Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Marseilles, Max and Stephanie kiss in their hotel room. He is glad to be free, and so is she, but she says it’s no thanks to Max’s sister. Max says he doesn’t want to talk about that. Stephanie suggests they pack instead and starts stuffing clothes into a suitcase. Max says he can’t do that.

At the hospital, Abe shows up and greets Lexie, saying that he took the morning off to spend some time with Theo. Lexie says she switched shifts with someone else for the same reason. Abe offers to leave, but Lexie doesn’t think he should. Abe sighs, saying that he thought they could handle being around Theo together, but it’s uncomfortable. Lexie agrees that there is a lot of tension. Abe doesn’t think he can do anything right. No matter what he says or does, it’s wrong. Lexie apologizes for being so judgmental of him. Abe understands. She is a lot more knowledgeable about Theo’s condition than he is. Lexie apologizes for making him feel that way. Abe says he feels like he failed his son. Lexie says that isn’t true. She knows how much he loves him and that he’s trying. She thinks that Theo needs to feel that they are there for him and for each other.

Steve shows up at the police station to talk to Hope about the Hollingsworth case. He tells her that he has sources out on the street combing through every scrap of garbage, looking for Hollingsworth. Hope thanks him and offers him some coffee. Steve asks how Bo is holding up, and Hope says he is taking it hard. This investigation has both of them losing a lot of sleep. He says he will do anything to help, but Hope thinks he is already doing enough. Truthfully, finding Paul would be best for Bo, Phillip, and everyone else. Steve nods, saying everyone would be better off--except John Black.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony talks to Stefano on the telephone, asking with incredulity if he is retuning. Stefano says he is, and tells Tony to make sure his room is ready and that the things he sent ahead are put away. He is coming back to reclaim what is his. EJ, Anna, John, and Marlena listen in as Tony tells Stefano that coming back here would be a big mistake. Just then, Bo walks in, asking Tony who he is talking to. Stefano hears the commotion in the background and guesses others have heard about his imminent return. Why is no one rejoicing?

Phillip meets a man down at the pier and hands him an envelope, thanking him for the info. The man peeks inside the envelope, smiles, and tells Phillip he can help out anytime. He heads off. Phillip grins, whispering, “Gotcha.”

Morgan meets her father at the park and they have a tearful reunion. She cries and hugs him, saying that she thought he was gone forever. After they found his jacket, and she received his package, she thought he was dead and she just went crazy. Paul explains that he has made a lot of mistakes in his life. He has to make those right now. He says that he never meant to hurt her, and he couldn’t let her believe the worst for one more minute. She is all he has that makes his life worth living, and all he cares about is that she is happy. Morgan hugs him again, crying. She asks what happened. Where did he go for so long?

Stefano guesses by Tony’s silence that an enemy must have entered the room. Bo asks Marlena who he is talking to, and she tells him it’s Stefano. Bo heads over to Tony and takes the receiver, placing it on speaker phone. He greets Stefano, who says it is good to hear his voice. He heard Bo has gotten into quite a lot of trouble recently. Bo suggests he not worry about that, and that he’ll be fine. Stefano hopes that they see each other soon. Bo does, too, and Stefano calls him arrogant. Tony thinks Bo could have handled that with more class, but Bo insists that he isn’t playing Stefano’s games. John asks why Bo is here since he is on restricted duty. Bo says he is here to talk to John about Paul Hollingsworth. What the hell happened to him? Marlena tells John that he can’t let Stefano in the house after all he has done. John tells her not to worry. Stefano won’t show his face here. He must know that if the cops don’t get him, then John will.

Lexie tells Abe that he shouldn’t feel judged for the way he interacts with Theo. Abe says he does, though. He is afraid that everything he does is wrong, and that Lexie will call him on it. Lexie cries, saying that she never meant to make him feel that way. She was only thinking about what’s best for Theo, and she should never have made him feel self-conscious. She suggests they spend the morning with Theo together, and she’ll do better from now on. Just then, Theo finishes his therapy, and the doctor comes to speak to Abe and Lexie about Theo’s swing therapy, which aids in the development of the structure of his inner ear. Apparently, Theo’s sensitivity leads to extreme fearfulness of ordinary movements, and he has finally overcome his fear of the swing. Lexie goes over to Theo, and gets him to look at her after a few failed attempts. She tells him how proud she is, and Theo repeats the word ‘proud.’ Lexie beams. Abe tells the therapist how grateful they are to him for the work he is doing. They head off, and Abe suggests they go to the park for ice cream. Lexie agrees as Theo counts to two over and over again. Abe picks Theo up and explains how important he is to them. Lexie smiles and takes Abe’s hand in hers. Theo places his hand over both of theirs.

Stephanie guesses that Max doesn’t want to leave, and he says that’s true. She wonders what he is going to do in France--let Melanie con him some more? Max sighs. Stephanie understands that he wants to see the good in her just like everyone else, but she thinks he might be wrong this time. Max realizes that she is just trying to protect him, but he cannot just give up on his sister and go home. Stephanie doesn’t think Melanie is a good person. Max says that Stephanie hasn’t told him anything about Melanie that he doesn’t already know.

