Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Phillip runs into Nicole outside the pub, asking her why she is lurking around. She says she isn’t, but Phillip thinks she must be spying on someone. Nicole tells him that she was avoiding someone, and was waiting until the coast was clear to go have a drink. Phillip wants to join her, but Nicole isn’t in the mood for company. She says her whole world is crumbing down around her. Phillip says his is pretty rocky right now too, and convinces her that they should drown their sorrows together. Once inside and drinks in hand, Phillip and Nicole chat. He tells her about Morgan giving him a second chance, but she is still leery of him because he threatened to kill her father. Nicole scoffs. She want to kill people all the time, especially Sami Brady. Phillip thought she ad been threatening to do that for ten years. He asks if this has something to do with EJ. She admits that she found the two of them kissing in the stairwell. She would have killed Sami if she could have gotten her hands on her. Phillip thinks that must have been rough. Nicole smiles, telling Phillip that she had this whole fantasy mapped out in her head. Phillip asks her to tell him about it.

Nicole flashes back to her film noir fantasy. Lucas, the P.I. wonders if his wife is able to keep cool. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ finish making love. Nicole almost catches them, but EJ manages to hide Sami in a closet. Phillip hires Chloe to sing at his club. EJ convinces Nicole that he isn’t cheating on her. Sami drops an earring escaping from the room. Nicole discovers it vacuuming. She then hires Lucas to discover whose earring it is. He recognizes it as Sami’s earring. Chloe, Lucas’ former employee, admits that she loves him. They kiss.

Back at the pub, Phillip grumbles. Even in her fantasy, Chloe ends up with his brother. Nicole explains that he turns her down because he is still in love with Sami. But that’s before he catches her two-timing him. Phillip is flattered that he is in her fantasy. He’s glad she thinks of him. He asks if Lucas and Sami end up together. Nicole offers to tell him in exchange for another drink.

Back in the film noir fantasy, Nicole confronts EJ about sleeping with Sami and begs him to take her back. EJ refuses, saying that he is a ladies’ man. It’s over between them. Nicole vows that it isn’t over until she says it is.

In the pub, Phillip says he didn’t realize she had such a vivid imagination. He can’t wait to hear what happens next. Nicole says her favorite part is coming up.

Sami shows up at Nicole’s to meet EJ. Nicole confronts her and strangles her, killing her. Lucas comes by and Nicole confesses to what she did. Lucas worries that people will think he did it. He threatens to shoot Nicole.

At the pub, Phillip asks if Lucas kills her. Nicole scoffs, saying she isn’t going to end up dead in her own fantasy. Phillip says he would shoot her if she killed his wife. Nicole continues her story.

Back in the film noir fantasy, Lucas and Chloe decide to run away together after she tells him she quit her job to be with him. Nicole tells EJ that she killed Sami. She shows him the gun, threatening to kill him. EJ agrees to stay married to her. They decide to pack and leave town. Roman and Abe show up to arrest Nicole for murder, telling her that she will get the electric chair.

At the pub, Phillip wonders how the police knew Nicole killed Sami. Nicole tells him that Lucas called them and ratted her out. He doesn’t things worked out well considering that it was her fantasy. Phillip says he has to get going, and that he hopes that things go better for her in real life. He says goodbye and heads off. Nicole hopes that EJ comes to his senses and she will get her happy ending after all. Just then, EJ strides in, saying that he could strangle her. She asks why he is mad. He tells her not to play innocent. He knows what she did to Sami.


Sami tells Marlena, “Lucas has behaved completely irresponsibly. I have a good mind to go back out there--” Marlena interrupts, “Stop it! Stop it! You sound like a spoiled brat.”

Nicole asks EJ, “Do you realize that Sami has blackmailed almost everyone we know?”

Stefano tells Anna, “Anthony has betrayed me. He will pay.”

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