Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Lucas and Chloe arrive at the pub and sit down. She can’t believe he was able to live at the DiMera mansion as long as he did with EJ, Sami, and John. Lucas is just glad to be out of there. He tells Chloe that he plans on staying at the Horton cabin for awhile. He was hoping that she would come with them. Chloe gapes. Nearby, Kate butts in, telling Lucas that he must be kidding.

At the hospital, Lexie sighs in frustration as Daniel heads over, asking if it has been a tough day. Lexie sighs and nods. What with the bad patients, whiny staff, and both Abe and Theo to contend with, things have been difficult for her. Daniel thinks she could use a coffee break. Lexie would rather have a tropical vacation, but she and Abe have an appointment later, so she can’t go for coffee either. Daniel promises to make it quick. She deserves an unloading session after all he told her about Chelsea. It’s her turn now. Lexie thanks him, but she isn’t sure she can talk about things without getting upset. Daniel thinks that is exactly why she needs to talk about it. Lexie sits down and tells Daniel about Theo, and her meeting with the board about the lockdown. Daniel says that he will speak on her behalf if need be. She thanks him and adds that she and Abe haven’t seen eye to eye for months either. She feels like her life is spiraling out of control. Daniel hugs her just as Abe walks in and sees them.

EJ meets Sami at the pub, telling her that he has been trying to call her. He’s just come from the courthouse, and he has some news. Her custody hearing has been moved to today, but Sami doesn’t need to go. Sami thought she had to be interviewed. EJ tells her that the judge thinks he can render a decision based on her deposition. Sami can’t believe this is happening so fast. EJ nods. She should hear a ruling regarding Allie’s custody by the end of the day. Sami looks at Kate and Lucas, wondering if he knows. EJ doesn’t think so. His lawyer and Mickey were talking when he left the courthouse. Sami frets, worrying that Lucas will get custody. She is the one that feeds Allie and takes care of her. The other night, she said mama for the first time. She didn’t say Lucas’ name or anyone else’s. EJ assures her that she is a wonderful mother. The judge is aware of that. Sami says that she doesn’t want to lose Allie. EJ wonders if she feels the same way about Lucas.

Kate tells Lucas that he can’t get involved with Chloe right now. Lucas tells her to stay out of this. Suddenly, Kate starts coughing and can’t stop. Lucas asks her if anything is wrong. Kate coughs helplessly.

Abe greets Lexie and Daniel, and Lexie tells Abe that he’s early. He thought they could get coffee, and Lexie agrees, telling Daniel that they will talk later. Abe tells Daniel that he would like a word alone with him. Daniel smiles, saying that he has plenty of time for the boss’ husband. Abe glares, telling Daniel that he wants him to stay away from his wife.

Chloe heads off to get some Kate some water as the coughs taper off. Lucas asks her about the cough, and she admits that she has had it for a while. Lucas thinks she needs to get herself checked out and offers to call Lexie. Chloe comes back with the water as Lucas takes out his phone. Kate tells him that she’s fine. Right now, they have to talk. He has just broken up with Sami and gotten his life back on track. Does he really want to jeopardize his future by getting into another doomed relationship?

Sami says she has a lot of regrets, but losing Lucas isn’t within her control. EJ reminds her that they have been down this road before. She doesn’t think that means that they will get back together. EJ says that it looks like Lucas is moving on with Chloe. Sami snaps that that is a big mistake. Anyway, she doesn’t care who he ends up with as long as she doesn’t lose Allie. EJ says he isn’t worried about Lucas. He is worried about her. Sami doesn’t understand. EJ asks her if they are going to talk about what happened between them in the stairwell. Sami thought they already did. They were honest about their feelings. EJ says that now that some time has passed, he wants to ask her again if she regrets what happened. Sami says she doesn’t.

