Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/25/08


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In his apartment, Trent kisses a woman, and tells her that he had a good time. He hands her a wad of cash and asks if they are on for tomorrow. She agrees to meet him again and heads off. Just then, Trent takes a call from Claude, who tells him that he is trying his patience.

At Chez Rouge, Phillip and Lucas have drinks, and Phillip thanks Lucas for accepting the job at Titan. He asks how things are going, and Lucas says they’re fine. His daughter is pretty much his life right now. Luckily, Chloe has been helping him out. He has her babysitting tonight. Phillip asks if he is sure about that as Chloe strolls in and sits with them. Lucas asks where Allie is. Chloe says she found a sitter. She thought he would be happy to see her. Nicole comes over, asking if there is room for one more. Lucas offers her his chair, saying that he has a babysitter to check on. He rushes off. Nicole says she needs to talk to Phillip, but she can come back if this is a bad time. A dejected Chloe tells Nicole not to mind her. Nicole tells Phillip that she needs his help.

At the pub, Chelsea sits alone. Nick comes over and greets her, and after they both figure out they’re not meeting anyone, he joins her. He asks her if everything is alright, and she tells him it isn’t. Apparently she is a horrible judge of character. Nick assumes she must be talking about Daniel. He says they can talk about it if she wants to. Chelsea agrees, saying that he already thinks the worst of her. Nick says he doesn’t. He urges her to tell him about her broken heart and whether Dr. Jonas can mend it again.

Outside, Melanie tells Max that their old man sure knows how to push people’s buttons. Max agrees, saying that he wants Trent out of town and out of their lives for good. Melanie tells him that that isn’t going to happen, so he better get used to it.

Trent tells Claude that he has been meaning to call him. He’s sorry about what happened with his daughter. Claude says he only spent one night in jail, but his best man was lost. Trent promises to get him the money soon. Claude says that he wants cash, or Trent must deliver his daughter so they can finish what they started. Trent hangs up and stares at a picture of Melanie.

In Abe’s old office, Bo comes in to find Roman working on an old cold case. Bo knows Roman took Hope home, and says she thinks that he is angry at her for not taking the commissioner position. Roman says he isn’t. He understands where her priorities lie, and besides, he turned down the job as well. He has no room to talk. Roman admits that he is worried about who the mayor will put in Abe’s place. If it’s a DiMera associate, Roman is quitting. He’ll give up his career before he works for some corrupt SOB. Bo agrees. Roman thinks Bo should take the job. Bo protests, but Roman insists. It’s time someone threw their hat in the ring, and he knows Bo would be perfect for the position.

Chelsea tells Nick that she thinks Kate and Daniel are still seeing each other. She overheard Daniel talking to her about ‘taking the next step.’ Nick thinks he might just have been talking about her tests, but Chelsea doesn’t think anything is seriously wrong with Kate. She wonders how she could have been so stupid. Nick reassures her, saying that everyone makes mistakes. She just needs to learn from them. Chelsea says that she is just learning not to trust people. Nick says she should start trusting the right people. He thinks she is being too hard on herself, but she disagrees, saying that she knows her faults. She has a hard time forgiving people, and she can’t seem to forgive Daniel or Kate no matter how hard she tries.

Max doesn’t understand how he is supposed to accept the fact that his low-life father is around all the time. Melanie tells him she doesn’t like seeing him so upset, but Max tells her to greet used to it--at least until Trent isn’t around anymore. Melanie says she can’t take it anymore. She appreciates that Max is so defensive of her well-being, but she needs to leave town and get away from Trent. Knowing that he is so nearby is like being poisoned. Max refuses to let her go. She has family here. If anyone is going to be leaving, it will be Trent.

Trent paces worriedly and thinks. He wonders if Nicole would--He breaks off, saying that can’t be, because he blew it. He stares at the picture of Melanie, saying that he can’t do this to her. He takes out his phone and sighs, telling himself that he has no choice.

Melanie scoffs, asking if Max is going to threaten Trent and make him leave. She tells him that doesn’t think Trent is afraid of him. Just then, she gets a text from Trent. Max asks what he wants, and Melanie says that he wants her to meet him in his hotel room. Max thinks they should go, but Melanie says she isn’t. She told Max that she never wanted to see Trent again, and if he can’t understand that, then to hell with him. She starts to run off, but Max stops her, asking her to reconsider. She wonders he wants to see Trent so badly. Max says he wants to clear the air and let dear old dad know how they really feel about him.

Phillip starts to pour wine, but Nicole turns him down. Phillip thinks the temperatures in hell must have hit an all-time low. Nicole asks Chloe if she is alright as Lucas storms back, saying that the babysitter and Allie are watching Babar. Chloe sarcastically notes that she is surprised the babysitter hasn’t smacked Allie around yet. Lucas grumbles that the woman is a stranger. Chloe says Gabriele is a dear friend of hers. She excuses herself and huffs off. Nicole follows her. Phillip thinks Lucas was a little hard on Chloe. She just wanted to see him, so she got a sitter. It’s not a big deal. Lucas says that they banter a lot. He says something witty, she comes back with something equally acerbic. Phillip thinks he embarrassed Chloe by calling her out in front of everyone. Lucas agrees that Phillip was right, and they he should apologize.

