Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Hope meets Kayla at the hospital and asks her to get ready. She wants to take her out to the Blue Note for a night on the town. Kayla says she can’t. He promised Steve he could go down to the bar and watch football with Bo. Hope tells her she knows all about it. That’s why she arranged for Caroline to watch Ciara and Joe. She asks Kayla again if she will join her.

At the pub, Lexie eats with Theo. Another mother and her son, Sawyer, come over to say hello to Theo, who doesn’t say a word. The little boy wonders why Theo won’t talk to him. Lexie sighs.

Nearby, Nicole tells EJ to calm down. He tells her that he knows exactly what she did, and he already asked her not to interfere with Sami’s affairs. When he went down to the Horton cabin to go after Sami, the police showed up. Nicole shrugs. EJ tells her to stop playing innocent. He knows that she called them. Nicole sips her drink and smiles.

In Abe’s office, Sami argues with Roman about going up to the Horton cabin. He explains that she should have called if she had concerns about Allie. If she has a problem with the joint custody, then she can take it up with her lawyer. Until then, she needs to follow the court order to the letter. She says she can’t do that just as Marlena walks in. Marlena says she won’t be surprised when Lucas gets full custody, then.

EJ tells Nicole that he just doesn’t understand why she did this. Nicole tells him that he is doing a big disservice to Sami by trying to save her from herself. She is the way she is--selfish, manipulative, and horrible, because other people keep cleaning up after her mistakes. EJ refuses to apologize for trying to protect the mother of her child. Nicole thinks that if just one person would have let Sami pay for her mistakes, she might have learned from them. She reminds EJ that Sami has blackmailed just about everyone they know, and switched paternity test results more times than anyone can count. Anyone else would have done jail time, but not Sami. EJ sighs, saying that that still doesn’t give her the right to call the police. However, he agrees with Nicole, and he also thinks that Sami is out of control. Nicole huffs off, saying that she certainly is.

Lexie explains to Sawyer that Theo gets so involved with his toys that he doesn’t even realize someone is speaking to him. Sawyer’s mom explains that he has missed seeing Theo in pre-school. Lexie tells her about Theo being diagnosed with autism, and she tells Lexie another little boy in the class was diagnosed as well. She promises to call Lexie with their number so they can exchange notes. Lexie thanks her, and she heads off with her son. EJ comes over to greet them, asking if everything is alright. Lexie says it is.

Daniel approaches Nicole at the bar and orders a beer. He asks what she has, and she admits she’s just having plain orange juice. He wonders if she is turning over a new leaf. Nicole shrugs, saying it’s a little late in the game for that. She asks Pete to pour some vodka in her cup.

Sami insists that Lucas will never get full custody. Marlena says she came to ask why Sami showed up at the cabin uninvited. Sami insists that she was worried about Allie, and that it was a good thing she showed up, because Allie had been left unattended. She thinks that Lucas has behaved irresponsibly, and that he doesn’t deserve custody. She has a good mind to go back out there. Marlena interrupts her, telling her to stop it. She sounds like a spoiled brat. Sami is taken aback. Marlena tells her to grow up. She has three children, and she needs to start thinking about what is best for them. If she truly considered Allie’s well-being, she’d realize Allie needs both her mother and her father in her life. Marlena brushes past Sami, reminding her that she raised her better than that. Roman follows her outside, saying that he agrees with her, but he thinks Marlena might have been too hard on Sami. Marlena thinks just the opposite-- they have been too soft on her. Sami is spoiled, selfish, and manipulative, and her children will learn that behavior if she doesn’t cut it out soon. This day has been a long time coming, and Marlena refuses to enable Sami any longer. If Roman is smart, he will follow her lead. If they don’t, Sami will never change. Marlena heads off.

Hope tells Kayla that it has been so long that they have had a night out together. Kayla finally agrees to go, saying that if their husbands get a night off, they deserve one, too. Hope admits that she is glad Bo is getting out with Steve to blow off some steam. He has been really angry since they found out Stefano wouldn’t be charged in connection with the lockdown. Kayla agrees that Steve is upset, too. In fact, she is worried he might take the law into his own hands.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano calls Anna into the living room and offers her a drink. They joke about whether or not it is poisoned, and he tells he that he needs to show her a photo album. It contains pictures of Tony as a child. Stefano explains that while he wasn’t around for much of his childhood, he was proud of Tony, and always kept tabs on him. Anna says he used to idolize Stefano as well. Stefan admits that he had high hopes for Tony. Anna grimaces, guessing that he doesn’t anymore. Stefano tells her that Tony has betrayed him and the family. For that he will have to pay.

