Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Lexie explains to Theo that Chelsea won’t be at his appointment today, but Mark will. She tells him that he likes Mark and tries to take him away. Theo tugs on her arm viciously as John comes up, asking Lexie what the hell is going on. He tells her that Marlena is missing. She’s disappeared from her room. Lexie thinks she may be getting tested, but John says he asked the nurse and she was as concerned as he. Lexie asks him to calm down, but John shouts that there’s a psychopath on the loose. Theo covers his ears and cowers. Lexie warns John to keep his voice down. Theo is scared. John says he is scared, too, if this is the way she runs a hospital. He tells her to go find her missing patient.

Nearby, Marlena heads into her own office and greets Cynthia, her secretary. Cynthia is surprised Marlena is here. She heard she was attacked and was trapped in the lockdown. Marlena says it was an awful ordeal, but thought she’d do some work to get her mind off of it. Cynthia ruefully admits that she cancelled all of Marlena’s appointments after being told she’d be in the hospital for a while. Marlena thinks she will just do paperwork instead, but Cynthia thinks she ought to go home and rest. Marlena says she can’t go home and flashes back to the masked man attacking her in her bedroom. Marlena says she meant that she just got plenty of rest and would rather be here. Cynthia explains that there is actually a new patient in her office named Endora. When she found out Marlena wasn’t there, she broke down and Cynthia offered her Marlena’s office so she could pull herself together. Marlena says she is glad to see her and heads for the door. She totters and nearly falls. Cynthia asks if she is sure she is alright.

At the pub, Daniel and Kate wait for Chelsea. Kate wonders if Chelsea thinking about this all night was a good thing. Daniel isn’t sure, but maybe it’s good she’s giving them a chance to tell their side. Kate wishes she had never found out, but Daniel thinks it’s for the best. Kate just hopes they can make Chelsea understand what happened. Just then, Chelsea walks up, saying that that all depends on the two of them.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ talks to Mickey about Sami and the custody case. He hears Anna come in and call for Tony, and he hangs up and heads into the foyer to greet them. He sees that they both have bags and asks what’s going on. Tony grins. What does he think is going on? They’re moving in. Anna doesn’t think either of them have a right to be here since Stefano disinherited them. EJ agrees. He is only here because of John. Tony scoffs, saying that that is ridiculous. They are allowing this con artist to take what is rightfully theirs. With him running things non will respect them. EJ says they don’t have a choice. Stefano wrote them out of the will. Tony nods, saying that Stefano is alive. That means the will and John’s subsequent holdings are no longer valid. It’s time to reclaim what’s theirs. Anna thinks Stefano might try to reclaim what’s actually his, but Tony isn’t worried since he is on the lam. EJ tells Tony that he agrees that John has made a mess of things, but he promised he would take care of it. EJ explains that John is only afraid of Stefano. If he gets close to him, he can get the goods on John and then they can push him out. Tony doesn’t think that will work fast enough. He thinks they need to step up and take back what’s theirs, beginning by living here. Anna thinks this is all a huge mistake. John is not one to be underestimated. Tony thinks the same can be said of him and EJ.

Kate starts out by telling Chelsea how sorry she is, and how she never meant to hurt her. Chelsea clarifies that they weren’t together once she and Daniel started dating. Kate says she would never have allowed that. Chelsea says that she believes them. The problem is how does she get past the fact that her boyfriend slept with her grandmother?

Lexie tells John that after she dropped Theo off, she alerted security, who is searching for Marlena. He clothes are gone, so she may have left on her own. John, clearly exasperated, can’t believe no one saw her. Lexie explains that they can’t possibly watch every patient all the time. John huffs, saying her ill-trained staff is the cause of all this. Lexie refuses to take any more of her abuse and says that neither she or her staff did anything wrong. John says she’ll have to excuse his social skills, but his wife is now in great danger because of that manic Stefano. They already know what great lengths he will go to to destroy her.

Marlena talks to Dora (played by Eve Plumb) in her office. Dora starts out by explaining that she isn’t crazy, but her life is out of control. Her husband never pays attention to her, her boss is hard to please, and her kids talk back all the time. It feels like everyone is deserting her, and she’s afraid. She feels so bad sometimes that she feels paralyzed. She’s having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and she feels powerless to control her life. Marlena tells her that she has to take charge of her life. She isn’t paralyzed, but she will be if she keeps living her life in fear.

