Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In France, Melanie meets Max in his hotel room. She asks for food, but he doesn’t have any. He asks her to sit down, telling her that he wants to get to know her better, and learn more about her life. Melanie shakes her head, saying that he doesn’t.

Chelsea works with Theo at the hospital. They talk about his new shoes and how he went swimming, and Chelsea is able to get Theo to give her a plastic top he’s playing with. Chelsea hugs him and tells him what a good job that he is doing. Just then, Daniel comes in.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells EJ and Tony how good it is to be home. He asks them to join him and have a drink, and EJ accepts. Stefano heard he is working for John, but EJ explains that he is employed by Mickey Horton. John is just a client. Tony heard that John is having a lot of legal trouble. Stefano thinks that his world is about to come tumbling down, and Tony accuses him of being delighted. Stefano chuckles.

In Roman’s office, Abe, Hope, and Roman discuss the fact that the D.A. refuses to press charges against Stefano. Abe says that the only evidence against Stefano is his involvement with John’s imprisonment, but John would have to file a civil suit. Roman isn’t sure how the new John will react to that. Hope nods, saying that he hasn’t yet filed any. Roman sighs, saying that Stefano needs to be brought to justice, but he seems to have connections everywhere.

Outside, Morgan comes up to Bo, asking when she can see her father. Bo explains that she has to wait until he is processed. Phillip pulls her aside, asking if she has had time to think about what he said earlier. Morgan says she isn’t going to apologize, and that he’s dreaming if he thinks that is going to happen. Phillip wants to talk about it, but Morgan doesn’t. She huffs off. Bo pulls Phillip aside and tells him that they aren’t off the hook just because Paul was found alive. Internal Affairs is still investigating him, and he has no idea what’s going to happen. John strides in, saying he got a call to come down to answer some questions about Paul Hollingsworth. What he can he do for them?

Mark, Theo’s therapist, shows up to finish Theo’s session. Chelsea goes out into the hallway with Daniel, who praises her on how good she is with the little boy. Chelsea says she can’t do this. Daniel swears that he never meant to hurt her. What happened between him and Kate is over. Daniel says he knows how hard this is, but Chelsea isn’t so sure. He says that what happened in the past doesn’t matter. He cares about her and she means the world to him.

EJ asks Stefano how he did it. One second he was arrested, and the next he acts as if nothing happened. Stefano says that he has friends that he can count on, unlike his children. Tony rolls his eyes, telling EJ to get ready for the melodrama. Stefano rages, telling the both of them that they are a disgrace. They shipped him off to a rotten institution and never looked back. Tony sighs. They were told he was in an irreversible coma. What else were they supposed to do? He says that they should have taken care of him. That’s what families do. Instead they turned on him, so he is finished with all of them. As of this moment, they are all disowned.

Morgan goes over to John, demanding to know what he did to her father. He is so terrified that he won’t even talk to her. John asks Bo what she is ranting about. Bo explains that they picked up Paul Hollingsworth, ready to turn himself in. John isn’t sure what that has to do with him. Bo tells him to stop wasting the tax-payer’s money and talk. There’s going to be a full investigation, so he may as well tell them what he did to Paul. John says to hell with him. He wants to know why Stefano is at his house and not behind bars after all he has done.

Max asks Melanie how she ended up in France. She tells him that her and her dad moved around a lot. She grew up all over the mid-west while her dad worked his way up the academic ladder. Eventually, they moved to Paris when he was on sabbatical. Max asks if she has been in France since then, but Melanie says that they moved back to Ann Arbor first. That’s where she started to get into trouble. She stole a teacher’s wallet and spent the money. Her dad couldn’t deal with it so he shipped her off to the first of many boarding schools. She came back to France about a year ago. He must have figured an all girls school would keep her out of trouble. Max asks if she is taking classes. She says her dad thinks she is, but she isn’t. Max asks when she will graduate, but she isn’t sure. For now, she likes to chill and go to parties. Max says she can’t do that forever. Melanie thinks it’s cool for now. He can keep a class or two to keep her dad happy. She thinks he means well, but they don’t get along. Max thinks it’s funny. Trent has rejected him, and Melanie is the one he wants. Meanwhile, she is rejecting Trent.

