Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, EJ pours a drink as John storms in, demanding to know why he needs an engraved invitation to drink at his own home. EJ thinks this is Stefano’s way of reasserting his proprietary rights. John vows to stop it, but EJ says he shouldn’t try. Besides, isn’t he curious to see what Stefano has up his sleeve? John says he knows what Stefano is up to. He accuses EJ of being on his side. EJ says he got the injunction to keep the house until the court can make a decision. Besides, John wasn’t the only one who got invited. He did, too. Sami walks in just then, saying she got an invitation as well.

At her house, Lexie looks over Stefano’s invitation as Abe comes in. She explains that Theo is in bed, and she tried to play with him earlier, but he wasn’t interested. Abe thinks they should try harder, but Lexie thinks he just withdraws more when they do. She offers to make him a drink, but he wants to know how she is doing. She says she is fine considering the circumstances. Abe asks if there is something she isn’t telling him.

EJ asks Sami what she is doing there. He thought she was at the police station. She says she got home, no thanks to him, her mom, or her dad. She says she even left several messages for John. John insists he never got them. Sami says they were intercepted. Stefano walks in just then, chuckling. He says he got them. He couldn’t very well leave one of his party gusts stranded. It’s very important that everyone be here tonight. Stefano turns on some opera music as the other three exchange glances.

Lexie tells Abe about Sawyer and his mother coming by to see Theo at the pub. It broke her heart to see the two of them together--Sawyer is just everything that Theo isn’t. She knows she shouldn’t feel this way, but she wants him to be normal. Abe reassures her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Of course she would want Theo not to have face the challenges that are ahead of him. He thinks Theo is also making progress. Lexie wonders if they are doing everything possible. They talk about a new study linking autism to dormant genes that may respond to therapy. Abe thinks it’s important that Theo continues with his sessions at the hospital. Perhaps they can work harder here at home, too. Lexie says they hardly have the time since their jobs are so stressful. She fears that Theo is paying the price for it.

John tells Sami that he would have helped her if he had known what was going on. Stefano says there was no need. EJ wonders what Stefano’s motive was for helping Sami. Stefano says he had none. He just wanted to help her, and that was all. EJ asks Sami if that’s true. She tells him that she told Stefano to go to hell. Then she took a cab home. John tells Stefano to stay away from his step-daughter in the future. Stefano reminds John that Sami is a guest in his house. John insists that this is his house. Stefano chuckles, telling John to put it aside for now. He needs to check on the champagne. He heads off and Sami asks them if they know what Stefano is up to. She really isn’t in the mood for a party. EJ thinks they’ll all be better off knowing what Stefano has in store.

EJ follows Sami out into the foyer to tell her that he’s thankful she didn’t take Stefano up on his offer for help. Sami sarcastically says she doesn’t deserve help. After all, she is just a mother trying to look out for her child. EJ says that that isn’t what he meant. Sami whines that she just wanted EJ to be there for her. He suggests that she start growing up. Sami wonders if he is taking lines from her mother. EJ is glad Marlena said the same thing. She needs some tough love. With the exception of Johnny, however, he could care less what she does. She can be as erratic, childish and self-destructive as she wants. It really has nothing to do with him. He walks off. Sami shakes her head in disbelief.

Stefano thanks Tony and Anna for joining him. Anna wonders what this is all about, but Tony thinks he knows. He is sure Stefano will spend much of the evening lecturing them and trying to get them to rejoin the fold. EJ asks Stefano if that is true. Stefano admits that it is. However, he has more planned than just that. Tonight, they will see that they have someone else to thank for tearing this family apart--and this person is more ruthless than even Stefano is.

John joins Sami in the foyer, asking if she is ok. She feels like the whole world is against her, and she thanks him for saying he would have showed up to help her. She appreciates that he understands her, even thought he isn’t the person he used to be. She used to think EJ understood her, but he obviously doesn’t feel the same way. John says he wouldn’t be so sure. Besides, he has seen her with the twins, and he thinks she’s a good mother. Whatever she did must have been for their protection. Sami is glad that he understands. John says that he sometimes feels like she is the only one that gets him, especially since Ava left. Sami thinks they should change the subject, and John asks how he can help her. Sami doesn’t think anyone can help her, except maybe Stefano. John warns her to stay away from him. He is only out for himself. Trusting him would be a huge mistake. Sami says she knows that, and wonders if Stefano can be stopped. John thinks so, and says he is just the man to do it. He offers Sami his arm, and they head back into the living room.

