Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In France, the paramedics work on Nick as Chelsea and Melanie stand nearby. They say that Nick will be fine, but he was very lucky. One of the police officers tell Nick that she needs to know everything that happened. Nick says he can’t talk about it.

At the pub, Morgan has coffee. Phillip comes over, asking if he can join her. She flatly refuses. He says he is sorry about what happened to her father. Had he known she would be this upset, he never would have threatened him. He wants to start over. Morgan can’t believe he is acting as if this isn’t that big of a deal. Phillip says he knows how hard this is, but he’s sorry to see them lose what they had because of this. Morgan scoffs. He is acting like the great tragedy here is that they lost their friendship. Her father is behind bars, and Phillip helped put him there.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas and Chloe admire Allie and how beautiful she is while she sleeps. Lucas suspects that she might miss her mom, and that is why she has been so fussy. Chloe wonders what they do now. Lucas moves in for a kiss, saying he is ready to spend some alone time with her.

Nicole shows up at the DiMera mansion, asking EJ if they can talk. He thought she said she had nothing more to say to him. Nicole admits that she needs him as her lawyer, but nothing else. EJ sighs. He can’t help but be attracted to her. It’s biology. Sami walks in as Nicole tells EJ that this is a matter of pride and dignity. She refuses to be with him as long as he has feelings for Sami. Sami storms in, saying she didn’t know Nicole knew the meaning of the words. She lays into EJ, asking what he is doing talking to Nicole when he should be fighting for their daughter. EJ chuckles. That’s quite the flip-flop. Allie as always been Lucas’ daughter, until it suits Sami for her to be his. Sami thought that EJ loved Allie as much as he loved Johnny--or was he lying about that, too? EJ says she can’t keep manipulating him this way. Sami claims that she is just scared sick for her daughter, who has never been away from her. She doesn’t want that phony slut Chloe anywhere near Allie. Nicole wonders how Sami really feels. Sami asks EJ for his help getting Allie back. EJ rubs his eyes tiredly. Nicole tells Sami that she and EJ are having a discussion, so Sami needs to take her custody woes elsewhere. Sami glares.

Lucas and Chloe get hot and heavy in the outdoor shower. She thinks this might be her new favorite thing. She hands Lucas the soap, and he washes her back, saying she has to do his next. Suddenly, Allie wails. Lucas puts the soap down and sighs.

Morgan can’t believe that she has to explain this to Phillip once again. Her father could be in jail for the rest of his life. Phillip says that this is Paul and John’s fault if she is looking for someone to blame. Phillip says he refuses to admit to something he had nothing to do with. Just then, his phone rings. It’s Daniel, wanting Phillip to come down to the hospital. It’s about Kate. Phillip hangs up and tells Morgan, asking her to come with him. Morgan hopes Kate will be ok, but isn’t so sure about coming. Phillip shrugs helplessly. There was something in Daniels’ voice. He didn’t like it. He begs her to come. She agrees and they leave the pub.

The officer asks Melanie what happened. She folds her arms and remains silent. Max explodes, asking Nick and Melanie to start talking. Obviously something serious happened here, because Nick got shot. Nick says he is fine, and just wants to let this go. The officer says they can’t do that. Chelsea stomps over to Melanie saying she can’t believe her. Nick just got shot for her, and she sits back here and sulks? Melanie asks who she is. Chelsea glowers, saying that she will find out soon. Stephanie comes over to run interference, telling Chelsea to lay off Melanie. Chelsea refuses. It’s clear Max got all of the character in the family. Melanie shrieks at Chelsea, yelling that she doesn’t know what she is talking about and calling her a bitch. The officer takes Melanie off for questioning, and Stephanie goes with her. Chelsea heads back over to Nick, asking if he is protecting Melanie. Nick claims that she isn’t to blame. Chelsea huffs. He is half-bleeding to death and she is the victim? Nick says it isn’t that bad as the paramedics take him off to the hospital. He asks Chelsea to come visit and leaves. Chelsea can’t believe that Nick got shot because of Max’s sister. He asks her not to jump to conclusions. Besides, Nick says nothing happened, and he has a reason for saying so, They have to respect that. Chelsea guesses there is something going on between Nick and Melanie and asks Max what it is.

