Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Marlena runs into John coming out of the pub. He asks her for coffee, but she refuses. She starts to head off, but John begs her to wait. Marlena sighs, reminding John that she has told him how she feels. He just wants to make sure that that is what she wants. Marlena says it is. She spent months trying to get back the man she loved, but now she knows that isn’t going to happen. It’s not either of their fault, but that’s the way it is. John asks if that means she is giving up. Marlena shakes her head. It just means that she is starting a whole new life--without him.

At the pub, Kate asks Tony what is bothering him. He admits that he has a lot on his mind. Kate guesses it’s not about Hearth and Home and asks if it has something to do with him moving back into the DiMera mansion. Tony nods, saying that he has decided to take a stand against John and his father. Kate wonders what Anna thinks of this. Anna comes over just then and tells Kate that she is dead-set against it. She eyes Tony, who sighs.

Bo meets Hope at the park, and she tells him that she has set up a romantic picnic for them. She says she has brought all of his favorites, and he worries that she cooked. Hope smiles, saying it’s all gourmet--meaning she didn’t prepare it. Bo kisses her, saying that she has thought of everything. Hope says she wishes she had brought a tent, and begins to spread the lunch out on a blanket.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami plays with Allie and Johnny, vowing that she won’t let anyone separate them. EJ comes in just then, telling her that she had to know that this was inevitable. Sami says it isn’t, and that she isn’t letting Lucas take Allie anywhere. EJ sighs, explaining that this is a court order. There’s nothing she can do. Sami says that she has options, actually. EJ says she doesn’t. She and Lucas are no longer together, and a judge awarded him joint custody. Sami huffs, saying that that is not what she is upset about. It’s just the thought of packing Allie up and having her leave. Sami has a terrible feeling about it.

Phillip asks Lucas if he can sit with him at the pub, and Lucas agrees. They make small talk about Phillip being cleared in the Hollingsworth case, and Phillip asks about Lucas’ custody hearing. Lucas says he got joint custody, which is what he wanted, as it’s good for Allie, but he isn’t sure how Sami will react. Phillip doesn’t think it’s going to go well. Neither does Lucas, but he says she doesn’t have a choice but to obey the judge. Phillip chuckles, asking when that has ever stopped Sami. Lucas thinks Phillip has a good point.

EJ says that he understands that Sami is hesitant, but she still has partial custody. He thinks the judge’s decision was fair. Sami says she doesn’t. She has a really bad feeling about all of this, and she doesn’t understand why people can’t see that she is just concerned for Allie’s well-being. EJ doesn’t think anyone understands where she is coming from. Sami says that he should. EJ knows about Allie’s night tremors just as much as she does. She hopes Lucas will figure out what to do, but Allie is going to horrified to wake up in a strange room without all of her dolls and stuffed animals. Besides, Chloe is enough to give anyone nightmares. EJ says that Chloe is fine. Sami tells EJ that this is about Allie’s well-being. She doesn’t think taking her out of a familiar environment is a good idea. EJ thinks that Allie is more like her mother than Sami thinks. Sami doesn’t think that is very comforting. Her childhood completely messed her up. EJ doesn’t think anything that drastic happened to Sami. Sami huffs, wondering how drastic it has to be before a person is affected. EJ thinks Sami needs to be calm about this, and then Allie will take her cue from her. It’s about time she started to try to make things better instead of worse. Sami explodes, asking what that is supposed to mean. What could she have done to make things better? EJ says to begin with, she could have stayed married to him.

John tells Marlena that he thought she might reconsider, especially in light of what happened between them the other day. Marlena says she is sure about this. She has wasted enough time on him already. John gapes. Is she saying that he is a waste of time? Marlena says she meant the marriage. Besides, he told her himself that her husband was dead and gone. He was right. She has finally accepted that, and now she can move on. John says they are still married, and he wants her to move back in and be his wife. When he saw her lying on the floor at her townhouse, he thought she was dead. He finally realized how important she was to him. Marlena smiles, saying that she really appreciates him saying that, but her mind is made up. The marriage is over, and she is going to start dating. She divulges that Trent Robbins asked her out. John can’t believe she is interested in him. Marlena admits that there are some things about him that bother her. John asks what those are. Marlena says it was just something that happened a long time ago when he had a family. John folds his arms, saying that he doesn’t like this. They are still married, and he doesn’t want her seeing that man. Marlena gasps. Is he jealous?