Kate tells Lucas that getting involved with Chloe is a mistake. Chloe gets up to leave. Lucas tries to stop her, but she says she refuses to sit there and listen to his mother trash her. Lucas still wants to talk, but Chloe thinks he needs to deal with his mother first. He can call her later. Lucas asks her to get the keys for the boat and the boathouse from Maggie. Chloe agrees, and he kisses her. She heads off. Lucas asks Kate what her problem with Chloe is. Kate huffs, asking if she means the fact that Chloe turned Brady into a drug addict, or tried to seduce and use Lucas’ brother? Lucas says that none of that is true. She didn’t turn Brady into a drug addict. She’s also wrong about Phillip. Kate says she wasn’t wrong about Sami. Lucas tells her to go ahead and gloat. He knows it took him years to finally wise up. Kate knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but all she wants to do is help him and Allie. He is in the middle of a custody battle, and the judge is going to look at the company he keeps. Chloe is not mother material. Lucas snorts. Neither was Kate.

Abe tells Daniel to keep his contact with Lexie professional from now on. Daniel icily replies that he and Lexie are just friends and colleagues. He is sorry that Abe is threatened by that. Lexie asks Daniel to excuse them and he heads off. She demands to know from Abe what that was all about. He says he could ask her the same question. Lexie insists that they were just talking. Abe says they were talking about their relationship. If she has some problem, then she should come to him. Lexie reminds him that they haven’t been connecting lately. This has nothing to do with Daniel. Abe explodes, saying the hell it doesn’t. He won’t stand for this. She doesn’t understand. He yells ‘Brandon’ and ‘Tek’ at her to refresh her memory. She thought they had moved past this. He did, too. She has been withdrawing lately, but he just thought it was about Theo and work. Seeing her with Daniel today makes him not so sure of that. Lexie can’t believe that he assumed that they are having an affair. Abe says this isn’t the first time that he has seen the two of them together like that. Lexie insists that they are friends and that’s all. Abe smiles, saying he hears her, but he isn’t sure that he believes her.

Maggie meets Chloe at the park, out of breath from looking for Chloe. She gives Chloe the keys for the boat and boathouse. She promises to make sure Lucas gets them. She asks Maggie if Lucas told her that she was going with him. Maggie says he did, but they didn’t speak long. She thinks Kate and Lucas were getting into it. Chloe sighs, telling Maggie that she doesn’t approve of their relationship. Maggie reminds her that Kate has always been very protective of her children. Chloe wishes she would leave them alone. Maggie understands that that would make things easier, but she admits that it was a good idea that Chloe left them alone to talk. That would have made things too complicated. Chloe says things are already that way, considering how the two of them got together. She asks Maggie if she knows the story, and Maggie shakes her head. Chloe explains to her that Lucas was living at the mansion at the time, and when Sami found out they were together, she flew off the handle. Maggie can imagine. They have a long history. Chloe thinks it’s too long. Maggie tells Chloe that she has been there and done that, too. It wasn’t easy. Chloe ask what happened in her situation. Maggie says that she fell in love with a man named Don Craig when she was still married to Mickey. She thought Mickey was dead. Once she realized he was alive, she tries to convince herself that the feelings she had for Don were stronger than the ones she had for Mickey, but they weren’t. She didn’t figure that out until she had divorced Mickey. Looking back, she realizes that Don was a rebound guy. He was someone that filled the void Mickey had left. Chloe asks if she is saying that Lucas might be her rebound. Maggie says that only she can answer that.

Kate says she may not have been the best mother, but she always put her kids’ interests first. Lucas agrees, apologizing for saying that. Kate says she wants what’s best for Lucas, but he thinks he should be able to make his own choice. Kate says she understands that, but it’s hard for her to sit back and watch Lucas make the same mistakes over and over again.

Mickey comes in just then and pats Lucas on the shoulder, heading over to EJ and Sami. She asks for news on the decision, but Mickey says there isn’t any as of yet. Sami frets, saying she can’t stand having her child’s future in someone else’s hands. Mickey tells Sami to relax, and says that he has to talk to Lucas, who has no idea what’s going on. Mickey asks EJ to head back to the office to do something, and EJ leaves, promising Sami to be back as soon as possible. Mickey heads over to Lucas to give him a message from his lawyer, Ken Matthews. Mickey tells him that the judge is reviewing the case and will have decision by the end of the day. Lucas asks if Sami knows about this. Mickey asks if Lucas has seen her. He points to her across the room. Lucas stares as Sami looks stressed.

