Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/08


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Caroline brings Steve some coffee at the pub and tells him there’s a pot of potato soup in the back for him to take home. Steve thanks her, and she said she heard Kayla had taken a few days off work to be with Joe. Steve nods and says that she is still shaken up over what happened at the hospital. Caroline says she can’t believe Stefano tried to kidnap Joe. She asks if he has been arrested yet. Steve says no, but when he is, Stefano will have to deal with him. Caroline thinks he must be exhausted and should go home, but Steve says he is working on a website. He explains that he is starting his own business and hands Caroline a business card. It says, “Steven Earl Johnson, Private Eye.” Steve grins and tells her to check out the website.

Max lies on his bunk in jail. Melanie comes over, saying she got him a candy bar. She asks about his girlfriend, and Max says Stephanie is in the bathroom. He makes Melanie hand over Stephanie’s candy bar, too and asks where Nick is. She says he bailed when she was searching for food. Max is sure he will be back. Melanie thinks Nick is cute, plus she heard he might be rich soon. Nick asks about Tiffany. Melanie says he shouldn’t count on her. Max says they had a deal. If Melanie got Tiffany to drop the charges, then Max wouldn’t call Trent. Melanie says Tiffany is still mad at her, so she might not show. Max pulls out his phone, saying he is calling Trent for bail.

Outside the pub, Trent calls Nick, who is sitting in a café in Marseilles. He heard Nick cancelled their meeting. Nick says he had to go out of town for a family emergency, but he has two other professors taking his classes for the week. Trent says that he had a chance to look over Nick’s prototype, and it looks good, but he made some notes. Nick says he will look at them when he gets back into town, but Trent wants to overnight them. He asks Nick where he is staying.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Chelsea that it is over between him and Kate. Kate shushes him. He tells her that’s it’s too late. Chelsea saw her text, and she knows they slept together. Kate says she is sorry. Chelsea says she needs to think for a moment as Theo runs in. Chelsea scoops him up as Lexie rushes in, admonishing Theo for running away from her. She apologizes for interrupting and asks a tearful Chelsea if anything is wrong. Chelsea claims that everything is fine.

Steve tells Caroline that he was going crazy around the house with nothing to do, and besides, he doesn’t have many marketable skills. All he is good at is getting in and out of trouble. Caroline wonders if it will be dangerous. Steve says it will mostly be looking into missing persons and fraud cases. Caroline asks if Kayla is on board, and Steve says she is. He says he is doing this partly because Kayla wants to cut back her hours at the hospital. Ever since they came home, she hasn’t been sleeping well because she’s been so worried about Joe. Caroline doesn’t think that ever changes. Mothers always worry. Steve says fathers do, too. Caroline smiles, saying it just isn’t the same.

Melanie tells Max that he can’t call Trent. He reminds her of their deal. Melanie groans, saying he should have never interfered. Max says Stephanie was right about her. The only person she cares about is herself. Melanie huffs, saying she cares about her dad. Max snorts, glad that someone does. Melanie wants to know what that means. What is going on between Max and their father? She thinks he is hiding something, and tells him to go ahead and call Trent. Max says he will if Tiffany doesn’t show. Melanie smiles, suggesting he call Trent now. Max agrees just as Tiffany comes in, asking what Melanie wants. Melanie sheepishly explains that she needs Tiffany to get her brother out of jail.

Steve asks Caroline if she is saying that mothers love their children more than fathers do. Caroline just meant that the bond is stronger between mother and child, especially when they are babies. Steve is sorry he missed out on everything with Stephanie. Caroline promises he won’t this time. Steve says he has to make sure that Kayla has everything she needs and has enough time to spend with the baby. Steve changes the subject, asking if she has heard from Max. He hasn’t heard from Stephanie. Caroline thinks they are just busy since Max was so determined to find his sister. She hopes he has and that everything’s fine.

Trent insists on overnight the material. Nick says he isn’t sure where he will be in a couple of days. Trent insists, asking where he is now. Nick sweats and finally says he has to go. He’s in a restaurant using the phone, and the owner is glaring at him. Nick hangs up as Trent shouts at him to hold on. He hangs up and crosses his arms angrily. He heads into the pub and tells Steve that he heard he does P.I. work. Steve asks him to have a seat. Trent explains that he is one of the new deans at Salem University. A colleague recently took a leave of absence without giving notice, and Trent wants to find out where he is. Steve asks for the colleague’s name, and Trent tells him it’s Nick Fallon.

