Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Abe’s old office, Hope tells Mayor Marino that she needs to think about his job offer. She is shocked, to say the least. She adds that she will have to discuss it with her husband and family, but will give him an answer by the end of the day. She joins Bo and Roman outside. Bo tells her how proud he is of her. She deserves this, and she is exactly what this city needs. Hope isn’t so sure. Bo knows that Abe is a hard act to follow, but he also knows how qualified she is for this position. Hope sighs. Bo worriedly asks her if she plans on turning down the job offer. Roman steps in, saying that if she doesn’t accept, then the mayor will appoint one of his lackeys, making it that much harder to get DiMera.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano fingers a chess piece and curses John. Rolf comes in, telling Stefano that he has received a fax from his attorney overseas. Stefano continues to grumble about John and how he thinks a pawn can take a king. Rolf reminds him that John is a ticking time bomb. He won’t be a problem for much longer. Stefano thinks death is too easy for John. He wants to see him suffer. Rolf asks what he has in mind. Stefano picks up the queen from the board and grins, asking if it isn’t obvious.

Nicole grimaces as she approaches the Brady pub, complaining to herself about feeling nauseated. Just then, Trent comes up behind her, asking if she has seen his daughter. Nicole doubts that she wants to see him, and adds that he owes her money. Trent laughs, remembering that Nicole lost her divorce settlement. He sarcastically tells her that his heart bleeds for her. Nicole huffs, saying that he owes her ten million dollars plus interest, and she doesn’t take checks. Trent smirks.

John and Anna sit at the bar inside. She says that they need to talk. John stares off into space. Anna gets his attention, saying that Marlena is going to leave him. John stares back off into space. Anna snaps her fingers, telling him to focus and pay attention. Doesn’t he understand? Marlena wants a divorce.

At the hospital, Kayla runs into Marlena. They make small talk about Joe, and Kayla observes that something is wrong with Marlena. She reluctantly admits that it’s John. He is spiraling out of control and she can’t figure out how to help him.

Anna tells John that he needs to get to work before Marlena gets the papers drawn up. John tells her that he already knows about the divorce. Anna huffs. The camera pans to John’s point of view. Anna lays into him. Her voice echoes and her face goes in and out of focus. John asks what the matter is with her. Anna urges him to wake up and do something before Marlena is gone for good. John slumps against the wall. Anna freaks, asking him what’s wrong and shaking him.

Marlena doesn’t want to talk to Kayla now, but she insists, as she is on a break. Marlena is her friend, and she wants to help. Marlena admits that she thinks about John all the time. She worries about him and wonders what she could have done differently to help him. Kayla tells her that she can’t think that way. She has been nothing but loyal to John since he returned. Marlena brushes away tears and tells Kayla that he attacked Trent Robbins in public, and then he got a terrible headache. He snapped out of it, but she thinks Stefano might have done something. Anyhow, it’s a moot point. She feels like she is wasting her time trying to help John when he doesn’t want her help. Kayla is surprised, but tells Marlena that she has to do what she feel is best. Marlena nods, telling Kayla that she is quitting John. She brushes away tears, saying that she has to get back to work. Marlena heads off. Kayla sighs. Daniel comes in just then, berating a nurse for not hydrating a patient before chemotherapy. She cries and apologizes, swearing that it won’t happen again. He starts to storm off, but Kayla stops him, telling him that he needs to settle down. Daniel flies into a rage, saying he has the right to be upset when the nurses aren’t doing their jobs. Kayla tell him that there is no need to yell, but Daniel raises his voice again, insinuating that he is here to save lives, unlike other people. Kayla doesn’t think this is like him at all. Daniel retorts that she doesn’t know him all that well. He rushes off, running into Chelsea, who is just coming in.

Nicole tells Trent that this is all his fault. Bo and Hope were investigating him, which is how they found out they were married. Trent wonders why they would be interested in him. Nicole says that isn’t the point. Trent scoffs, saying that she could have gotten a divorce at any time, but she chose not to. She has no one to blame but herself for this. He chuckles and walks away.

Anna shakes John, who sits up abruptly, insisting that he is fine. Anna asks what he is going to do about the divorce. John plans on urging Marlena to reconsider. Anna doesn’t think that is enough. She explains that the two of them belong together because they make each other better. Anna’s voice echoes and she goes out of focus again. John falls the floor, convulsing. Anna shrieks and yells for help.

In the pub, Max flashes back to holding a broken bottle to Trent’s neck. He comes back to the present and grimaces.

Nicole rejoins Trent outside, asking what all the sirens are about. Trent tells her that John just got hauled off in an ambulance. Nicole hopes he is ok. Trent asks if they are done, but Nicole says they aren’t. He owes her a lifetime’s worth of money. Trent grins, saying that she still looks as good as the day he married her. If she’s really that hard up for cash, maybe locker room Lolita could make a comeback.

Daniel tells Chelsea that it’s good to see her, and she admits that she is glad she ran into him. She came to visit her grandmother before her shift started, and she was hoping he could tell her more about what’s going on with Kate. Daniel sighs, saying she knows that he can’t do that.