Chloe wishes Lucas would just trust her. Nicole tells her that Lucas has always been a little high-strung when it comes to parenting. Chloe says she can’t take it. All he talks about is Allie. Nicole thinks he is probably just worried about Sami taking custody from him. Chloe isn’t sure that she is ready for this whole family thing. Truth be told, she is really starting to feel trapped. She’s starting to think she wants out.

Bo tells Roman that he absolutely does not want the job. Roman of all people should understand that since he turned it down himself. Roman insists, saying that Bo is the right man for it. He asks if Bo cares about the people of Salem and if he wants to see corruption end. Bo says he does. Roman takes out his phone. He tells Bo that as commander, he is calling the mayor and personally recommending Bo for the position of commissioner. Bo groans.

Nick tells Chelsea that he has some advice for her. The longer you refuse to forgive a person, the harder it is to let them go. He knows that from experience. She asks if he had a hard time forgiving her. Nick admits that he could never stay mad at her for long, an besides, she forgave him for things. Who is he to hold a grudge? Chelsea says she is lucky to have him. She pauses, saying that she actually doesn’t have him anymore. Nick doesn’t understand. She asks if he has moved on from her.

Melanie and Max head over to Trent’s place. He offers them a drink, but they both refuse. Melanie wants to know what is so urgent. He explains that Claude called. He isn’t blaming anything on Melanie, but the fact of the matter is that she left a mess over in France. Melanie remembers. Nick got shot. Trent explains that Claude is out of jail, and he blames him for what happened. Melanie guesses that Trent wants her to clean up his mess. Trent nods, saying it’s either that, or he’s a dead man.

Max feigns sympathy, sarcastically asking Trent if this guy might kill him. Trent says Claude will kill him. There’s no question about it. Max says his heart is just breaking for Trent. Trent says he knows Max is angry, but there is a connection between them, He is his father; can’t Max feel that? Max says he doesn’t feel anything. Trent works on Melanie next, begging her to help him,. They have always understood each other, and he needs her help one last time. Melanie cries, begging Max to get her out of there. She can’t be around Trent when he is like this. Trent continues to plead with her to help him.

Nick says that this is crazy. Chelsea doesn’t have the right to be possessive of him. Chelsea quietly agrees not to comment on his life. Nick says it isn’t that, but every time she mentions Melanie, she gets this judgmental tone in her voice. Chelsea says that is just because Melanie is trouble. Nick isn’t sure girls that date cheating doctors should throw stones. Chelsea accuses him of using Melanie to get back at her. Nick explodes, telling her that she is ridiculous and acting dysfunctional. He screwed up and she forgave him, but can’t forgive Daniel. Maybe she never loved him at all, but he can’t dwell on that. The important thing is that she not going to manipulate him into becoming her consolation prize. Chelsea thinks he is making her sound like a horrible person. Nick says that she is just screwed up. If he wants to pursue a relationship with Melanie, then he will. If Chelsea doesn’t like it, then she just needs to stay away from him.

Max tells Trent to leave Melanie alone. Trent continues to persuade Melanie, promising her that he will change. She finally crumbles and sobs. Max step in between them, telling Melanie that Trent is manipulating her. Can’t she see that? Trent tries to push him out of the way and Max goes after him. Melanie is his sister, and he is going to protect her. Trent think Max has seen too many movies. Max grabs Trent by the lapels of his coat and shakes him, warning him to never go near Melanie again.

Chelsea tells Nick that she still cares for him. She isn’t going to keep her mouth shut when she sees him running off the edge of a cliff. Nick says that Melanie isn’t that bad; Chelsea just needs to see her through his eyes. She’s smart, funny, and different. Chelsea definitely thinks the last part is true. Nick goes on, saying that he loves that Melanie doesn’t feel sorry for herself. Chelsea thinks he feels sorry for her though. Nick admits that he does. What her father did to her was horrible. Chelsea says that may be, but she still doesn’t trust the girl. She doesn’t think Nick should, either.

Chloe says she loves Allie. She’s sweet and funny. She just isn’t sure that she is ready to be a mom yet. Nicole knows what she means. Chloe apologizes for being insensitive. Nicole says it’s ok. She doesn’t need kids, as she can barely take care of herself. Chloe tells her not to sell herself short. She thinks she’d make a great mom. Nicole looks around and jokes, wondering who is paying Chloe to say this. Anyway, they were talking about her. Nicole thinks she should talk to Lucas. He’s an understanding guy, so he’ll listen to her. Lucas comes up just then and apologizes to Chloe for snapping at her. He was being an neurotic dad. He asks if she will dance with him, and she agrees. They head off and Nicole glances over at Phillip, who is sitting alone.

