Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami slams her laptop shut. Lucas strides into the living room. Sami asks he got in and he tells her the door was unlocked. She should be careful, seeing as how any crazy person could just wander in. EJ storms in, accusing Lucas of almost hitting him. EJ says he is lucky they have the twins to think of, or he might not have forgotten that Lucas also put a bullet in his back. Lucas rolls his eyes, saying it was mighty big of EJ to forgive him. Sami snaps, telling them both to cut it out, as she’s trying to work. Lucas says he just came to get Allie. EJ wants to take Johnny to the zoo. Sami tells them that the twins aren’t going anywhere with either one of them.

Hope rushes into the pub to meet Chelsea, apologizing for being late. She explains she pulled an all-nighter at the station and asks what Chelsea is looking at. She explains that she has to take applied physics, but she was assigned Trent Robbins as her professor. She thinks that might be awkward, so she is trying to get into the other class. Hope tells her she doesn’t have to worry about Robbins. He was murdered last night. Chelsea asks if they know who did it. Hope tells her that the prime suspect is her grandmother, Caroline.

Bo storms into Abe’s old office to find Roman and Steve inside. Roman asks how Caroline is doing. Bo says she isn’t well. He doesn’t think she can handle another night in a jail cell.

In his room, Max hurriedly gets dressed, telling Stephanie that he has to help his mom. Stephanie assures him that Bo and Roman are doing everything they can. Max blames himself for this, since he was the one that brought that bastard Trent into her life. Stephanie tells him that he can’t blame himself. They are all worried, of course, but Caroline knows that Max did nothing more than constantly try to clean up Trent’s messes. Melanie walks in just then, asking if Stephanie is referring to her. They ask how she is doing, and she admits that it’s weird now that Trent is dead. He was a crappy father, but he was still her father. Max hugs her, telling her that they were on their way to visit Caroline. Melanie says she will come back later, but Max wants to talk. Stephanie agrees to meet him at the station and heads off. Once she’s gone, Melanie tells Max that his secret is safe with her. He doesn’t understand. She explains that she knows that he killed their father.

Bo wonders what Robbins was even doing in the cemetery. Roman reminds Bo that he was covered in scratches and bruises. His wallet was missing, so maybe it was just a mugging gone bad. Bo doesn’t think their mother could have inflicted those wounds on Trent. Steve wonders if she could have in self-defense. Bo shakes his head, saying that she would have told them as much if that was what happened. He thinks they’re missing something. Steve asks about the tests being run on the fibers, and Roman says they’re still waiting. He just prays their mother’s DNA doesn’t show up anywhere. Abe comes in just then, expressing his sympathies over what happened and asking if he can do anything. The mayor comes in behind him, chuckling about Salem’s finest and their torn loyalties. He thinks they’re going to have to do something about it.

Hope tells Chelsea that Caroline is just a suspect, but they are working around the clock to find out who really did this. Chelsea asks where she is, and Hope admits that she is in jail. Chelsea gets up to leave, saying that she has to talk to Bo, but Hope tells her he is busy right now. She needs to wait. Chelsea sits back down, asking if they have any ideas as to who could have done this. Hope says she can’t talk about it, but Chelsea claims to have a pretty good idea who could have done it.

Max can’t believe Melanie suspects him. He is sure that she is the one that killed Trent. Melanie says she is just a little girl. Max, on the other hand, is strong. Max tells her that he can’t believe that she is going to let his mother go down for this, especially since she took Melanie in when she had nowhere else to go. He thought he saw something good and wounded underneath her party girl exterior. Melanie starts to cry. Max yells, asking if she is really as self-serving as she appears to be. Is she going to finally do something honest and good with her life, or is she going to let someone else take the fall?

Lexie drops Theo off for his therapy session at the hospital and runs into Kayla. She apologizes for what happened to her mom, and wonders why Kayla is here. She explains that Roman practically kicked her out of the station, and she needs the distraction. She asks Lexie about Theo’s progress, and Lexie says that she and Abe have been spending a lot more time with him, hoping that he will start to do a little better. Kayla congratulates her on doing so well, and Lexie admits that she is glad she resigned as chief of staff. Kayla is glad to hear that, because she was just named the next interim chief of staff in Lexie’s place.

Lucas reminds Sami that this is his day with Allie. He told her he was coming over already. She smirks, saying the twins just went down for a nap. He can deal with a cranky baby all day if he wants to. Luca thanks her sarcastically and huffs upstairs. EJ asks what her problem is, and Sami says nothing. He sits at the computer and sees what Sami was doing--making a résumé. He tells her that he is proud of her for taking the initiative to find a job.