In Abe’s office, Hope asks Roman and Bo how it is she became obligated to take a job she didn’t ask to be considered for. Bo assures her that she doesn’t have to take it if she doesn’t want to, and Hope admits that she isn’t sure what she wants. Bo reminds her that she is perfect for the job. She’s tough, but also compassionate and thorough. Hope says she knows that she ought to be thinking of the greater good, but all she can think of is how accepting this position will change her life. Bo has thought of that, too, and he knows he can spend more time with Ciara if she has to work longer hours. Roman urges her to take the job. She’ll be able to keep the mayor and his cronies at bay. Hope isn’t sure that that is going to work.

Kayla joins Anna, John, and a paramedic in a cubicle. The paramedic tells her that John had a non-epileptic seizure. John grumbles about them talking about him as if he isn’t here. Kayla sends the paramedic off and tells John that they will have to run tests. John is reluctant, but Kayla says it’s necessary. If they don’t figure out what is wrong with him, he could have another seizure, and that could lead to a stroke. She sends Anna off to call Marlena. She does so and tells Marlena to come down to the trauma center to see John right away.

Daniel comes back and sits by Chelsea, telling her that John was brought in, but seems to be ok. Chelsea wonders why he can tell her about John, but not Kate. Daniel says John isn’t his patient, and it isn’t as if he gave her a diagnosis. Chelsea wonders why he couldn’t tell her that he and Kate slept together. She thinks it’s because he didn’t have a reason. Daniel says he did. He didn’t want to hurt her. She says he hurt her by having sex with her grandmother. He just didn’t want her to find out and leave him. Daniel says it wasn’t like that at all. Chelsea says she will visit Kate later and sarcastically thanks him for all of his help. Daniel asks her not to go.

Bo brings Hope some coffee, telling her that they need to talk. Hope says there is no need, as she has decided not to take the job. Bo reminds her how perfect she would be for the position. Hope agrees with him, but that isn’t why she is turning it down. She just doesn’t want to do it. Bo asks if she will still refuse if her taking the job means stopping DiMera.

Rolf tells Stefano that he needs to know if he has some plan involving John Black. Stefano agrees to level with him. He admits that his long-term plan doesn’t involve John per se. He is just a pawn. The plan he has been devising involves getting rid of the woman John once loved, Marlena Evans--once and for all.

Marlena runs up to Anna, who fills her in on what happened at the pub. She tells her that John is conscious, and Kayla just took him down to radiology for a CAT scan. Marlena asks if they know what’s wrong, but Anna says they don’t. Marlena rushes off.

Kayla examines John’s CAT scan. She wonders what is going on with him and leans in for a closer look. She gasps, “OMG!”

Hope tells Bo that if he is trying to guilt her into taking this job, it won’t work His brother already tried. She just talked to Lexie yesterday about why she resigned a chief of staff. She wanted to spend more time with her family. Hope can’t see taking this job for similar reasons. Bo reminds her that Ciara doesn’t have special needs like Theo does. Hope still doesn’t want to be away from her very much. Bo relents, saying that he understands that her priorities as a mom come first. She adds that she would be his boss if she accepted this offer. Would he be ok with that? Bo winks and closes the blinds. He thinks it’s kind of a turn-on. They kiss.

Marlena visits John, and he tells her about the moments leading up to his seizure. She is thankful that someone was with him when it happened. He thanks her for coming, and is glad to see that she doesn’t despise him. Marlena says that she could never feel that way about him. John asks if she still wants him out of her life. Marlena evades the question, saying that she has to see a patient and will be back later. John says he hopes so and she leaves.

Kayla looks at John’s scan again and gasps. She wonders how this could be possible.

Nicole tells Trent that she has stuff on him, too, and she isn’t afraid to use it. Trent doesn’t think anyone will believe a drunken adulterer such as herself. He suggests that she try to restart her career. He’ll take her back to the hotel and see if she’s worth five bucks. She calls him a pig and starts to run off. Trent grabs her arm and leers, telling her that he can still make her squeal. Max rushes up, telling Trent to keep his hands off of Nicole.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he is sorry for what happened, but she can’t keep blaming Kate. Chelsea gets sarcastic, thinking that he must be feeling sorry for Kate because she is sick. She supposes she should, too. Daniel doesn’t want to tell her how to feel, but he does want her to know that Kate never meant to hurt her. She says she will see him around and huffs off.

Hope tells Bo that she is flattered by the job offer, but she feels conflicted. She thinks it may be because of Zach. After what happened to him, she cherishes her time with Ciara eve more. On the other hand, she also knows that Ciara would be fine if she took this job. She may even be proud of her. Bo says they both will be, no matter what she decides to do. He promises to stop bugging her about this, if she promises not to turn down the job because she’d be his boss. Hope promises, then starts to fret. She tells Bo that she also can’t take this job just because she wants to bring Stefano down.

