Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the cemetery, Bo, Hope and two other officers rush off as Caroline screams loudly. Nearby, she struggles out from underneath Trent’s lifeless body. She sees a knife sticking out of his back and moans. She pulls the knife out and whimpers. Bo, Hope and the others find her holding the knife and crying.

At the hospital, Daniel and Kate go into a cubicle. She can’t believe she might have lung cancer. Daniel explains that the x-rays showed an abnormality, which could be a tumor. The pulmonologist wants to do a biopsy to see if she has cancer. Kate thinks it’s impossible. She doesn’t smoke. Daniel says twenty percent of all lung cancer patients are non-smokers. Kate curses. Daniel tries to take her hand, but she pulls away, insisting that she doesn’t want his sympathy. She agrees to do the tests, but in exchange, he must promise not to tell anyone about this until they’re sure. Daniel agrees. A nurse comes in, saying one of his patients is asking for him. Daniel wants to stay with Kate a little longer, but she tells him to go ahead. Out at the nurses’ station, Daniel finds Nicole bent over and groaning. He asks what’s wrong, and she tells him that she needs his help.

Phillip sees Chloe sitting alone at the pub, listening to an mp3 player. He joins her, wondering where Lucas is. Chloe grins, saying she doesn’t know, and she doesn’t care.

Nick and Melanie peruse the menus at Chez Rouge. She takes some money out of Trent’s wallet and sneaks it back into her purse. Nick insists that she put her money away. He is paying. She tells him that she has to pay, especially after all he has gone through for her. Nick says that getting shot is part of his profession. The kids around here take their grades seriously. Melanie chuckles and tells Nick that she wants to go out tonight. Nick ruefully admits that he doesn’t know where the hot spots are. Melanie says she does, and adds that she thinks he could teach him a thing or two.

In his room over the pub, Max comes out of the bathroom, asking Stephanie what’s wrong. She confronts him with the stained shirt, asking him why there is blood all over it.

Bo kneels down by a hysterical Caroline, asking what happened. She blubbers. Bo asks what she has done. Caroline continues to cry uncontrollably.

Daniel asks Nicole about her symptoms, and she says she has been weak, shaky and vomiting a lot. Daniel asks her to fill out a form, saying that he will be back with her after he checks on someone else. Kate comes out, telling him not to mind about her. She’s going to make an appointment for the test, and then she’s going home. She wonders what’s wrong with Nicole and asks her if she ran out of alcohol. Kate hurries off. Nicole huffs, wondering what that’s supposed to mean. Daniel thinks Kate has a point. Nicole has the symptoms of someone detoxing.

Chloe explains that Lucas and Allie are running errands. She is really happy to have some time to herself. Phillip asks if things are getting cramped at the cabin. Chloe says that it has been great mostly, but having a baby around 24/7 can be exhausting. Phillip jokingly asks if she was talking about Allie or Lucas. Chloe retorts that Lucas is much more mature than Phillip. She asks where Morgan is. Phillip says she went to visit her mom for a week. Chloe warns him to stay out of trouble, and he suggests that she help him do that--or not, as the case may be.

Doug and Julie head into Chez Rouge and warmly greet both Mickey and Maggie. They catch sight of Nick and Melanie having dinner, and Maggie explains to them who Melanie is. Julie says she isn’t sure what it is, but there is something about that girl she doesn’t like.

Bo tells Caroline to put the knife down as Hope examines Trent, checking for a pulse. Caroline puts it down, insisting that this isn’t what it looks like. Hope warns her not to say anything else until she gets an attorney. Bo tells one of the officers to search the area, and the other to watch Caroline. Hope pulls him aside, reminding him that he can’t afford to make any mistakes now, especially after what happened with Victor. She’s sorry, but they have to take Caroline down to the station. Bo agrees and asks Hope to call Mickey right away. Bo walks over to Caroline and apologizes. He asks the officer to read her her rights. The officer cuffs Caroline as she tries not to cry.

Max tells Melanie that some of the blood is his, but some of it isn’t. He admits that he and Trent got in a fight. After he left the garage, he went to Pop’s grave, and Trent was there. Max punched him and they scuffled for a bit. Stephanie guesses that is where the scratches came from. Max guesses so. He tells her that she didn’t want her to worry, but she says she worries more when he lies. He apologizes and hugs her. She says she’s sorry about what happened with Trent.

Nick suggests that they calls Chelsea and Stephanie, but Melanie says she wants to spend more time with him alone. Nick doesn’t have a problem with that. She catches sight of his hurt hand and apologizes again for what happened in Marseilles. Nick insists that it wasn’t her fault. She doesn’t have to keep apologizing and trying to make up for what happened. Melanie comes over and sits on his lap, saying that she’ll keep trying to please him, since he is her hero. She kisses him.

