Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the cemetery, Caroline brings flowers to Shawn’s grave. As she leans over, the camera pans to the point of view of someone hiding in the bushes nearby. The person breathes heavily.

Kate rushes into the hospital, and accosts Daniel for calling her in to see him today. She complains about how much work she has to do for Hearth and Home, which is expanding. Daniel tells her that he would have never made her come down here unless it was important. She needs to keep in mind that she was coughing up blood a few days ago. Something is seriously wrong here. Kate says that she is feeling better, so whatever was wrong with her probably went away. He thinks she knows better than that. Kate snaps testily, wondering what the hell is going on, then.

Nicole comes into the pub to meet EJ, telling him that they have to do major damage control. EJ doesn’t understand, and Nicole fills him in on Victor learning the truth about her being married to Trent. He is trying to get his divorce settlement back, and they have to stop him. EJ asks if Trent told Victor. Nicole grumbles, saying that it was that big-mouth Bo Brady, actually.

Maggie greets Bo and Hope as they head into Chez Rouge. They explain that they are meeting Steve and Kayla for dinner, and Maggie congratulates Hope on her job offer as police commissioner. Hope explains that she turned it down as Steve and Kayla walk up behind them. Kayla wonders why Hope turned down the job, since she would be perfect for it. Hope thanks her, but says it wasn’t meant to be. Steve asks if Bo is considering taking the job. He says he was reluctant at first, but he’s decided to go after the job. That’s partly why he wanted them all to have dinner together. Maggie leads them over to their table as Steve jokes about Bo picking up the tab.

Over at the bar, Melanie pulls Trent’s wallet out of her pocketbook and orders a vodka tonic. The bartender asks for ID and she sheepishly orders seltzer water instead. Nick comes over, apologizing for being late. Melanie stuffs the wallet back into her purse. He got hung up. Melanie say that she just got here too, as she had something to take care of. Nick nods, “You and me both.”

Max comes into his room in the dark. He takes off his shirt, which has dark stains on it. Just then, Stephanie knocks and calls out to Max.

Hope explains to the group that part of the reason she didn’t accept the job was because of Ciara. Bo says he was reluctant too, as he would rather be out catching bad guys on the streets. But Abe and Roman browbeat him, especially after Hope turned down the job, so he caved. Besides, Bo thinks he can keep a better eye on what’s going on by being commissioner. He explains that they suspect the mayor might be one of DiMera’s lackeys. They can’t let another take over the department, or Salem will be in real trouble. Kayla understands but still thinks Hope would have done a great job. Hope says she isn’t sure she wants to be Bo’s boss. He says he may be hers, now. The mayor comes up behind Bo, wondering why he would say that. There’s no guarantee Bo has the job.

Daniel tells Kate that they don’t yet have a definitive diagnosis, but something is seriously wrong with her. He is going to keep running tests until he figures out what it is. Kate accuses him of using scare tactics on her. She thinks she might just be suffering from allergies. Chelsea storms over, saying she can’t believe that all that is wrong with Kate is allergies. She thinks Kate will do anything to keep seeing Daniel, and calls Kate pathetic.

Nicole tells EJ that Bo and Hope found out about her being married to Trent while they were investigating him. Bo threatened to tell Victor, but finally relented and allowed he to do it herself. EJ asks what Victor said, adding that she was lucky she didn’t get arrested for fraud. Nicole says it was worse. Victor laughed and demanded the settlement money back, even the part she already spent. Nicole sighs, saying she hates Bo, but she hates her dearly departed husband even more. EJ wonders what she means by that.

Maggie talks with Mickey about Chez Rouge joining the green restaurant association, and how excited she is about it. Mickey says he is proud of her, but thinks he might be missing something. Hasn’t she done all of this green stuff already? Maggie huffs.

Nick says he hates to bring up a sore subject, but he wonders if Melanie’s dad has gotten to her again. Melanie says he hasn’t, and he isn’t going to, either.

