Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Steve talks to Kayla on the phone about Joe’s checkup, and the fact that he gained a pound. Kayla, who is at the hospital, thanks him, telling him how happy she is that he opened the P.I. firm so she could cut back on her hours. He tells her that he would do anything for his family, and then wonders where Stephanie is. He explains to Kayla that Stephanie promised to come home after he told her Trent was looking for her and Max. Kayla knows that Trent is just worried about Max finding his sister. This has nothing to do with Stephanie. Steve says that he is still worried, and plans on calling Stephanie to see what’s going on. Kayla tells him to go ahead, but she has to go, as her patient has arrived. She hangs up and heads over to greet Kate, who coughs and apologetically explains that it’s probably nothing. Kayla takes her into a cubicle.

Lucas brings Allie into the Horton cabin, telling her how excited he is to split time with her with her mom. He hopes she comes to love the Horton cabin, since it is so important to their family. He thinks she will have some great memories her. Just then, Chloe stumbles in with some luggage, groaning about being seasick. Lucas offers to go get her some medicine from the bathroom and hands Allie off to her. Chloe holds her awkwardly and grimaces.

Steve calls Stephanie and leaves her a message, telling her that she needs to tell them when her plans change and asking her to call. Steve hangs up and calls Hope, asking her if she can pull up any information on Trent Robbins.

In France, Max and Stephanie come back to their hotel room. Stephanie says they’ve looked everywhere, and that Melanie must have skipped town. Max is frustrated, saying that he barely got to know her. What if he never sees her again? Stephanie sure that she is fine. She’s resourceful. So Stephanie isn’t worried. Max isn’t so sure. He had almost talked her into coming back to the States with him. Stephanie thinks he might have scared her off. Max insists that he just cares about Melanie. Stephanie thinks she is an independent girl that probably wants to stay that way. Max thinks they should call the cops, but Stephanie nixes the plan. They’ve ran into the cops too many times already. Plus Melanie has only been gone for a few hours. Just then, Nick calls Max, telling him that he has found Melanie. Max asks where he is, but he loses the call before Nick can say. Just as he hangs up, Chelsea knocks at the door.

Melanie is staying on a friend’s yacht at the Marina. She speaks to one of her friends on the phone about the fabulous parties and lush accommodations, and hangs up to take a call from Trent. She assumes that he must be in trouble and lays into him for gambling away so much money. Trent tells her not to lecture him and explains that his friend Claude is attending a party on the Marchand’s yacht, and will forgive Trent’s debts in exchange for one drink with Melanie. He thinks that Claude is doing him a huge favor, which is more than he can say for her. Melanie explodes, accusing him of being a liar and not telling her about her brother. Trent tells her not to get an attitude with him. He has seen her website, and she looks like a slut. He has always tried to protect her, but she wanted her freedom. She tells him to tell his friend to go to hell. She isn’t for sale. She hangs up and throws the phone, saying that she has to get out of here. Just then, Nick knocks and comes in. She wonders how he found her, and is impressed he tracked her down. She tells him that he has to go, as she’s going to a party. Nick says that he will go with her. Max is so worried about her Why did she disappear like that? Melanie, scared now, says that he has to get out here. Just then, a man comes in, telling Nick that Melanie is repaying a debt. He punches Nick and knocks him out. Melanie shrieks.

At the hospital, another doctor talks to Daniel about playing racquetball. He heads off and Daniel opens his phone. The screen has a picture of Chelsea. Daniel sighs.

Stephanie can’t believe Chelsea is here. She says that’s one of the perks of having a grandfather with a jet. She asks Max about Melanie, and he admits that she is screwed up, but has a good heart. He tells them that he has got to try to trace Nick’s call and heads off. Stephanie kisses him, telling him to be careful. Stephanie asks what’s going on with Chelsea, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to hear the real story on Melanie. Stephanie tells her that she’s trouble and all they’ve been doing since they got here is rescue her. She’s a liar, cheater and thief, and she’s a gold-digger. Chelsea can’t believe Max doesn’t see it. Stephanie thinks he just wants to see the good in everyone. Problem is that now Melanie has disappeared. Nick called, saying he found her, but they have no clue where they are. Stephanie is sure that whatever is going on, Melanie is probably in trouble again.

Hope meets Steve at the pub, saying she ran a background check on Trent, who had the last name ‘Becker’ for a while. Hope explains that there isn’t much to say. He seems like a good professor. He has taught at most of the prestigious universities in the States and some in Europe, too. He’s married, but there aren’t any details. Steve asks how that can be as Nicole comes in. She sits near them at the bar as Hope tells Steve that Trent checked ‘married’ on a form. She asks Steve to give her time, and she can get a name for him. Steve thanks her. Perhaps if they can find Trent’s wife, they can find out why he is so hell-bent on keeping Max away from Melanie. Nicole glances across the room, where Trent is sitting, and her eyes widen in fear.

