Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/08


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At the pub, Nicole complains to Phillip about a wedding she’s been invited to. It’s for one of her friends back in L.A., but she doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t have a date. Phillip asks if there isn’t a man of her dreams to take. Nicole says she has one in mind, but he isn’t available. Just then, EJ comes in, and Phillip excuses himself, telling Nicole that here is her chance to speak with him. EJ heads over, jokingly asking Nicole if she stayed the night at the pub. He asks if this is her first drink of the day, and she says it’s just orange juice. She hasn’t been feeling well, not that he cares. EJ says he does, and suggests she go to the doctor. Nicole, glad that he is concerned, asks him to join her for breakfast. EJ readily agrees.

Phillip runs into Kate outside, who is trying to take a call, but coughing helplessly. He hangs up for her and tells her she needs to go to the hospital. Kate insists that she is fine. Phillip tells her that she isn’t fooling anyone, except maybe herself.

Daniel rushes into the hospital, telling Lexie that he got called in for a meeting. Lexie guesses he is here to testify at her board meeting. Daniel nods, apologizing. He says that he didn’t hear about it until this morning. Lexie curses.

At the police station, Abe tells Roman that Lexie is being reviewed by the board today. Roman wonders why, and Abe tells him it’s because of the lockdown at the hospital. Roman doesn’t understand, saying that that was all Stefano’s doing. Abe agrees, vowing to do whatever it takes to nail Stefano for this.

Kate tells Phillip that she is fine and that he is overreacting. Phillip thinks she is being downright stupid. He demands to know if she is taking her medicine, and she says she is. Phillip wants her to talk to Kayla again. This is clearly more than just a little cough. Kate promises to go next week. He takes her phone and calls Chris, telling him that his mother is sick and will have to clear her schedule for the day. Kate protests, complaining about all the important meetings she will have to miss. Phillip tells her that they are going to the hospital.

Nicole isn’t sure that moving into the pub is such a bad idea. EJ wonders if she is already sick of the inn. She says she was excited to leave Victor’s, but now she has too much privacy, if that makes sense. EJ says he would love to be in her position, and alone with Johnny with no interference. Nicole guesses Sami is in the way of that, and EJ says it’s her and his father. Taking back control of the DiMera empire isn’t easy, especially since Stefano is fighting him and Tony. EJ tells Nicole about the cocktail party Stefano had the night before and how he tried to railroad Marlena. He also tried to get Tony and EJ on his side, but not John, which is strange. Nicole agrees, and EJ says they are trying to find out why. He wishes his life could get back to normal, a sentiment she echoes. EJ guesses it is because of Trent, and wonders why she doesn’t just take her money and hop on a plane. EJ wishes he could do that sometimes, but he has Johnny to think of. Nicole doesn’t think she should have to leave. She likes Salem. Anyway, what would be the point of going off to some tropical island when she has no one to share it with?

Abe tells Roman that he is heading off to the hospital, and Roman asks him to retrieve a file before he goes. Just then, Roman takes a call from the mayor. Abe comes back in a few seconds with the file, but Roman tells him not to leave. The mayor has something important to discuss with both of them, and he is on his way to do that now.

Lexie apologizes to Daniel for having to come down here, and wonders why they called him in. If they need character witnesses, Doug and Julie are both on the board. Daniel thinks they just needed to speak to one of her colleagues, and he tells her not to worry. She asks if he has met the chairman of the board, Eleanor Thomas. Lexie claims that the woman has had it in for her since her first day. Daniel thinks he can take her. Lexie admits that she has gotten behind on her paperwork, but Daniel reassures her that that happens to everyone. She frets that they won’t want to hear her excuses about Theo. Daniel reminds her that she doesn’t even know why she is being called in. Maybe they want to give her a raise. Julie comes by to tell Lexie that both she and Doug are on her side. Daniel knows Victor will be, too. Lexie asks if they are ready for her and Julie nods.

EJ thinks Nicole is crazy. Lying by the beach sipping drinks sounds like a great plan. Nicole thinks so, too, but she would be bored after a few days. She needs the right person to go with her. EJ says there is nothing he would love more than to flit off to a tropical island with her. Nicole grins, wondering why he thinks she was talking about him. He asks if she is seeing someone else, admitting that he would be a little disappointed if she was. She huffs, “A little?” He admits that he would actually be devastated. It would be a shame if they didn’t get the opportunity to explore the feelings that they have for each other.

