Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Tent orders a beer at the pub and calls Nicole, telling her to come down and meet him. She seemingly refuses, because he then threatens to talk to Victor if she doesn’t comply. He adds that she should bring her checkbook, as they have important business to conduct. He hangs up and makes another call, placing a bet on the Bears-Bucs match up.

Outside, Stephanie and Max arrive, thrilled to be back at home. The talk excitedly about how hungry they are for American food. Max thanks her for coming with him to help him find his sister, and apologizes for derailing her summer. Stephanie says she had a great time--expect for the whole jail thing and Melanie getting in trouble. She starts to head inside, but sees Trent and suggests they go to her place first. Max turns to see Trent inside and smiles, saying that this is convenient. Stephanie urges him not to do something he’ll regret as Max rushes inside. She takes out her phone and calls Steve, telling him she needs his help. Max flies up to Trent and greets him coldly, punching him in the face. Trent goes down.

Abe sits outside his door and sighs. He heads inside and greets the babysitter. He pays her and thanks her for watching Theo. She asks if they are on for next week, but Abe tells her he will have to check back with her. She hands him Theo’s evaluation from therapy and heads off. Abe sits down to play with Theo.

At the hospital, Kate cries and coughs up blood. Phillip and the nurse, Maxine, run in. She says she will get the doctor, and Phillip assures Kate that everything will be alright. She coughs helplessly and groans.

Nearby, Daniel sings Lexie’s praises to the board members, which include Victor, Julie, and Mickey. Afterwards, he and Lexie head off. The chair of the board, Eleanor asks the others if they should keep Lexie or let her go. Outside, Lexie thanks Daniel for his glowing praise. He thinks they would be fools to let her go. Lexie thinks the chair has a point. She has gotten behind in her administrative duties, and there’s no excuse for that. Daniel urges her to think positively. Mickey, Julie, and Victor are all on her side. He thinks everything is going to work in her favor.

As Kate coughs and nurses buzz around her, Phillip calls Lucas, telling him he is at the hospital with their mom. He needs him to get down there as soon as he can.

Abe tells Theo that he hasn’t been around much lately, but all of that is about to change. He decides to look at Theo’s evaluation. He reads and chuckles happily.

Daniel hopes Lexie isn’t having second thoughts. Lexie tells him that she loves her job and the people she works with. Not many people can say that, and she is lucky. On the other hand, her family life and career are creating too much stress. She is starting to wonder if she would have ever accepted the job had she known about Theo’s condition.

Lucas shows up at the hospital, asking Phillip what happened. He fills Lucas in on the coughing attacks, and the blood. Lucas gasps. Kate told him she just had allergies. He cannot believe that it has gotten this bad. The nurse comes out and tells the two that everything is under control, but Kate will have to submit to some additional tests. They can see her, but the must try to keep her from talking. Phillip pulls Maxine aside to talk and sends Lucas in ahead of him. When Kate sees Lucas, she tells him to go away.

Trent stumbles to his feet, asking Max what the hell is going on. Max fumes, loudly accusing him of pimping out his own daughter. Claude was very close to raping Melanie, and it is all because of him and his gambling debts. Trent hisses that he doesn’t know what Max is talking about. Pete comes by with some ice, and Trent says he wants to press charges. Pete says he didn’t see a thing. Stephanie interferes at this point, as Max goes after Trent again. Trent smirks, advising Max to listen to his girlfriend. Max snaps at him to leave her out of it. This is between the two of them. Melanie comes in just then with Nick, saying he means the three of them. Trent heads over to her quickly and tries to explain, but she slaps him, saying that he can’t.

Nicole heads into the pub, but she’s stopped by Bo, who greets her as ‘Misty Circle.’ Nicole grimaces. Hope asks her if they can have a word with her.

Kate demands to know what Lucas is doing there. He explains that Phillip called him and told him how sick she was. Kate insists that she is fine. Phillip comes in just then, and Kate goes off on him for not being discreet. He tells her that her children have a right to know when she is sick. Furthermore, she needs to sit back ad let people care for her for once. She has to stop pretending that nothing is wrong with her.

Daniel tells Lexie that she has to do what makes her happy. If she feels that her work interferes with her time with Theo, then she needs to cut back. Lexie sighs. She says that Theo needs a full-time mother, not one that just tucks him in at night. Daniel tells that she knows what she has to do then. Mickey comes out and tells Lexie that they are ready for her. Lexie and Daniel head inside. Eleanor begins to render the board’s decision, but Lexie interrupts, saying that she is going to resign. Julie gasps, asking if she is sure. Lexie says she is. She feels it would be best for her and the hospital. Her son’s diagnosis has taken a toll on both her job performance and her marriage, and she needs to try to work things out. She is going to remain on staff and keep her practice, but she needs a more flexible schedule. Eleanor asks her if she would like to reconsider, since the board ruled in her favor. Lexie thanks them for that and for their kind words, but she has thought long and hard about this, and she thinks it’s best. She excuses herself. Daniel grabs her hand and smiles. She squeezes his and leaves.

