ok. Kate agrees, saying that she has a lot to live for. Phillip pulls her in for an embrace.

John asks Nicole why she didn’t keep EJ there by playing the baby card. She says that she may be manipulative and selfish--and she is--but she wouldn’t play a game like that with her child. For the first time in her life, she feels like she is doing something important and that’s she’s worthwhile. He asks her if she is going to tell EJ about it. She says she is, then isn’t, then she isn’t sure what to think. She bursts into tears, saying that every man deserves to know if he is a father.

EJ says he would be happy to go back to his dinner, which was more fun than being with her. Sami practically spits, yelling at him to go back to his girlfriend. EJ yells back that Nicole isn’t his girlfriend. In fact, he would be having dinner with Sami if she weren’t so fickle and infuriating. She says that he is the fickle one. As soon as Nicole batted her eyelashes at him, he was all over her. EJ says that isn’t true, but Sami tells him she thinks all women are the same to him. He’s a shallow bastard. EJ says that she doesn’t make any sense. He insists that all those other women didn’t mean anything as Sami yells over top of him. Finally, he tells her that he wants to start the conversation over. He asks again why she fainted. Sami says the doctors told her that her blood sugar was low, so they gave her some juice. She’ll be fine. She asks him again to leave her alone. EJ pats her on the leg and heads off. Sami bursts into tears.

John asks Nicole if she is going to tell EJ the truth, and she says that she is. He thinks EJ will make a great father, but warns Nicole about Stefano’s possessiveness. She brushes off the warning, saying that right now she wants to focus on the miracle happening to her. John thinks that she’ll handle it all well when the time comes. A tearful Nicole admits she is scared, but mostly grateful. John wants to celebrate, but doesn’t have an non-alcoholic champagne. He suggests going to Chez Rouge for some. Nicole agrees and heads off to get her coat.

Kate promises Phillip and Lucas that she will be around for a long time to come. She knows that she has made mistakes parenting, but the two of them have grown up despite that and she is proud of them. Phillip tells her that she has more of a positive influence than she knows. She thanks them both for being here. If she discovers he has cancer, then that will give her the strength to fight it--as long as they are with her, she can fight for her and for them.

Stefano plays chess in the living room as EJ storms in. He wonders what has put EJ in such a fine mood. EJ angrily pours a drink and tells Stefano that he wants to be left alone. Stefano chuckles, wondering what Samantha has done now.

At the pub, Chloe peers out the window and sighs. She wills Lucas to hurry up and arrive.

Daniel comes into Kate’s room to tell her that the biopsy will begin shortly. Phillip comes over, demanding to know if Daniel will be assisting. He tells him that they want another doctor. Besides, cancer isn’t even Daniel’s specialty. Phillip nastily adds that using his status to get women into bed seems to be his specialty. Daniel sighs, saying that he is only helping out here because he truly cares for Kate. Phillip tells him to stay away from his mother from now on. Daniel thinks that whether or not he continues on as Kate’s doctor is her decision. Phillip says that he is making it for her, but Kate lays into him at this point, saying that he mustn’t insult Daniel and treat her like a child. Daniel is right in saying that her medical care is her business, and not Phillip’s. She realizes that he cares for her, and she loves him for that, but she trusts Daniel and knows he is the best. He will be overseeing her case, not matter what Phillip says.

Stefano tells EJ it’s simple question, but he says that nothing is simple when it comes to Sami. He doesn’t know why anyone bothers. Stefano is glad he is acting so rational about all of this. EJ grumps, saying that Sami doesn’t have grace, wit, charm, or even a sense of humor. Stefano asks if EJ is calling her ignorant and ordinary. EJ nods, saying that she’s coarse and cold. She’s physically attractive, but she has no heart. Stefano asks if that is why EJ is in love with her. He claims that he isn’t--only infatuated. He thinks that Sami brings out the worst in him. Once to penetrate that dense ‘Samantha’ fog, you don’t find much behind it. Stefano asks if he his finishes with his rant. Stefano doesn’t think this is coming from EJ’s heart. The reason why Sami is important to him is because of Giovanni. Sami comes halfway down the stairs and hears Stefano tell EJ that he cares for Sami so much because she is the mother of his child, and that is important to him as a DiMera. Sami flees back upstairs. Stefano explains that she will always have a hold on him for this reason. EJ wonders if that means he has to be miserable for the rest of his life. Stefano says that he and Sami are meant to be together. He can admit that he loves her, or he can continue to fight it. It’s up to him.

Nicole and John enjoy champagne at Chez Rouge and Nicole talks about the benefits of the non-alcoholic kind. She apologizes for boring John, and he says he likes hearing her sound more responsible. She thanks him, saying that he seems to have a good heart. John says most people don’t think he has one. Nicole disagrees. Suddenly, John twitches and slowly puts his head on the tablecloth. Nicole asks if he is alright, but John is unresponsive.