Lexie comes into the pub, asking Kate and Anna if she can speak to Tony alone. Anna gives her full permission to tell Tony what a fool he is being. Kate stands, saying that she agrees with Anna and Lexie. Tony thanks her sarcastically for the support, and she and Anna head off. Tony asks Lexie if he is in for a lecture. Lexie asks how he and Anna are doing. He says she is on edge from staying at the mansion, and Lexie admits that Anna called her. She is very worried about both Tony and EJ. Tony thinks that she is overreacting. Lexie tells Tony that he is completely out of his mind if he is thinking of going up against their father. Tony says he is fully aware of what Stefano is capable of. That’s why they have to stay at the mansion and fight. He tells Lexie that ever since Stefano came back, he has been doing vast renovations. Tony suspects that he is rebuilding the laboratory to replace the one John destroyed. Lexie moans. Now he can kidnap and torture more people. Tony explains that EJ got a court order forbidding anyone to make changes to the mansion until a judge decides who has right to all the DiMera money and property. Lexie reminds hi that Stefano is making renovations anyway, which proves he thinks he is above the law. Tony says that the DiMera empire is up for grabs here. Lexie says she doesn’t care about the empire, and neither should Tony. He says that this isn’t about them. It’s about the next generation of DiMeras--including her son Theo.

Sami wonders how being married to EJ would have helped her case. He explains that she might have gotten custody had she been in a strong, committed relationship. Sami huffs, saying that she doesn’t need EJ or Lucas. She is perfectly capable of providing for her children on her own. EJ pours a drink and chuckles. How? She has no viable income or permanent residence. Sami says Lucas doesn’t either. He’s going to the Horton cabin. There isn’t even an indoor shower. Plus, Lucas is an ex-convict. EJ says that he is sure that the judge did consider that, along with her difficulties with Will. Sami folds her arms and glares. EJ reminds her that Will was so disgusted with her that he moved to Europe. Sami snorts, saying that that has nothing to do with this. EJ gently reminds her that the judge can take any information into account that he feels pertains to the case. Sami explodes, crying that that isn’t fair. EJ tells Sami to be realistic. Joint custody is the most natural thing in the world for parents that are divorced. Sami doesn’t care. She isn’t giving Allie up. EJ reminds Sami once again that Lucas is her father. Sami thinks that he should feel the same protective anger for Allie that she does. She vows not to ever let Allie down.

Bo wishes they could have more romantic picnics like this one. He and Hope argue over the value of liverwurst sandwiches, and she tells Bo about visiting Daniel earlier. Hope knows that Chelsea said she was going to France because she wanted to see Max and Stephanie, but Hope knows it’s more than that. Bo asks if she got anything more out of Daniel, but Hope says she didn’t. All she knows is that they had an argument. Bo says he wants to go see Daniel himself, but Hope says no. They are both adults, and they have to work this out for themselves. There’s nothing Bo can do, except finish his sandwich and eat a mint so they can go back to doing what they were doing. Bo comes after Hope for a kiss with a mouthful of liverwurst. Hope squeals and backs away.

Morgan comes into the pub and Anna calls her over, saying she was sorry to hear about her dad. Morgan sighs, saying that she knows her father didn’t commit all of those crimes, but he won’t tell her the truth. Anna says that she can’t let that get her down. She is young, and has her whole life ahead of her. Morgan admits that she was looking for an internship for the fall. Does Anna need any help? Anna admits that the advertising agency she worked for folded, so now she is working for Tony. Morgan is happy for her, but says she can’t intern for Tony since she has once before. Anna wonders if she would like to work for one of their biggest clients.