Mickey, Maggie, Julie and Doug see the two kissing. Julie thinks Melanie is a trouble-maker. After all, it takes one to know one. Just then, Mickey gets a call from Hope, who tells him Caroline needs his help. She’s been arrested for Trent Robbins’ murder. Mickey promises to get down to the station right away. Mickey tells the rest of them what’s going on. Julie thinks the whole thing is insane. Mickey remembers that Melanie is Trent’s daughter, and he and Maggie head over to give her the news. They interrupt Nick and Melanie, explaining that her father is dead.

Hope tells Bo that she called Mickey, and he thanks her. He heads back over to Caroline, who cries and insists she didn’t kill Trent. He stumbled out of the bushes with the knife already in his back. Bo says that he believes her, and that all of this will get sorted out. Right now she needs to go sit in the officer’s car. Caroline bawls. Bo hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Caroline heads off with the officer. Hope tries to comfort Bo, who sighs, saying he knows that she didn’t do this, but it doesn’t look good. Hope agrees, saying that he did the right thing by playing by the rules. They’ll find out who really did this. Bo hopes so. Hope reminds him that Trent had a lot of enemies. Bo agrees as we pan in on Trent’s body.

Nicole says she couldn’t possibly be detoxing. She has three drinks with every meal. Daniel says that she has been throwing up for several days now, so the alcohol isn’t staying in her system at all. Nicole says that this is terrible news. She tells Daniel that he has to cure her right away. She needs her liquid strength to survive. Daniel thinks she should try relying on her inner strength. Nicole snaps, saying that she needs a drink--now.

Phillip comes back to the table with a couple of glasses of wine and Chloe thanks him, telling him that she is glad that they are friends. Phillip admits that he was a little upset that she was seeing Lucas at first, but now he is ok with it. It seems like he and Chloe will always be close, no matter what happens between them. She agrees, saying that Phillip is one if the few people she can really count on. Phillip agrees, and checks her mp3 player. He winces when he sees she was listening to the Jonas Brothers. Chloe says she was listening to an opera performance, actually. She hates to admit it, but she is jealous. She wants to start signing again. Phillip asks why she doesn’t. Chloe explains that his father tainted her reputation. Phillip shrugs, reminding her that the truth came out about Brady. Chloe admits that she hasn’t auditioned lately. Phillip thinks she’s been too busy shacking up with Lucas. Isn’t that a shack she’s staying in right now? He winks, saying she’s going to hate it in the winter. Chloe calls him a jerk and chuckles. Lucas comes up outside and stares in at the two as they laugh and joke.

Stephanie and Max kiss. Suddenly, both their phones ring. Kayla is calling for Stephanie, and Melanie is calling for Max. She tells him that their father was murdered tonight. Max asks if she is ok, and she says she is, but there’s a problem. Someone has been arrested, and it’s his mother. Max gapes. Nearby, Stephanie tells Kayla that that’s impossible.

An officer comes in to the station with the knife in an evidence bag. He fill Roman in on the murder, and tells him Bo is on his way down with the suspect. Just then, Bo and Caroline come in. Roman asks what she is doing there and spies her handcuffs and the blood on her fingers. Roman says that this must be a joke. There’s no way Caroline did this. Bo tells Roman that they found her at the scene of the crime, holding what’s most likely the murder weapon. Caroline insists that she didn’t kill Trent. Roman assures her that he believes her as Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie come in. Mickey heads off to have a private chat with Caroline. Julie lays into Bo, wondering how he could think his own mother did this. Bo says he doesn’t think that, but he had no choice but to arrest her. He wishes he could be there for her now. Maggie offers to go sit with her, and Bo thanks her. He and Roman head back to the crime scene, while Doug and Julie offer to stay for Caroline. Julie notes that Trent wasn’t well-liked and wonders who could have killed him. Nick and Melanie walk in just in time to heart the last.

Stephanie can’t believe that Max’s father is dead. They both get dressed as Max worries about her. Stephanie asks if he thinks Caroline really did it. She stares at Max’s bloody shirt. He is starting to think that Stephanie suspects him.

Daniel comes in to check on Nicole, who is in bed in a cubicle. She picks at her nails, and he asks if she needs a manicure. She admits that she is feeling better, but she still wants some alcohol. Daniel thinks this is the time for her to make a fresh start. He promises he will get back with her after her blood work comes back. Nicole asks him to stay, and tries to get him to talk about Chelsea, but Daniel refuses, asking about the crisis she was talking about earlier. She fills him in on her divorce settlement being invalid because her first husband didn’t divorce her. Daniel says he is sorry to hear that, and suggests she find a job. Nicole thinks the shakes are coming back. Daniel says he has to go check on her tests results and heads off. Nicole whispers that she hopes Trent burns in hell.

Daniel calls Kate to check up on her. She tells him that she’s at Chez Rouge, getting ready to meet with a client. Daniel can’t believe she is working after the news he gave her earlier. Kate doesn’t think he knows her very well. She says she will be fine, and tells him to focus on the detoxing dimwit. Daniel thinks something else is going on with Nicole, but Kate doesn’t care. She probably deserves it. Daniel tells her to call him if she needs to talk. She tells him that she will be in touch and hangs up.

