Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Melanie finds Trent lurking around outside the pub. She thinks he has a lot of nerve showing up here. He tells her that everyone else may be falling for her sad and innocent act, but he knows her better than they do. He knows that she said a lot of things last night that she didn’t mean. He wants to clear the air and get things back to the way they were before.

Inside, Hope and Lexie have breakfast. Lexie says she can’t remember the last time she didn’t have to be at the hospital first thing in the morning. Hope thinks that she quit because it was best for her. She doesn’t have to feel bad about that. Lexie is just glad she can spend more time with Abe and Theo. She worries about her husband. She knows he didn’t want to quit as commissioner. Hope reminds her that someone had to stand up to the mayor. What Abe did was noble. Lexie says that she supports him a hundred percent--or at least that is what she keeps telling herself.

Roman and Bo stop by Abe’s place to talk to him about some robberies at electronics stores. Abe wonders why they are telling him about it. Roman says he wants to talk to some prominent city council members on Abe’s behalf. Abe refuses to beg for his job back. He is not going to work for a administration that’s tainted and gives in to threats. Bo tells him that he has to come back. Roman agrees. The force needs a commissioner like him to present a strong face to the public. If the crime rate goes up because of this, no one is going to be happy. Abe says he has made up his mind. However, he has the perfect person in mind to replace him. He nods at Roman. Roman says there isn’t a chance in hell.

Anna greets Marlena at the pub and joins her for breakfast. Anna tells her that Tony gave her the morning off and asks Marlena if she has seen John. Marlena says she hasn’t, and flashes back to John’s fit after he punched Trent. She asks Anna if John has been acting odd lately--more so than usual. Anna thinks he has. She asks Marlena if she thinks something is seriously wrong. Marlena nods, admitting that she thinks John might be going off the deep end.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano reads a story to Allie and Johnny. John comes in and Stefano tells him how important it is to challenge the children. John thinks they are bored, and probably a little scared. He calls the maid and has her take the two off. Stefano wonders why John has come down here to provoke him. If he wants to fight, Stefano is ready to do so. He gets up close to John’s face, telling him to shoot.

Marlena thanks Anna, telling her that she values her opinion. Anna is genuinely surprised, and the two share a laugh. Marlena explains that John seems more erratic than he usually is, and he has been getting terrible headaches. Anna thinks anyone would, considering what has been going on lately. Marlena tells Anna about John punching Trent. She worries about him, but she has to do what is best for herself right now. Anna wonders if she is still going to serve John with divorce papers. Marlena says she is. John is never going to love her the way she wants, and she has to move on with her life. She admits that Ave was the final straw. Anna understands that you have to live in the present, but John came back to her. Ava is gone. Doesn’t that mean something? Marlena doesn’t think so. She thinks John just wants a woman to warm his bed, and she deserves better than that. Anna nods, saying that makes sense. She then asks Marlena if she is out of her mind.

John tells Stefano that he isn’t interested in fighting. Everything in this house belongs to him anyway. Stefano chuckles, saying he finds Jon’s arrogance amusing. John’s hands fly to his head. Stefano asks what’s wrong, and John admits that he has a headache. Stefano offers to go get him some aspirin. John’s knees go weak and he stumbles over to a chair. Stefano looks on in concern.

Trent stares into the pub, saying that people don’t understand him. Melanie thinks everyone has finally figured out the kind of person he really is. She adds that she wants nothing more to do with him. He tells her to stop playing the drama queen. She has done things like this for him before. She says she may have flirted with a bookie now and again, but this is different. He pimped her out. Trent thinks she would have gone through with it if Max hasn’t shown up.

Lexie tells Hope that she isn’t sure what Abe will do now that he is no longer commissioner. Hope reassures her, reminding her that corporations would love nothing more than to have Abe as head of their security. The money will be much better, too. Lexie isn’t sure how Abe is going to handle the time off. Hope admits that one thing does worry her about Abe stepping down, and Lexie guesses that it’s Stefano. Hope nods. Lexie tells Hope that Abe is more determined than ever to go after her father. What worries her is that he no longer has to go by the book.

Roman tells Abe it’s out of the question. He was on Abe’s team during the lockdown and agreed with his decisions. The mayor will never sign off on him becoming commissioner. Abe says he can call in some favors with city council members. They’ll get a majority and the mayor won’t be able to do anything about it. Besides, they need Roman. If they let the mayor appoint a sycophant, then they may as well all leave town right now. Roman agrees, but says he isn’t right for the job. He can’t handle the bureaucracy and the paperwork. Abe is ready to move on to his second choice. He stares pointedly at Bo. Bo throws his hands up, saying there’s no way he’s doing it.

