Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Abe’s office, Abe argues with someone over the phone about the charges against Stefano being dropped. He hangs up, and he and Hope discuss the evidence. Hope doesn’t understand why the charges are being dropped. Abe tiredly explains that Stefano has paid off the right people. He slams his fist on his desk in frustration. Bo rushes in, asking what’s wrong. Abe tells him that it’s over. All the charges against Stefano have been dropped. Bo was sure that had an open-and-shut case. What happened to John pressing charges? Abe says that Roman told him John wasn’t going to do it. He didn’t give an explanation. Bo thought John had more reason than anyone to want to see Stefano behind bars. Hope muses, wondering what could have change his mind.

Outside the pub, Trent calls Melanie and leaves her a message, asking her to return his calls. He flashes back to asking Melanie to sleep with Claude so his gambling debts will be forgiven. Nicole come up just then, asking what he is doing here. Trent says he is meeting John. Nicole hopes that he isn’t going to ask him for money. Trent says he was hoping she ha reconsidered. Nicole says she isn’t giving him a dime. She starts to head inside, but sees Marlena. She suggests Trent talk to the shrink. Maybe she can get him paid to do experiments. She hears they use rats all the time. She huffs into the pub. Trent follows her and heads over to Marlena. He greets her, saying that he doesn’t think a beautiful woman should ever dine alone. He asks if he can join her.

Tony and Anna show up at the DiMera mansion, arguing about an account at the ad agency. Tony says he had to cut Anna’s presentation short because she was putting people to sleep. Anna huffs, saying she had the rapt attention of the company’s owner. Tony thinks he was just looking at her rear end, not that he blames him. They kiss. They head into the living room to find a table set with dishes and wine. Anna thinks Tony arranged it, but he says he didn’t. He thinks the wine on the table is the best in the cellar, so it must be a special occasion. Stefano walks in just then, saying that it is special, and they need to leave. He is entertaining a lady, and she will be here shortly. Anna doesn’t think anyone that would associate with Stefano is much of a lady. Tony wonders who could be foolish enough to date Stefano. Just then Kate comes in, hoping that she isn’t too early.

Abe laments the fact that he has spent his entire career trying to bring Stefano to justice, and he slips through his fingers every time. When he thinks of the fact that Stefano is living a comfortable life after all the pain he has caused people, it just makes him sick. Bo understands how Abe feels, but he wonders if something else is going on with him. Abe says he feels out of control at both work and home. Abe sighs, saying that he can’t seem to help his son, and he can’t take it. He looks up to see Lexie standing in the doorway.

Marlena tells Trent that she isn’t looking for company. Trent thought that they had a nice conversation the day before about where her life was headed. He asks if she has made any decisions, and she says she is getting a divorce. Trent is sure John isn’t happy about it. He lost her and he’ll have to pay a hefty settlement. Marlena rolls her eyes, saying she doesn’t care about John’s money. She just wants her freedom and a chance to start over.

Stefano greets Kate and kisses her. Tony can’t believe this. Anna thinks that Kate should have tried speed dating if she was this lonely. Tony demands to know if Stefano forced her to come here. Stefano tells them both not to be ridiculous. He and Kate are old friends. Right now they have a lot of catching up to do, so he wants Anna and Tony to leave. Tony says they aren’t going anywhere.

Hope and Lexie greet each other, and agree to have dinner together soon. Hope asks Bo to help her make some phone calls for Steve in relation to the Robbins case. They head out and Lexie apologizes to Abe. She tells him not to feel helpless. She thinks Theo is making progress. Abe isn’t so sure. He feels frustrated and overworked. Lexie agrees that they have too much juggling what with work and their family. Abe suggests a vacation, but Lexie doesn’t think it will work. She doesn’t want to disrupt Theo’s regular schedule. Abe reminds her that they can only go on like this for so long. Just then Lexie’s phone rings. She answers and gasps, saying that she thought the meeting was the next day.

