Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Hope tells Bo that they have 48 hours to figure out who killed Hollingsworth. Bo says that Roman knows Phillip is innocent, no matter what that tape said. Hope reminds him that he destroyed that tape, so Roman has to do what he has to do. Bo agrees, bit he still fears that Phillip will go down for what John did. Hope finds it hard to believe that even John would do this. Bo can’t think of another person that had the motive to pin this on Phillip. Hope agrees, but it will be hard to prove it, especially since they only have two days. She worries he could lose his badge. He worries that she could, too. Hope thinks they need to focus on their objective so that won’t happen. She wonders where Phillip is. Bo says he should be on his way. He said that he wouldn’t let Bo take the fall for this. He wonders what that could mean.

Phillip runs into Morgan at the pier and asks how she is doing. She says she isn’t doing too well, but he already knew that, didn’t he?

At the hospital, Chelsea walks in on Kate and Daniel hugging. The awkwardly separate, and Kate tells Chelsea they were discussing the awful situation with the lockdown. Chelsea says she can barely believe Stefano is back. Daniel asks her about her job, and she says it’s going well, but wanted to sneak off with him for a little while. Daniel thinks dinner sounds great. Kate excuses herself to go find Phillip. Chelsea says she can meet Daniel at his apartment, and he gives her a key, telling her to help herself. Chelsea squeals with delight under her breath and clutches the key.

In her hospital room, John tells Marlena that he wants to protect her from Stefano and that he wants her to move in with him. She refuses. He thought she liked living there. He offers to smoke his cigars outside. Marlena says she just isn’t ready yet. John understands. That bastard Stefano poisoned her, and it will take some time for her to recover. Marlena yanks her oxygen tube off and says he doesn’t understand. She was paralyzed, not comatose, and she had some time to think. He is not the man she married, and he never will be. In fact, they are practically strangers. John says he had time to think during the lockdown, too. Marlena says he saw people that weren’t there. His thought were just a manifestation of the poisonous gas. He says it did affect him, but not in the way she thinks. He vowed that if she ever woke up, things would be different. People always tell him that the old John protected Marlena. He wants her to know that the new John will do the same, and part of that is making sure they stay together. Marlena sighs and says she is sorry, but that isn’t what she wants at all. John doesn’t understand. He thinks the gas must have gotten to her, because she isn’t making any sense. This is all she has wanted since he has known her. Marlena bursts into tears, saying that she has loved him over half her life. Now they are just getting to know one another, and they don’t even have that much in common. John wants the doctors to run more tests. They’ll talk about this once she is thinking clearly. Just then Roman comes in to congratulate Marlena on her health. He wants to make sure she is ok, and she says she is, but John isn’t so sure. She isn’t thinking clearly. Marlena says she is thinking more clearly that she has in a long time. Roman asks what’s going on. Marlena explains that she has made some decisions about her future and her life, and who she wants to spend it with. She tells John that she is sorry, but right now, he doesn’t seem to be that person.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chelsea gets some wine ready in his bedroom and turns on some soft music. She starts to take her shirt off.

Daniel turns into Kate, saying he thought she was getting Phillip. She says he went to the pub. She’s glad she ran into him anyway. He groans, asking if this is still about Chelsea. Kate nods, saying she thinks Chelsea suspects something.

Phillip tells Morgan that he wishes she believed him despite what he said to her father. He had nothing to do with his disappearance. Morgan thought he cared about her after he saved her life, but then she found out he threatened her father. She wonders how he did it. Did he shoot him or strangle him? Phillip cant believe that she thinks he’s capable of such a thing. She reminds him that he is a Kiriakis. They never make idle threats. She knows that someone of his ilk would murder to get someone out of the way. Phillip shakes his head, saying that she doesn’t know him at all. She says she doesn’t, apparently and huffs off. Phillip sighs. Morgan says she wishes she could believe him, but she can’t after she heard that tape. She was very naïve about him and them, and everything. Even her fantasy was stupid. Phillip asks what fantasy she means. She says it doesn’t matter because that is all it will ever be. Phillip walks off. Morgan flashes back to her fantasy and dancing under the stars with Phillip. She comes back to the present and shakes her head ruefully.

Phillip comes into the pub to meet Bo and Hope. He thanks them for meeting him, and tells Bo that this has gone far enough. He can’t let Bo go down for this. Phillip says it’s his mess, and he has to take responsibility for it, even if that means getting arrested.

Daniel asks Kate why Chelsea would suspect anything. He thinks she is just being paranoid because of what Chelsea would do if she found out. Besides, it isn’t as if he and Chelsea were together when they had their fling. Kate isn’t so sure. She always sees them together. He says that’s normal because of Phillip and Victor. He insists that everything is fine. Kate says Chelsea can never find out, because she would never forgive them if she did.

Chelsea sits on Daniel’s bed in a negligee and sips wine.