Anna urges Marlena not to give up on John just yet. Marlena says she didn’t for months, but John isn’t going to change. It’s time for her to move on. Anna isn’t so sure. John may have changed up here--she points to her head--but he may be the same man in his heart. That’s what really matters, anyway.

Stefano brings John some medicine, but he claims to be feeling better. Besides, there is nothing for them to discuss. He is the rightful owner of the house as it stands. Stefano thinks it’s ridiculous. This is his place, and he is back and better than ever, no matter what the papers John had drawn up say. John shrugs. According to the papers, there’s no telling what residual effects the stroke had on Stefano. Clearly he is unfit to be running the businesses and house. Stefano says this place is his, and will always be his. John begs to differ. Their father owned DiMera shipping, and that is where Stefano got the money to build his empire. By all rights, half of everything belongs to John. Stefano explodes, saying that the shipping sector of his empire is tiny compared to what he has done over the years. He reminds John that he can send him back to prison. John tells him to go ahead. He will then be compelled to tell the police all about what Stefano did to change his personality and keep him imprisoned. Stefano chuckles, saying that he likes his personality better now, and is pleased John feels the same way. John tell him to give it up and stop fighting. The empire belongs to him. Stefano says this is no longer about a fight--this is war.

Melanie tells Trent that he is crazy. She never would have had sex with Claude. Trent feigns innocence, saying that he just thought Claude wanted a drink. Melanie doesn’t buy it. She thinks he knew exactly what Claude was after, and he expected her to give it to him. She wishes he could be like all the other girls’ father at school, but he never visited her, or asked her to come home for the holidays. Trent shrugs. He might have cared a little more had she made good grades. But she advertised herself as a premier party girl. Trent just thought he would capitalize on her acting like a whore. Melanie starts to slap Trent but he grabs her arm. She cries, saying she wishes Max would have killed him when he had the chance. She thinks that she might do it instead. She hurries off.

Bo tells Abe it’s a no-go. He was just investigated by internal affairs, and he has more reprimands and suspensions than he would care to recall. Abe adds that the also has the best conviction record of anyone on the force. Bo says he would like to keep it that way. He has always bent the rules on the force, and he loves being a detective. He can’t see himself being an administrator. Roman gets a call from the station and heads off. Abe tells Bo to get nice and relaxed. They are going to have a little talk. Bo sighs. Abe serves him a cup of coffee, but Bo says it isn’t going to work. Abe tries ordering him to do it, but Bo reminds him that he isn’t his boss anymore. Abe curses. Bo is flattered that Abe thinks he might be able to fill his shoes, but the job just isn’t for him. Abe says he has to find a replacement--or someone else will.

Anna says she may seem old-fashioned, but what ever happened to ‘stand by your man’? Marlena says that any reasonable woman wouldn’t have stood by John this long. She longs for John, but she also knows that starting over with a man whose memories have been wiped clean is too risky. Anna accuses her of only thinking about herself while the man she loves self-destructs.

Stefano tells John that he would do anything to make sure his empire belongs in its rightful owners’ hands--namely his. However, he admits that he would bury the hatchet with the devil, or even John Black for the sake of his Giovanni. John agrees to have EJ come in and draw up papers. Stefano doesn’t want any attorney getting involved. There is no agreement that can be reached. John thinks he’s making a mistake. Stefano agrees that he did with John. He never should have brought him back. He wonders why John even wants to take what is his. He has the Alamain money, so he is already a wealthy man. John grins, saying that he just likes fighting for what is his. Stefano tells him to be careful. He is nothing to Stefano--just a blip on the radar. He created John and he can destroy him. He walks off. John smiles at first, then winces in pain.

Nick rushes up to Trent outside the pub, asking him what the hell he did to Melanie. She is so upset she can’t even talk. Trent nastily tells him to mind his own business. Nick says that he is making it his business, and tells Trent that he is going to be fired when the board at school finds out what he did. Trent grins smugly. He wonders what they will say when they find out Max did most of the work on Nick’s project, and that their boy genius is a liar and a fraud?