Trent brings Marlena some coffee, but she says she already has tea. He thinks she is being frosty, and she asks when was the last time he spoke with his son. Trent sighs, saying that everyone has problems with their children--even her. She says that her life and children are not a topic of conversation. Trent suggests she stop casting stones, then. Outside, John comes up and see them talking through the window.

Stefano tells Tony not to make a scene in front of their guest. He pulls Stefano aside and asks what his intentions are by having Kate here. He’s not leaving until he knows what Stefano is up to. Stefano bursts into laughter. Anna tells Kate that she didn’t know she and Stefano were so chummy. Kate tells Anna that they have always been civil. She is sure that Stefano wants something, but she knows better than to ask questions. She assures Anna that she can take care of herself. Stefano yells at Tony for expecting to be apprised of his social calendar. Anna urges Tony to leave, saying that Stefano won’t tell him anything. They head off, but listen in outside the door. Stefano thanks Kate for coming, and tells her how nice it is to see a friendly face. He tells her that all the charges against him have been dropped, and he is now a free man. He proposes a toast to new beginnings and to both of them. Tony wonders what kind of game Stefano is playing. He says they have to find out what Stefano is up to, but Anna is sure that Kate can take care of herself. Besides, Stefano probably just wanted a dinner companion. Tony isn’t so sure. Kate is their friend, and Stefano always has an ulterior motive. They have to find out what that is. Anna thinks she has an idea.

Nicole comes outside the pub to talk to John. She asks him if he was able to use the information she gave him about Trent, but John say his gambling problems won’t help him unless he ends up in jail. Nicole says he has to do something. She doesn’t want to see Marlena get hurt. She confesses to John that she thinks Trent is more dangerous than Stefano. No one knows what he is capable of, and she knows he will do anything to get what he wants. John thinks that he needs to be stopped. He storms into the pub, grabs Trent by his collar and knocks him out. Marlena gasps.

Stefano and Kate talk about her new business, and Stefano congratulates her for bouncing back after all of her troubles with the SEC. he has always admired her ability to rise from the ashes. Kate says she has to thank Tony for the fabulous ad campaign. He has a keen eye for what consumers want. Just then, Anna and Tony come in with aprons on and trays in their hands. Anna explains that Cook threw his back out, so they will be serving dinner tonight. Stefano says they can leave now, but Tony says they need to stick around to make sure everything is to their satisfaction. Stefano apologizes to Kate, saying that they will have to put up with these idiotic antics in order to enjoy their meal. Kate says it’s fine, as she would love to have Anna wait on her hand and foot. Anna chuckles, mouthing ‘you owe me’ to Tony.

Lexie asks the person on the other end if they can reschedule her meeting. She hangs up, telling Abe that she swore her meeting was the next day. Abe soothes her, reminding her how busy she has been lately. Lexie sighs, saying how much pressure she is sunder. Everything seems to be going wrong. Abe hugs her and reassures her.

John kicks Trent as Marlena yells at him to stop. John sinks to the ground, seemingly in pain. Marlena goes over to him, concerned, and asks what’s wrong. John snaps at her, wondering why she is looking at him like that.

Stefano thanks Anna and Tony for dinner, and tells them they can go. Anna suggests dessert, or a game of scrabble, but Stefano isn’t in the mood. He needs to discuss business with Kate. Tony and Anna head off, and Tony tells Kate to scream if she needs anything. Stefano apologizes for their antics, and Kate say it’s fine. She and Tony are friends, and she did enjoy needling Anna. Stefano is glad, but says that it’s now time to get down to business. He has a proposal to make.

Trent stumbles to his feet, saying that he is going to call the police. Marlena asks John what he was thinking. He sulks, saying that he asked her to stay away from Trent, but he didn’t listen. Marlena says she will not be his wife for very much longer. She tried hard to love him, thinking that her husband was somewhere inside him, but now she knows that just isn’t so. In fact, she thinks he is just like Stefano. He doesn’t love her. He just wants to control her, just like he wants to control shipping in the town. She tells him to stay the hell away from her. John throws some money on the bar for the damage to the pub. Trent asks about the damage to his face as John strides off. Marlena tells Trent that she knows he isn’t innocent in this. They don’t have a relationship, and he is to stop pretending that they do. If not, she will rearrange his face. Trent winces.