Max stuffs the stained shirt in with a pile of other laundry and lets Stephanie in. She says she was worried about him after what happened with his dad. Max insists that Trent isn’t his dad as Stephanie rubs his shoulders. She thinks that he is very tense. Max promises that things will get better now, but Stephanie doesn’t see how. Max says that they will never have to worry about Trent again, and asks her to concentrate on more important things. They kiss as we pan in on Max’s stained shirt.

Caroline greets Shawn, telling him that the moon is full tonight, and it’s just the kind of weather he loves. The heavy breathing continues behind her.

Chelsea lays into Kate, who understands that she is angry. Chelsea vows to never forgive Kate or Daniel for sleeping together. Kate tries to explain that they never meant to hurt her. They were just reaching out for a little warmth and understanding. Chelsea scoffs, saying that she’s trying to make them sleeping together seem noble. Daniel tells her she is way out of line. Kate adds that whatever happened between them is over now. Chelsea needs to deal with that. Chelsea asks why he called Kate about taking the next step. Kate obviously isn’t sick, so they must want to start sleeping together again. Daniel tells her that she completely misunderstood.

Hope introduces Kayla to the mayor as Bo explains that he doesn’t mean he has the job in the bag. He’s just happy to be considered. Marino tells Bo that he will be considered along with some other candidates. He promises to keep in touch and heads off. Bo says they mayor doesn’t seem too thrilled with him and worries that the Hollingsworth evidence may come back to haunt him. After all, a squeaky-clean record is needed for the position. Hope reminds him that if he gets the job, he’s going to have to follow the rules, no matter who is involved.

Caroline tells Shawn that she fears for Max, and thinks he needs his real father around to help him. Every time she thinks about that bastard Trent Robbins coming back to town, she gets so angry. She assures Shawn that she took care of it tonight, though. They don’t have to worry about Trent bothering Max anymore.

Nicole tells EJ that after what Trent did, he’s as good as finished in this town, and he’ll be gone soon if he isn’t already. Nicole wants to get back to the point, which is keeping her money. After all, she is the victim here. EJ agrees, and they are going to be painting her as such at trial. She asks if she really has a chance to keep the money, and EJ says she needs to stay positive.

Maggie shows Mickey a website for the green certification. She says they’ll get a lot of publicity, as well as being environmentally responsible. She and Mickey kiss.

Melanie spots them from across the room and makes a face, saying that they need to get a dark room somewhere. Nick tells her that Mickey and Maggie actually have true, long-lasting love. Nick calls them over and introduces them to Melanie, despite her hesitation.

Stephanie and Max lie in bed after making love, and Stephanie asks him where he has been. He tells her he was at the garage, working on an engine to keep his mind off of Trent. Stephanie thinks it’s too bad he didn’t answer his phone. He could have had her all afternoon. They kiss.

Daniel demands that Chelsea apologize to Kate, but she refuses. Kate asks for a moment alone with her, and Daniel agrees against his better judgment. Chelsea asks Kate if she is making more of her illness than she should. Kate coughs miserable, and says she is actually making less of a big deal about it than she should. Daniel wants to run more tests. Chelsea admits that she is sorry Kate is sick. Kate apologizes to Chelsea again, saying she never meant to hurt Chelsea, especially after what happened between Billie and Nick. Chelsea says Kate has no idea how badly she hurt her. She thought Daniel was the one. Kate tells Chelsea that people make mistakes sometimes, but you have to deal with that and move on. Chelsea huffs off, saying that she can’t. Kate doubles over, coughing.

Nick and Melanie explain that she and Max share the same father, Trent. Melanie used to get along with him, but they don’t anymore. Maggie asks where she has been all this time and Melanie explains that she went to school abroad. Maggie welcomes her to Salem, and tells Nick about her green certification. She notices bruises all over his hand, and wonders what happened.