The mayor expresses surprise at seeing Abe there. He admits that he came down because of the latest murder. It’s not looking good for the department, especially since a Brady is behind bars. Roman insists that they are doing this completely by the book. The mayor thinks there is a conflict of interest here, and the case would be better headed up by someone else. After all, Bo has already tampered with evidence to help out a family member. Bo calls him a lowlife. Roman intervenes and explains that the best men are working on this case, and he knows it. The mayor relents, but warns Roman that ‘Big Brother’ is watching, so they had better not slip up. If so, he’ll call out the watchdogs, and their mother and the both of them will go down. Bo wonders what the hell his problem is. Hey mayor says he doesn’t like the way the Bradys have run this town. They act as if they can get away with anything--even murder. Bo and Roman glare.

Chelsea tells Hope that she thinks Max’s sister, Melanie could have done this. Hope asks if she knows anything specific, but Chelsea says it’s just a feeling she has. She is just saying that they definitely shouldn’t rule out Melanie as a suspect. She could be the person they’re looking for.

EJ helps Sami with her resume. He asks what she is good at, and Sami tells him she isn’t sure. She had good SAT scores and took four years of piano. She only learned one song, though. EJ thinks that’s a start. Sami also admits that she is good at forgery. She can replicate anyone’s signature, but she isn’t sure anyone will want to hire her for that. She is ready to give up, but EJ continues to encourage her. He tells her that she is smart, dedicated, and trustworthy. Sami scoffs, saying she hasn’t heard that adjective used to describe her. EJ explains that everyone fudges their résumés a little. He thinks they should add in how sexy her eyes are. They gaze at each other. Lucas bursts in just then, saying he is leaving with Allie.

They mayor makes small talk with Abe in the corner, asking if he has found another position. Abe tells him that he is keeping his options open, so the mayor assumes he hasn’t. He tells Abe that he needs someone to keep an eye on the Brady boys, and he’d like to hire Abe to do so for him. Abe thinks he must be joking. The mayor says he never jokes during an election year. He offers Abe a healthy advance on the salary if he agrees to help him out. Abe says he can’t be bought and storms off.

Nearby, Bo tells Roman and Steve that he hopes the voters wise up and throw that weasel out of office. Steve admits that he won’t want an unsolved murder on election day. It will look bad for him. Bo doesn’t think Marino cares who shot Trent. He just wants to see someone go down for it, and he’d be more than happy if that person was their Ma.

Hope says that she has to get back down to the station. Chelsea wants to come with her, but Hope thinks she ought to wait. Chelsea says she needs to get to the hospital for Theo’s session anyway, and tells Hope that he is making real progress. Hope tells her how proud of her she and her father are. She asks about Chelsea’s personal life, and she admits that it’s hard to see Daniel around so much. She is starting to think she deserved what happened because of Nick. She wishes she had been more sensitive when she broke up with him. Hope asks if she still has feelings for Nick, but Chelsea says she doesn’t. Besides, he already has his eye on someone else.

Melanie rails on Max. She’s a liar and a thief, so he thinks he can just add murderer to the list? Max reminds her that she started it by accusing him of killing Trent. Melanie says he won’t have to worry about her anymore, because she won’t be bothering him. She storms out and slams the door. Max yells at her to wait.

Lexie hugs Kayla and congratulates her. Kayla wasn’t sure how she would take it, but Lexie thinks that the board couldn’t have made a better decision. She urges Kayla to let her know if she has any questions. They head off to have coffee together.

Roman, Steve, and Bo go through the possible suspects, beginning with Max. Steve doesn’t think he would let Caroline take the fall for this, and they agree, but he is still a suspect based on his behavior at the pub. Next on the list is Nick Fallon. Roman doesn’t think he’s capable either, but Bo reminds him that one of Trent’s friends shot Nick. He has to be considered. Steve likes Nicole Walker for this, since they were married. Roman doesn’t understand, and Bo and Steve fill Roman in on Trent’s marriage to Nicole. Bo thinks he may have been blackmailing her because of his gambling debts. Roman agrees that she should move to the top of the list. Just then, Hope walks in, saying there’s another suspect to consider--Trent’s daughter, Melanie.