Phillip and Kate arrive at the hospital, with Kate protesting about how Phillip is treating her like a child. He asks the nurse if she can page Kayla, but she says she isn’t available. Just then, Daniel walks up, saying that he has time to see Kate.

Mayor Marino comes to speak with Abe and Roman. He notes that Roman is a Bears fan, and they make small talk about the team. The mayor thinks you have to use your personnel wisely--both on and off the field. Abe asks where he is going with this. Marino tells them they have a serious problem--and it won’t be easy to make this one go away. He asks if they saw the op-ed piece in the paper today. Roman takes a look and says it’s ridiculous. Marino says it isn’t. Many people are complaining about their tepid response to the situation with the lock-down. Abe insists that they did everything they could, but Marino disagrees. He thinks they focused on Stefano and ignored other facts. Now he has city council breathing down his neck. Roman reminds him that he was the one that let Stefano go. Marino says they had no evidence against him, but Roman thinks that’s a load of crap. Marino tells them to hand over the evidence, and he will take it to the D.A. himself. Abe says they are still working it on it, but Marino says that isn’t good enough. There is evidence that the police department came up woefully short. They have to determine who was the most responsible. Roman asks what happens then, but the mayor says that is up to them.

Victor heads into the board meeting and greets Mickey. The chairman hands them both an agenda, and Victor notes that Daniel will be testifying. Mickey grumbles, wondering how Eleanor got to be chairman. Julie and Lexie come in, and Mickey tries to reassure Lexie. She glances fearfully at the chairman.

Kate tells Daniel that she would rather see Kayla, and she and the nurse head off to see what she has free. Daniel tries to convince Phillip to let him look at Kate, but Phillip snaps that Kate has had enough of him. Daniel know he isn’t Phillip’s favorite person, but Kate could really be sick. What if Phillip’s feelings got in the way of getting Kate a proper diagnosis? Phillip finally agrees. Daniel reminds him that Kate refused an x-ray the last time she was here. This time, they need to make sure she doesn’t leave until several tests have been run. He asks Phillip if the cough is getting worse, and Phillip says it isn’t getting better. Daniel isn’t sure what’s wrong. It could be any number of things, but he will need Phillip’s help on this. Kate comes back, saying she made an appointment for next week, but Phillip wants her to have the tests done today. Daniel agrees, promising her she can leave in an hour or so. He urges her not to wait.

Nicole asks EJ how they should act on their feelings, and he suggests a real date. She asks if this is going to be a dinner-and-a-movie type of thing, but he isn’t sure that she is the type. She asks what type he sees her as. He guesses she isn’t the type to go for baseball or the opera. He thinks he would take her out for a drink, then on to a romantic dinner. Afterwards, they’d need to work off all the calories. Nicole rolls her eyes, saying that she knows where this is going. EJ smiles, saying he meant they’d take a romantic stroll by the water. Then he would drop her off, give her a chaste kiss, and promise to call her the next day. Nicole is silent. EJ asks if she would rather do something else. Nicole bursts into tears, saying that it sounds perfect.

Kate sits in bed at the hospital, complaining about them wasting her time. Daniel asks her some questions about her health and Kate groans. Phillip urges her to do this for him. Daniel heads off, asking the nurse, Maxine, to check Kate’s vitals. Phillip rushes over, asking if anything is wrong. Daniel says he has to go upstairs for a meeting, but will be back soon. He assures Phillip that they will find out what’s going on with Kate.

Abe thinks Marino is looking for someone to throw to the wolves. He thinks they responded to the hospital situation in a correct and timely manner. Marino thinks they need to be honest. It was a half-hearted effort by the department. Abe growls that he has been doing this job over twenty years and no one has ever accused him of such. Marino doesn’t care if he has been on the job a hundred years. The people of Salem deserve better.