Lexie worries about if they are keeping up on all the research properly and if they’re doing the right thing for Theo. She knows there is no cure for autism, and the improvements can seem practically indiscernible. Abe reassures her that Theo has access to the best doctors and teachers. Lexie finally agrees with him and adds that she shouldn’t have overreacted about seeing Sawyer today. She is under a lot of stress because of the performance review. Abe can’t believe they are doing this to her right now, and hopes they don’t blame her for what happened during the lockdown. Stefano was responsible for orchestrating it. Lexie says she knows that, but there is no proof. Abe doesn’t care. He’d just as soon head over the mansion right now and tear Stefano limb from limb. Lexie says that he can, since they received an invitation to go there for a cocktail party. Abe gapes.

Stefano thanks everyone for coming to his family gathering. He notes that Lexie and Abe have decided not to come, but they have to carry on. He thinks and hopes that something will happen that none of them will ever forget. John paces and holds his glass to his forehead. Stefano adds that hopefully a family will be reunited tonight, after they learn that someone is at fault for tearing them apart. John tells him to cut the crap. Tony is pretty sure Stefano has no intention of making amends, so what could possibly change any of their minds? Just then, the door opens and closes. Stefano chuckles, saying that her timing is impeccable. Everyone whirls around to find Marlena standing there.

Abe looks over the invitation, which instructs them to prepare to be amazed. Lexie says she found it in the mailbox, an wonders what it means. Abe thinks Stefano might be up to something. Lexie says he is trying to make them curious. Abe admits that it’s working, and tells Lexie that he wants to go.

Sami asks Marlena what she is doing there, and Marlena explains that she got a message to meet John here. John insists that he sent no message to her. Stefano admits that he is responsible for the ruse. He knew Marlena might not come otherwise, and that would not to, as she is the guest of honor.

Lexie can’t believe Abe wants to go to the party. Abe wants to know what he is up to, but Lexie doesn’t care. All that man has done since he returned is wreak havoc. She wants nothing more to do with him. Abe asks if she really means that. She rips the invitation up into little pieces, asking if that answers his question.

Stefano offers to pour Marlena champagne, but she doesn’t want to stay. Stefano insists, and John demands to know what is going on. Stefano tells him to be patient, but Tony jumps up, saying he can’t be anymore. If Stefano doesn’t say what he wants straightaway, then he and Anna are leaving. EJ agrees. Sami says she is going to bed, too. Stefano yells at them all to stop. No one is leaving here until they learn why the guest of honor is here today. He thinks they would all be surprised to know that in Marlena’s breast beats a heart even blacker than Stefano’s. He thinks it’s time everyone know the truth about her. Marlena tells him to go to hell and huffs off. Sami starts to go after her, but John does instead.

In the foyer, He asks her not to go. She refuses to stay there and be denigrated by Stefano. What’s even worse is that he is right. She is a respected doctor, and she caused his coma. John reminds her that she had good reason. Stefano took the man she loved away from her--and it’s probably true that he is never coming back. John thinks he got what he deserved. He wishes Stefano had stayed in the coma, because he hurt Marlena. John vows to kill anyone that ever tries to hurt her again. Marlena thanks him through her tears of reminding her why she did what she did. She wants John to know that she didn’t just do this for vengeance. She feared what Stefano might do to her children or others that she loved, too. John tells her not to feel guilty. She should feel empowered. She is amazing, and he can see why the man he used to be loved her so much.

Anna can’t believe Marlena would do anything so unconscionable. Stefano explodes. He has been vilified in this town, while the woman responsible for his coma is revered. He has had enough. He insists that Marlena is a homicidal maniac. Sami smiles nastily, reminding Stefano that he is still alive. Stefano says he felt like he was dead, and by all rights, he nearly was. This woman is a menace, and everyone needs to know. EJ suggests they call it a night. Anna agrees, saying that the idea that Marlena would do this is insane. Marlena comes in just then saying that she did it. She injected Stefano with a toxin that put him in a coma. Given the chance to do it again, she probably would. Everyone gapes.