Melanie asks the man what he thinks he is doing. She crouches near Nick and looks him over. The man throws a dress at her, telling her to put it on. He will be here soon. Melanie doesn’t care. Nick is bleeding, and he needs help. They can’t just leave him here. The man pulls a gun and tell her to get dressed--now.

Lucas comes out from another room, telling Chloe that Allie went right to sleep. Chloe is worried that she would cry earlier when they were alone, and Lucas assures her that they will get used to one another. That is what this weekend is all about in part. Chloe flips through a photo album and Lucas and she look at old pictures and laugh. Lucas talks about the day that he found out he was a Horton and how happy he was to be accepted into such a large family. Lucas is glad to be able to come up her and relax and do nothing. Chloe asks him if he really wants to do nothing. Lucas leans in for a kiss, thinking that they need to do something, after all.

Morgan meets up with Kate’s rather flamboyant assistant, Chris, outside the pub. He tells her how gorgeous she is and she offers to tell him something about herself. Chris says there is no need. He did a web search after Anna recommended her and knows all about her. He giggles, saying he loves doing things like that. It makes him feels like Harriet the spy. Morgan chuckles.

Kate, clearly ready to leave, tells Kayla that she thinks she just has a little cough. Kayla says she is probably right, but she heard some sounds from her chest that she didn’t like, so they’re going to have pictures made and tests run. Kate groans. She can’t do that today, as she is swamped. She just needs some antibiotics for now. Kayla says she can’t treat her symptoms blindly. Kate sighs, saying that Kayla can do whatever she wants but she needs to hurry. Kayla says she will head down to radiology to set up a chest x-ray,. She thinks it’s better for Kate to be safe than sorry. Kate glances at her watch and moans.

Steve tells Hope that he needs more information on Trent. Hope thought Trent was Steve’s client, and wonders why Steve started investigating him. Steve tells her about Trent being so interested in Nick’s whereabouts. Steve could tell he really wanted to know where Max and Stephanie were. Hope shrugs. Trent is clean and there’s nothing of interest in his background except that he gave Max up for adoption. Steve wonders how a parent could do that. Hope tells him that sometimes people do it because they think it’s best, and it was in Max’s case. He couldn’t have a better family than the Bradys. Steve agrees, but he still thinks something is off. He wouldn’t worry so much, but the kids are involved. He thinks the wife is the key. They have to find her. Nicole frets.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that she doesn’t care what happens to Melanie, but she’s worried about Max. Chelsea thinks he is tough, but Stephanie says he isn’t that tough. The more he gets involved with Trent, the more unhappy he is. Chelsea tells Stephanie that Max is lucky to have her there for support. All she can do is stand by his side and be there for him while he deals with these big changes. Stephanie hopes that he will let her. Max bursts in, saying that he found Melanie. He tells Chelsea and Stephanie to come on.

Melanie, now dressed, kneels by Nick and urges him to wake up. The man from earlier comes in just as Nick comes to. He pushes Melanie away as two other men grab Nick and escort him out. Melanie screams that she is sorry and that she never meant to get him involved. Under her breath, she vows to never forgive her father for this.

Chloe and Lucas lie in bed after making love and talk. Lucas thinks they need to make a fire, so he offers to go off and get some wood. Chloe reminds him how hot it is, but he says it will be cold tonight. He promises that the whole weekend will be romantic. Chloe still thinks it’s too hot, but Lucas tells her how romantic it is to make love to a woman by candlelight. Chloe relents, telling him to get to chopping. Lucas heads off and Allie wails. Chloe groans.

Chris tells Morgan that he knows all about her extracurricular activites in high school, and gets her to dish about her outfit as a debutante. Chris wishes he could have been one, saying that a boy can only dream. He tells Morgan that she is hired as far as he is concerned. Morgan asks if he is sure, and Chris explains that he knows all about her dad. He understands that she will need to visit him and show her support, so he will make sure she can time off to do that. Morgan thanks him and says she doesn’t even know who she will be working for. Chris says their boss is the fierce and fabulous Kate Roberts. Morgan gapes and tells Chris that she is sorry, but this interview is over.

Kayla comes back and tells Kate that Radiology will see her now. Kate apologizes, saying that she has to go, but will check in with Kayla later. Kate leaves just as Daniel comes in. He asks Kayla what Kate is doing in Trauma, and Kayla throws Kate’s chart at him. He’s her doctor on file, so he can have a look for himself. Daniel tries to protest as Kayla heads off.