Kayla and Steve head off, and Hope tells Bo that she hopes he gets the job. Bo suggests they head down to the cemetery to talk to his Pop. He feels like he needs his blessing before he proceeds with this job offer.

Caroline tells Shawn what she did, laughing that it was some confession. She says she has to get back to the pub and hears the heavy breathing behind her. She calls out, asking who is there.

Nicole tells EJ that she would do anything to make sure Victor doesn’t get his money back. Being married to him was no picnic. EJ admits that the law isn’t on their side, but that doesn’t mean a beautiful woman with a sympathetic story hasn’t been able to sway a judge before. They need to go with the claim that Nicole though Trent got the divorce. Nicole admits that was true, but she feels so stupid now, especially after everything her father did to her. EJ tries to comfort her, asking her if she can prove that Trent was abusive. Nicole admits that she could probably find a couple of their neighbors from back then. EJ reassures her that he will do the best he can, but Trent is a problem. If he testifies, he’ll make Nicole seem like an opportunistic user. Nicole says that Trent isn’t going to make it to the stand.

Maggie and Melanie make a big fuss over Nick’s hand. He claims to have hurt it in France. Melanie frowns, saying that she doesn’t remember that. Nick chuckles uncomfortably.

Stephanie and Max finish making love again and Max heads for the shower, telling Stephanie to follow him after the water warms up. As he gets out of bed, Stephanie notices long scratches on his back. She asks if she did that to Max, who sweats. He claims that she is a real tiger.

Caroline asks again who is there. The camera pans forward and Caroline gasps, “You!”

Chelsea hovers around Kate as she finishes her coughing fit. Kate thanks her, calling her sweetie, and Chelsea recoils. Kate thinks she puts on a good act. She doesn’t have to forgive her, but she does think she should forgive Daniel. She will even stop seeing Daniel as a doctor if Chelsea thinks that will help. Chelsea says nothing will help and storms off. Daniel comes back and Kate tells him that Chelsea hasn’t forgiven her at all. Kate tells Daniel to go ahead and give her the bad news so she can cap off a perfectly frightful day. Daniel tells her that the pulmonologist looked at her test results, and it isn’t good. Kate tells him to spit it out. He tells her she has lung cancer.

EJ doesn’t understand why Nicole is acting as if Trent is never going to bother her again. Did she do something she shouldn’t have, like pay him off? Nicole says she didn’t and asks him to focus on Victor. EJ presses her about Trent. Nicole rushes off to the bathroom to be sick.

Melanie examines Nick’s hand alone, and he explains that he hurt his hand punching that thug back in France. She suggests that she take care of him from now on. Nick says she doesn’t have to, but Melanie says she wants to, starting with taking him out for dinner. She takes money out of Trent’s wallet and secretively stuffs it into her purse.

Max runs the shower, and Stephanie starts to head in after him. She finds the stained shirt and gasps.

Bo and Hope arrive at the cemetery, where two officers are stationed. They heard about Bo being offered Abe’s job, and explains that they are behind Bo a hundred percent.

Trent stumbles out of the bushes. Caroline shrieks that she thought she already took care of him. She yells at him to stay away from her. Bo, Hope and the other officers hear her scream and take off. Trent falls on top of Caroline. She freaks and squeezes out from under him, seeing that a knife is sticking out of his back. For some reason, she thinks it’s a good idea to yank the knife out, so she does so. Bo and Hope rush in with the cops as Caroline holds the knife and whimpers. Trent lies motionless on the ground.


Hope tells Steve, “Aside from being stabbed in the back, looks like Trent had one hell of a rough night.” He replies, “He pissed a lot of people off.” Hope adds, “But only one person went so far as to kill him,” as we pan in on both Nick and Melanie.

Max asks Stephanie, “Aren’t you going to join me?” She asks, “Why is there blood all over your shirt?”

Roman locks Caroline up behind bars.

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