Sami thinks Nicole needs to get a life and stop worrying about her problems. Nicole says she does have more free time than Sami, but her schedule should be clearing up now that an ex-con is sharing custody of her daughter. Sami fumes. Nicole adds that she is sure Lucas and Chloe are taking care of Allie, since she and Chloe are friends. Sami wonders what they have in common besides hating her. Nicole retorts that not everything is about Sami. EJ tells both of them to get the hell out and give him some peace. Nicole says they need to talk, but EJ says it will have to wait. Sami demands he help her with Allie, but EJ refuses. She has to share custody with Allie’s father, which is fair. There is no reason for her to be so outraged. Besides, he was not put on her this earth to fix her problems, or Nicole’s. He huffs off, muttering that he has problems of his own to deal with. Sami wonders what those could be, saying that it can’t be that bad. EJ explodes, yelling that she is the one being cavalier about his problems. He has a war against John and his father on his hands right now. He doesn’t have time to deal with either of them. He tells them both to relax and leave him out of this. Sami says that she is going to go save her daughter by herself, so he can stay here and worry about his petty little issues. EJ yells at her not to do anything stupid. The judge has made a ruling, and she has no choice but to adhere to it. Sami insists that Allie is in trouble, and will be too scared without her to deal. EJ tries to reassure her, but Sami storms off. Nicole tells EJ to keep his day job, as the Dr. Phil stuff isn’t working out for him.

Chloe struggles with a fussy Allie. Lucas comes in and takes her, and she quiets down a little. Chloe wonders if she is sick. Lucas doesn’t think so, as she has no symptoms. He thinks she is just scared in a new place and missing her mom. Chloe thinks life without Sami is an adjustment, bur she thinks Allie will learn that life is a lot calmer without her. He just has to give her time. Allie shrieks.

Phillip and Morgan continue to argue about her father. Phillip tells her that Paul chose to get in the middle of Phillip’s war with John. If he loved her half as much as he said he did, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in so deep. Phillip thinks that Paul is weak, and that’s why he is in jail right now. Morgan wonders why he even cares about all of this. Phillip tells her that he wants them to work through this. Kate walks up, saying that she can’t believe Phillip is with Morgan again. She asks what the hell is wrong with him.

Max wonders why Chelsea cares about Melanie and Nick. Chelsea says that she still cares about Nick as a friend, just like Max. That is why she came over here to help him. Max tells her she can help by laying off Melanie. Chelsea agrees. She sighs, saying that she can tell how badly she hurt Nick. She guesses she blew her chance with him. Max heard about her and Daniel breaking up. He says he is sorry, and Chelsea says she is, too. She wonders why things can’t be more simple for both of them. Max hugs her, saying that he wish he knew.

Kate tells Phillip that him being with Morgan isn’t a good idea right now. Morgan agrees, telling Kate that she and Phillip are no longer together, and never will be again. She stomps off. Kate asks Phillip if he hasn’t had enough to do with the Hollingsworth family. Phillip says he is just interested in Morgan, not her family, and Kate is being overprotective. She wonders why he is here, and he tells her about Daniel calling. Kate insists she is fine, and changes the subject, begging Phillip not to make a mistake with that girl. Phillip explodes. When it comes to him and Lucas, no woman has ever been good enough for her.

Lucas calms Allie as Chloe comes out from another room. He tells Chloe how glad he is to have gotten joint custody, and thinks it may be hard for the first few nights, but Allie will get used to being with him. Chloe asks if she can take over, since Allie is just fussy, and Lucas agrees, heading off to chop more firewood. As soon as he leaves, Allie starts wailing. Chloe tries singing a lullaby, and Allie falls asleep.

EJ comes back into the quiet living room and rejoices. He notices Allie’s bear is missing and curses. Nicole comes back, wondering what’s wrong. EJ tells her that Allie’s favorite bear is missing, so that means Sami went up to the Horton cabin. It’s going to look terrible that she is interfering with Lucas’ custody his first weekend with Allie. He rushes off to stop Sami. Nicole groans.

Stephanie and Melanie come back with the officer, and Stephanie heads over to Chelsea, asking about Nick. Chelsea says that he can have visitors in an hour, so they head off to the hotel to change and go over to the hospital. Max pulls Melanie aside, asking how she is. He can’t believe that Trent would pimp out his own daughter to get rid of his gambling debts. Melanie says she doesn’t want to talk about it, she just wants to get back to her real life. They agree to keep in touch, even though they live in different countries. Max hugs her, and Melanie says that they ought to go check on Nick. She hopes he will forgive her. Max thinks he will, as Nick is a good guy. He heads over to talk to the police officer. Melanie gets a text message from Trent, asking if she is ok. She throws the phone across the room and bursts into tears.

Phillip and Kate argue over whether or not she has been supportive of her son’s romantic relationships. Daniel comes over, and Kate lays into him, asking why he called her son down here to worry needlessly. Daniel was hoping Phillip could talk some sense into Kate and get her to have an x-ray taken. Kate thinks she is fine, and just needs antibiotics, but Daniel insists. Phillip agrees, telling her that she needs to listen to the doctor. Kate coughs miserably, insisting that she’s ok.

