Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, Nicole flashes back to Daniel telling her that she is pregnant. Next, she flashes back to overhearing Colin tell Victor that it would be nearly impossible for her to have children. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs. She’s having a baby with the man she loves, so it was possible, alright. Normally, she would think this was miracle, but those don’t happen to her. She guesses that maybe they are starting to. She heads off.

EJ shows up at Chez Rouge, and he and Maggie make small talk about Caroline being arrested. EJ knows she didn’t do it, but understands why they had to arrest her. Maggie thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and tells EJ that Mickey has been working round the clock. He tells her he is here to meet a client who hasn’t arrived yet. He’s upset because he cancelled his zoo date with Johnny for this. He spots Phillip and heads off to speak with him. EJ asks him to tell Victor something for him--that he won’t win.

Lucas comes back to the DiMera mansion with Allie to find her bear. He spots Sami passed out near the couch and rushes over, urging her to wake up.

Phillip doesn’t understand what EJ is talking about. EJ says that his client fully intends on keeping her divorce settlement. Phillip chuckles. Nicole never divorced Trent. That isn’t Victor’s problem. EJ says it is. Nicole was deceived by her first husband, and lived in good faith with Victor as his wife. EJ vows not to let Victor get away with taking any money from her. Phillip tells EJ that Nicole deceived Victor. No one does that and gets away with it.

At the police station, Victor demands to be allowed to see Caroline, despite the fact that visiting hours are over. Kayla comes in and sends the officer away, saying that Victor is used to getting what he wants. Victor tells Kayla that he just wants to help her mother. Kayla glares, saying his help is the very last thing Caroline needs.

Caroline paces in her cell. Bo comes to see her, and she asks when she is getting out of here. She admits she is going a little stir-crazy. Bo sighs and admits that she isn’t getting out.

Lucas is able to wake Sami up, and explains that she’s fainted. Sami says she has to get to the station to see Caroline. Lucas helps her to her feet and holds her, saying that the only place is taking her to is the hospital.

Victor tells Kayla that he doesn’t appreciate her attitude. He only wants to help Caroline. Kayla says that Caroline is under a lot of stress right now, and besides, she doesn’t need the kind of help Victor is willing to offer. The D.A. is out for her blood, and the last thing she needs is more ammunition against her. Victor says that in all the years he has loved her mother, he has never done anything to intentionally hurt her. He storms off as Steve comes in, asking what that was all about. Kayla says Victor is after the same thing he’s always been after--her mother.

Caroline doesn’t understand why everyone thinks she killed Trent. Aren’t there other suspects? Bo says there are, and they both discuss the fact that there’s no way Max could have done this. Caroline asks Bo if things look bad. He nods, but he says they’re hoping the knife turns up another set of prints besides hers. Caroline asks if that is her only shot. Bo says no, but it would help her make bail. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll think of something. Caroline turns on him furiously. She says she knows what he is thinking, and he had better not do anything stupid, like with Victor and Phillip. Bo insists that he isn’t going to tamper with evidence. Caroline says he had better not, or she will turn him in herself.

Melanie has a drink at Chez Rouge and flashes back to Bo telling her that she can’t leave town, as she is a suspect in her father’s murder. Melanie vows to find out who killed him. Nearby, Maggie tells a waiter to keep a close eye on the Kiriakis table. Melanie listens in as they talk about how powerful Victor is, and how he knows where all the bodies in town are buried, along with who put them there. Melanie’s eyes widen.

EJ asks Phillip if he is threatening Nicole. Phillip says this is none of his business. He’s just letting EJ know that his father doesn’t like to be opposed. Just then, some Japanese businessmen come to meet with Phillip. EJ bows to them and heads off. He runs into Nicole on the way out, asking what she is doing there.

Steve tells Kayla that Victor can be bad, but when it comes to her mother, he just wants to help her out of the bind she’s in. He just uses creative tactics to get there. Kayla worries that those ‘creative’ tactics will end up coming back to haunt her mother. Plus Caroline is very vulnerable right now. Steve asks if she is worried that her Pop isn’t around to keep the old man at bay. Kayla admits that she is concerned about Victor getting to her mother--in more ways than one.

