Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/2/08


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Phillip comes up outside the pub, speaking with a doctor over the phone about a donation he made. Suddenly, Phillip gasps. He says that he hasn’t heard anything about his mom. Is she ok? He listens for a few seconds and says he is on his way to the hospital. He hangs up and rushes off.

In a cubicle at the hospital, Daniel discusses Kate’s biopsy with her. He explains that the doctor will go in with a small needle and take tissue from the infected area. They’ll then test it to see if the tumor is malignant. Kate frets about the procedure, and Daniel assures her that her doctor is one of the best. He heads off, saying that he is going to be assisting in the OR, but Kate shuts him down, saying that she won’t let him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sami’s doctor tells her that she’s fine and that she isn’t dying. She thanks him and gets ready to go, but he says he has other news for her. She’s pregnant. Sami gapes.

Nicole heads into the mansion to find EJ wearing an elephant mask. He gushes about his trip to the zoo earlier with Johnny and compliments her outfit. He asks her to make herself comfortable, as he is running late and needs a shower. She agrees, and he asks her if she wants to tell him what she was talking about earlier. Nicole promises to do so later and EJ heads upstairs. She walks into the living room, where a candlelit table is set for supper. Nicole squeals and rubs her tummy, telling her baby to look at what their daddy has done for them. John comes up behind her as she tells the baby she hopes they will have a happy family. He greets her and guesses she has a hot date with Junior. Nicole agrees and exclaims over a gift she’s found on the table. John heads off to make her a drink, but Nicole passes, saying that she’s had stomach problems lately and is laying off the booze for a while. John gapes, saying that Nicole Walker not drinking is just wrong. She promises it won’t last long. John asks her to tell him what is really going on.

Bo, Roman, Mickey and Kayla meet Caroline at the station in Abe’s old office. He explains that her arraignment is set. Caroline swears to them that she didn’t do this. Kayla puts her arm around her, and they all assure her that they know that’s true. Roman says they have a few more questions for her. He knows that she was probably in shock last night, but they need more information from her about what happened last night. The have to find a clue that will throw the suspicion off of her.

Sami tells the doctor that that can’t be possible. He congratulates the both of them. Lucas flashes back to catching Sami in bed with EJ when he returned from prison. He tells Sami that he knows exactly when it happened. Her eyes bulge. She says there’s no way.

Roman asks Caroline to begin by telling them how she met Trent. Caroline says it was after she found out Max was his father. She flashes back to telling Trent that he would have to answer to her if he hurt Max. Next she tells them that he kept coming back to the pub, so she forbade him from coming there. Finally, she flashes back to the night she found out about Melanie, and yelling at Trent at the pub. Bo and Roman don’t think she did anything wrong. She was just protecting her son. Caroline sighs. She had one final encounter with Trent. He came to the pub looking for Max and Melanie and they got into a very heated argument. Bo asks when this was. Caroline admits that it was the night Trent died.

John presses Nicole for answers, but she changes the subject, asking about ‘Ralph.’ John says that traitor is off with Stefano somewhere, and asks her not to continue this inane conversation. He wants to know what is going on with her. Nicole wonders why he cares, and he says he finds her captivating in a peculiar way. She says that oddly enough, she feels like she can trust him. She admits that she is pregnant. John’s eyes bug out of his head. He assumes it’s Junior’s and Nicole says it is, of course. She explains that shy never thought she could have kids, and she always hated them, but she is really excited about this. She knows EJ will be shocked at first, but she hopes he is happy about it eventually. Maybe it will even get him away from Sami. John smiles knowingly. Nicole explains that she doesn’t want to share EJ with Sami. If he doesn’t make her baby a priority, then she will have to raise the child on her own. Nicole admits that she doesn’t want to do that.

Sami still can’t believe that she’s pregnant. She says she hasn’t gained any weight or had any symptoms. The doctor asks about her last period, and Sami can’t remember when she had it. She has been under a tremendous amount of stress. The doctor informs her that she is already in her second trimester. He tells her to make an appointment with her obstetrician and heads off, congratulating her again. Sami bursts into tears, saying that she is pregnant with EJ’s baby. She asks Lucas what she is going to do.