Marlena finds Kayla, and she shows Marlena John’s scan. She says she has never seen anything like it. Marlena agrees, suggesting that the machine might be messed up. Kayla says she has taken three sets of scans and they all look the same. It appears that John’s cranial regions are clouded over. Marlena asks what she is going to do. Kayla admits that she will have to run more tests. Marlena asks her to let her know what she finds out, and heads off. Kayla frets.

Bo agrees that Hope can’t accept the job on the strength of bringing down the DiMeras, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one of his victims heading up the department. Roman comes in just then, saying that the mayor is on the phone. He needs an answer from Hope. She nods.

Nicole tells Max that it’s ok. He insists that it isn’t. Nicole grabs her stomach and rushes into the pub. Trent explains that they were just talking. Max tells him to get out of there before he calls the cops. Better yet, if he were smart, he’d just leave town altogether. Trent says he can’t do that. His daughter is here. Max warns Trent not to lay a finger on Melanie or he will follow through on his threat to kill Trent. Trent chuckles, saying that he is shaking in his boots.

John puts on his coat as Anna tries to stop him. He says he is leaving as Kayla comes in. She says he can’t, as they need to run more tests. John doesn’t think he needs them and says he feels fine. Besides, it isn’t as if he is dying. Kayla frowns. John asks if he is dying.

Marlena storms into the DiMera mansion, demanding that Stefano hand over the disc with John’s memories. He chuckles, saying that that sounds like science fiction. She tells him to cut the crap. She knows he has it, since he taunted her with it in the hospital. Stefano thinks she was just hallucinating. She insists that John is in trouble. He is in the hospital and has had a seizure. Stefano has to help him. She reminds him that John is his brother, his own flesh and blood. How does he live with himself? All he has ever accomplished is inflicting pain and suffering on others. Stefano reminds her of the pain she inflicted on him. Marlena brushes him off, saying that he has to help her restore John’s memories to him. If they don’t, he could die.

The nurse Daniel yells at earlier brings him Kate’s file with the pulmonologist’s notes. He apologizes for shouting at her earlier, saying he was out of line. He examines Kate’s file and sighs. He calls her just as Chelsea listens in behind him. He explains that she has to come in today so they can decide the next step. Chelsea huffs off. Daniel frets as he looks over Kate’s charts.

Roman asks Bo what’s going on, and Bo tells Roman he isn’t sure. He plans to support Hope no matter what she decides. Hope tells the mayor over the phone that she is not going to accept the job. She thanks him for the opportunity and hangs up. Bo comes over to hug her, and she hopes he isn’t mad. She thinks the mayor seemed to take her refusal well. Bo think he has one of his own men lined up to take the job. Hope prays that she made the right decision.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom and spies a cutting board with a knife and some lemons on the bar. She reaches for the knife, whispering that that bastard doesn’t deserve to live. Suddenly, she clutches her stomach and runs back to the bathroom.

Trent doesn’t think Max has it in him to murder anyone. His sister on the other hand, well, she could probably do anything if she put her mind to it. Max tells Trent to stay away from her. Trent think he might have been wrong about Max. Maybe all his anger proves that no matter how much green beer he drinks, he’ll never truly be a Brady. He still has his fathers genes, after all. Deep down inside, they are just alike. He saunters off. Max glares.

Marlena begs Stefano to help John. He wonders why he should. She reminds him that he is a father and grandfather. She has seen his compassion. Stefano grunts, saying that he only feels that way for his heirs. She reminds him that John is a father and grandfather, too, and besides, he is related to Stefano. They share a father. Stefano says that John’s fate was sealed years ago. There’s nothing either one of them can do about it. Marlena’s eyes fill with tears and she rushes out.

Kayla tells John that she isn’t sure if he is going to die, but something is going on. They need to run more tests. John refuses. He answers his phone, telling someone he can be there to sign the papers in ten minutes. He heads off. Anna sighs, saying that John is his own worst enemy. Kayla feels sorry for Marlena. She thinks she has suffered enough. She admits to Anna that John’s test results show that he could be headed for disaster.

Rolf tells Stefano that John just had x-rays done at the hospital. If they can get to him before he flames out for good, they can reprogram him as Stefano’s pawn. Stefano shakes his head. He doesn’t need John anymore. Besides, he wants to see the effect his unraveling has on Marlena. He tells Rolf to find someone new to play with, as John’s model is outdated, so to speak.

Marlena examines John’s X-rays. She vows to find a way to save him. She won’t let him die.


Lucas tells Phillip, “Chloe’s helping me out with the kid. She’s on babysitting duty right now.“ He asks, “You sure about that?” Chloe walks over, “Hello boys.”

Nick tells Chelsea, “Dan hurt you and you came running to me. I know you have issues, but I can’t fix them.”

Max tells Melanie, “Let’s go.” She gapes, “What?” Max replies, “Yeah, to his hotel room.” Melanie throws a fit, “Max, I told you I never want to see this man again and if you don’t understand that, then to hell with you.”

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