Hope shows up at the hospital and runs into Daniel, saying that she has been looking for him. Daniel asks what’s up, and Hope wants to know what happened between him and Chelsea that made her run off to France.

Chloe tells Maggie that she does care about Lucas. Maggie asks if she has thought about how she feels about Brady. Has she moved on emotionally? Chloe thinks she has. Maggie asks if Lucas has cut ties with Sami, too. She says Lucas says he has, but she isn’t sure. They have two kids. It’s probably hard to not connect with the mother of your children. She asks Maggie what that means for their relationship. Maggie isn’t sure, but she thinks Chloe needs to think about what she wants, too. Lucas is in the middle of a custody battle, and he might get custody of Allie. Is Chloe prepared to do that with him? Chloe says she never thought about that. Maggie thinks she should. Being a single parent means making a lot of sacrifices. Maggie adds that she has a lot of respect for Lucas, and any woman would be lucky to have him, but he comes with his own set of baggage. She encourages Chloe to take this time at the Horton cabin to figure out what they both want. Chloe thanks her, saying that she can tell Maggie really cares about Lucas. Maggie says she does, and she cares about Chloe too. She has to leave, but tells Chloe is was nice to see her and to tell Lucas she sad hi. Maggie heads off. Nicole comes over, asking Chloe if that was Maggie Horton she was just talking to. Chloe says yes, and asks what Nicole is doing here. Nicole explains that Pookie needed a walk, but she doesn’t scoop poop, so the dog is with a walker. Nicole begs Chloe to tell her what she and Maggie were talking about and Chloe relents, saying that Maggie was giving her relationship advice. Nicole gasps, saying that they need to go to pub right away. Chloe must need a drink by now. She drags Chloe off.

Sami comes over to Lucas and he asks where Johnny and Allie are. She admits that the housekeeper is watching them, and she and Lucas start bickering. Mickey’s phone rings, and they stop, thinking it might be about the case. Mickey tells Lucas that it was Maggie. She gave Chloe the keys, and they can stay at the cabin as long as they like. Sami asks if he is staying at the Horton cabin. Lucas says yes, not that it is any of her business. Sami can’t believe this. Neither can Kate. Mickey pulls Kate aside to discuss something about her company with her. Sami lays into Lucas for taking Chloe to the cabin after knowing her for only a few weeks. Sami says that if he gets visitation, she doesn’t want Allie anywhere near Chloe. Lucas says that that is just too bad. Sami huffs, saying that after what Chloe did to Brady, she doesn’t want her around Allie. She is not a good role model. Lucas scoffs. Like she is? Sami is taken aback. She is her mother. Lucas says Chloe will be her step-mother someday just as Nicole and Chloe walk in. He goes on to tell Sami that he doesn’t know what the future will hold, but he wants Chloe to be a part of his life. By extension, she will be a part of Allie’s life, and Sami just has to get used to that. Nicole says it looks like Lucas has already signed Chloe up for mommy duty. She wonders if they make poopy scoopers for babies.

Lexie and Abe meet with a therapist and Lexie explains that they are there because Abe thinks she is having an affair. Abe agrees that that is true. The therapist says that trust is important in every relationship. They have discussed Lexie’s infidelities in previous sessions but he thinks it’s time they address this issue again now.

Chloe and Nicole have drinks at the bar. Nicole thinks that Chloe is being quiet, and asks if she is still thinking about what Lucas said. Chloe admits that she is. Nicole tells her that she was Will’s step-mother once. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Chloe says that she and Lucas are just dating though. Nicole says that the rules change when you date a guy with kids. Chloe worries that she may not be ready to be a mother to Allie. Nicole says she is in trouble, if that is the case. Nicole tells Chloe that if she cares abut Lucas, then she needs to talk to him and tell him her concerns. Chloe doesn’t think she can tell Lucas that she isn’t ready to be a part of his kid’s life. She can’t do that, because that would force Lucas to choose between her and Allie. She doesn’t want to lose him.