Abe rubs Lexie’s back and tries to soothe her, but Lexie is inconsolable. She worries about how many mistakes she has been making, and tries to understand why other mothers seem to easily juggle career and family. Abe reminds her that she is doing a great job, and that no one is perfect. Lexie says she wants to be perfect. Right now she feels like a failure. Abe tells her that isn’t true, and offers to cut back on his work hours to help her out. Lexie refuses. He has worked too hard to sacrifice his career now. She will just have to try to figure out a way to balance everything. Just then, her phone rings. Lexie checks the caller ID and curses.

Hope and Bo race to find out who Trent’s wife is. Hope finds the information first, but think she must have gotten an address instead. The name “Misty Circle” came up. Bo thinks that name sounds familiar.

Kate didn’t think Stefano was interested in Hearth and Home. Stefano says he was thinking of a more intimate proposal. He wants Kate to be his wife. Kate gapes. Outside, listening in, Tony and Anna gasp. Stefano tells Kate that he adores her, and always has. He thinks they should ‘merge.’

Bo and Hope learn that Trent was married to a porn star named Misty Circle. Hope notes that she starred in a film called “Locker Room Lolita” and demands to know how Bo recognizes her name. Bo smirks, saying that he is related to her.

Nicole meets John outside and says she saw what happened. She hopes it isn’t because of what she said. John walks off.

Trent tells Marlena that he could press charges. Marlena says she wouldn’t advise it. She just thinks Trent needs to stay away from John, her and the Bradys. She knows what she did to Max, and she doesn’t think he is remorseful. Nicole cheers Marlena on from outside. Suddenly, she gags and rushes off to be sick.

Tony can’t believe this. Anna thumps Tony on the arm, telling him he shouldn’t have served so much wine with dinner. Tony wonders what Stefano hopes to gain by marrying Kate. Anna doesn’t think she could possibly accept. She would have to be insane. Meanwhile, Kate tells Stefano that she is shocked. Stefano knows proposals like this don’t come along everyday. He asks if she is seeing anyone. Kate says she isn’t. Stefano thinks she should be able to accept his offer, in that case.

Lexie tells Abe that she has been summoned to appear before the hospital board. They’re going to review her role in what happened in the lock down. Abe reminds her that they have friends on the board. He can make a couple of calls. Lexie tells him that she wants to handle this on her own. He tells her she has his support. They hug.

Bo tells Hope that Misty Circle was his step-mother. Hope gasps. Trent is married to Nicole? Bo nods.

Kate tells Stefano that she has always been grateful for his friendship, but he cant expect to drop a bombshell like this and get an immediate answer. Stefano tells her that he had a lot of time to think while he was in a coma. One of the many things he decided is that he wants her. Kate asks if he loves her. Stefano says that he wants to spend whatever time he has left on this earth with her by his side. Kate asks about Marlena. Is he willing to give Marlena up in favor of marring her? Stefano says he still has special plans for Marlena. Tony and Anna gape.

Nicole stumbles back to the pub, cursing Caroline’s chowder. She must have had bad clams. She sees Trent and Marlena talking, and she grimaces, saying that John should have finished him off. Nicole gags again and walks off.

Marlena stomps away from Trent, and he mutters that she shouldn’t have messed with him. Outside, Marlena wonders to herself what is wrong with John.

At a shooting range, John loads a handgun and takes aim. He says, “I won’t let you win, even if it means I have to kill you.” He fires.


Nicole tells Phillip, “I want to kill Sami Brady.” He asks, “Haven’t you been saying that for the last ten years?”

Back in the film noir scenes, Nicole tells EJ, “I don’t mind paying for my toys, but once I own them I don’t like to share.” Later, Sami says, “I made a mistake.” Nicole strangles her and shrieks, “Did you ever!”

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