Kate apologizes to Daniel on Phillip’s behalf, and Phillip begrudgingly does the same, saying that he is just worried about Kate. Daniel heads off to let the doctor know Kate is ready for surgery. Kate tells Phillip and Lucas that she wants them to leave. They resist, but she insists that she needs to do this on her own, and promises to call them as soon as it’s over. She is sure everything is going to be fine, anyway. The two of them reluctantly leave.

Nicole shakes John and yells for someone to call an ambulance. John comes to and groans. Nicole assures him help is on the way, but John tells her that he refuses to go to the hospital. Nicole looks around frantically.

Phillip comes into the pub and sits with Chloe. He tells her about Kate’s test, and Chloe assures him that everything will probably be fine. She thanks him, telling him that his call to the opera worked out for her. They found a part, and she’s going to touring with them. Phillip congratulates her, asking when she leaves. She says she has to go tonight, but was waiting to meet Lucas. Phillip says that he was at the hospital, but had to go meet a friend. Chloe sighs, saying that she has to go. Phillip offers to take her to the airport, but she says she called a cab. She guesses this is it. She tells Phillip that she will miss him and he wishes her luck. He kisses her passionately. Outside, Morgan peers in and sees them.

John sits up and insists that he is fine. Besides, Nicole is the one needing medical attention, not him. She says she is not sick, just pregnant. John changes gears and tells her that he is a man with goals, and needs her advice. What does a guy like him have to do to get his wife back? Nicole splutters.

Morgan walks in, and Phillip and Chloe stop kissing. She tells them not to let her interrupt them, but Chloe says she already did. She thanks Philip form making the call, and promises to email him as soon as she gets the part. Phillip says he is sure she will and she heads off. Morgan asks what’s going on, and he explains that Chloe got a job in Kansas City. Morgan can see that Chloe was appreciative. Phillip insists that she is just a friend, but Morgan thinks Phillip is in love with her. He is quiet. She says she thought he would deny it, but Phillip says he can’t.

Sami and Lucas walk into the Horton cabin. She yells at him for calling EJ, who was busy having dinner with Nicole. He only came because he thought she was dying, and rushed off as soon as he found out she was ok. Lucas thought Sami kicked him out. Sami grumps, thinking that Nicole and EJ are making fun of her somewhere right now. Lucas thinks she is being jealous and irrational. Sami says that if he really cared for her, he would stay away from Nicole. Lucas thinks that if she ha told him about the baby, things might be different between them now. Sami says that she doesn’t want things to be different just because of the baby. She thinks she needs to clear her head, which is hard to do in that creepy mansion. Lucas suggests that she stay the night here with him.

Nicole can’t believe John is coming to her for relationship advice. She hasn’t done well in the romance department. John thinks that she was just unlucky. Besides, she is a woman, so she must know what to do. Nicole thought Marlena already loved John. He should be able to tell her he loves her, too and be done with it. John says that she doesn’t trust him anymore. Nicole says she will try to think of something--but only if he helps her with EJ. She knows that if she could get EJ to see how happy she could make him, she could be a better person. John agrees to help, and they toast to their new alliance.

Kate asks a doctor how long this will take, and he assures her that it is a short procedure. Daniel comes in, decked out in scrubs, to ask how Kate is feeling. She says she is drowsy. He takes her hand, saying that that is the idea. She smiles, saying that she is glad that he is here.

Morgan tells Phillip that she was offered an internship in Chicago for two years. She was debating taking it, but now she sees that she shouldn’t. Phillip congratulates her on the opportunity, and tells her that she can call if she ever needs anything. He hopes that she will consider him a friend. She tells him to do the same and says goodbye, saying that she needs to go pack.

Sami tells Lucas that she can’t stay the night with him. They aren’t even together anymore. Lucas laughs, saying that he knows she thinks no man can resist her, but he’ll resist his urges. Sami wonders what Chloe would think, and Lucas tells Sami about her job in Kansas City. Even if she were here, she’d have to realize that he and Sami have a bond, and will be there for each other when push comes to shove. Sami agrees, thanking Lucas for offering her a place to stay. She says she will take him up on the offer, but tomorrow, she has to figure out what to do about EJ and their unborn child.


Stephanie tells Melanie, “Don’t tell me you actually believe that my grandmother killed your father.”

Stefano tells John, “You are nothing but a pawn and I will do everything in my power to put you back in that place.”

Marlena tells Kayla, “I have to move on with my own life.” She replies, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I think you’re making a mistake.”

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