Daniel begs Chelsea to try to forget what happened, but she says she can’t look at him the same way. He tells Chelsea that his being with Kate had nothing to do with her. That was just the kind of person he was before they met. Chelsea says she is trying to be objective. She knows the two of them never set out to hurt her. She thinks it’s funny. Aside from her parents and Hope, Kate and Daniel are probably the people that care the most about her. Daniel agrees. Chelsea guesses that is why it hurts so much.

Tony chuckles, saying he thought they were both disowned when Stefano made his new will. Stefano says he just wants them to know that he is disowning them again. He asks them both to leave so he can have a little peace and quiet. Just then, Lucas and Chloe come in. Stefano cannot believe they just barged in. Lucas explains that he lives here. He asks what Stefano is doing here. Stefano grits his teeth and explains that this is his home. Lucas demands to know why he isn’t in jail. Stefano yells that he has done nothing wrong and demands to know why John is running a damn hotel out of his house. Lucas says he just came to get some things, as he is moving out. Stefano claps his hands and says that finally someone is talking sense around here. He wishes the rest of them would follow suit. Just then, the bell rings, and Stefano groans in exasperation, asking someone to get the door. Victor comes in and Stefano shakes hands with him. They had both heard about their recent illnesses and congratulate one another on recovering. Stefano asks Tony and EJ to give them some privacy and they both head off, leaving Stefano and Victor alone. Victor asks Stefano if he is here to stay this time. Stefano says he is, and Victor admits that it is wonderful to be doing business with him again. Stefano smiles, saying that everything old is new again. They both chuckle.

John asks how it is possible that that SOB isn’t behind bars. Bo explains that corruption and failed bureaucracy is the explanation behind it. The D.A. refuses to press charges. John huffs, saying that he was counting on them. Bo admits that for once, he agrees with John. John can’t believe Stefano is back at his place, guzzling his liquor. Bo says he can’t do anything, as he is on restricted duty, thanks to John. Abe comes out of Roman’s office and John demands answers. He swears that he will sue Stefano if they won’t do anything about this. Abe tells him to feel free to do so. In fact, John suing him may be the only way for them to get the bastard. John grins, saying that he is glad to help. Abe tells Bo that it’s time to go meet with internal affairs. John hopes he gets what’s coming to him. Bo says he hopes the same happens to John, calling him ‘old friend.’ John heads into Roman’s office asking about Stefano. Roman tells him about Stefano pulling some strings to get free, but thinks John needs to worry about Paul Hollingsworth. Pretty soon, he is going to be telling the police why he disappeared and where he went to.

Paul comes out of processing and Morgan runs up to hug him, asking what he told them and what is going to happen. Paul tells her not to worry and Morgan hugs him again. Paul spots Phillip and tells him that this is his lucky day.

Victor thanks Stefano for telling him that John was holding Paul. Stefano explains that Victor will have to thank Rolf, since he was the one who knew about it. Victor says that he owes Stefano. He does want to know one thing. His reason for wanting the Hollingsworth case closed was obvious, but he’s curious as to why Stefano is going out on a limb for John. Stefano explains that it is all about control.

Chelsea understands that what happened between Daniel and Kate had nothing to do with her, but that doesn’t mean that she can just accept it and move on. Daniel asks what he can do, but Chelsea says he can’t do anything. He warned her from the beginning, but she didn’t listen. Daniel insists that he wants her. He used his past as a crutch to avoid her, but she saw right through him. Now he doesn’t want to let go or move on. He isn’t perfect, and he is sorry that he hurt her, but he can’t let her walk out of his life. He understands that she needs time and space, but he begs her not to just give up on them.