John leans over the chair in pain as Stefano comes back in. John says that he doesn’t care that Stefano is the phoenix. Stefano tells John that he ought to lie down. John tells Stefano that he is going to take every single piece of furniture in this place from Stefano, so he may as well sign over the house to him. Stefano laughs, saying that he will do no such thing. He children have been a disappointment, it’s true, but his grandchildren won’t be. He wants them to grow up here. John knows that Stefano’s grandkids will hate him as much as everyone else does. They won’t want anything to do with his mansion. Stefano says he should buy a new house if he feels so crowded. John refuses to go anywhere. So does Stefano.

Marlena thinks that was unfair of Anna. Marlena says she shouldn’t have said anything. She starts to go and Anan apologizes. She was being presumptuous, but it’s only because wants John and Marlena to work things out. They were the perfect couple and it breaks her heart that it is over. Marlena sighs, saying she can’t be with a man she has lost respect for. Even though she loves John, his regard for her changes from day to day. She just can’t deal with that. Anna sighs, saying that she thought she was doing the right thing, but now she is starting to see where Marlena is coming from. Maybe divorce is the best idea.

Roman calls Bo, and tells him to get down to the station. The mayor has decided on Abe’s replacement, and is getting ready to make the announcement. Bo hangs up and fills Abe in. he is sure it’s someone in DiMera’s pocket. Lexie comes in and tells Bo she knows all about it, as Hope got called in, too. She asks him to call and let her know what happened later. Bo agrees and rushes off. Lexie asks Abe what he thinks about the replacement situation. Abe isn’t sure, saying it depends on who it is.

As Melanie listens in from around the corner, Nick tells Trent to do what he has to. He will, too. When the truth comes out, he’ll be finished. Trent thinks his dreams of an eco-friendly engine will go up in smoke, too. Nick that’s possible, but it’s equally probably that no one will believe a word Trent says. He warns him to stay away from Melanie. Trent say he can’t do that, as she is his daughter. Nick tells Trent that he is a dead man if he messes with Melanie again. Trent scoffs, saying Nick shouldn’t make threats he has no intention of following through on. They both storm off. Melanie thinks Nick might be right. Maybe things would be better if her father just died.

John again tells Stefano that he plans on taking everything he owns. Stefano chuckles, wishing him luck. John says he won’t need it and leaves. Rolf comes in a few moments later, saying that he heard everything. Stefano says that they have to be diligent now, and Rolf agrees. He tells Stefano that everything he wanted arranged is ready, but he doesn’t think John will be a problem for much longer. Stefan doesn’t understand. Rolf tells him that John is entering a critical stage in his engineering. Pretty soon, the infrastructure in his brain will be overloaded. Stefan says that explains the headaches. Rolf nods, telling Stefano that pretty soon, John will be dead.

Marlena thanks Anna for understanding. She again explains that while she doesn’t want to see John self-destruct, she has to think of herself, too .Anna agrees and Marlena says she has to go meet a patient. After she heads off, Anna calls John. She tells him it’s time they had a long talk.

Abe gets off the phone and tells Lexie that the mayor is going to be announcing his successor on a live news conference. Lexie heads over to the television.

In Abe’s old office, the mayor asks Roman is he has any objections to Abe’s successor. Roman says he doesn’t, and the mayor admits that Roman was his first choice. Roman says he wouldn’t do it, but he can vouch for the worth of the new candidate. The mayor agrees it was a good choice. It will be a first for Salem.

Outside, Hope rushes in and up to Bo asking if she missed anything. Just then, the mayor and Roman come out and the news conference begins. Abe and Lexie watch from their couch. The mayor tells them all that Abe Carver resigned for personal reasons. Abe grumbles and Lexie shushes him. The mayor goes on to say that they need a person for the position that is intelligent, honest, and tough on dangerous criminals. That is why he has decided to name Hope Brady to the position of commissioner. Hope gapes as everyone claps. Lexie says Hope never said a word about this to her. She asks Abe if he had anything to do with this. He admits that he made some calls after Roman and Bo turned him down. He suggested Hope, and he admits the mayor is right. The person that takes this job has to be smart and tough, as well as fair and honest. Lexie hopes that she accepts. Meanwhile, the camera at the station pans in on a shocked Hope.


Chelsea tells Daniel, “Remind me again why you couldn’t tell me that you two slept together.”

Hope tells Bo, “I just don’t want to do it.” He asks, “Even if it means stopping DiMera?”

Marlena tells Stefano, “He is your flesh and blood!” He replies, “Alright, stop it. John’s fate was sealed years ago, Marlena.”

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