Chelsea offers to take Theo to his appointment with Dr. Bennett. Kate says they need to talk. Chelsea ignores her and practically begs Lexie to let her take Theo. Theo yells for his mom, and Lexie takes him, explaining that he is having a bad day. She heads off. Kate again tells Chelsea that they need to talk. Chelsea whirls on her, furious. She can’t wait to hear what Kate has to say about this.

Steve tells Trent that he knows who Nick is from the pub. Plus he has that new prototype Steve read about in the paper. Trent explains that Nick is one of his protégés. He is a smart young man, whish is why his sudden disappearance is so startling. They had a meeting, but Nick hasn’t attempted to reschedule it. It’s a very important project. If something is wrong, then Trent needs to know now so that he can do damage control. Business aside, he is worried about Nick. Steve assumes Trent has tried to contact him. Trent nods, saying Nick has not returned his calls. Steve asks if he has any idea where Nick might be. Trent isn’t sure, but thinks he could be in Europe. He mentioned something about wanting to take a trip to France. Steve promises to look into it and Trent writes a check, asking Steve id he has a daughter named Stephanie. Steve asks if Trent knows her. Trent admits that he does.

Tiffany tells Melanie that she isn’t helping anyone get out of jail until Melanie apologizes for stealing her bracelet. Melanie suggests Max do the apologizing, and introduces him to Tiffany as the famous race car driver. Tiffany freaks out, and Melanie thinks this could all be forgotten over a nice dinner. Just then, Seb brings Stephanie back in, telling the girls they have five minutes. Stephanie asks Max what’s going on. He shrugs. Tiffany agrees to help max get out of jail. Stephanie asks what will happen to her. Tiffany asks who she is. Melanie jumps in, saying that Stephanie is Max’s cousin. Stephanie groans. Tiffany says she will see what she can do, but Max is going to have to go out with her all alone if he wants to get out of here.

Chelsea suggests Kate start by explaining why she had sex with her boyfriend. She wonder how they could both do this to her. Daniel swears that it was just a fling. Kate adds that it happened before he got together with Chelsea. Chelsea throws her hands up in the air. If it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t they just tell her? Daniel admits that they should have. Kate suggests they go talk about this someplace less public. Chelsea refuses, saying that she doesn’t want to talk to either one of them.

Tiffany asks Max if he will take the deal. Melanie agrees for him and Tiffany goes off to deal with the police. Stephanie pulls Max aside and asks what’s going on. He explains that he agreed to go to dinner with Tiffany and she agreed to get them out of jail. Stephanie thinks this is messed up and reminds him that she told him Melanie was trouble. Max just wants to get this over with so they can go home. Tiffany comes back and say they are ready. Seb lets them out and Tiffany hauls Max off. Stephanie gets her purse from Seb and Melanie tells her that Max and Tiffany make a cute couple. Stephanie glares and huffs out.

Lexie comes up to Daniel, asking what’s going on. Daniel would rather not talk about it. Lexie urges him to do it anyway. He was so helpful with her family problems, and she wants to return the favor. Daniel doesn’t want to confide in her, but Lexie presses, and Daniel relents. He tells Lexie that he slept with Kate. It happened a while ago, but Chelsea just found out--and at the most inopportune moment. Lexie gapes. Daniel fears that he has screwed up the best thing that has happened to him in a long time.

Trent tells Steve that Max introduced him and Stephanie a while back. Come to think of it, he hasn’t seen Max or Stephanie around lately. Are they still dating? Steve says they are, but he doesn’t really like the kid very much. They just try to stay out of each other’s way. He isn’t worried since she is still young. It isn’t as if she’s going to marry the guy. Trent asks if they are away, too. She knows Nick. Perhaps she knows how to get in touch with him. Steve agrees to call her and get in touch with Trent as soon as he knows anything. Trent leaves. Caroline comes over asking what that man wanted. Steve explains that Trent hired him to find Nick. Caroline tells Steve that he is in France with Max and Stephanie. Steve says he knows that. Caroline says she doesn’t like this. Steve agrees with her. He told Trent he would help him find Nick so that he could keep an eye on him. Caroline wonders if he is really looking for Nick. Steve doesn’t think so. He thinks Trent wants to find Max so he can see if he has found his sister.

Nick and Stephanie share dessert at the café while Max and Tiffany eat dinner nearby. Stephanie tells Nick what Melanie did, and he chuckles, saying that she has quite the imagination. Stephanie doesn’t think this is funny. She glances over at Tiffany, who is whispering in Max’s ear. She thinks she ought to go over and play the jealous girlfriend. Nick disagrees. He doesn’t think Max is having a good time and besides, she needs to just keep staring at him. It’s just as effective, minus the drama factor.

