Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/08


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At the park, Abe comes up with coffee as Lexie tries unsuccessfully to get Theo to play with a toy truck. Abe tells her that they can’t push it. He seems pretty content right now. Lexie says she can’t help it, and Abe says he understands how frustrated she is. Lexie huffs, saying she can’t just sit around and do nothing. Abe reminds her that they aren’t supposed to argue about this. Just then, Kayla and Steve show up with Joe. Steve heads over to Theo, complimenting him on his trucks. Theo digs in the dirt, totally unaware of what’s going on.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony runs into someone carrying out a painting. He asks Stefano what’s going on as he pores over blueprints. He wants to put a retractable roof in over the pool. He talks about Palladian windows, adding amore guest quarters, and expanding the wine cellar. Tony interrupts, asking if he is adding a whole new wing. Stefano tells him that he feels like he needs a fresh start, so he is giving the place a face lift. Just then, a man comes in, bringing Stefano’s portrait back. Stefano tells him where to put it and says he is glad things are getting back to normal around here. As EJ comes in, he says he wishes he could get rid of more of the free-loading tenants. EJ tells him that that isn’t going to happen.

Trent rushes up to Marlena at the Brady pub and reintroduces himself. He reminds her that they met at the Java café and he thinks they got off to the wrong foot. He offers to buy her a drink. Marlena declines, saying she doesn’t have cocktails before noon. Trent thinks it’s noon somewhere, but Marlena declines again. She runs into John on her way to the bar. He says he didn’t hear her leave this morning, and she said she snuck out to the gym while Stefano was busy. John wants her to stay another night, but she refuses. She doesn’t feel safe with Stefano there, and besides, Roman is going to be sending men around to keep an eye out on the townhouse. John wonders if she isn’t staying because of what happened between them in her office. Marlena explodes, yelling that that isn’t it and that she just means no. She huffs over to Trent, saying she is ready to take him up on that mimosa. Trent asks her to have a seat as Nicole comes in. She heads over to John, grimacing at Trent, and he asks if she knows who that man is. Nicole tells him Trent’s name and profession, and John says he doesn’t think he likes him. She tells him to join the club, as Trent is a real jerk. She wonders what Marlena is doing with him.

Steve tries to get Theo to tell him about the swings and the merry-go-round, but Theo is silent. Lexie gets frustrated, reminding Theo that he has been on the merry-go-round. Abe puts a hand on her shoulder. Kayla asks Steve to take Joe and Abe and go feed the birds, and the three of them head off. Lexie stares at Theo, practically in tears. Kayla hugs her.

EJ gives Stefano an injunction from the court stating that neither he or Tony are leaving the house. Stefano doesn’t think that means anything. Tony thinks he and Anna can live in one of the guest suites with just a bit more closet space. Stefano insists that neither of them will be here long enough for the renovations to be completed. This situation is only temporary. EJ says that this is just the start of them reclaiming their birthright--the one Stefano seems so intent on destroying. Stefano thinks they are worried about the fortune, but Tony says this isn’t about money. EJ agrees. This is about their legacy. Stefano says the legacy is in good hands, but that doesn’t concern either one of them. Tony disagrees, saying that they are family. Stefano says that he is the one that rules the family. EJ jumps in, saying that won’t be the case for long. Stefano wants to speak to each of them alone, but Tony refuses, saying that he won’t let Stefano divide and conquer them. He’ll have to talk to them together. EJ agrees. Stefano cannot believe he has raised two such weaklings, that refuse to make decisions on their own. He says they’ll never be able to survive relying on that kind of symbiosis. Tony tells Stefano to start talking.

Lexie tells Kayla that she and Abe are having problems. Kayla asks if it is about them or Theo. Lexie says both, but it’s mostly about Abe. He’s a good father, but he thinks that she is trying to hard with their son. Kayla soothes her, telling her that she is a good mother. Lexie isn’t so sure anymore. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Lexie cries. She is a doctor, so she should be able to handle this. Kayla says she felt the same guilt when Joe was in the hospital. Situations like these are even harder for doctors. They take it personally when something bad happens to their loved ones. Lexie adds that a lot is going on right now what with Stefano coming back and the lockdown at the hospital. She says she has heard board members talking, and she could lose her job over this. Shed give it up, too, if her little boy could only be like everyone else.