Lexie tells Tony that she doesn’t want her son anywhere near her father or his money. Tony doesn’t think it’s a bad idea that Johnny and Theo have a head start in life. Lexie is confused. Is Tony doing all this fighting just for his nephew’s inheritances? Tony says it’s also about reclaiming their family name. Lexie thinks it’s too late for that, as their name conjures up only fear and hatred, but Tony says that is exactly why they need to make it a name they can all be proud of. Lexie tells Tony that Stefano is dangerous, and he isn’t just going to let Tony take over. He needs to walk away and let John and Stefano play out all the bad blood between them. Tony says no. He and EJ have to wrest control from both John and Stefano before they can be successful. Lexie wishes him luck, saying that he is going to need it.

EJ tells Sami that he loves Allie and that is why he tried to keep their family together. Sami rolls her eyes, asking if that is why he lied about their annulment and got a court order forbidding her from leaving this nuthouse with their son. EJ says that he did those things to help her. Sami thinks he has lost his mind. She is practically being held hostage here. She accuses him of being twisted. He tells her that everything he has done has been for her. He wants to protect those he loves. She says that is control, not love. And he thinks she is a control freak? She tells him to look in the mirror and huffs off.

Marlena tells John that he is a hypocrite. He dated Ava Vitali for months. She stopped by the mansion unannounced and they were both there in their robes. He had no problem dating, so why should she? John says that that was different but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Marlena says she didn’t think so and says goodbye. She heads off.

Lucas tells Phillip that this isn’t middle school. He needs to stop staring at Morgan and just go talk to her. Phillip agrees and heads over, asking if she is still mad at him. She folds her arms, reminding him that he threatened to kill her father. She isn’t just going to forget it. Phillip admits that he was wrong, but sometimes he just gets carried away when it comes to business. What he and she have is completely different.

Tony tells Lexie that he and EJ have made up their minds. They’re going to bring Stefano and John to their knees and reclaim the family name as their own. Lexie shakes her head, saying that she is sorry, but she can’t support them when they’re practically baiting the devil. Their father will most likely annihilate them. Tony isn’t worried, but Lexie thinks he should be.

At the bar, Kate starts coughing uncontrollably. Anna asks if she is alright. Kate explains that she had a cold, and now the cough is lingering. She takes out a cough drop and smiles wanly.

Sami tells EJ that this is about Allie, not them. She wants him to help her file an appeal in the custody matter. EJ reminds her that she could lose if she has another hearing. Sami doesn’t think so. She is her mother. No judge will take her away. EJ isn’t so sure. Besides, if she files an appeal, she will have to be a model citizen, meaning no plotting or scheming. Sami groans. What is she supposed to do in the meantime? This mess could take months to get straightened out. EJ sternly tells her that she is going to make things a lot worse if she starts acting crazy. Sami reluctantly agrees. EJ explains that everything she does is subject to the court’s scrutiny. He is not going to have her pulling any of her stunts around Johnny. Sami demands to know if he is threatening her. EJ says no, but he does want her to know that she needs to stay focused and act responsibly. If she doesn’t, then EJ will be forced to choose Johnny over her. Sami doesn’t understand why EJ is being so tough on her. EJ says that Johnny is his son. Sami huffs. He is her son, too. John comes in, followed by Marlena, wondering what they are fighting about now.

Anna wants to take Kate to the emergency room, but Kate insists that she is fine. Besides, she is swamped today, and she will just end up waiting in line. Anna thinks she needs to go, just to be on the safe side. Kate promises to have herself checked out if the cough doesn’t go away in a few days. Anna says that she has better keep that promise.

Phillip tells Morgan that he misses her. He knows they got off to a rocky start, but can’t they just forget about all of that and start over?

Tony hugs Lexie and says goodbye. She asks him to think about what she said. If he persists with this plan, he could get hurt--or worse. Tony tells Lexie that he isn’t changing his mind.

Lucas calls Mickey, asking what’s going on. He excitedly asks “Today?!” and then thanks Mickey profusely, telling him how grateful he is for all he has done. Lucas says he is on his way and hangs up, beaming.

