Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, Nicole mutters about giving Victor all of his money back. Just then, he walks up, asking what the hell she is babbling about now. She tells him that they need to talk.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie storms in to confront Stefano. He greets her, and she screams in his face. How could he do this to her?

At the pub, Nick, Stephanie, Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla gather around Max. Trent nurses his face nearby. Bo asks Max what he was thinking, and he explains that he was trying to protect his family. Bo explains that no matter what Trent did, he can press charges against Max for the assault. He needs to suck it up and apologize so that won’t happen. Kayla agrees. Max flips his lid, flatly refusing. The only thing he is sorry about is that he didn’t finish that bastard off.

Nearby, Trent grabs Melanie, demanding that she forgive him. She refuses, screaming that she hates him and would kill him if she could. She wonders what kind of man would pimp out his own daughter. Bo and Steve hold Max back. Melanie goes on to say that his friend would have raped her had Max not shown up. Trent denies it. Max comes over just then, and Trent blames him for Melanie hating him. Max tries to get Melanie to leave, and Trent lunges in his direction. Steve and Bo stop him. Trent appeals to them, saying that they saw Max assault him. Bo and Steve aren’t sure what they saw. Melanie asks her dad why he did this to her. She would have gotten him the money if he needed it. He didn’t have to sell her to the highest bidder. Max thinks he needs to leave. Trent refuses, asking if Max is threatening him. Caroline walks over just then, telling Trent that this is her place. She wants him to leave--now. She lays into him, calling him a disgrace for what he did to his daughter. Melanie runs out, and Nick chases after her. Caroline says it makes her sick that he is Max’s father as Victor and Nicole head in. Trent claims that Melanie is a pathological liar. Max explodes, telling him not to dare blame this on her. Steve tells Trent to leave. He heads out, telling them all that this isn’t over. No one smears his good name and gets away with it. Stephanie assures Max that Melanie is safe now. He doesn’t think she will ever be safe with Trent around. Nicole grimaces. Max storms off. Stephanie starts to go after him, but Steve and Kayla stop her, telling her to give him some time to cool off alone. Stephanie says he won’t cool off. In fact, he’s just gong to get angrier.

Outside, Melanie cries, telling Nick that she has been stupid. Nick tells her that her dad is a jerk. He doesn’t deserve her tears. Melanie bawls louder, telling Nick that he never loved her. They hug just as Chelsea walks up behind them.

Stefano tells Lexie to calm down. She explains that she had a review with the board. They partly blamed her for the lockdown at the hospital. Stefano asks if they fired her. Lexie says no, but she resigned. Stefano shrugs, wondering what the problem is. All’s well that ends well. Lexie huffs, saying that Abe also resigned as head of the police department. Stefano assumes he was blamed for the lockdown as well. Lexie tells him that that isn’t true. Abe resigned because he is tired of a system that lets people like Stefano go free. Stefano thinks Abe just can’t stand the fact that he is innocent. Lexie says he can’t stand that Stefano is free. He chuckles, saying Abe should have kept his job, then. Lexie says that Abe is more determined than ever to go after Stefano now that he is no longer on the force. Stefano sighs.

Bo brings Hope and Caroline some tea as Caroline frets about Trent and what he did to Melanie. Bo tells her to calm down, and Hope agrees. Caroline says she can’t help it. Trent makes her so angry. She thinks he never should have come back to town. Bo spots Victor and Nicole and decides to head over to talk to him. Victor says he heard the end of the argument with Trent. He can’t believe what a despicable human being the man is. Bo agrees. Victor guesses he didn’t come over to talk to him about Trent. Bo says that’s true. He came to talk to him about Nicole. Nicole sweats.

Stefano reminds Lexie that Abe has failed so many times before. What makes her think that he will succeed now? Lexie says that he is no longer with the force, so those restrictions are gone now. Stefano chuckles, wondering if Abe is going over to the dark side of the law. Lexie warns Stefano to leave town. Abe isn’t going to fail this time, and even if he does, Roman, Bo, John and most of Stefano’s family members want to see him behind bars. Stefano asks if she supports this style of vigilantism. Lexie thinks it’s justice-he’s gone unpunished far too long. Stefano admits that he isn’t surprised to hear this from her. She, however, is surprised that he isn’t angry. He says it’s crystal clear. She, Anthony, and Elvis all proved their disloyalty when they put him in that facility. Lexie says she ran numerous tests and consulted with specialists. Everything told her there was nothing more to be done for him. Stefano disagrees. They could have investigated or researched alternative treatments but instead, they condemned him to a life of horror. Lexie says that might be true. The truth is that after everything he has done over the years, none of them even wanted to try to help him.

Bo asks Nicole if he should tell Victor what’s going on. Nicole says she would rather tell him herself and asks for some privacy. Bo heads off and Nicole asks Victor to go outside with her. Hope ask Bo if he told Victor, and he admits that he is letting Nicole do it herself. Hope worries that she won’t, but Bo tells her that Nicole knows he will tell Victor the troth if she doesn’t.