Mickey asks for a moment alone with Caroline and they all file out. He tells her that she has to remember that Bo and Roman are officers assigned to this case. Anything she says to them can be used against her.

Outside, Max greets Kayla, asking how their mom is. She says she is holding up as best she can. Max frets, wishing that there was something he could do for her. Kayla hugs him, saying she’s sure that his being here is a comfort in and of itself. Max grumbles about his SOB father, who is still causing trouble even after he’s dead.

Daniel insists that he cares about her. Kate says that is the problem. She doesn’t want him to be her doctor because he cares too much. Daniel reminds Kate that they are talking about her life. He is a good doctor, and she needs as many of those as she can get. Daniel assures her that he won’t be performing the operation. She needs him working on her case. Kate protests but Daniel won’t hear her, insisting that he will be the one to diagnose her. He knows she doesn’t want him around, and neither does Victor or Phillip. He has screwed up many relationships, but he is good at his job, and frankly, he doesn’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks. At this moment, he is the one she needs. Kate reminds him that he was already involved with someone with cancer. She thinks he seems anxious to give her bad news. Daniel insists that that isn’t true. In fact, she might be fine. That is news he doesn’t want anyone to give her but him. Kate smiles.

Max rushes into Abe’s old office to hug Caroline. He begs for her forgiveness while she insists that he did nothing wrong. Max knows that if he had never involved himself in Trent’s screwed-up life, none of this would have ever happened. Caroline insists that she was just in the wrong place in the wrong time. Roman comes in as Max tells her it’s almost as if Trent sought her out at the cemetery. Roman thinks Max may have hit on something. Perhaps Trent came toward Caroline because he was trying to tell her who stabbed him.

Nicole tells John that she knows he likes Sami, but she hopes he won’t take sides. John assures her that it is none of his concern. Just then, EJ walks in, apologizing for being late. John heads off, telling them to have a good time. EJ tells Nicole all about the sumptuous dinner he had the cook prepare, and their plans for later. He thought they’d take a stroll down by the river walk and then head on to a new jazz club that’s been getting great acts. EJ pours champagne, wondering what they should toast to. Nicole says she has one that’s perfect.

Sami can’t believe EJ is the father. Lucas asks if she slept with anyone else. He knows he’s not the father. Sami insists that EJ is the only one she has been with, and it was just that once. Lucas thinks she needs to call EJ, but Sami doesn’t want to. She cries about how she wanted a job and how she wanted to get the twins out of the mansion. Now no one will hire her because she’s pregnant. She worries about Stefano, too, but Lucas says she needs to focus on her present situation. Lucas yells that EJ is the father of her child, so he needs to pick up the phone and call him--right now.

Bo, Roman, Mickey, and Caroline discuss the fact that Trent might have headed to Caroline for help in the cemetery. Bo says Mass was letting out around that time, so maybe there were some witnesses. Roman asks Caroline if Trent said anything to her, but she says he didn’t. He had this strange look on his face. Caroline cries, saying that she was terrified.

Outside, Kayla brings Max coffee. She asks about Melanie, but he says he doesn’t know how she is, nor does he care. Kayla doesn’t believe him. Max divulges that Melanie accused him of killing their father.

Kate promises Daniel to try and stay optimistic. He hopes she isn’t too upset about him staying on her case. She admits that she will be asleep when the procedure is going on, so there’s no point in fighting it. She says she is hoping for the best, and Daniel says, “That’s my girl.” Kate says she isn’t his girl She hopes he knows that. He says he does, but will take great care of her anyway. Just then Phillip rushes over, asking what’s going on. Kate wonders how he found out she was here. Daniel claims innocence. Phillip says it doesn’t matter how he found out. He isn’t leaving until she tells him what’s going on.