Chloe discovers that she still has shampoo in her hair and asks Allie if she will be ok for a minute. Allie is quiet. Chloe heads out to the shower to finish rinsing her hair. Just as she leaves, Sami comes in through the other door and greets Allie. She looks around for Lucas and gasps, asking Allie if he and Chloe left her here all alone.

Phillip pulls Kate aside and asks why she is fighting Daniel about this x-ray. Kate changes the subject, telling Phillip that she was wrong to interfere in his love life. Phillip says that isn’t the issue here. Kate says that since she isn’t going to interfere in his life, he should show her the same respect. Phillip says he isn’t going to back off when it comes to her physical health. Kate again changes the subject, saying that Morgan has problems. Phillip groans, saying that he cares about Morgan whether Kate likes it or not. Just then, Morgan comes around the corner and overhears them. Phillip say that her problems are his problems, too. Kate admits that she shouldn’t be giving advice on love, since she has come up empty in that department so many times. She stares at Daniel. Phillip whirls around and gapes. He asks if they were together. Daniel looks guilty.

Back at the hotel, Chelsea wonders why she came here. She feels like she is just getting in the way. Stephanie urges her to talk about why she came. She knows that Chelsea and Daniel just broke up, and she needs to talk about it. Chelsea tells Stephanie about Kate and Daniel sleeping together, and how she couldn’t get over that. Stephanie asks if her coming here has anything to do with her wanting to get back together with Nick.

Sami holds Allie, telling her that she came all this way to bring her her teddy bear. EJ comes in behind her, asking if that is what she is going to tell the judge. He tells Sami to put Allie down. They need to get out of here before something bad happens. Sami fumes. She isn’t leaving her daughter alone with Lucas ever again.

Nicole gets on the phone, telling someone that she wants to report a possible kidnapping.

Phillip can’t seem to wrap his around this. Kate says she is leaving and huffs off. Phillip says he can see why Daniel is so worried now. Daniel says that it’s more complicated that that. Phillip thinks it’s dysfunctional and disloyal, considering everything Victor has done for him. Daniel didn’t see being with Kate as being disloyal to Victor. He says he is sorry for hurting Kate and Chelsea. Phillip asks if she knows. Daniel says she left him, and Phillip thinks that was a smart move. Daniel heads off to get back to work. Morgan comes over, saying she couldn’t help but overhear and that she’s sorry. She puts her hand over Phillip’s.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she and Nick are over. She didn’t come here to get back together with him. Just then, Max storms in and starts angrily packing. Stephanie asks where Melanie is, and he says she is down at the police station. Stephanie asks what’s next. Max says they are going home, and when they get there, he is going to kill his father.

EJ tries to talk Sami out of leaving with Allie. Lucas and Chloe are probably just in the other room, and the baby is fine. He says he can’t believe she came up here to kidnap her own child. Sami says that he is being ridiculous. She came up here to give Allie her bear and to see her, and that’s all. She wants sole custody, but she is going through the proper channels to get it. EJ isn’t convinced, and Sami again insists that she just wanted to make sure her daughter was ok. Lucas comes in just then, telling Sami that Allie is fine. If she doesn’t get the hell away from her though, she’s never going to see her again.

Phillip rants and raves about Kate, Chelsea and Daniel as he and Morgan walk down near the pier. He stops, saying that he has to stop being so protective of his mother. He is going to let this go for now, since he and Morgan have more important things to discuss. Morgan doesn’t want to, but Phillip thinks they could be so good together. He kisses her.

Sami chastises Lucas for leaving Allie alone. He wonders if she came up here to kidnap Allie. He tells Sami to put her down. Sam refuses. He yells at her, saying that if she thinks she is taking his daughter out of here, she’s dead wrong. Chloe comes in, asking what’s going on. Sami lays into her for leaving the baby alone, and Chloe explains that she had to rinse shampoo out of hair. Lucas thinks that could have waited. Just then, the cops come in, looking for Sami. They received a call saying that was violating her custody agreement. Sami scoffs. The officer tells Sami to hand the child to her father and to come with them. Lucas tells Sami that she’s done a great job today. Now he is one step closer to being granted sole custody.


Stephanie asks Max, “He pimped out his own daughter?” He replies, “Now maybe you understand why he deserves to die.”

John tells Marlena, “I don’t think it’s a good idea that you see Trent Robbins.”

Melanie kisses Nick as Chelsea comes in and sees them.

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