Outside, Nicole tells Victor that her past has finally caught up with her. The truth is, he wasn’t her second husband. He was her third. Victor asks if she was married before Kate paid her to be with Lucas. Nicole nods, saying that she was married to Trent. Victor isn’t surprised, but he wonders what this has to do with him. Nicole tells him that she and Trent are still legally married. Victor raises his eyebrows.

Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla sit at a table and talk about Trent. Steve tells her that she should have called him. He would have gotten someone in ISA to handle this. Stephanie says everything that happened in France was just petty stuff with Melanie. By the time that guy was assaulting her, there was no time to call anyone. Nick and Max barely had time to save her themselves. Steve grumbles, saying that he is going with his gut next time. Stephanie assures him that there won’t be a next time. She wonders what she should do about Max. Kayla thinks she should let him cool off and talk to Caroline. Stephanie admits that she is worried about him, and Kayla is, too. Steve asks her about Melanie and what she thinks of her. Stephanie pauses and finally says that she thinks what Melanie’s father did to her was horrible. Kayla picks up on the fact that there is something more going on. Stephanie admits that before all this happened, Melanie was a real piece of work. Stephanie thinks she’s going to be trouble.

Chelsea watches as Nick and Melanie hug. He tells her that she is going to fine. He will help her get through this. Chelsea rolls her eyes and walks off. Melanie says she doesn’t know what she is going to do. She depended on her dad for everything. Now she doesn’t even have a place to live. Nick tries to reassure her as Trent walks over. Nick tells her she has plenty of friends here to help her. Trent says she has family, too.

Chelsea heads into the pub and Stephanie rushes over, saying she was getting ready to call her. Chelsea dryly guesses that something bad happened to Melanie. She’s outside crying all over Nick’s shoulder. Stephanie says it was pretty bad. Max tried to kill Trent. She tells Chelsea the whole story. Chelsea doesn’t understand what happened to Melanie. Stephanie explains that her and her dad got into a big fight. Chelsea thinks it’s all an act. She can’t believe Nick is falling for it. Stephanie it was genuine, but Chelsea thinks the girl is just pathetic. Stephanie tells Chelsea to admit that she is jealous.

Nicole can’t believe Victor doesn’t have any questions. Victor tells her he knows exactly what this means. He assumes that she married Trent under a different name, since he did a background check on her. Nicole admits that she used her porn name, Misty Circle. Her dad had her name legally changed when he forced her into the business. Nicole tells Victor the whole sordid tale about Trent and her marriage to him in college. She explains that Trent abused her, so she left. She sure wasn’t going to become another domestic homicide statistic. Victor stares at her for a few moments, and then bursts out laughing.

Lexie insists that she did everything she could for Stefano, but he disagrees. He says that by contrast, he would do anything for his children. Lexie chuckles. She can give numerous examples of times that the threw each and every one of them to the wolves. She can’t understand how he can claim to love them. She asks if he can explain.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she isn’t jealous of Melanie. She cares about Nick, and he is a good guy. Melanie, on the other hand, is not-so-nice. Stephanie asks if she wants to get back together with Nick. Chelsea claims that they are just friends. Stephanie thinks that if that’s true, she needs to stop worrying about Nick and Melanie and let it go.

Nick tells Trent to leave before he calls the police. Melanie agrees to talk to Trent, and promises to scream loudly if he tries anything. Nick reluctantly heads back inside. Trent apologizes to Melanie, saying that he had no idea that Claude was going to attack her. He wants to head over to France and set the guy straight, but he needs to know where they stand. Is Claude paid off? Melanie laughs in disbelief. She says that Claude is in jail for attempted rape, and his friend is in jail for attempted murder. She’s sure Claude blames Trent for all of it.

Bo joins Max and Caroline at a table. She tells Bo that she has warned Max to stay away from Trent until he can get his anger under control. Bo thinks she should heed her own advice as well. Caroline fumes, saying she just doesn’t understand Trent. How could a parent do that to their child? She says there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her kids--nothing.

Nicole can’t believe Victor is laughing at her. He chuckles, saying that her sad little story isn’t going to work on him. She isn’t keeping his money. Nicole says she just wanted him to understand what happened. She thinks they were husband and wife. Victor shrugs, saying they weren’t in the eyes of the law, at least. Nicole stamps her foot, saying that she earned that money. Victor tells her to brace herself, as she is about to become dirt-poor again. Nicole rashes off to be sick as Victor laughs.

Lexie urges Stefano to admit that he never really loved his children--at least not unconditionally. Stefano scoffs, saying that her claims are ridiculous. He built this empire solely for them. Lexie knows that he built it for himself. All he has ever done is use and abuse his children, and she is sick of his manipulations. She throws her hands up, telling him that she is done. She doesn’t have a father anymore. Stefano gapes as Lexie glares, saying that he is dead to her.