Lucas tells Sami that he just needs Allie’s diaper bag, and she can go back to snuggling with EJ. Sami hands it over, and Lucas grumps about the cloth diapers. Sami explains that they’re better for the environment. EJ goes up to check on Johnny, and Lucas asks what Sami will do with herself all day, since she is baby-free. Sami says she is working on her résumé, since she doesn’t have a brother who owns a billion dollar company. Lucas suggests she fill in for Caroline at the pub. Sami doesn’t understand. Lucas thought she heard. Caroline has been arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins. Sami gapes.

Kayla and Lexie come back with coffee and Lexie tells Kayla that everyone is great on staff. She just needs to watch out for Eleanor Thomas, the board chairperson. Kayla says she is really worried about balancing the work and having time for Joe, too. Lexie reminds her that she can always turn down the job if it gets to be too much. Just then, Abe comes over, and Kayla excuses herself to get back to her patients. Abe tells Lexie all about the mayor offering him a job spying on Bo and Roman. Lexie can’t believe his audacity, and insists that she isn’t voting for him. Just then, another board member, Scott, comes over, and Lexie introduces him to Abe. When he learns that Abe quit his position as commissioner, he tells him he’d like to speak t him about something. Lexie excuses herself to check on Theo, and Scott tells Abe that he has a favor to ask of him.

Bo tells Hope that Melanie is a viable suspect, especially after what she said at the pub about killing Trent if she could. Just then, Stephanie comes in. She tells Steve that she didn’t sleep a wink, and asks about Caroline. He promises that she will be out as soon as bail is set, and urges her not to worry, as there are other suspects. Bo comes over, asking Stephanie if she thinks Melanie is capable of murder. Melanie comes in just then, wondering why he doesn’t just ask her himself.

Lexie meets Mark and Theo after his session and Mark tells her that Theo is doing well in therapy. Chelsea comes over just then and hugs Theo. She gives him a snow globe that she bought for him in France, and Lexie thanks her. Mark heads off, and she and Chelsea make small talk about his sessions and how much Theo has missed Chelsea. Chelsea tells them she will see them later, and that she needs to get down to the station to see her grandmother. Lexie tells her to tell Caroline that she is in her prayers, and Chelsea agrees and heads off. Lexie sighs.

Scott urges Abe that this is the right time to make his move. They all need someone in the mayor’s office that is honest, and will get the job done. He asks Abe to consider running for mayor.

Stephanie tells Melanie that she needs to quit sneaking up on people. Melanie says that she hears interesting things when she does so. She asks everyone in the room if they think she killed Trent. No one says anything. Stephanie sees Max outside and rushes out to see him. Melanie again demands to know if she is a suspect in the murder. Outside, Max tells Stephanie about his fight with Melanie. He has no idea where she is. Stephanie points to Abe’s old office. Inside, Bo asks Melanie if she killed Trent. She says she didn’t.

Sami can’t believe that this is happening. Lucas tells her that he doesn’t know much, but is surprised Mickey or Maggie didn’t call her. EJ comes in just then, asking if everything is ok. Sami insists it is, and tells him to go to the zoo with Johnny. He heads off, and Lucas asks if she is sure everything is ok. Sami tries not to cry, and tells him she will be fine and to leave. He heads off, and she calls the station, looking for Roman. The person that answers refuses to transfer her, and she shouts at them, hanging up. She tries to stand up and passes out.

Abe isn’t sure this is the right time. Scott says it’s election year, so there is no other time. He offers to fund the entire campaign as Lexie comes over. He hands Abe his card, asks him to think about it, and says goodbye to Lexie and Theo. She asks what that was all about, and Abe tells her he has been asked to run for mayor.

Chelsea meets up with Max and Stephanie ,and they all head off to see Caroline. Max gazes worriedly after Melanie.

Melanie tells Hope, Bo, Roman ,and Steve that she is sorry she came to Salem. She would have been better off in France. She tells them goodbye and starts to head off, but Bo says she can’t leave town as long as she is a suspect.

Lucas comes back for Allie’s bear and finds Sami unconscious. He kneels down beside her and urges her to wake up.


Victor tells Kayla, “And in all my years of loving your mother, I have never done anything intentionally to hurt her and I certainly don’t intend to start now.”

Bo tells Caroline, “I’m not going to tamper with evidence.” She replies, “Damn right you’re not.”

Melanie asks Phillip, “Is your name Kiriakis?” He replies, “Yeah.” She says, “Then you’re just the man I’m looking for.”

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