Chloe tells Phillip that she promised Lucas that she would help out with Allie, but she can’t do that if she is auditioning or going on tour. Lucas comes up just then, telling her not to forego her dreams on his account. She asks about Allie, and Lucas tells her that she’s with Alice. He tells Chloe that he thinks that she should start focusing on her career again. He is sure Phillip could help her out with that.

Doug and Julie introduce themselves to Melanie, apologizing for her loss. They head off as Bo comes over, introducing himself to Melanie as well. He explains that they are going to need her to identify her father’s body, if she can. Melanie says she can, but will have to prepare herself first. Bo thanks her and heads off. Nick asks if she is sure she can do this. Melanie says she will be alright, but she is upset. Even thought her father was horrible, he was still her father. She hugs Nick, thanking him for being here. Julie looks at them suspiciously.

In Abe’s old office, Mickey tells Roman that Caroline didn’t kill Trent. Roman says that he knows that, but it doesn’t look good, given her history of animosity towards Trent. Maggie insists that they can’t put her in jail. Roman says everything will be up to the D.A., but if she wants to press charges, he will have no choice. After all, four witnesses can attest to the fact that Caroline was at the scene of the crime, most likely holding the murder weapon. Roman is just praying that forensics finds another set of fingerprints on the knife.

Max tells Stephanie that she didn’t answer his question. She admits that she doesn’t think he is a killer, but she wishes he hadn’t fought with Trent. Max swears that he didn’t kill him, even though he wanted to. Stephanie says she just hopes the fight doesn’t come back to bite him. They head off to the police station to see Caroline.

Steve joins Hope at the crime scene, and she fills him in on Trent’s murder, telling him that he was stabbed in the back. Steve is sure Caroline couldn’t have done this, and Hope agrees. She asks him to keep digging things up on Trent. After all, thanks to him they found out Trent was married to Nicole. She was pretty upset about losing her divorce settlement, so she is definitely a suspect. Hope adds that Trent probably has a lot of skeletons in his closet. Steve leans down near the body. He doesn’t like to speak ill of the dead, but a lot of people are going to be better off now that the guy has met his maker.

Daniel comes back to find Nicole making a list of things she can hock online for cash. She worries about selling something of Pookie’s. Daniel doesn’t think the dog will mind, but Nicole insists that she is spoiled. Daniel wishes her luck fighting Victor on the divorce settlement, and he tells her he got her test results back. Nicole hopes she got food poisoning so she can sue. Daniel says nothing is wrong with her. She’s just pregnant. Nicole says that he has got to be kidding her.

Lucas tells Chloe that he has been researching Titan since he accepted his job, and discovered that the Kiriakis Foundation underwrites an opera playing in Kansas City. He is sure Phillip could make a call and get her a part. Phillip isn’t sure what he can do, but promises to try. Chloe thanks both of them profusely, and Phillip heads off. Once outside, he peers through the window as Chloe and Lucas laugh and hug.

Someone from forensics hands a report to Hope. She looks over it and tells Steve that Trent had one hell of a rough night. He has a bloody lip, so he must have been punched. We pan onto Max’s bloody shirt. Hope says that Trent also has bruised knuckles, meaning he got in a couple of punches himself. We pan in on Nick, who nurses his bruised hand. Hope adds that his wallet is missing as we watch Melanie guiltily take it out of her purse. Lastly, he had scratches all over his face. We see Nicole examine her nails, then protectively cover her belly. Steve tells Hope that he thinks more than one person could have done this, or it could have been a thief. The thing is, Trent pissed a lot of people off. Hope agrees, adding that only one of them went so far as to kill him, though.

Roman comes out of his office and tells Bo and the others that the D.A. called. He has to lock up Caroline. Julie and Maggie both try to comfort her, vowing that they are behind her a hundred percent. Caroline and Roman head off. Julie lays into Bo, insisting that his mother could never have done this. Bo agrees, vowing not to rest until he finds out who really did it. Just then, Max and Stephanie come in. Max and Melanie stare at each other suspiciously.

Hope kneels by Trent’s body and prays that Shawn helps Caroline. She really needs it right now. An officer comes over and hands Hope an evidence bag with a fiber taken from the body. Hope thinks this could lead them straight to Trent’s killer.

Roman locks Caroline up in a cell and sadly walks off. She fights back tears.


Mayor Marino tells Roman and Bo, “Don’t make me call out the watchdogs or your mother will go down and so will all of you.”

Melanie tells a flabbergasted Max, “I just want you to know your secret is safe with me.”

Hope asks Chelsea, “Do you still have feelings for Nick?”

A man tells Abe, “People respect you. The time is right, Abe. How about it?”

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