Roman comes back into his office to tell Sami he ran into the judge in the hallway. He ward about her trip up to the cabin and has extended Lucas’ visitation with Allie. Sami explodes, saying he can’t do that. Roman says he can. He viewed her trip up there as a blatant disregard for his ruling. Sami takes out her phone, saying that she is going to call her lawyer. Roman tells her she can try to change the judge’s mind, but he thinks that she will just make him more angry. Sami wonders whose side she is on. Roman says that he is on Allie’s side. What about her?

Daniel asks Nicole about her dog, and she explains that Pookie is on a play date. Daniel thinks she must really love her, and Nicole admits that they are best friends. She doesn’t have anyone else, especially since Ava left. Daniel wonders why she sticks around town, then. There are a many more happening cities than Salem, after all. Nicole says she is staying because of a guy, but it isn’t working out so well. Nicole excuses herself suddenly, and rushes for the bathroom, holding her stomach.

EJ asks Lexie how things are going. He heard about Theo’s diagnosis. Lexie says things could be better. She could fill pages full of people and things Theo is preoccupied with--Chelsea, milk carton lids, erasers--but unfortunately, neither she or Abe are on that list. She feels like a horrible mother. EJ reassures her. Theo plays with a spoon while Lexie and EJ talk about Stefano, who has been holed up in his own wing of the house. Theo throws the spoon and EJ hands it back to him. She tells EJ that she needs to stop by and talk to father, but things have been hectic. She explains that she is up for a performance review because of what happened during the lockdown. EJ tells her not to worry. Doug, Mickey, Maggie, and Victor are all on the board, and on her side. Lexie says she just has too much to deal with right now. EJ reminds her how remarkable she is, and that everything will be fine. He asks how Abe feels about their father being out and about. Lexie says he is livid. The police think he and John struck a deal so that John wouldn’t press charges. EJ wonders what John got out of the deal. Theo throws his spoon again. Lexie takes it from EJ this time and tells Theo to stop playing with the silverware. He throws a fit. EJ suggests she just give it to him, but Lexie refuses. EJ looks on uncomfortably as Theo cries.

Nicole comes back to the bar, wondering what is wrong with Lexie’s kid. Daniel tells her about the autism diagnosis, and Nicole gasps, saying she doesn’t want to ever deal with a thing like that. Daniel guesses motherhood isn’t at the top of her list. Nicole agrees and grimaces, saying her stomach aches. Daniel offers to check her out at the hospital, but she insists she is fine. He gets back to the guy she is staying in town for, wondering what his name is. Nicole would rather not talk about herself. She heard that Daniel never stayed in one place too long. What is he still doing in Salem? Daniel admits that he also stayed for someone. Nicole asks if he loves her, and Daniel admits to caring for her. Nicole assumes something is wrong, since he is here and not with her. Daniel admits that they hit a rough patch. Now she is in France. Nicole asks if they are talking about Chelsea. Daniel nods.

Lexie explains that Theo misses Chelsea. Many autistic children show their feelings by acting out. EJ says he is sorry and that he had no idea it was this hard. He offers to do anything he can. Lexie thanks him, but wants to hear about his son. EJ says that Johnny is cranky, but doing well. Lexie asks about Sami, and EJ chuckles, admitting that she is cranky, too. He tells Lexie about Sami sneaking up to the cabin while Lucas had Allie. If she keeps acting this recklessly, it spells trouble. He admits that he is worried. Lexie says he should be. EJ says he still cares about Sami, though. Lexie laughs, saying that he is a glutton for punishment.

Anna tells Stefano that she will be joining Tony upstairs now. Stefano asks her to pass on what he said, but she refuses. She is nobody’s messenger, especially his. She thinks he needs to stop with the empty threats. Stefano says the threats aren’t empty. His children have betrayed him, and he isn’t going to forgive or forget that easily. Anna wonders what he is going to do. Stefano says they have all disgraced them while he has done nothing but cherish them. Anna chuckles, reminding Stefano of hat he did to Tony. His version of love is pretty brutal.

Hope asks Kayla if Steve has said anything. Kayla say he hasn’t, but she knows her husband. When Joe was taken, he was wild with rage, and he isn’t going to just let this go. Hope says Steve can’t take on Stefano alone. Kayla know he can’t, but she and Hope both know how he is. Hope promises to talk to Bo and tells Kayla not to worry. They’re going to keep an eye on him. Kayla thanks her. Hope adds that they are all determined to see Stefano pay the consequences. Kayla hopes it is sooner rather than later. Just then, Marlena comes over, and Hope invites her to join them later that evening for a ladies’ night out. Marlena gladly accepts. Kayla heads off to change as Hope asks Marlena how she is feeling. Marlena says she is well, as the drugs are out of her system. Hope tells Marlena they are working hard to link Stefano to her drugging, but it would help if they knew why he targeted her. Marlena admits that Stefano is paying her back for what she did to him. Just then, Kayla comes back, ready to go. Marlena tells them both that she was responsible for Stefano’s coma.