John promises Marlena that he will protect her. After what happened in her office, he would be hard-pressed not to follow through on that. Bo comes over and tells John that the cop outside has been instructed to arrest Stefano on sight. John grumbles, saying he will believe it when he sees it. Bo thinks that’s tough talk from someone who may face murder charges. John pulls Bo aside saying that he hasn’t been formally charged, and he wants to focus on something more important right now. Bo isn’t sure anything else is more important. John disagrees. He needs to focus on keeping Stefano away from Marlena. He meant what he said--if the cops don’t take care of Stefano, he will. And then Bo can feel free to charge him with murder. John heads over to EJ, who asks if everything is alright. John says it will be as soon as he has legal rights to this house and all of the DiMera holdings. He instructs EJ to get to work on that. Stefano comes in just then, saying that this house and everything in it is his and always will be. He chuckles, saying that it is good to be back.

Steve tells Hope that he let his guard down. They all thought Stefano’s reign of terror behind them. Hope is sorry about what happened to them, but Steve is just glad that psycho didn’t keep Joe, and that he is home safe now. Just then, Hope gets a call. She listens and hangs up, telling Steve that Paul has been spotted. She rushes off and Steve tells her to call him.

Morgan doesn’t understand why Paul can’t tell her what happened. He explains that a lot of people are looking for him, and he doesn’t want her involved anymore than she already is. There are people involved in this that he doesn’t want her to know about. She asks him why they are meeting in such a public place, then. Paul takes her hand and tells her that he is done. He is going to turn himself in to the police. He just wanted to see her one last time like this, and to say how proud he is of her. He tells her that he loves her and she cries, hugging him. Just then, Morgan’s phone rings. It’s Phillip, and Paul tells her to answer it. Phillip tells her to hand the phone to her father. Morgan says that he can say whatever he has to say to her. Paul wants to talk to him, though, and Morgan hands the phone over. Phillip tells Paul not to try running again. He knows exactly where he is. He tells Paul that he is going down and hangs up. Morgan asks what he wanted. Paul lies and tells her that Phillip just wanted to let him know he was glad he was ok. Morgan thinks there’s something he isn’t telling her. He just then, Hope and another police officer approach. Paul is placed under arrest as Morgan cries hysterically.

Later, Phillip meets Paul at the police station. He tells him that it was a big mistake for him to switch his alliances. Paul says it isn’t about that, but Phillip wonders why else he is handcuffed to a chair right now. Paul insists that he was planning on turning himself in, and he doesn’t give a damn if Phillip believes that. He did what he thought he had to do, and now he’s going to do the right thing by his daughter. Phillip doesn’t think he has shown that love at all. In fact, he was out of the running for father of the year the moment he sent Morgan that tape. Paul says his hand was forced, and he knows what’s in his heart. He is going to take responsibility for his actions. Hope comes in just then, saying that she is glad to hear it. She asks Phillip what he is doing here.

Bo grins as he arrests Stefano and reads him his rights. Stefano chuckles, thinking Bo is relishing this moment. Bo says he does enjoy his job. Stefano heard his job was in real jeopardy. Bo says he can contemplate that from his cell downtown, and calls him a crazy SOB. Tony suggests they keep it civil. Stefano tells Tony not to worry. The most fearful dog always howls the loudest. John thinks a coward like Stefano always takes things he didn’t earn. Stefano wonders how John is enjoying his home, since they are speaking of people earning things. John says this isn’t his home anymore. In fact, Stefano’s new home is the state prison. He hopes he enjoys it.

Later, Bo brings Stefano into Roman’s office at the station. Roman asks if he wants to talk to his attorney, but Stefano doesn’t think he will be here long enough for that. Just then, Hope and Steve come in to fill Roman in on the Hollingsworth arrest. Steve catches sigh of Stefano and goes ballistic. Bo holds him back as Steve screams at Stefano, demanding to know what he did to his son. Roman yells at Steve to calm down, telling him that kidnapping and child endangerment will be added to the myriad of charges Stefano is faced with. Bo hustles Steve outside as he threatens Stefano with death if he comes near his son again. Bo tells Hope that Phillip and Paul need to be questioned, and Hope agrees to do it. Bo tells her hat this has been a red-letter day and they high-five. Hope leaves and Bo shuts the door.

Marlena tells John that she is feeling light-headed and Anna takes her upstairs to lie down for a while. John asks EJ what his rights to the DiMera holdings will be now that Stefano has been incarcerated. EJ says he can’t answer that question as of yet. Tony says he appreciates John’s concerns with their family’s home and assets. John cuts him off before he can continue. He tells Tony that this is his home now. He isn’t running a damn bed-and-breakfast here, so he wants everyone out--except Blondie.

Theo plays with leaves at the park as Lexie and Abe sit nearby. Lexie apologizes again for criticizing Abe’s relationship with Theo. He never does that to her, and she has no right. Abe smiles, saying that is because she never does anything wrong. Lexie admits that Theo wouldn’t go to sleep the other night. He had a fit, and finally, she just left the room with Theo banging his fists against the wall. She admits that she couldn’t deal with it. There are times when she is disappointed in herself, too. Abe says it’s hard on both of them. Theo stars up at the sky. Lexie asks what he is looking at. Theo yells, “BOAT!”