Lucas and Chloe head out with his things. EJ asks where he is going, and Lucas says he is leaving. Pretty soon, he’ll be getting his daughter out of this pit of degradation as well. Stefano heads into the foyer, applauding the good news. EJ can’t believe he is pursing full custody. Lucas tells EJ that this is between him and Sami and tells him to butt out. Stefano asks him to leave, and Lucas says it’s his pleasure. He and Chloe head out. Stefano laughs, saying ‘one down.’ He heads back into the living room, wishing the rest of them would leave as well. Tony says he and Anna aren’t going anywhere, and EJ agrees, saying he, Sami, and the twins are quite comfortable where they are. Tony tells Stefano to face it. He and EJ have every right to be here. Stefano asks if they are challenging him. EJ says they are. Stefano laughs, asking about John Black. Tony thinks he can easily be handled. Stefano says the both of them can be handled as well. EJ isn’t so sure. They have both learned a lot by watching him in action. Stefano is sure he has, but he is not worried. The bottom lime is that he will win one way or another. He toasts them both, telling them to bring it on.

Melanie asks Max about his childhood, and he tells her that Trent left his mother shortly after he was born. When she died, Trent put him into foster care, where he was abused until one of the older kids, Frankie rescued him. Then they were both adopted by a loving family. Melanie can’t believe it. She never knew that her dad had another kid. He never even mentioned Max. Max grimaces. Melanie apologizes, saying she didn’t meant it that way. Max says it’s ok. He knows Trent doesn’t want him. He never did. Just then, Melanie’s phone rings. It’s Trent, angry because he has been trying to reach her. He demands to know why she hasn’t returned his calls. She says she is busy with summer school and tell him to make it quick. Trent wants to know what is going on with her.

Roman goes over Paul’s statement in his office as John sits nearby. Roman asks Paul if what he said is true--that he left town on his own, and returned of his own volition to turn himself in. Paul nods. Roman asks if he is pleading guilty to planting the cocaine in John’s warehouse and then setting it on fire. Paul nods, saying that it is all in his statement. Roman asks John to leave so that he can talk to Paul in private. John glares at Paul and heads out. Roman tells Paul that Morgan told them that Paul left fearing his life. Paul says that Morgan has a tendency to dramatize things. Roman thinks he was kidnapped and held by John Black. Paul says that is a good theory, but it isn’t true. Roman asks him about the cocaine. He wants to know where he got it. He tells Paul that he can offer him a deal and police protection if he tells the truth. He advises Paul that this is in his best interest. Roman wants to start with Phillip. Did he pay Paul to plant them on John’s ships? Paul insists that Phillip wasn’t involved. Roman asks if he is saying that he committed these crimes on his own. Paul says that’s true. He did this all on his own. Roman says he has no choice but to turn his confession over to the D.A. for prosecution. Paul says that that is what he deserves. Roman says he has been doing this a long time. He knows that he is covering, but he isn’t sure why. Paul insists that he is wrong. Roman urges Paul to think about his daughter, but Paul insists that he is. Roman relents and takes him out to go to a holding cell. Morgan rushes up and hugs him, asking what is going on. He tells her that he is going to jail. She groans, saying that she knows he didn’t do all of those terrible things. She wants to help him, but he says that she can’t. She needs to just take care of herself. He tells her that everything will be alright as an officer takes him away. Morgan bawls. Phillip approaches, trying to comfort her, but Morgan waves him off. She rushes into Roman’s office, insisting that her father didn’t do anything. Roman asks Phillip if he has something he would like to say. John takes a call outside from Stefano. He assumes John is free. John asks Stefano how he did it. Stefano says he interceded on his behalf and Paul caved. Now John has Stefano to thank for his freedom. John asks why he did this. Stefano says he wants something in return. John must never talk about what happened in his laboratory, or how he became the man he is today. Stefano asks how Stefano got to Paul. Stefano says he threatened Morgan. It’s all about leverage. John says that he can put Stefano way for good if he wants. Stefano says that if he does that, then Paul will talk. He warns John to tread lightly.

