Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/11/08


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In their hotel room in France, Stephanie and Chelsea gape at Max. Stephanie can’t believe that Max has threatened to kill his own father. Max fills them both in on Trent, his debts, and how he tried to use Melanie to pay them off. He explains that Claude was Trent’s friend, and had always admired Melanie, even as a young girl. Stephanie grimaces, saying that Trent is disgusting for trying to pimp out his own daughter. Max nods, saying that now she can understand why he deserves to die.

Phillip and Morgan kiss at the pub. Morgan breaks it off, saying that she doesn’t like to show affection in public, and Phillip suggests they go somewhere a little more private. Morgan scoffs, finding it hard to believe that Phillip would use such a cheesy line. She finally agrees to give their relationship another shot, but she wants Phillip to take things slow. Phillip responds by asking her to go away with him for a few days. Morgan says she can’t, as she has a new internship--with Phillip’s mother. Kate walks by just then and yelps, “Excuse me?!”

Marlena comes to the DiMera mansion to meet John, wondering what he wants. He explains that she left something and holds up a ponytail holder. Marlena wonders if that is the real reason he called her over here. John admits that he had more to talk about. It’s about Trent Robbins. He doesn’t want her to see him anymore.

Kate groans when she remembers that she gave Chris permission to hire her new intern. Phillip pulls her aside and asks her not to make a big deal about this. Kate huffs and tells Phillip that he can take her on as an intern if he likes her so much. Phillip manages to convince her that Morgan is smart and hard-working, and Kate heads back over to the table, asking if Morgan can start Monday. Phillip says no, as they plan on going away for a few days. Morgan cuts him off, saying that she would love to start as soon as possible. Phillip insists, saying that it’s only a week. Morgan tells Phillip that she doesn’t think them going away together right now is a good idea. Victor walks over and agrees. He doesn’t want Phillip going anywhere right now.

Trent joins Nicole at a nearby table. He makes small talk and points out Victor, slyly telling Nicole that he has never met him. Nicole tells him that she knows what this is about, and he’s on his own. She’s not giving him a dime.

Stephanie begs Max to let the police handle this, and Chelsea agrees. Max reminds them of Ford Decker and says that this is just like that. Chelsea disagrees. She thinks Melanie brought this on herself by being a party girl. Max tells Chelsea that she is out of line. Just then, Melanie comes in, telling Max to lay off, and that the girls are probably right about her. She’s lucky Nick showed up when he did. Chelsea doesn’t think Nick was so lucky. Melanie tells Max that she has thought about it, and has come to say goodbye. Their paths will probably cross again someday, but she is heading off to visit friends in Italy for now. Max begs her not to go. Melanie says her mind is made up, and begs him not to make this harder than it already is. She says she’s going to see Nick and leaves. Chelsea scoffs, wondering if Nick even wants to see her.

Marlena tells John that she never said she was seeing Trent. He asks if she has agreed to go out with him. She doesn’t think her personal life is any of his business. She asks what problem John has with him, but all he can say is that Trent rubs him the wrong way. Marlena thinks that John is just jealous. She pursued him for months, and he enjoyed being in control. Now that she has moved on, he has lost her, and he can’t stand it. John says this isn’t about that at all. He knows Trent, and he doesn’t trust him. Marlena doesn’t buy it, saying that he just doesn’t want her to date other men.

Victor pulls Phillip outside and tells him that he can’t go anywhere right now because of work. Phillip explains that he just pulled in a new account and updated all of their facilities. He thinks he deserves a break. Victor snaps, reminding him that he didn’t get where he is by taking breaks. He handed the reins over to Phillip because he thought he could handle the commitment. If that isn’t so, then he needs to know now.

Morgan talks to Kate about Hearth and Home, complimenting her on the website and personalized products. Kate glares, telling her not to brown-nose, as she already has the job. Kate leans over and hacks and coughs. Morgan asks if she is alright.

Nick’s nurse finishes bandaging his wound and leaves as Melanie comes in. She jokes about the woman giving Nick a sponge bath, and then gets serious. She apologizes for getting him into this mess and thanks him for taking a bullet for her. Nick laughs it off, saying he always wanted a bullet wound to show the ladies. He thinks it might give him street credentials. Melanie laughs, trying to imagine Nick as a gangster.

Max packs as Stephanie tries to talk some sense into him. She explains that Max will go to jail if he hurts Trent. She knows he is worried about his sister, but she just doesn’t think Trent is worth doing jail time. She tells Max how much she cares about him, and how she couldn’t stand to lose him. Max says that he cares for her, too, and they kiss.

Trent tells Nicole that she can afford to help him out. He knows Victor is Salem’s own Donald Trump. Nicole says she didn’t get as much money as Trent thinks she did. He disagrees, and she asks him how much debt he is in. He admits that he owes around twenty thousand dollars. Nicole explodes, knowing that he racked up those debts gambling. She wonders when he will ever learn, and suggests he max out his own credit cards taking care of it. Trent swears that he has exhausted his last resources. He begs for her help.

Victor reminds Phillip of when he was a kid, and how he used to play golf all day. Victor always admired how well Phillip was able to immerse himself in things that interested him, which is why Victor wants Phillip to do the same with Titan. There will be time for women and vacations later. Phillip wonders if it is possible to have it all--a family and a career. He then says he sometimes wishes Victor and his mother were together. Victor asks why and he says one reason is her cough. Victor vows to talk to her about getting tested. Phillip admits the other reason he is worried about Kate is personal, but he can’t say. He tells Victor to talk to his god-son Daniel about it. He thought he was a good guy, but he was wrong. Phillip huffs off.