Anna tries to convince Tony not to go up against John, who is as much of a gangster as his brother. She thinks it’s stupid to fight so hard for blood money. Tony insists that this is about repairing the family legacy, which Stefano has already tarnished. Anna begs him to go home with her. Tony says he refuses to leave here until his family name is restored--even if it kills him. Anna huffs, saying that it just might. Tony insists that everything will be alright and tells her not to worry. He sends her off to unpack their things, but Anna adds that she doesn’t like this at all before she stomps off. EJ tells Tony hat he ought to listen to Anna. He has made some major inroads with John, and he doesn’t want Tony interfering. Tony agrees to steer the course for now, but warns EJ not to forget their objective. EJ says he won’t, and tells Tony to watch his step around John. Tony says he isn’t worried what with the whole shipping war and Hollingsworth fiasco. John has his hands full. It’s the perfect time for them to make their move. EJ says that Tony is forgetting one major impediment--their father. He is laying low right now and biding his time. He’ll be back eventually. Tony brushes EJ off. That won’t be for a long time yet, so Stefano can’t be a worry for them. Just then, the bell rings. Anna answers it to find a delivery person at the door. She signs for the shipment, and he heads off to start unloading it. As Tony and EJ come in, she guesses John ordered something. EJ takes one look at the stationary and says it wasn’t John. He shows Tony the invoice, which has DiMera Shipping and the logo of the phoenix on it. EJ asks Tony what he was saying earlier about their father.

Lexie gets off the phone with Abe as John frets. Lexie reminds him that Marlena might still be in the hospital. She works here, so she could be anywhere. John says that means Stefano might have already gotten his hands on her, too. Lexie doesn’t want to think about that right now. There’s a manhunt going on, and he is probably as far away as he can get. John isn’t so sure. He adds that Marlena’s cell phone is off. Lexie thinks she might have gotten bored and taken a walk. She will probably be back soon if security doesn’t find her first. John huffs, saying that he can’t wait that long. He vows to find her himself.

Marlena explains to Dora that no one can fix this for her. She has to take responsibility for her own life and not let fear control her. She can’t continue to blame people for her own unhappiness. If she doesn’t like what’s going on in her life, then she has to take steps to change that. Marlena knows that change can be scary. Dora bursts into tears. Marlena says that she can do this. She just has to look inside herself and find the courage. Just then, John bursts in. Cynthia apologizes, explaining that he pushed right past her. Marlena explains that he doesn’t know how to listen. John thinks she has the same problem. She is supposed to be in bed right now--doctor’s orders. Marlena asks John to leave. He refuses until she gets back to her room. Dora says she has to go anyway and rushes out. Marlena explodes at John for barging in here. He says he has looked everywhere, and chides her for disappearing. Marlena say she is tired of laying around. She needs to get back to work. John tells her that may be, but she sure as hell shouldn’t be going anywhere without him or at least a bodyguard. It’s dangerous for her with Stefano at large. Marlena says she is terrifies, but she can’t live her life in fear. If she does that, then he will win. John promises that she will never get near her--all she has to do is move in with him. Marlena says she doesn’t need him to take care of her, as she can do that for herself. In fact, she isn’t even sure she needs him in her life.

Kate tells Chelsea that it wasn’t as if they planned this. Chelsea asks Daniel if he took himself off of her case because he was sleeping with her grandmother. Daniel says that wasn’t it at all. He started having feelings for her, and he had already had a bad experience with his wife dying. Kate explains that Daniel blamed himself after her infertility. Kate explains that they ran into each other at the pub, and he was a mess and practically drunk. Chelsea asks if that is when she decided to hit on him. Kate says that wasn’t it, but they ended up talking and sharing a lot. They were both in a bad place and worried about her. They turned to each other. Chelsea ask if that was the first time. Daniel says he doesn’t want to make tons of excuses other that that they were vulnerable and not thinking straight, but they never thought that would be hurting anyone. Chelsea reminds him that he had just told her how he felt about her. Kate knew that, and Kate also knew how she felt about Daniel. Daniel reminds Chelsea that he had decided not to pursue her. Kate jumps in, adding that while she knew Chelsea had a crush on Daniel, she firmly believed that Chelsea was still in love with Nick. Kate thinks she was also afraid that if Daniel and Chelsea got involved, that Chelsea would get hurt. Daniel says he feared for that, too. Chelsea shrugs, saying they were both right.

Tony, EJ, and Anna open boxes. Stefano has sent his favorite champagne, cigars, and opera discs. Anna wonders what it all means. Tony thinks that their father is just trying to unnerve them. EJ doesn’t think this is a joke. He wouldn’t be surprised if Father was on his way here. Tony doesn’t think Stefano would dare show his face, since the police are watching. EJ isn’t sure. He didn’t just send these things to have a laugh at all of them. Anna agrees. He would never waste good cigars. Tony doesn’t think that Stefano is going to show, but he thinks they need to be ready just in case. Anna wails that she doesn’t like the sound of this and heads off. Tony tells EJ that they need to get a few things straight.

John asks Marlena why she is acting like this. For months, she wanted him to be in her life, and now she is pushing him away. He guesses this is a test. Marlena says that isn’t it. He ask what has changed, and she says almost losing her life was what changed. She never thought she would see her children again. She lay there helpless, and she realized that she was wasting her life chasing after him. All she has done since she found him is focusing on him, and she can’t do that anymore. It has to about her, and she has to have her own life. To do that, she needs to make a clean break. John didn’t realize that she was so selfish. John says she wasn’t the only one affected by this. He was going out of his mind with worry about her, scared that he would lose her. She asks if he is saying that he loves her. He isn’t sure. He just knows that his throat tightened up when he thought he might lose her. He may not remember all of their years together, but he remembers everything since she rescued him from the lab. Marlena’s eyes fill with tears as John reminisces about her trying to teach him about love and tenderness. He reminds her of the time they made love after the plane crashed. He still thinks about it. She says she does, too. He tells her that he almost short-circuited when he thought he might never see her smile or laugh again. Marlena bursts into tears, telling him that she felt so alone. John says she isn’t now. She hugs him and bawls. John kisses her. Marlena gasps in ecstasy.