Sami tells John and Marlena that EJ is trying to run her life. EJ explains that he was telling Sami that she needs to act responsibly if she wants to file an appeal regarding Allie’s custody. John thinks that is a good idea, considering the irrational things Sami has told him she’s done. Sami wonders if Marlena would like to weigh in as well. Marlena thinks Sami needs to leave well enough alone. She should be thankful she has joint custody. Marlena thinks that is fair. Sami can’t believe she is ok with Allie being taken away from her. Marlena explains that she is going to be with Lucas part-time, not taken away completely. EJ thanks Marlena, saying that is what he was trying to say. Sami screams at him to go to hell and stomps out into the foyer. John offers to go talk to her and heads that way. John tells Sami that he wants to offer his support. He can tell how hard this is for her. Sami just feels like this whole nightmare is going to have damaging effects on Allie and no one can see that but her. John says he understands. He knows about trauma. He tells Sami that she can count on him. They will arrive at a solution. Sami bursts into tears and hugs him.

Morgan tells Phillip that she isn’t naïve. She knows that he and her father had business dealings, and she also knows that her father wasn’t completely innocent. But she still loves him, and she won’t be able to forget the fact that Phillip threatened his life. Phillip asks her if they would have made it as a couple without all the bad stuff. Morgan isn’t sure and guesses they will never know. She tells him to take care of himself and heads off.

Anna tells Kate that she has the perfect intern for her. Kate says she doesn’t have time to meet with her now, but tells Anna to set up an interview with her assistant. He can decide if she’s appropriate for the position. Anna thinks Kate will really like her. Kate thanks her and heads off, saying goodbye to Tony. He heads over to Phillip, saying that he wants to talk about his future.

Sami thanks John for his support, saying that it means a lot. She knows EJ is being realistic, but when he started going off about how he might take Johnny if she acted out, it upset her. Who is he to judge her behavior? John promises that EJ won’t take Johnny from her. He won’t let that happen. Sami thanks him again, saying that it means a lot.

Marlena thanks EJ for trying to help Sami see reason. EJ says she has no choice but to obey the court order as his phone rings. He yells, “Today?” and then hangs up. He tells Marlena that Lucas is coming to get Allie today. Marlena can’t believe it is happening so soon. Just then, the bell rings and Sami opens it to find Lucas. He says that he is here to get Allie. Sami says he can’t take her now. She isn’t prepared at all. EJ comes out with Allie, telling Sami that the judge just called. She has no choice but to let her go with Lucas. Lucas greets Allie and heads off to get her things together. EJ hands Allie to Sami, who cuddles her and tells her how much she loves her.

Bo tells Hope how much he loves her and thanks her for standing by him. He apologizes for dragging her into this whole Hollingsworth mess. Hope reminds him that she forced his hand. Bo worries that Internal Affairs might take their badges ,jobs, and pensions. Hope puts a hand over his mouth, telling him that they shouldn’t worry about that until the time comes. Bo agrees, wondering what he would do without her. Hope promises that he will never have to find out. Bo wants her to promise that they do this more often. Bo and Hope kiss.

Phillip wonders if this is a trick. Tony says it’s about John, actually. He and EJ have decided to make sure he’s out of the picture, and Tony knows John and Phillip are embroiled in a turf war. Tony and EJ are going to ally themselves with Phillip. Phillip wonders what Stefano has to say about all of this. Tony says that Stefano no longer has any control. Tony is speaking to Phillip for himself and EJ alone. John has got to go, and when he is out, they will deal with Stefano. Tony tells Phillip that the DiMera brothers are ready to deal. Is he?

Lucas comes downstairs with Allie’s bag and John pulls him aside, asking Lucas to take care of Allie. Lucas promises that he will. Sami tells Allie to go to her daddy. EJ comes over and Allie reaches for him. EJ takes her from Sami and hands her off to Lucas, who leaves. Sami cries. EJ tells her it will be alright and Sami explodes. She thinks that this is going to cause long-term damage to her daughter. Why can no one see that? She vows not to just stand by. She is going to fix this, and there is nothing EJ can do to stop her. She rushes upstairs.


Kate asks Kayla, “Can’t you just give me some antibiotics for now?” She replies, “I can’t blindly treat your symptoms until I know the cause.”

Steve says, “If we can find out who his wife is, maybe it’ll explain why he’s so hell-bent on keeping Max from his sister.” Nicole frets.

Stephanie tells Max, “We’ve looked everywhere. She must have skipped town.” Max huffs, “Before I get a chance to know her, she’s gone.”

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