Kate continues to hack, and Morgan suggests that she go to the hospital. Kate says that she was able to get Kayla to prescribe her some antibiotics. She says that she plans on going back for tests in a few days, but will be popping pills for now. She asks Morgan not to worry Phillip about this, and Morgan agrees. Just then, Victor comes in, telling Kate that they have to talk.

Melanie asks to look at Nicks’ bullet wound and he complies. She thinks it looks pretty bad. He thought she thought it was sexy. Melanie tells him that she came to say goodbye, as she is going to visit some friends in Milan. Nick wishes he could be ore like her and fly by the seat of his pants. He tends to be more cautious. They talk about Chelsea, and he admits that they dated for a while. Melanie thinks Chelsea was stupid to dump him, but she’s glad she did. Now she can do this. She leans in and kisses Nick just as Chelsea walks in and sees them.

John tells Marlena that he isn’t jealous or controlling. He just doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Marlena starts to leave, and he asks if she is giving up on them. She says John gave up on them a long time ago. When he destroyed that disc, he destroyed the chance of becoming the man he used to be, as well as the chance they might ever get back together. John admits that that was a mistake, but he can’t fix it. Marlena wonders if he considers Ava to be a mistake, too. She asks if they slept together, even though John was married. John doesn’t say anything. She takes his silence to mean ‘yes’ and stomps off.

Morgan asks Phillip if he spilled the beans about Daniel and Kate, but he says Victor figured it out for himself. She says she feels sorry for Chelsea, but Phillip thinks she will bounce back. He asks about the hearts Morgan has broken, and she tells him about a water polo player she met at the grocery store. Phillip calls her bluff, and she admits that Max was the last guy she dated, but he dumped her since he had a thing for Stephanie. Phillip asks if that was weird for her, but she says she is ok with it now. Max just wasn’t the right guy for her.

Nearby, Victor lays into Kate for sleeping with Daniel. She tells him that she already feels badly enough. It was just something that happened. Victor fumes, saying that Chelsea took off on his jet because she was so upset. Kate tells him that she went to France. Victor explodes. Kate hurriedly explains that she went because Max and Stephanie are there, but Victor is sure she had to leave the country to get as far away from Kate and Daniel as possible.

Melanie finishes kissing Nick and tells him he’s cute and a good kisser. She knows he will make some girl very happy someday. She heads off, saying goodbye, and that she hopes they meet up again one day. Chelsea slinks after Melanie leaves and Nick asks how she is, saying that he heard what happened with Daniel. Chelsea pouts, saying that she deserves what happened to her after the way she treated Nick.

Trent threatens to go talk to Victor if Nicole won’t pony up the money. Nicole tells him to go ahead. Then she will lose her money, and they’ll both be broke. Luckily for her, her being poor won’t end up with her being found in the Salem river. Trent huffs over to Victor and introduces himself. Nicole scurries over, tells Victor that she knows he is busy and apologizes. She grabs Trent’s arm and pulls him away. Victor wonders what the hell that was about.

Morgan asks Phillip about Chloe, and he tells her that they weren’t ever really together. Besides, she is with Lucas now, and Phillip thinks they are well-suited for each other. Morgan wonders if that is weird for him, since Lucas is his brother. Phillip says it isn’t now that he has realized that Chloe isn’t the right woman for him.

Stephanie tells Max hat she can’t wait to get home as Max continues to pack angrily. Stephanie asks if he is still planning to go after Trent. She vows not to let him do this, and tells him how huge of a mistake he is making. Melanie walks in just then, telling Max that he ought to listen to Stephanie.

John reminds Marlena that she was the one that encouraged him to see Ava. Marlena flashes back to telling John to take a chance with Ava and see how it works out. John tells her that he did what she asked. He explored his options with Ava, and they didn’t pan out. Marlena accuses him of only not being with Ava because she left town. Marlena isn’t so sure he would want her back if Ava were still in the picture. For once, she is going o put herself first. She tells John that she isn’t trying to hurt him, but she doesn’t think they are good together anymore. She leaves.

Trent is glad that Nicole sees that he means business. Nicole tells him to get real. He never would have said anything to Victor because he needs her more than she needs him. Trent asks what she wants out of this. Nicole says she wants a divorce. Trent whines that he needs the money before he can arrange that. Nicole says that is too bad. John calls Trent just then, saying that they need to talk.

Chelsea wonders aloud if something is wrong with him. Nick insists that nothing is wrong with her. In fact, he thinks that she is perfect. Chelsea continues to lament her boyfriend woes. She can’t understand why she can’t keep a man, and suggests she give them up all together. Nick assures her that there is a guy out there for her that is perfect for her. Chelsea asks if he has his eye on anyone, and he guesses she saw Melanie kissing him. Chelsea warns Nick to stay away from her, as she is trouble. Nick assures Chelsea that he will probably never see the girl again.

Melanie tells Max that killing their dad isn’t going to solve anything. Stephanie agrees. Max asks them not to gang up on him. Melanie thinks that Max might need his kid sister around to look after him and stop him from doing anything stupid. She thinks she might need to come back to Salem with them after all.


Trent tells Marlena, "All parents have issues with their children. I know you do." She replies, "My life is not a topic of conversation. Neither are my children."

Nicole tells John, "I say Trent is more dangerous than Stefano because no one realizes what he’s capable of."

Stefano tells Kate, "I'd like to make a toast. To new beginnings. To us."

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