Kate tells Phillip and Lucas that they don’t have to stay, but they insist on making sure she gets her tests. Lucas apologizes, admitting that they don’t trust her. Phillip gets a call and jumps up, saying that he needs something from the car. Kate asks what this is about. Phillip rushes off. Kate huffs, asking Lucas what he and his brother are up to.

Bo wonders if they should just address Nicole as Mrs. Trent Robbins. She claims not to know what he is talking about. Bo tells her that they dug up some information on the dean, and he was married to a woman named Misty Circle. Nicole claims to not be familiar with it, and promises to send them an anniversary card. Bo thinks they should take her down to the station. That might jog her memory. Hope asks Nicole to work with them. Nicole sighs, asking what they want. Hope suggests the truth.

Trent takes Melanie’s arm, suggesting they go home and talk about this. Max tells him not to lay a finger on her. Melanie says she can handle this. She can’t believe Trent never told her about Max. He says that was his decision. Max is not a part of their lives. Melanie rails on him, reminding him that he nearly let her get raped. She is going to let everyone know what kind of person he is. Max agrees. Once his colleagues find out, his academic life will be over. Trent fumes and snatches at Melanie, dragging her towards the door. Max grabs a beer bottle, breaks it, and holds the jagged remnants up to Trent’s neck. Stephanie begs him to put it down. Max wonders why he shouldn’t kill Trent. Trent doesn’t think he would want to commit murder in front of all these witnesses, but Max tells him to think again. Melanie urges Max to kill Trent. Just then, Caroline, Kayla, and Steve rush in, urging Max to put the bottle down and let Trent go. Steve reminds Max that Trent isn’t worth it.

Victor comes out of the boardroom to speak to Daniel, asking him what the hell he was thinking. His behavior has been an embarrassment, as well as Kate’s. Victor can’t even bear to think of what poor Chelsea is going through. Daniel tells Victor that Chelsea wants nothing more to do with him, and anyway, this is none of Victor’s business. Victor huffs, saying that when it involves his granddaughter, it becomes his business.

Kate tells Lucas that she is sorry that he was dragged down here. She doesn’t see much of him lately since he spends so much time with Chloe. Lucas sighs, whishing that she would just give Chloe a chance. She makes him happy. Kate wonders if that is the same way she supposedly made Phillip happy. Lucas groans. Kate backs off, agreeing to try and keep an open mind about her. Besides, she is a step-up from Sami. Lucas doesn’t think she will ever approve of any woman he sees. Kate says she will, but she wants the woman to really love and accept him for who he is. Maxine comes in with a wheelchair just then, ready to take Kate for her x-rays. Lucas promises Kate that he will be there when she returns.

Daniel explains that he only spelt with Kate once. He made a mistake. Victor fumes. He has come to expect this kind of behavior from Kate, but it is a surprise coming from Daniel. The only good thing about this is that now Daniel’s ill-advised dalliance with Chelsea is over. Daniel says it isn’t. As soon as she returns from France, he plans on sitting down and talking to her. Victor glares, saying that won’t happen as long as he has anything to do with it. Victor warns him to stay away from Chelsea. Daniel smirks.

Abe praises Theo as he successfully fits blocks into his puzzle. Lexie comes home and Abe shows her what Theo learned. She hugs and kisses him and checks over his evaluation form. She beams at the good news and says she needed it today. Abe asks how things went at the hospital. Lexie tells him that the board decided to let her stay. Abe thinks that is great news. Lexie explains that she turned them down. She resigned. Abe gapes.

Phillip and Lucas hope Kate likes her surprise. Lucas worries she might be angry, but Phillip thinks she will be too happy. Lucas’ phone rings and he lets it go to voicemail. Phillip guesses it’s Chloe calling, and tells Lucas he doesn’t mind. He wants them both to be happy, and anyway, he and Chloe had their chance. Two of them, in fact, They just couldn’t make it work. Besides, would his being upset stop Lucas? Lucas grins, admitting it wouldn’t. Phillip assures him that they have his blessing. Lucas thanks him, saying it means a lot to him. Phillip asks how Sami is taking it. Lucas says she’s taking it as might be expected. Maybe if he could get sole custody, he wouldn’t have to worry about what she thought. Philip suggests he take her back to court, but Lucas thinks he has to prove he is a reliable parent first. Having a job would help. Phillip asks if he would like to come back to work for Titan.

Abe can’t believe Lexie resigned. He thought she loved her job. She explains that she wants to spend more time with Theo. She will still be working, and bringing home a paycheck, but they will have to cut corners. She assures Abe that everything will be fine, as he is still has a good job. Abe’s face falls. Lexie asks what’s wrong. Abe admits that she isn’t the only one that resigned today. He handed in his badge. Lexie gapes.