Claude pops some champagne and asks Melanie how her father is. She smirks, saying that he is a gambling addict. Claude offers her some champagne, but she says he doesn’t drink. Claude admits that she doesn’t appear to take after her father. He reminds her of the last time they met in Paris. Melanie grimaces, remembering that he made her sit on his lap. Claude grins, saying that she was pretty, and seems to have fulfilled the promise that she had so long ago. Melanie explodes, telling Claude that he is sick. He says that he is practical. After tonight, her father’s debts will be paid in full. Melanie refuses to do this as Claude moves in for a kiss. He calls his goon in, who brings Nick with him. Claude tells Melanie that if she doesn’t do exactly as he says, he will kill her friend. He embraces her as she cries. Nick tries to get up and go after him, but the goon stops him.

Trent tries to call Melanie as Nicole comes over, pulling him aside. She tells him that Steve Johnson is investigating him. She thinks he must be confused, but she tells him that Hope Brady gave Steve a whole file on Trent--a file that tells them that he is still married. Trent says he has more important things to worry about, but Nicole doesn’t. She says she won’t have any future in this town if it comes out that they are still married. Trent proposes that she help him, then. He is in an embarrassing position right now. Nicole wonders what it was this time--craps? Poker? Trent says he is asking for a loan, not a gift. Nicole tells him that he is on his own and heads off. Trent tells ‘Mrs. Robbins’ that he isn’t so sure.

Bo has joined Steve and Hope as Steve continues to fret about Trent. Bo says that he doesn’t like the guy either, but his record is clean. Steve is still concerned that he has been nosing around the kids. Hope is just glad that they are out of the country. Steve isn’t sure that’s a good thing. He only became interested in Max and Stephanie when they left.

Chloe struggles with Allie, who fusses. Chloe begs her to strike a deal with her, since she likes her daddy so much. Allie wails. Lucas comes in, asking what is wrong with her. Chloe says it isn’t Allie, it’s her. She says she is sorry, but this isn’t going to work out.

Chris asks Morgan what the matter is, and she explains that she can’t work for Kate as the woman hates her. She tells Chris about the shooting involving Phillip, and Chris says he knows all about it. He is sure that Kate doesn’t blame Morgan. Besides, she is the best candidate for the internship that he has seen, and Kate always demands the best. He is sure things will work out. Just then, his phone rings, and it’s Kate, asking about her ad layouts. Chris tells them they will be ready by the afternoon, and says he thinks he found her college intern. Kate is sure whoever he has picked out is just wonderful and says she has to go. He hangs up and tells Morgan that it’s his decision and that she is hired. He asks when she can start.

Daniel comes up behind Kate and snatches his phone, asking why she is ignoring him and what’s going on. If Kayla wants her to stuck around, she ought to. Kate insists that she doesn’t have the time. Daniel thinks she would have if she hadn’t spent the past twenty minutes on the phone. He asks what she is really afraid of. Kate thinks Kayla is overreacting. Nothing is wrong with her. Daniel doesn’t think so either, but he wants to make sure.

Claude dances with Melanie. She thinks she wants a drink now as Nick works on undoing the ropes tying him up. Suddenly, he breaks loose and bashes the goon over the head. Claude wonders what he’s going to do. Nick knocks Claude out. Melanie screams. Nick whirls around to find the goon up and pointing a gun. He fires and Nick goes down. Just then, Max and the police rush in. Max punches Claude, who has stumbled to his feet. Melanie frets over Nick as Max screams at Claude. The police work on arresting the goon.

Lucas gets Allie to sleep and tries to soothe Chloe. She just doesn’t think this is going to work. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, and not all women can be ‘super mom.’ Lucas reassures her. She doesn’t need to be Allie’s mother, that’s Sami’s job. He promises that she and Allie will get used to each other. She just has to take one day at a time. The most important thing is that all three of them are together. He hugs her.

Kate says that she will be on her way as soon as Daniel hands over her cell phone. Daniel wants to know why she is avoiding having tests. She thinks she’s fine, but she is in a rush. He reminds her of her recent operation. She could have walking pneumonia. She may not care about herself, but she has a family that does, so she should do this for them. He asks when they can check her out. Kate says she will come back, but she can’t do it today. She leaves.

Chris tells Morgan that everything will be fine and promises to run interference with Kate if need be. Besides, they have one important thing in common--how much they both care about Phillip. Chris thinks they might even become friends. Morgan isn’t so sure about that. They head off arm-in-arm, talking about where Morgan got her dress.

Claude swears that this is all a misunderstanding as the police haul him out. Paramedics work on Nick as Chelsea rushes in, asking if he will be ok. Stephanie asks Max what happened. He asks Melanie what happened. He demands to know the truth.


EJ tells Nicole, “I can’t help but be attracted to you. It’s a matter of biology.” She replies, “Well for me, it’s a matter of pride and dignity so I repeat-- as long as you have feelings for Sami you can forget about us.”

Nick tells Chelsea, “Melanie’s not to blame.” She replies, “You’re sitting here half-bleeding to death and she’s the victim.”

Phillip tells Morgan, “I just hate for us to lose what could have been because of it.”

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