Kayla can’t believe Melanie thought Max stabbed Trent. She suggests that Melanie probably just doesn’t know him well enough to know better. Max says that isn’t it at all. He and Melanie are polar opposites. He went to France to meet her, thinking they would bond right away, but he was wrong. Kayla reminds him that Melanie is young, and that he should give her time. Max grumbles, saying that she is dead to him.

Roman asks Caroline to tell them more about what happened between her and Trent that night at the pub. Bo brings her tea, and she flashes back to cleaning up alone. Trent comes in, demanding to see Max and Melanie, but Caroline tells him to leave them alone. After all, he abandoned Max once. It shouldn’t be hard to do this time. Trent insists that he did what was best for Max at the time, and accuses her of being sanctimonious. He knows her family has had problems over the years. Caroline yells that that is so, but they worked through them and didn’t hurt other people. She comes back to the present and Mickey soothes her, telling her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Caroline says that she is just getting started on what happened that night.

Lucas and Sami argue over whether or not she should tell EJ right away. Sami doesn’t want to, and thinks about going away for a while. Lucas says she can’t do that. EJ has a right to know. She wonders why Lucas is even sticking up for EJ. He reminds her of what happened when she was pregnant with Will. Sami can’t believe he is bringing it up, but he say he knows her too well. He takes out his phone and calls EJ, telling him that Sami is in the hospital and needs to speak with him. EJ hangs up and tells Nicole that they will have to put their date on hold, due to Sami being ill. He kisses her and rushes off. Nicole sighs. Sami lays into Lucas for calling EJ, but he says she will thank him one day. She tells him this is none of his business. He agrees and starts to head off. She begs him to stay. He says he won’t be the one to tell EJ. She will. He says goodbye and walks off. Sami groans.

Phillip demands to know what is going on with Kate, but she refuses to say. He asks Daniel, but suspects he might be here as her lover, not as her doctor. Daniel glares and heads off to give some x-rays to a doctor. Kate tells Phillip he was out of line, but he doesn’t care. He wants to know what is going on. She admits that she is having a little outpatient surgery, but everything is fine. Lucas rushes in, saying that he heard from a nurse she was in the trauma center. He asks Phillip what the problem is, but he tells Lucas he isn’t sure himself. They threaten to call Billie and Austin unless she tells them why she is here.

Caroline tells them her argument with Trent escalated from there. She flashes back to Trent laughing and brushing past her. She threatens to call the cops and he snatches the phone away from her. She pulls a knife and threatens to kill him. She comes back to the present, saying that she didn’t kill Trent, but she had murder in her heart at that moment. Mickey leaves to take a phone call, and Roman asks what happened after that. She explains that she and Trent had a few words, and then he left. Roman and Bo insist that they believe her, and are glad there was no on in the pub to witness what happened. Just then, Mickey comes back in, saying the D.A.’s office called. Of course, several witness have come forward to say they saw Caroline pull a knife on Trent in the pub. Caroline gaps, “OMG.” Roman says they all know Caroline didn’t do this. They have to find the real killer fast.

Kate folds and tells Lucas and Phillip that she is having a biopsy done of an abnormality on her lung. Phillip asks if this is related to her cough, and she admits that it is. She tells them that they need to know there’s a possibility that she has lung cancer.

Nicole can’t believe EJ left her for Sami once again. She curses Sami as John walks into overhear her.

EJ heads into the hospital and greets Sami, wondering what is wrong. She says it wasn’t her idea for him to come here, but the truth is, she fainted. EJ, concerned, asks what happened to her. Sami is silent. EJ pleads with her to tell him what’s going on.


Phillip asks Kate, “Daniel’s doing the biopsy?” She replies, “He’s helping with it, Phillip.” He scoffs, “Forget about it. No way in hell.”

John asks Nicole, “Are you willing to raise this child on your own?” She replies, “I said I would, and I meant it.”

Sami tells EJ, “I don’t even want to see you right now.” He replies, “Samantha, I was already having dinner--” She screams, “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU! GET OUT!”

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