Bo asks Nicole to start at the beginning, and she does so. She tells them that she met Trent when she was a student. He seemed like a nice guy, and she thought he would take care of her, so they got married. Soon after, he started gambling and drinking heavily. Hope asks if he abused her. Nicole tells them that he came home furious from the track once. He called her a whore and slammed her up against a wall. She was badly bruised. Bo asks why she stayed married to him. Nicole explains that afterwards, she knew she had to get out, so she just left while he was at work one day, fearing the repercussions. She never told anyone he abused her until today, because she knew it wouldn’t do any good. She honestly thought he filed for divorce. Hope says he didn’t, and now there will be legal repercussions. Nicole asks if she means Victor. Bo nods, saying that they are going to have to tell him.

Steve tells Max that this won’t end well for anyone and tells Max to give him the bottle. He doesn’t want to do this. Max says he has no idea how much he wants to. Steve reminds Max that he will go to prison for this. He’ll take his own life right along with Trent’s. Max claims that he is justified in doing this. Caroline rushes over, yelling at Max to stop it. She can’t believe that she raised her son to act this way. She begs him. Max says she taught him to what’s right, and this feels right. Caroline tells him that his Pop would not approve of this. Is this how he honors his father’s memory? Max hesitates.

Lexie can’t believe that Abe quit. He tells her about the mayor coming down looking for a scapegoat. Lexie blows up, asking why he volunteered. He swears that everything will be alright. Lexie frets about the cost of Theo’s therapies. Their savings are already stretched too thin. Abe tells her he is already fielding offers from the private sector. Lexie groans, wondering why he is quitting after thirty years on the force. Abe tells him he can’t work in a system corrupted by Stefano DiMera any longer. Lexie demands to know if this is about her father. Abe says that someone needs to step up and stop him.

Phillip and Lucas haggle over vacation time, and Lucas agrees to come to work for him. Phillip and he begin to set up the computer just as Kate arrives. She asks what is going on, and Phillip tells her it’s time for a family meeting. He has set up a video chat with Austin and Billie for her. Kate hugs him and thanks him.

Daniel tells Victor that he hasn’t had real feelings for a woman since his wife until Chelsea came along. She is very special to him. Victor says she is special to him, too, so Daniel had better not get his hopes up. Maxine brings Daniel Kate’s test results. Victor wants to know what they say, but Daniel can’t tell him. He divulges that Kate is here in the trauma center, and Victor rushes off to be with her. Daniel sighs.

Caroline begs Max to put the bottle down. Hope, Bo and Nicole come in just then, and Bo urges Max to do the same. Finally, Max relents and releases Trent. Steve takes the bottle. Trent screams that he wants to press charges. Max says he does, too, since Trent tried to force his daughter into prostitution. Trent claims that the allegation is absurd. Stephanie pulls Melanie aside, demanding to know why she encouraged Max to murder Trent after everything he has done for her. Does she want to see him in prison for the rest of his life? Bo asks Max what the hell is going on. Max threatens to go after Trent again, and Bo hisses at him to shut his mouth. He demands an explanation.

Lexie tells Abe that his attention needs to be on Theo right now, not Stefano. Abe explains that he is doing this for their family. Lexie thinks that he wouldn’t go after her father if he cared about his family. Abe apologizes, saying he has no choice. Just then, Theo cries, “Choo-Choo!” They notice that he completed the train puzzle and they rush over to praise him. They both hug Theo and smile.

Kate says goodbye to Billie and Austin and thanks Phillip, saying that she hopes they can do this more often. Lucas hopes she will listen to their advice and take it easy. Kate agrees to do so. Just then, Victor comes in, saying he heard she was getting x-rays. Kate assumes Phillip called him, but Victor tells her he heard from Daniel. Kate groans.

Daniel looks at Kate’s x-rays, saying that this can’t be right. He asks Maxine to make sure a doctor in pulmonology gets a set of the x-rays. She agrees. Daniel frets.

Nick comes up to Trent, who is polishing off a beer. Nick thinks he seems pretty calm for a guy whose career is about to go up in smoke. Trent says that they just will have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Nick hopes he isn’t expecting any help from him. Trent warns Nick not to spread disinformation about him. A young man such as himself with such academic potential has a lot to lose.

Max tells Bo that he was just protecting his family. Bo scoffs, asking how killing a man in a crowded building would achieve that. Max insists that Bo doesn’t know what Trent did. Bo says that he needs to be the one to handle this, not Max, and Steve agrees. Bo adds that Max could go away for a long time if Trent presses charges, so he needs to go over there and apologize. Kayla agrees. Max fumes. He isn’t apologizing. That scum is lucky he didn’t kill him already. Nearby, Trent asks Melanie to forgive him. She refuses and Trent gets nasty. He has forgiven her for her outrageous behavior, so he deserves the same in return. He snatches at her arm. Melanie pulls away and screams. She cries that she would kill him with her bare hands if she could, and that she hates him.


Victor asks, “Nicole? What the hell are you babbling about now?”

Stefano asks Lexie, “So they are blaming you for he unfortunate incident at the hospital?” She replies “Why did you do it?”

Trent tells the group at the pub, “This isn’t the end of this. No one smears my good name and gets away with it.”

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