EJ tells Lexie that Sami will always be a part of his life. Lexie thinks he can also have a meaningful relationship with another woman. EJ is sure he will one day, but he is busy these days with work and raising Johnny. She wonders if that is the real reason or if he is still in love with Sami. Lexie fears that he will get hurt again. EJ chuckles, noting that Sami doesn’t have many fans in this town. Lexie admits that that is true. Isn’t there anyone else he would like to be involved with? EJ gestures at Nicole. Lexie grins.

Nicole thinks Bo must have been furious with Daniel. He admits that he was less than thrilled. Nicole admits that she doesn’t know Chelsea well, but she seems like a nice girl. She wonders what Daniel did to chase her away to France. Daniel wonders why everyone assumes it’s the man’s fault when something goes wrong in a relationship. Nicole asks if she is wrong. He admits that she isn’t. Nicole hopes it works out, since she thinks he is a pretty cool guy. He says she isn’t so bad herself.

EJ tells Lexie that he and Nicole are kindred spirits. He says she did the most adorable thing earlier and tells Lexie about her calling the cops on Sami. He thinks she must have done it to get between Sami and him. Lexie tells him that she spoke to Nicole about her feelings for EJ, and she encouraged Nicole to go for it. It’s true that she doesn’t trust Nicole, but she hoped she could get EJ to stop chasing Sami. She detests Sami and EJ knows why. She thinks Nicole is the lesser of two evils, but she gets the idea of the kind of women EJ is interested in. She doesn’t get the appeal. He says he likes his women to be spunky and ambitious. He grins at Nicole, saying he finds it a very commendable quality.

Sami insists that she does have Allie’s best interests at heart. That is why Lucas needs to bring her home on time. Roman tells Sami that Lucas isn’t going to hurt Allie. Just then, another officer comes in, telling Roman that they have a situation in the interrogation room. Roman heads off, warning Sami to stay out of trouble. She scoffs, takes out her phone, and starts dialing.

Marlena explains that she was the one that injected Stefano with drugs in jail, which caused his coma. She did it to protect herself and John. Hope asks who else knows about this, and Marlena says that John, Sami, Roman, and Kayla all know. She apologizes to Hope for putting her in this position. She admits that she isn’t proud of what she did. She violated her oath as a doctor, but to protect her family, she would do it all over again.

Stefano tells Anna that he will have a new album soon. He plans on marrying Kate, and she can provide him with a new heir. Anna reminds Stefano that that isn’t a good reason to marry. One should marry for love. Stefano finds that to be a rather silly emotion. Anna says she will leave on that note, and Stefano asks her to show Tony the album. Anna says she isn’t interested, and Tony isn’t either. She heads off as the maid comes in. She says Sami called for a message for John, but he is unavailable. She thought Stefano could help. He agrees, taking the note.

Daniel wonders if EJ is the guy Nicole has been talking about. He says she has been staring at him all night. Nicole says she has made a lot of mistakes with guys, and she wants to get it right for once. Daniel hears honesty is the best policy when it comes to love. He wonders why she hasn’t tried that with EJ. Nicole says that he is still hung up on his ex. Daniel tells her that when the right person comes along, you have to find a way to fight for them. Nicole asks if he is saying she should bite the bullet and try to work things out with EJ. Daniel asks what’s the worst that could happen. Nothing that’s not worse than being best friends with a dog. Nicole tells him to leave Pookie out of this, playfully punching him on the arm.

EJ bonds with Theo over his truck. Lexie comes back and says she is surprised. Theo already really likes EJ. She think he must be a great father, and he is a good guy. She asks him not to sell himself short. EJ heads off. Sawyer and his mother come by to say goodbye. Sawyer asks for ice cream in the way out. Lexie looks after the two of them sadly.

Hope tells Marlena that Stefano isn’t through with her yet. The next time he comes after her, they will all be ready. Kayla agrees whole-heartedly.

An officer tells Sami that she has a visitor. She thinks it’s John, but it’s Stefano. He tells her that he is here to help her. She huffs past him, telling him to go to hell. Stefano chuckles, wondering what he would do without good old hell.


EJ tells John, “This little cocktail party is probably just his way of reasserting his proprietary rights.”

Tony asks Stefano, “So what’s your point? Say it straightaway; otherwise, Anna and I are going to be leaving.” Sami huffs, “I am so over this. I’m going to bed.” Stefano yells, “Stop! No one is leaving here now. Not until you have seen first-hand why our guest of honor has been brought here.”

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