Lexie shows up to pick up Theo as Daniel gets paged. He tells Chelsea he will be right back and asks her not to go anywhere. He heads off and Chelsea offers to take Theo out for ice cream. Lexie thanks her, saying she has something to take care of in reference to her father. Chelsea cant believe he is back, and Lexie fills her in about the D.A. refusing to press charges. Lexie thanks her again for taking care of Theo, and Chelsea promises to call her later. Lexie leaves. Daniel comes back just then. He asks if she will give them another chance. She says she wants that more than anything, and she wants him too, but she can’t go back to him. She could never be with him without thinking of him with Kate. She is sorry, but she can’t do this. It’s over. She tells him to leave and not to bother coming back next time. Daniel heads off as Chelsea tears up.

Melanie wants to talk to Trent later, but he refuses. She has maxed out her credit card, and he wants to know what she has been doing besides shopping. Melanie yells that she will call him later and hurriedly hangs up. Max asks why she didn’t tell him the truth. Melanie says it’s because she isn’t eighteen yet. As soon as she is legal, she’ll tell Trent off, but until then, she has to pretend to be a good student. Max urges her to come back to Salem with him and Stephanie and confront Trent. Melanie says she needs her freedom. She won’t live under her dad’s control. Max promises that he won’t let that happen. Melanie says that she knows he means well, buts she doesn’t want him to get involved. Max says he is already involved. He is her brother. He came the whole way here to find her, and they are family whether she likes that or nor. Melanie says she isn’t used to so much attention. Max says he is going to go out for a little while, but he wants her to think about what he said. He leaves.

Tony ask Stefano how he lives himself after what he did at the hospital. Stefano says that he had nothing to do with it. Tony says that they all saw him. He wasn’t a vision, he was a patient in the hospital. Stefano says he left before the whole thing happened. EJ says he has a problem with that time frame. Stefano insists that he is innocent and dares them to prove otherwise.

John heads into Roman’s office, and Roman tells him they needs to speak about the civil suit he is filing against Stefano. John says they don’t. He isn’t going to sue. John says that he changed his mind.

Victor calls Phillip and tells him that everything is being taken care of. Paul is going to take the fall for the cocaine. He tells Phillip that he is in the clear. Phillip grins and hangs up.

Chelsea praises Theo on how well his session went. She tells him they are going to get ice cream, but first she has to tell him something very important. She says that she is going someplace far away for a while, but she will be back soon. She hopes he understands. Theo plays with his top.

Max meets Nick at the café and complains about Melanie. They talked today, and he thinks she is opening up a little, but he feels like she is hiding something. He says Stephanie thinks Melanie is a lost cause and that he should give up and go home. Nick asks what he is going to do. Max isn’t sure.

Melanie makes a call and asks someone to send a car for her. Things are getting a little too intense around here.

Roman thought John wanted to get Stefano back for what he did. What is going on? John says nothing is, but he doesn’t want to get involved in a long lawsuit where he is forced to confront the bastard. Besides, his recall isn’t that great, so he stands no chance of winning. Roman reminds him that Stefano tortured him. John shrugs and heads off. He tells Philip outside that their war is back on. He isn’t going to making a truce with Phillip or Stefano. The old bastard is back, and he wriggled out of prosecution. Phillip says John did, too. John reminds Phillip that he did as well. Phillip asks if John is going to be going after Stefano. He knows he would if someone messed with his brain. John says Stefano hasn’t taken control yet and as long as he is around, he never will.

Stefano tells EJ and Tony to listen carefully. He is back, and he is free, and from now on, he will be calling the shots around here. He asks if they have any questions.


Lexie tells Abe, “Sorry if I’m not being patient enough. I just refuse to sit around and do nothing.”

Trent asks Marlena, “Problems?” She replies, “Oh yes.” He says, “Maybe we got off on the wrong foot.”

EJ tells Stefano and Tony, “This is about restoring honor to the DiMera name. It’s about our legacy.” Stefano replies, “Trust me, the DiMera legacy is in very good hands.”

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