Eleanor begins the meeting by telling Lexie that while she is a competent doctor, she doesn’t seem to be a competent administrator. Mickey comes to her defense, noting that she has cut costs. Eleanor brings up the fact that Lexie was lax in her duties organizing an annual fundraiser. She wonders if her personal life is interfering with her work. Julie accuses Eleanor of playing dirty. Eleanor insists that she is just concerned for the hospital. Victor thinks Lexie is doing a good job. Mickey and Julie say they are also on Lexie’s side. Eleanor huffs, saying that Lexie is clearly not qualified to be chief of staff. Daniel comes in just then, saying that he couldn’t disagree more.

Roman insists that their personnel did a great job. If he is looking for someone to blame, he needs to look for Stefano. The mayor is finding it hard to believe the man orchestrated all this from his hospital bed. Roman doesn’t think he knows Stefano. Abe disagrees. He thinks he knows Stefano well. He asks the mayor how much money it took for Stefano to bribe him? The mayor gulps. Roman grins.

Nicole tells EJ that he almost had her there for a second. She knows what will happen. He will want to move on, and then Sami will dig her claws in. She doesn’t want to go through that again. He doesn’t think she believes in them. She says she does, but the ball is in his court. She needs Sami to be out of the picture. EJ says that isn’t possible. Until Johnny grows up, he takes precedence over any woman in his life. If Nicole can’t understand that, then they have no chance of being together.

Kate coughs helplessly and wonders where Daniel is. Then nurse comes in, and Kate asks if she can leave. Phillip tells her that she is a bad patient. He reminds her of when he had chicken pox in first grade. She read him stories and made him feel so much better. She helped him then, and now it is his turn to take care of her.

Eleanor asks Daniel how Lexie compares to other chiefs of staff he has worked with. Daniel explains that he just came here to perform a special surgery. He wanted to leave town, but Lexie convinced him to stay. He enjoys the work environment here and enjoys working with Lexie. Eleanor asks if he thinks Lexie’s work has been affected since her son was diagnosed with autism. Daniel insists that Lexie has been nothing but professional. Lexie takes over, saying that her son’s illness may have affected her work, but it doesn’t change her commitment to her patients and staff--and it never will.

Nicole tells EJ that she knows his son comes first, and she respects that. It’s part of the reason she likes him so much. She knows there’s room for both of them in his life, but she doesn’t want to share EJ with Sami. She wonders if they can send her to that deserted island. He chuckles, saying that he knows she would like that. If they are going to be together, though, she has to learn to give a little, too. Nicole agrees to be flexible, but Sami ahs to be, too. If they decide to date, she might be really upset. She asks EJ if he is going to ask her out, or what? EJ laughs.

Marino angrily asks if Abe is accusing him of taking a bribe. Abe says it isn’t a stretch. They know Stefano bought himself out of trouble. Abe thinks Stefano paid off whoever he had to, starting with the D.A. and working his way up to the mayor. Abe can’t believe he voted for Marino. He seemed so smart and energetic. He thought he would bring strength and courage to city hall, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Marino warns him one lat time. Abe chuckles, asking if he will fire him. Marino says he will if Abe persists. Abe says he doesn’t want to work for a cowardly, corrupted city hall. He will find a way to get Stefano on his own. Roam begs him not to do this. Abe apologizes to Roman. He takes off his badge and says he quits. He storms out.

Eleanor asks Daniel what the repercussions should be for a chief of staff who falls behind on their administrative duties. Daniel says he isn’t in a place to answer that, but he has something else to say. He has been at hospitals where the chief of staff is nothing more than paper-pushing automaton, but Lexie is a physician first and foremost. She cares about her patients, and her staff, and they are lucky to have her. Not only that, but she teats her staff like family. They all love and respect her, from the heart surgeon to the janitor, and it would be a huge mistake to let her go. Eleanor thanks him and he and Lexie head off so the board can deliberate. Eleanor asks them all if they should keep Lexie or let her go.

Kate apologizes for giving Phillip a hard time about coming to the hospital. Suddenly she starts coughing. Phillip asks if she is ok, and she shakes her head. Phillip yells for a nurse. Kate starts crying and coughing up blood. Phillip screams for help.


Daniel tells Victor, “Oh, I’m not giving up on Chelsea.” He replies, “You are not going anywhere near my granddaughter.”

Nicole asks Hope and Bo, “What do you want from me?” Hope asks, “How about the truth?”

Max says, “Hey, dad.” Trent turns and Max punches him in the face.

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