Roman hangs up with the mayor and Bo curses, saying he doesn’t want the job. Roman says he doesn’t have it yet, but if it’s offered to him, Roman hopes he will realize that taking it is the right thing to do. Bo asks if Roman is asking him to take one for the team. Roman nods as Caroline bursts in. She apologizes for interfering, but they have to do something. She is worried sick about Max.

Melanie screams at Max to stop hurting Trent. Max continues to threaten him. Melanie calls Nick, asking him to meet her at the Salem Inn as quickly as possible. Trent tells Max that he won’t do this. The guilt will eat him up. Max says that isn’t so. He doesn’t care about Trent or what happens to him. He’s going to die. He punches Trent over and over as Melanie screams and sobs. Nick and Chelsea run in as Max and Trent roll around on the floor. Nick pulls Max off of Trent, and he tells Nick that Trent was trying to use Melanie again to pay off his debt. Trent says that isn’t true. He just needs money. Nick tells Max to calm down. He has cash to give Trent.

Caroline tells Bo and Roman that Max has threatened Trent. After what he found out about Melanie, Caroline isn’t surprised. Roman is sure that Max knows better than to do anything stupid. Caroline doesn’t think so. He is impulsive just like both of them. He takes things into his own hands. Roman and Bo ask her to calm down and promise to talk to Max. Caroline refuses to calm down. Something has to be done to keep Trent away from Max, or Max will end up doing something he regrets for the rest of his life.

Max can’t believe that Nick would give this bastard money. Nick tells him that he can give Trent the grant money, and then he will leave them alone. Trent stumbles to his feet, saying that he isn’t going anywhere. Max glares at him.

Chloe and Lucas dance and he apologizes again for embarrassing her. He thinks she does a great job caring for Allie. Chloe says she has to tell him something, but Lucas barrels on, saying how happy he is to have Chloe in his life. She sighs deeply.

Nicole tells Phillip that she needs his help. If Victor takes her settlement money, she is ruined. Phillip says he can’t get involved. He knows his father, and there’s no way he is going to budge on this. He suggests Nicole talk to her lawyer. Nicole fumes, blaming this all on Trent and Phillip’s brother, Bo. He should have kept his mouth shut. Phillip thinks she should try negotiating with Trent for an annulment. Nicole says that isn’t going to happen. Look at what the man did to his own daughter. She thinks he ought to be shot and buried in an unmarked grave. She’d do it, too, if only she had the means.

Caroline wonders if they are talking about the same Max. He held a broken beer bottle to a man’s throat! Have they forgotten that? Bo thinks Max regrets that, but Caroline disagrees. Roman tries to reassure her, telling her that Max is going through a rough time, but will sort things out. Caroline reminds them of what kind of man Trent is. Max just found out that he is father, to boot. Roman and Bo agree to take Max out to dinner and have a talk with him. Caroline says that isn’t good enough.

Trent says he wants to stay in Salem. He likes the university, and they are going to get rich off of Nick’s project. Nick tries assure Max that if they give Trent the grant money, he might leave. Trent heads over to Melanie, asking why she is crying. He tries to convince her that she wants to help him.

Lucas tells Chloe that he is going to head home, but urges her to stay and have a good time. Nicole says she is heading off too, as she doesn’t feel well, an promises to catch up with Chloe later. Phillip proposes a toast to him, Chloe, and both of them getting what they want. She asks him if he even knows what he wants. He wonders the same about her.

Nicole calls EJ from the entrance, asking him to call her back. She really needs his help.

Caroline tells Roman and Bo that talking to Max isn’t enough. Roman reminds her that Max is a grown man. They can’t just lock him in his room. Caroline thinks they need to do something about Trent. They have to get him to leave town. Roman says they can’t. What happened between him and Melanie was on foreign soil. Bo agrees that their hands are tied. Caroline huffs off, saying that hers aren’t.

Melanie tells Trent that he is a sick and twisted monster. She is never going to help him. Trent can’t believe that she is siding with this reject when she is the chosen one. Melanie says that Max is the best thing that ever happened to her. Trent says they are both losers. Melanie says she is ready to leave, and all four of them head off. Trent screams after them that all they did was tie him down. He doesn’t need either of them anymore. He slams the door. Outside, Melanie tells Max that she has to leave town and get away from Trent. Max assures her that everything will be fine. One way or another, Trent is leaving town tonight.


Kate tells Chelsea, “Whatever happened is over now.” Chelsea asks Daniel, “Then why did you call her and ask her here to talk about the next step?”

EJ asks Nicole, “Why are you referring to Trent as ‘dearly departed husband’?” She asks, “Did I say that?” He replies, “Yes, you did.”

Max holds a stained shirt in the dark. Stephanie knocks and calls, “Max?” Max sweats.

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