Bo tells Caroline that they have to find a way to get her out of here, but she begs him not to do anything. She knows he is going up for police commissioner, so he has to tow the line right now. Bo huffs, trying to explain that prison isn’t anything like this holding cell, but Caroline isn’t worried. She knows that he and Roman will prove her innocence. Just then, an officer comes in, saying a visitor is demanding to see Bo’s mother. Victor strides in, saying he’s sorry, but this can’t wait. Bo allows him five minutes and heads off with the officer. Victor tells Caroline that they must do all they can to secure her release, but she says everything is going well. Mickey is hard at work on her case. Victor offers to call in one of the best, but Caroline refuses, begging him not to do anything, especially after the debacle with Phillip and Paul Hollingsworth. He and Bo just have to sit back and have faith in the justice system. Victor says that Bo might have agreed to that, but there’s no way in hell he will.

Sami protests as a doctor examines her at the hospital. Lucas comes in to hear her saying that is fine, and reminds her that she won’t be of any use to Caroline if she isn’t feeling well. She thinks he is overreacting. The doctor asks her some questions about her diet, and any medications she might be taking, and then says he wants to run some tests. Sami groans, wondering if that is necessary. The doctor thinks so.

Caroline guesses that Victor has very little faith in her innocence. Victor says nothing could be further from the truth, but based on the evidence, he is sure the D.A. thinks she has a slam dunk. Caroline is sure that the real killer will be found. Until then, she’ll get bail, so she’ll be free. Victor wonders what will happen if she can’t make bail, or doesn’t get it. He shakes his head, saying that he isn’t going to let her spend another night in jail. He’s going to do whatever he can to fix this, and neither her or anyone else can say anything to stop him.

Steve tells Kayla not to worry about Victor or her mom. The police are looking pretty closely at Melanie as a suspect after she threatened to kill Trent. Kayla reminds him that Max did, too, but that doesn’t mean that he is capable of murder. Steve confides that Nicole is also a suspect, and tells Kayla about her marriage to Trent. Kayla guesses that her marriage to Victor is invalid, and so his her settlement. Bo walks in and agrees that that is motive enough for murder, but they don’t have anything solid on Nicole. Just then, another officer hands Bo a folder. Bo looks through it and tells Kayla and Steve that this could be the break they’re looking for.

Phillip argues with someone over the phone about closing a deal with another corporation. He asks the jet to be placed on stand-by and hangs up. Melanie comes over, asking if his name is ‘Kiriakis.’ Phillip says it is, and Melanie says that he is just the man that she has been looking for.

Nicole tells EJ that she needs to tell him something, and asks if he has a few minutes to speak with her. EJ agrees to give her a moment before his meeting, and Nicole beams. She tells him that she is pregnant.

Sami frets about the doctor unnecessarily worrying her. She insists that she just fainted because she is worried about her grandmother. The doctor is acting as if something is seriously wrong with her. Lucas jokes that people have known that for years. Sami grumps. Lucas admits that he is just kidding around because he is worried about her. He ha never stopped caring about her, but some things just aren’t meant to be. Sami thought they were. She wonders what happened. Lucas says it was a ‘who’ not a ‘what.’ Just then, the nurse comes in to draw some of Sami’s blood. Sami freaks out, saying she hates needles. She asks Lucas to stay, and he agrees. She buries her head in his shoulder and squeals as the nurse approaches.

Caroline tells Victor that he might hurt someone else by helping her, and she couldn’t live with herself if that happened. The very fact that he is here, and cares so much is enough, and it means the world to her. Victor tells her that he has never stopped caring about her or loving her, even after all these years. He says that he never will. Caroline cries and smiles.

Bo says he has the report back on the fibers they sent to be analyzed, but all they have so far is that they’re a cotton blend. Bo hopes with a little more time, the lab might be able to link them to a single manufacturer. Kayla worries that it’s a long shot. Bo agrees, but says it’s the only one they have.

Victor says he has lost Caroline before, and he won’t let that happen again. If she ever really cared for him, then she will trust him. Caroline says she did love Victor, and she still cares for him. That’s why she is hoping that he will trust her to handle this her way. Victor wonders what she will do--put her faith in God? Does she really think he’s listening? Caroline says that he has never let her down before. She hopes at the end of this, she can say the same thing about Victor.

Kayla frets about her mom being in a jail cell all alone, and Bo admits that Victor is still with her. He didn’t have the heart to kick him out. Bo thinks Caroline could use all the support she can get. Kayla grumps, saying that Victor wants more than just friendship. He is manipulating their mother to make inroads with her. Bo thinks they were over all that years ago, but Kayla disagrees. You don’t just give up on something you’ve wanted your whole life. Bo is sure that Victor doesn’t want to hurt Caroline. Besides, right now they have to focus on finding evidence that absolves their mother. Bo is sure it is out there somewhere.