Trent considers what Melanie has told him. Finally, he says he thinks Claude will be fine, as he is influential. Trent thinks he’s clearly dangerous, so he needs to know what to expect. Melanie reminds him that Nick almost died. All he can care about is his gambling debt? She cannot believe she is even related to him. She starts to storm off, but Trent grabs her arm. He reminds her that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Chelsea approaches Nick inside, asking if everything is alright. He says it will be, when he gets Trent away from Melanie.

Bo tells Max and Caroline to stay away from Trent. He tries to extract a promise from Max, but Max storms off, saying he doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep.

Stefano urges Lexie to think about what she is saying, but she says that she already has. He is a horrible man, and she doesn’t want him in her life, or her son’s life. Stefano growls, saying that she will not keep his grandson from him. Lexie warns him to stay away from her and her family. Stefano says he knows that Theo has autism. He knows an expert in the field, and he’d be willing to leave his post to care for Theo exclusively. All she has to do is give him the word. Lexie turns on him, furious. She can’t believe he is using his grandson’s disability to further his own agenda. She tells Stefano that he disgusts her.

Bo tells Hope that he talked to Roman about what happened between Trent and Max, and what Trent did to Melanie. Hope thinks that he has made a lot of enemies. Bo fumes, saying that he is one of them.

Kayla tells Stephanie that she thinks she should take Max away for the night. Stephanie agrees, but she doesn’t think that Max will leave his sister.

Trent tells Melanie that he knows all about her parties, and how she dated scores of men for their money. She is more like him than she will ever know. Just then, Max comes out, telling Trent to leave Melanie alone. He takes a call, saying that they will finish their discussion later. Trent heads off. Max asks if she is ok, and Melanie nods.

Nicole comes back from the bathroom, and Victor asks if she feels better. She says she does, not that he cares. He tells her that he will be getting his money back from her--every last dime--even the money she spent already. Nicole says that isn’t going to happen. Victor smiles, saying that his lawyer will be in touch. Victor heads off. Nicole fumes, saying that Trent is going to pay for this.

Victor heads over to Bo and Hope, saying he received good news from Nicole about her husband. He asks how they found out, and Hope explains that the did a background check on Trent. Victor is glad to get some good news for a change. As Chelsea walks up behind him, he explains that Kate is in the hospital.

Max introduces Melanie to Caroline, and Caroline greets her, telling her to think of the pub as home. Melanie says she couldn’t think of doing that but Caroline insists. Max asks her to watch Melanie, as he has something to take care of. He heads upstairs, and Stephanie follows him. Caroline offers to show Melanie to her room, and Nick tells her he is going to hang around for a while to see if she needs anything. She thanks him and heads off.

Chelsea asks if Kate has been admitted. Victor explains that Daniel is just running tests because of her cough, and they will know more tomorrow. Chelsea thinks she’ll go visit her, but Bo thinks it’s too late. Chelsea agrees to call in the morning and heads off. Bo asks Victor what he is going to do about Nicole, and if he plans on pressing fraud charges. Victor says no. What Nicole did wasn’t willful, and it seemed to be all Robbins’ fault. Bo nods, saying that Victor may be the only person in town that has benefited from his arrival. Victor says that Trent abuses people he professes to care for. He may have benefited from what Trent did to Nicole, but that still doesn’t make what he did ok. He excuses himself.

Chelsea asks Nick if he is feeling alright, and suggests he go home since he just got out of the hospital. Nick says he is, as soon as he heads over to the office. She asks if he wants any company. Nick says no and that he will see her later. He walks off.

Outside, Victor calls Nico. He has something he wants him to do, and it deals with Trent Robbins.

Nearby, Trent argues with someone over the phone as Nick comes up behind him.

Chelsea tells Bo and Hope that she is so happy to be home. They asked what happened in France and she tells them the story of Melanie’s assault and Nick getting shot. Bo curses and heads off to make a phone call. Chelsea tells Hope that she was scared for Nick, and is glad that he is ok. Hope guesses that she still cares about him. Chelsea says she does, as they are friends. Hope shakes her head. She thinks Chelsea is still in love with Nick.

Stephanie tells Steve and Kayla that she can’t find Max. One minute he was in the kitchen, and the next he disappeared.

Stefano urges Lexie to think of what is best for Theo. She says she has, and the best thing for him is keeping Stefano away. She says goodbye and storms out. Stefano sighs, wondering how all of his children could be so stupid.

Nicole rushes up to Trent, getting ready to slap him, but he stops her. She claims he owes her a lot of money. Trent guesses Victor found out about their marriage, but he say it isn’t his problem. He heads off. Nicole fumes, saying it will be.


Roman tells Abe, “If we make enough phone calls to summon the more prominent city council members--“ Abe interrupts, “And do what? Beg to get my job back?”

Hope tells Lexie, “Someone had to stand up to the mayor. What Abe did was very noble.”

Trent tells Melanie, “I know you better than they do.“ She asks, “What do you want?”

Stefano asks John, “What is it?” John replies, “A little headache.” Stefano feigns sympathy, “Aww.”

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