Chelsea says she understands why this happened, but if they didn’t think it was wrong, then why didn’t they just tell her? Daniel explains that neither he or Kate had any allusions as to what was going on between them. Chelsea snorts, asking if it was just a fling or cheap affair. Kate says it was neither. They were together briefly, then they mutually decided to end it for a number of reasons. Kate adds that that was long before she started dating Daniel. Kate gets a call and says she has to take it. She heads off. Daniel tells Chelsea that this is over and done, and they should be able to put this behind them and move on. He takes her hands in his and says that he doesn’t want to lose her. He can’t.

Tony finds Anna crying in the living room and asks what’s wrong. Anna says it’s all because of Stefano. He is clearly setting up house here. Tony assures her that Stefano cannot waltz in here and reassume his position as head of the house. He has to stay underground to avoid the police. Anna knows he will want to wreak vengeance against Tony one day. And then there’s John. Tony huffs, saying that he is a disgrace to the family name. Anna wails, asking why he even cares about the family name. She reminds him that he has money of his own. Tony insists that this is about turning this family around for everyone, and getting that ruthless android out of this house so they can reclaim it. Anna reminds him about EJ. Tony chuckles, saying he hasn’t forgotten about him, but he can only deal with one thing at a time.

Marlena and John finish making love on her office couch. He is glad that he was able to win her back. She gasps, asking if this was a challenge for him. He says yes at first, then changes his mind when Marlena’s face falls. He says he didn’t mean it that way and asks her not to be so sensitive. Just then, John’s phone rings. It’s EJ, telling him to come home. There’s a situation down here. John says he can’t deal with it and hangs up. Marlena hurriedly gets dressed, saying she is leaving. John says she isn’t going anywhere. She needs to be protected, and so she is coming home with him. He refuses to take no for an answer.

Daniel tells Chelsea that she knows how he feels about her. She says she thought she did, but she clearly didn’t know what kind of guy he was. He’s a player, just like everyone warned her. A girl’s own grandmother isn’t even safe around him. He doesn’t think that is fair. Chelsea says she doesn’t think she can forgive him or her grandmother. Kate walks in just in time to hear the last.

Anna tells Tony that he is scaring her. He says he just wants what is best for them and the family. Anna isn’t sure moving into this house of horrors it what is best. Tony promises it won’t be for long. A major house cleaning is in order, and John will be with first to go.

Outside the mansion, Marlena tells John that what happened between them was a mistake. John disagrees. He may not remember everything, but he has proved that they can have something again. He tries to kiss her. Marlena pushes him away, telling him that she only came here because Lexie refused to release her under her own care. He says that Lexie knows she isn’t well enough to be on her own. Marlena says that she is only staying for one night. John is ready to get Marlena all settled in and heads inside. He sees the boxes and takes out a bottle of champagne. Marlena asks what is going on. John would like to know the same thing.

Daniel asks Chelsea to reconsider, especially after everything he and Kate have told her. Chelsea says she is trying to get over it, but she can’t understand why they both did this, even knowing how she felt about it. She says she has to go and rushes out the door in tears. Later, Lexie runs into her at the hospital and asks if she has spoken with Daniel. Chelsea says she is trying to get over this, but she can’t. She and Daniel are finished.

Marlena and John find Stefano’s alcohol. John doesn’t think he would dare. EJ comes in just then, telling John that they have problems. Tony has moved in, and Stefano probably isn’t far behind. He told John that Stefano would be back to reclaim his empire. John grins, saying that will only happen over his dead body.

Anna tells Tony that John is here, and will probably flip when he finds out the moved in. Tony doesn’t care and says that John can’t do anything about it. She worries about Stefano, but Tony thinks he must be in Italy by now. Soon he’ll know what it feels like to live in permanent exile. Just then, the phone rings. Tony answers. It’s Stefano, telling Tony to get his room ready. He is coming home.

Chelsea and Theo play with come blocks as Chelsea cries. Theo says, “ouch.” Chelsea agrees that it is a big ouch. Theo opens his arms to her and Chelsea hugs him.


Steve tells Hope, “So we got him combing through every scrap of garbage in the city to try to get a lead on Hollingsworth.”

Stephanie asks Max, “You don’t want to leave?” He replies, “That’s right.” She asks, “Ok, so then you’re just going to stay here in France and do what? Let you sister con you some more?”

Bo tells John, “I wanted to talk to you about Hollingsworth. What the hell happened to him?”

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