Tiffany tells Max not to worry. She isn’t going to jump his bones in front of his girlfriend. He ask how she knows about Stephanie, and Tiffany says it’s obvious. She just asked him out because he’s famous and it will do a world of good for her reputation. She says she has a secret, but he has to promise not to get mad. He promises. She tells him hat she was on her way to drop the charges against him when Melanie called. She would have made sure he didn’t get thrown in jail the night before if she wasn’t so mad at Melanie. Max forgives her. She tells him that he is a good guy. She’d love to date him if he were single.

Nick tells Stephanie that shell never guess who called him today . Just then, Melanie comes over, asking if she can talk to Nick alone for a second.

Daniel tells Lexie that he just had a fling with Kate. It happened before he and Chelsea got together, back when she was his patient. Lexie agrees that that was a stressful time. Daniel nods. After he told Chelsea about her infertility, he hit the bar. Later, Kate showed up, and Lexie can probably guess what happened next. Lexie nods sympathetically, and tells Daniel that she is sure that Chelsea will be more understanding once she has calmed down and heard the whole story. Besides, it isn’t as if Daniel cheated on her. Daniel sighs, hoping that Lexie is right.

Trent calls Melanie and leaves her a voicemail, asking her to call him as soon as she gets it.

Nick asks Stephanie to excuses them and she heads off, rolling her eyes. Melanie thinks Nick must think she is a real jerk for getting Max into so much trouble. She wanted to thank him for convincing her to call Tiffany. Nick is glad that she did it, and that it’s over. He says they have had a long day and suggests they kick back and get to know one another. Melanie says that works for her.

Stephanie talks to Steve outside on her cell phone. She heard about the lockdown and wanted to make sure Kayla was ok. Steve says she is fine and asks how she is. Stephanie says she and Max have just been busy. Steve tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to worry her, but there is something he has to tell her. He explains that Trent Robbins is looking for her and Max.

Max asks Tiffany how she met Melanie. Tiffany explains that they went to the same school, so they started hanging out, but Melanie is horrible. He of all people should know how bad she is. Max says that they actually just met. He tells Tiffany that he came to France to meet Melanie. Tiffany tells him to take her advice and catch the next flight home as fast as he can. He chuckles. She thinks he is cute when he is confused. She wonders what he would say if she told him she wanted to kiss him right now. He says he would say he was sorry, but he has a girlfriend. Tiffany says she doesn’t care and kisses him anyway. Of course, Stephanie sees hem through the window.

Daniel runs into Kate and she wonders if Chelsea will ever forgive them. Daniel isn’t sure. Kate says this never should have happened. Daniel says that’s it’s too late now.

Chelsea tells Lexie that Theo’s session is going well, and she’s going to head off. She understands why doctors like getting to know their patients. Lexie asks how she is doing. She could tell she interrupted something important earlier. She asks if Chelsea wants to talk about it, but she doesn’t want to. Lexie wants to offer her some advice anyway. There are always two sides to a story, and Chelsea owes it to herself to hear both sides. Lexie heads off. Chelsea sighs.

Trent tells someone on the other line that he will handle it. They knew Max might find Melanie. The other person gets excited and Trent shouts that he has the situation under control and hangs up.

Steve tells Stephanie that Trent knows Nicks is with them and that he’s coming to get her. Stephanie watches as Max pushes Tiffany away and she pulls him back in for another kiss. Stephanie says this is getting ridiculous and tells Steve she has to go. She says she is taking the next flight home and will call him from the airport. She heads inside as Tiffany gets up to leave. She tells Stephanie that she is lucky and heads off. Stephanie tells Max she saw what happened. Max gulps, saying that she kissed him. Stephanie says he knows, and she isn’t mad. Max swears that she is the only girl he wants to kiss right now. Stephanie wonders what he is waiting for. She sits down and they kiss.

Kate wonders what they do next. Daniel says he is going to find Chelsea to try to talk to her. Kate wants to come, too, but Daniel doesn’t thinks it’s a good idea. Chelsea walks up just then, saying that she wants to talk to both of them. She has a meeting with her supervisor, and then they are both going to tell her what happened between the two of them.


Chelsea asks Daniel, “When you took yourself off my case and refused to be my doctor anymore-- was that because you were hooking up with my grandma?”

Tony tells EJ, “Father’s out of his coma now and that will and John’s subsequent claim to the DiMera holdings are no longer valid. It’s time to reclaim what’s ours.”

John tells Lexie, “Your patient, Blondie, is missing.” She asks, “Missing?” He replies, “As in disappeared.”

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