EJ thought Nicole couldn’t have kids. She says she didn’t think so either, so this must be a miracle. EJ says he doesn’t believe in miracles, only love. He kisses her passionately. EJ snaps Nicole out of her fantasy and asks what it is she wants to tell him. She starts to do so, but EJ gets a message saying his meeting was cancelled. He throws a fit over canceling going to the zoo over this. Nicole assures him that he can still take Johnny to the zoo. He has the whole afternoon. EJ promises to call her later, but she wants to tell him what she has to say in person. EJ wants to do lunch tomorrow but Nicole suggests dinner tonight. He can take her on that date he has been promising her.

Melanie calls Phillip ‘Victor’ and he tells her that she has the wrong Kiriakis. He wonders what she wants with his father. She says that his dad is the only person that can help her track down a killer.

Sami continues to worry about Caroline and wishes her blood work would come back more quickly. Lucas tries to reassure her, and she thanks him for staying with her. She tells him he ought to get back to Chloe, though, and asks how things are going. Lucas says he enjoys being with her, but she is thinking of getting back into singing, so he isn’t sure how much longer it will last. Sami says that Vegas would be a perfect place for Chloe to show off her ‘assets.’ Lucas accuses her of being jealous and refuses to discuss this with her. Sami doesn’t think Chloe is right for him. Lucas doesn’t think EJ is right for her. Sami says that she and EJ aren’t together. They are friends, and she is trying to get her life together so she can take the twins and leave the DiMera mansion. She has no interest in being with EJ, and nothing is going to change that.

Victor promises not to let Caroline down, and vows not to do anything she wouldn’t approve of. But that doesn’t mean that he is going to stop looking for the killer, and people who wanted Trent dead. Caroline chuckles, thinking it might be easier to find people that didn’t want him dead. Victor is glad to see her smile. If it’s up to him, he’ll get her out of here and she can start smiling again all the time. The officer comes to tell Victor his time is up, and he heads off, promising to keep in touch and get her out of here. Caroline thanks him and tries not to cry as he leaves.

Kayla talks to Kimberly on the phone, and fills her in as to what’s going on. She hangs up, promising to call back as soon as she knows more. Bo tells Kayla that he has just received the fingerprint analysis from the murder weapon. He takes a call and argues with someone, telling them that the evidence can’t be right. He hangs up cursing, as Victor walks in behind Kayla. He tells Kayla that the D.A. called. They are going to arraign their mom and charge her for murder, based on the fingerprint evidence. Victor fumes.

Later, Bo and Kayla head down to Caroline’s cell. Bo tells her that the fingerprint analysis came back, and no one else’s prints were on the knife, save her own. Caroline asks what that means, and Kayla explains that she will have to stand trial for murder. Caroline stands there, stunned, as Kayla hugs her.

Melanie finishes telling her story to Phillip and explains that the only way she can prove her innocence is to find out who really killed her father. Phillip wonders why she came to him. Melanie says she heard his family is powerful. Phillip shrugs, saying that may be, but neither him or his father are private investigators. He wishes her luck and heads off. Melanie sighs.

Nicole says they could do it some other time, but EJ interrupts her with a kiss. He tells her to come by the mansion for dinner. They will be alone and he’ll have the chef prepare something very special. He pulls her close to him and whispers in her ear, wondering what her big secret is. Nicole tells him that she isn’t giving him any hints, but it’s huge. EJ smiles.

Lucas tells Sami that he is proud of her for trying to be so independent, and not leaning on a man for support. He promises that both he and EJ will be around to help with the kids, though. Sami thanks him, saying that everyone is right. She needs to be someone that both her and her children can be proud of. Nothing is going to stand in the way of making that happen. Just then the doctor comes in, telling Sami that she isn’t dying, but he has news for her. She’s pregnant. Sami gapes.


John asks Nicole, “You want to tell me what’s really going on?” She whispers, “I’m pregnant.”

Sami yells, “I’m not pregnant! That can’t be possible!” Lucas says, “Oh, it’s possible alright. I know exactly when it happened.”

Daniel tells Kate, “There is no one more right for you at this moment than I am.”

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