Morgan shows up at the police station and meets Phillip. He tells her that he is waiting for an apology. She thinks he must be joking. Phillip says he isn’t laughing.

Lexie explains that that’s the sky. Just then, a plane drones overhead. Lexie thinks he must have heard it. Lexie explains the difference between boats and planes to Theo. They try to get him to say plane. Abe shrugs. They’re both transportation, so he wasn’t far off. Lexie nods. They should be proud of him. It’s just that his perception are a little different from theirs. Abe thinks they need to tweak their own. Lexie agrees. Perhaps they can see into his world while still helping him to understand theirs.

Morgan tells Phillip that friends don’t lie to each other, and that is all he has ever done since they met. In fact, he even had her followed today to catch her meeting with her father. Phillip can’t believe she is playing the part of the offended party here. She thought he killed her father. She thinks her dad was right about him. She never should have gotten involved with him. Just then, Hope comes in, and Morgan demands to see her father. Hope says she can’t just yet, but she needs to stay for more questioning. Morgan huffs, saying she has been more than cooperative. Hope says it’s just a few more questions, and she can arrange for her to see Paul afterwards. Morgan begrudgingly agrees.

Tony says that he knows John has amnesia, but he was under the impression that he at least had a nodding acquaintance with reality. John says the reality is that Blondie was nearly paralyzed by Tony’s maniacal father. Tony reminds him that Stefano is also his brother. He says that neither he or Anna is leaving. John says they are and starts to head off to see Marlena. EJ stops him, saying that there’s no telling who has rights to the business and house. Tony agrees. Since Stefano is awake, his will is invalid, so none of this may belong to John anymore. John asks what happens if Stefano remains in prison. EJ smiles, saying that means the entire DiMera empire is up for grabs.

Hope and Steve come into Roman’s office, asking what is going on. Roman tells them that they are trying to decide what to do with Stefano. Steve demands they arrest and charge him as Roman’s phone rings. He answers, and listens in surprise. Finally, he hangs up and tells Bo to let Stefano go. The D.A. says no charges are being filed against him, and none will be, either. Steve flips out. Roman explains that there is no evidence of anything against Stefano except John’s imprisonment, and the D.A. has decided not to pursue it. Bo shakes his head, asking if Stefano has friends in high places. Stefano says this is called justice. Bo begs for a few moments alone with Stefano. Roman says he is sorry, but they have to let Stefano go.

Phillip asks Morgan to hear him out. She scoffs, wondering if he wants her gratitude for not killing her father. Phillip admits that he has said things he shouldn’t have to protect his business, but she has to believe that he would never kill or hurt anyone. Morgan doesn’t know what to believe. All she knows is that she fell in love with him and thought they could have something special. She was dead wrong about that.

Steve can’t believe Roman is going to let Stefano walk. Abe comes in just then telling them all that he called the mayor, governor, and district attorney. He was told Stefano was arrested, but has to be let go. Clearly, some major strings are being pulled here. Bo wants to un-pull them. Abe un-cuffs Stefano. He thanks them for unentertaining afternoon, but he must run along. He has so much to do and so little time. He tells them to give their best to their families and heads off, laughing. Hope comforts Bo.

Max apologizes to Stephanie for fighting with her earlier, but he can’t go home just yet. Stephanie thinks Melanie can take care of herself. Max knows that she is a bit screwed up, but that’s no reason for him to give up on her. He has to give her another chance. Stephanie thinks he is setting himself up for a major disappointment. Max says he has to talk Melanie into coming back to Salem. Stephanie guesses he won’t leave until he can. Max nods, saying that she can leave if she wants. Stephanie refuses, saying that she loves him and loves how loyal is he. She is staying with him. He tells her that he loves her, too and they kiss.

EJ tells John that since Stefano is awake, all prior legal settlements are void. John grins, saying that they’ll see. Marlena starts to head out the front door and runs into Stefano. He is glad to see her, saying that they have unfinished business to attend to. He brushes past her and she sighs. Stefano comes into the living room and greets John, EJ, and Tony. He thanks them all sarcastically for coming down to the station. He calls them all vermin and accuses them of betraying him. He calls them all names in turn, Tony a disloyal fool, EJ a pompous idiot, and John a dishonorable bastard. He thinks they’re all worthless and tells them all to get out. Just then, John’s phone rings. It’s Roman, wanting him to come down to the station. John says it isn’t a good time. Roman tells him that Paul is down at the station. John can come voluntarily, or Roman is sending cops to arrest him. John hangs up, screaming, “Damn this day!” He throws the phone on the floor and tosses back his drink.


Max tells Melanie, “I think we should get to know each other better. I want to know about your life.” She replies, “No, actually, you don’t.”

Chelsea tells Daniel, “You and Kate are probably the people that care about me the most. I guess that’s why it hurts so much.”

Stefano asks Tony and EJ, “Are you challenging me?” EJ replies, “Actually, yes.” Stefano growls, “Bring it on.”

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