Mickey has been looking at Kate’s plans to expand Hearth and Home. Mickey wants to consult with a friend that is experienced in mergers and acquisitions. Then they can move forward with her plans. Kate thinks that is great and breaks down, coughing. Mickey asks if everything is alright. Kate says it is, and that she thinks she is just getting a cold.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t want to fight with her. Sami agrees, saying that she just wants to talk about their daughter’s future. EJ comes in just then, and Sami asks for news on their case.

Daniel can’t believe Chelsea went to France. Hope thinks he knows why, and Daniel gathers that Chelsea didn’t tell her anything. Hope says she said she just wanted to see Max and Stephanie, but Hope thinks it’s more than that. She’s really upset. What did he do to her?

The therapist reminds Abe that he once said that finding out Lexie was cheating on him was the worst day of his life. Abe says that is true. He never thought he could trust her again, but he was able to, until now. The therapist asks what happened to make him doubt her. Lexie explains that he saw her hugging another doctor. Abe explodes, saying that it was more than that. She has been distant for months, and he noticed how close she had become to Daniel. Lexie claims that they are just friends. The therapist says they have both done good work today, but he wants to focus on the root of these problems, which are the previous affairs. Lexie bursts into tears, saying that she has lost her little boy, and all they want to talk about are the affairs she had. Lexie tells the therapist about her daydream where Theo was normal. Then she woke up and she wondered why this had to happen to her little boy. Lexie becomes hysterical, screaming ‘why’ over and over again.

Lucas comes over to Chloe and Nicole, wondering how many drinks they have had. Nicole thinks Chloe has had enough to start thinking they are best friends. Lucas asks to speak to her alone, and Nicole heads off. Chloe gives him the boat keys, and he tells her about the custody decision being rendered today. He hopes he gets Allie, and then all three of them can head to the cabin. Chloe says that she has to tell Lucas something--she isn’t going to the cabin with him.

EJ sits alone and orders coffee. Nicole comes over and tells him to get a martini instead, since they are so good. She wonders if they are going to talk about what happened, or discuss her drink preferences. EJ takes her hand, saying that he has no idea what she is referring to. Nicole thinks he does. EJ admits that that is true. He told her he couldn’t get her out of his system, and that was true, too. But things are complicated. Sami is the mother of his children. Nicole tells EJ that she likes him a lot, and she thinks they could be good together, but she is beginning to lose her patience. She tells him to decide what he wants sooner rather than later and heads off to get another drink. EJ grins, finishing off what was left of her last.

The therapist leaves Lexie and Abe to talk alone, and they both apologize for what happened earlier. Abe tells her that he loves her, and he is sorry he made her feel otherwise. The situation with Theo is hard. They’re looking for answers, but there aren’t any. Lexie cries, wishing she knew what was going to happen tomorrow. Abe reassures her, telling her that they just have to do what is best for Theo now, and hope it works out. They hug.

Daniel tells Hope that what happened between him and Chelsea is personal, and that he won’t discuss it with her. Hope insists that he isn’t making himself look any better to her or Bo. Daniel claims not to care, as they will think what they want to anyway. Hope changes tactics, saying that she and Bo just want to help. Daniel understands that she cares about Chelsea. What happened between them is something they will have to work out on their own. Hope asks if he has tried. Daniel says he has, but Chelsea left. It’s up to her now. He excuses himself.

Sami apologizes to EJ for snapping at him before. Being worried about Allie isn’t an excuse, and she wants him to know that she really appreciates all that she has done for him.

Chloe explains that she isn’t going to the cabin because she thinks that Lucas and Allie should spend this time together. Lucas asks if it is about Kate, too. Chloe claims not to care what Kate thinks. Her staying here is most likely the best thing for his daughter. He has been gone a lot, and Allie deserves this time alone with her father. Lucas agrees, and just hopes the judge grants him custody. But no matter what happens, Lucas wants her in his life. Just then, Mickey comes in and tells them all that the judge has decided to grant them joint custody. Sami folds her arms. There is no way in hell that she is agreeing to that.


Lexie tells Tony, “Family or not, Father’s not just going to sit back and let you take over his empire. You need to walk away--now.”

EJ tells Sami, “I’m not going to have you pulling any of these stunts around Johnny.” Sami replies, “You’re threatening me?”

John tells Marlena, “I don’t want you seeing him.” She asks, “Are you jealous?”

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