Tony and Stefano sit alone in the living room, ready to talk. Stefano shows Tony a paperweight and reminds Tony of when he first started working for him. They were always of one mind and Tony seemed to have the tenacity to handle the business. Tony says that was many years ago, and that he has no interest in revisiting that time. Stefano reminds Tony that he brought him up to be strong and bold. Tony chuckles. Stefano showed him what he should never be. Strength and boldness always meant arrogance and loneliness. That is not the legacy that Tony wants to carry on, and that is not the man he wants to be.

Nicole tells John to stop looking at Marlena and buy her breakfast. John is silent. Nicole huffs, telling him to stop staring. She ask John what he is doing this weekend. John isn’t sure why she should care. Nicole claims that she is just trying to make conversation. Besides, she thought he and Marlena were separated. John says that she is still his wife. Meanwhile, Trent guesses that John must be jealous. Marlena says she doesn’t know what he is talking about, but Trent thinks John is the only reason she agreed to have a drink with him. Marlena admits that they are married. John had numerous opportunities to try to work things out, but he didn’t seem interested. Trent wonders why he is staring at her, then.

Meanwhile, Nicole and John are at a table, where Nicole tries to convince John to swallow his pride and talk to Marlena. He says he can’t, and she huffs, hoping he isn’t playing hard to get. Women hate that. John thinks that she will come around. Nicole isn’t so sure. She thinks he needs to go for it. She has experience in wanting men that don’t return her affection, but John actually has a shot with Marlena. She thinks he needs to take it and not be stupid, or it will be too late.

Trent asks Marlena if she is trying to work things out with John. She gasps, saying that he is too inquisitive. Trent tells her she doesn’t have to answer that and Marlena thanks him.

Stefano thinks Tony has made a huge mistake. Tony disagrees. He is sorry that Stefano doesn’t appreciate him for who he is. Eventually, that underestimation will lead to Stefano’s downfall. Stefano asks if that is a threat. Tony tells him to take it how he likes and heads off. EJ is in the foyer and asks Tony how it went. Tony thinks he made his point. EJ heads in to speak with Stefano next. He heard the conversation with Tony didn’t go as planned. Stefano says he has always had problems with Tony. It’s different with EJ. EJ shakes his head. Not this time. Whatever Tony said, that goes double for him.

Lexie tells Kayla how hard things have been. They had so many plans for Theo’s future. Kayla thinks he can still have most of those things. She has been looking into kindergartens for Theo, and she has to decide whether to put him in public school or a school for kids with special needs. Kayla says that she an Abe will have to weigh the options of both. Lexie sighs. She always thought life was supposed to follow a blueprint. When something like this happens, it changes everything. She has so many questions, and wonders if Theo will ever be able to live on his own. Will she have to deal with this for the rest of her life? Kayla assures her that she has friends and family around her. She isn’t alone. If she and Abe set a good example for Theo, and be happy together, then he will be happy, too. He just needs understanding and a lot of love.

Steve and Abe come back and complain about how many things Lexie and Kayla need for the kids. Steve sighs, saying he doesn’t think it gets any easier, even when they start taking care of themselves. He remembers Theo and apologizes. Abe says it’s ok. He doesn’t want any special treatment. Thousands of other parents have autistic kids too, and he doesn’t want to tiptoe around Theo’s condition. He admits that he and Lexie fight a lot about Theo. Steve doesn’t think that sounds good. Abe agrees. Lexie wants to badly for Theo to open up to her and show affection, but Abe isn’t sure that will ever happen.

Stefano tells EJ that he always felt close to him. EJ snorts, wondering if that is why Stefano kicked him out. Stefano claims that he would be more than happy to have EJ stay, but he has to make some concessions. EJ says he won’t sell his soul to the devil. Stefano is taken aback, surprised that EJ sees him that way. EJ thinks Stefano is a master manipulator, and he doesn’t want to be like him when he grows up, legacy or no legacy. Stefano guesses he knows where EJ stands then. EJ nods, saying that he isn’t averse to using power and influence, but he is going to do it on his terms. Stefano doesn’t think EJ will have either without his help. EJ vows to prove Stefano wrong.

Kayla and Steve head off to the pub, telling Abe and Lexie to join them if they change their mind. Abe offers Lexie a ride back to the hospital, but she says she has to work late since she is going in so late this morning. Abe tells Theo, who is on the jungle gym, that it’s time to go. Theo yells and struggles as Lexie looks on with concern.