Abe pours some wine for Lexie, and she talks about how much she loves watching Theo sleep. Abe gets it. At that time, he looks so peaceful, and almost like a normal kid. Abe tells her how proud of her he is for dealing with all of the stress at home and at work. Lexie kisses him, saying that she thanks God for him and Theo everyday.

Anna can’t believe that this is possible. Stefano says many people with a conscience wouldn’t be able to play God with a man’s life. Marlena adds that she does have a conscience, which is why she didn’t kill Stefano. Her intention was to render him incapacitated so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. Stefano explodes, saying it was torture of the worst kind. Sami insists that he deserved every second of it. She says she is proud of her mom for having the courage to finally put her away. Stefano doesn’t blame Sami for sticking by her mother’s side, since she is family. That brings him top the point of this evening. What do EJ and Tony have to say now that Marlena has admitted the truth? EJ says his feelings haven’t changed. Tony says Stefano brought this on himself. No one has any sympathy for him. Anna agrees. Stefano growls that this is the final insult. He is through with all of them, and he’s putting them all on notice. Vengeance will be his. John says he is the one putting Stefano on notice.

Lexie and Abe enjoy their wine until Lexie gets a call from the board secretary, reminding her of her review the next morning. Lexie hangs up and confesses to Abe that he is worried. She has fallen a bit behind on her work, and she fears she might be fired. Abe thinks she is more important to Theo than the hospital, anyway. Lexie asks if he is suggesting she quit. Abe says she should figure out what’s most important to her. If she does have to give up her job, its not a big deal. He can take care of this family. Lexie hugs him, saying she knows that. He kisses her, hoping she feels better. He thinks they’d be fools to let her go.

Out in the foyer, EJ, Anna, and Tony mill around ,wondering what John and Stefano are talking about. Anna thinks he is crazy for tangling with Stefano. He’ll never give up control. EJ thinks that’s why they have to take it from him. Tony agrees, one way or the other.

Upstairs, Sami finds Marlena and tells her how proud she is of her. She was trying to protect her family, just like Sami when she had to marry EJ. Stefano has done a lot of terrible things to everyone. Marlena reminds Sami that she holds herself to a higher standard than that. Sami says that Marlena is being on hard on herself. She probably thinks Sami isn’t hard enough on herself. Marlena says she is sorry for what she said earlier at the police station, but Sami thinks she was right. Marlena is concerned about her, and she wants Sami to be a little less impulsive. Sami promises to try and they hug.

Stefano chuckles about John putting him on notice when he used to be his pawn. John vows that those days are long gone. He wants two things from Stefano--he must stay away from Marlena, and he mustn’t mention what she did to anyone else. Stefano says he can’t do that. John says he will have to go through him, then. Stefano thinks that can be arranged. John scoffs. Stefano thought this was war before? He chuckles and tells Stefano to brace himself. EJ and Tony come in as John leaves. Stefano laughs heartily and stamps his feet. He can’t believe John and these two clowns think they can win.

John clutches his head in the hallway and stumbles in to find Sami and Marlena. Sami heads off to check on Johnny, and John tells Marlena how proud he is of her for standing up to Stefano. Marlena fears that this isn’t over, and that Stefano will try to get back at her. John assure her that he won’t let that happen.

Stefano tells EJ and Tony that it won’t be long now. He is putting all of his ducks in a row. Tony chuckles, asking if Stefano plans on shooting them.

John tells Marlena not to worry. As long as he is alive, nothing will happen to her. She asks what he said to Stefano. John admits that he told Stefano he would curse the day he was born if he touches a hair on Marlena’s head.


Roman tells Abe, “I just got a call from the mayor.” He asks, “What about?” Roman replies, “He has something important to discuss with both of us.”

Daniel tells Lexie, “I got called in for a meeting.” She asks, “You’re here to testify at my board hearing, aren’t you?”

EJ tells Nicole, “First mimosa of the morning I hope.” She says, “Oh, that’s an orange juice.” He asks, “Are you feeling alright?” Nicole banters, “Do you really care?”

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