As Marlena and Trent giggle, John gets up and tells Nicole he’s going to break Trent’s arm. Nicole grabs him and tells him to sit down, as he is going about this the wrong way. John is suspicious, wondering why she wants to see him get back together with Blondie so badly. Nicole says that Trent is a no-good bastard that deserves to die. John wants to hear her history with Trent. Nicole gives in and tells him that he seems nice, but he has a dark side. The important thing is that John wants to drive a wedge between him and Marlena. Nicole knows just how to do that.

Marlena hopes she isn’t boring Trent. He says that he loves meeting new and interesting people. That’s why he got into his profession. Marlena knows that he is one of the deans at the university, and Trent asks what she does. She tells him she’s in psychiatry, and he thinks they both have a lot in common, as they like to help people. He says he usually isn’t this forward, but hopes she will join him for dinner this evening.

Abe takes Theo away from the playground shrieking and wiggling. Lexie offers him a graham cracker, which Theo promptly throws on the ground. Abe wonders what this is all about. He decides to talk to the therapist about it. Lexie puts her hands over her face and bursts into tears. Abe urges her to have dinner with him later, but Lexie just cries quietly. Abe takes Theo off for his appointment, leaving Lexie in the park alone.

Stefano calls Tony in and tells him and EJ that he wants to give them a chance to reconsider. He thinks the three of them would make a great team, all working together. He has worked hard in his life, and nothing would make him happier than to share the fruits of his labor with his sons. But first, he needs their unwavering loyalty. EJ chuckles, telling Tony that that means that he wants them to be his puppet. Tony smiles, telling Stefano that their answer is still no. Stefano yells, slamming a chair into the ground. If they turn their back on him now, it’s over. There will be no more chances! Is that what they want? EJ walks away. Tony tells Stefano that that is what they want and he leaves too. Stefano groans.

Marlena tells Trent that is flattered, but she can’t go. Trent shrugs, saying she can’t fault a guy for trying. Marlena says it would be awkward, because she doesn’t like the way he treated his son. Trent groans, figuring the Salem rumor mill is working overtime. Marlena asks if he abandoned Max. He is part of her family, and she loves him. Trent says they have all done things they regret. He hopes she understands that, and she says she does. He hopes she will reconsider dinner, but she reminds him that she is married. He gets up to leave, asking her to get in touch if things change.

At the pub, Steve and Kayla talk about Abe and Lexie and their problems. Steve doesn’t think Lexie is handling this well, but Kayla thinks she will come around. Eventually, she’ll get that other kids will have an easier time than Theo. Steve doesn’t think its fair. He hopes Theo turns out to not have as severe a case of autism as others. Kayla hopes so, too. She isn’t sure how much more Lexie can take.

Lexie sits on park bench and imagines playing with a normal Theo. He shows her how he can dig sand with the truck, and then tells Lexie that he loves her. Lexie hugs him and tells him she loves him, too. Back in the real world, Lexie bawls.

Nicole tells John that Marlena is alone. Now is his chance. She reminds him to tell Marlena how much he loves and misses her and sends him off. John sits down with Marlena, and she tells him she has something to talk to him about. She isn’t sure how to say it, but she thinks it’s time that she filed for divorce. John gapes.

Steve and Kayla talk about John and Marlena, and how they can’t believe Stefano is back, just when things were getting back to normal. Kayla fears that Stefano might come after Joe again. Steve vows that that won’t happen. He plans on spending every waking minute making sure Stefano never lays a finger on him.

EJ and Nicole run into each other outside the pub.

Stefano flips through a photo album as Tony come in. He tells him that family has always been more important to him than anything. It’s a shame Tony doesn’t feel the same way. Tony walks out without saying a word. Stefano puts the album in the garbage.

Marlena feels like she and John a fighting a losing battle. She never wanted it to come to this. Sometimes things don’t work out the way that you hope. She just thinks that everyone would be happier this way.

Nicole says she has to go get Pookie, but EJ wants to talk. He doesn’t like the way they left things, and he is sorry she saw what happened between Samantha and him. Nicole understands that he wants to be with the mother of his child. EJ tells her that he isn’t sure if things will even work out with him and Sami. Nicole scoffs, asking him if he’s trying to keep his options open. He says the truth is that when he was with Sami, a part of him felt like he was cheating on Nicole. Isn’t that strange? EJ heads off.


Lexie ask Abe, “You immediately assume we’re having an affair?” He replies, “This is not the first time.”

Lucas tells Chloe, “I was kind of hoping you’d come with us.”

EJ tells Sami, “I would imagine that by the end of today, we’ll have a decision about Allie’s custody.”

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