John tells Roman that it’s obvious Marlena doesn’t know what she is talking about. Marlena says she does, but she is sorry that he can’t accept it. Roman notes that Marlena isn’t the only one that has had a change of heart. John says he has come to his senses. Marlena says that she promised herself that she would stop wasting her time if she ever got her life back. John thought he was the love of her life. How can she just let that go? She says she has done it before. He was not the only great love of her life. Before him, there was Roman. John eyes Roman. Roman reminds him that they were married. Marlena adds that she thought Roman would be the one great love of her life, but then John came along. She explains to John that everyone thought he was Roman. When she finally accepted that Roman was gone, she fell in love again with John. He wonders why she cant do that with him now. She says she doesn’t love the man that he has become. He thinks that she needs to consider her options carefully, and maybe get a good night’s sleep--with him, back at the mansion. Marlena categorically refuses. She wants to go home. Roman says she can’t do that. It isn’t safe. John agrees, saying that he can protect her. Roman says he can’t at Stefano’s mansion. Marlena asks them to stop upsetting her. Roma apologizes and John asks to speak to him outside. They head out, and John accuses Roman of enjoying this. He thinks he might have another shot at her. Roman says that was a long time ago. John tells him to back off. Roman insists that he just wants what is best for Marlena. He is in a lot of trouble with the police. John tells him not to concern himself with it, as he is innocent. He warns Roman to stay away from his wife.

Chelsea practices poses on the bed as Daniel comes in. He thought they were having dinner. Chelsea kisses him, saying she has come up with something more satisfying. He asks if she is sure she wants to do this. She tells him to stop talking. If they waste time doing that, he’ll have to go back to work, and the opportunity will have passed them by. Daniel kisses her again and tells her to wait. He will be right back. Chelsea grins and sits on the bed, sipping wine. Suddenly, Daniel’s phone beeps. Chelsea takes it out of his jacket, hoping he isn’t getting paged. She stares at his phone and frowns.

Bo pulls Phillip aside, saying that he appreciates what he is trying to do, but he has it under control. Phillip isn’t so sure. Bo tells him that only he, Hope, Victor, Kate and Roman know what was on that tape. Bo intends to keep it that way. Phillip insists that he never would have asked Bo to do this. It was wrong for Victor to guilt him into it. Bo says he did what he thought was right, and he has to own up to that. A woman comes up just then, handing a letter to Phillip. He opens it and tells Bo that he has been subpoenaed by the grand jury.

Morgan and Hope have coffee nearby. Hope says Phillip thinks she’s upset, and Morgan says she is about her father. Hope insists that they are doing everything they can to find him. Morgan wonders if that is true, and Hope assumes she heard what happened at the church. Morgan says she did. A reporter busted her husband for withholding evidence. Hope says Phillip never would have done it if he though Phillip was guilty. Morgan isn’t sure what to think. Phillip is a Kiriakis. Hope says that is true, but he is no killer. She knows that Morgan knows that Phillip isn’t capable of murder. Bo never what have done what he did unless he knew Phillip was innocent.

Chelsea quickly gets dressed. Daniel comes in, asking what happened. She tells him he got a text saying “thanks for tonight, and Chelsea can never know what happened between us.” Chelsea throws him the phone, saying it’s from Kate. Daniel says he can explain. Chelsea calls him an SOB and storms out.

John tells Roman that he can leave, but Roman thinks John is the one that isn’t wanted. Marlena made that clear. Roman heads back into her room. John follows him, telling Marlena that he is sorry he hurt her, but she hurt him too, with her constant comparisons to the person he used to be. He felt like he was competing with a ghost. He fought hard to distance himself, but he just pushed her away instead of forming a new identity. He urges her not to stop fighting for him. Maybe they can get the old John back. Marlena says there is no way to get him back. Roman reminds her of the disc. Marlena tells Roman that Stefano has it now, and it is still broken. So there is no way to get the old John back mad Stefano will make sure of it. So no matter how hard he tries, it’s hopeless. John can’t believe Stefano has it, but he will just get it back. Roman thinks he destroyed it. John vows not to give up on this. Marlena thinks there’s no hope, but John is willing to try anything. He can try therapy again. He wants to be there for her now like she tried to be there for him then. He begs her to let him take care of her at the mansion until Stefano is apprehended. She asks for time to think about it. John agrees and heads out, but Marlena asks Roman to stay.

Kate meets Chelsea at the hospital, asking what she wanted to see her about. Chelsea says she knows about her and Daniel. Kate gapes.

Phillip talks to his lawyer while Abe and Bo talk about his agreement with Roman. Abe says he needs that tape in 48 hours. Bo says he understands his badge might get taken. He tells Abe about the subpoena Phillip got. Abe groans, saying they could be charging Phillip with the arson, too. Bo says they won’t if he can help it.

Morgan looks out the window and then bolts out of the pub, yelling for her father. She wanders around, looking for him. Hope runs out, asking what happened. Morgan swears she saw her father, but now he is gone.

Bo tells Abe that he still considers Phillip a suspect, with or without the tape. He wishes they could just find Hollingsworth so John would be implicated and this whole mess would be over. Abe asks him if he thinks John is responsible. Just then, Hope comes in, telling them that Morgan thinks she saw Paul.

Morgan runs around the pier, calling her father and crying. Paul peeps out from behind a stack of boxes.

Marlena tells Roman that she knows she pretends to be fine, but she is still confused. Roman think it was smart of her to hold off on leaving with John. She was right--he isn’t the man they knew. Marlena agrees, crying. She agrees to go home alone. Roman says that isn’t what they agreed on. Stefano is still out there, and he is still dangerous. Marlena asks where she will go. Roman says she will go home, but he will be going with her, as her police guard, just like when they first met. He vows to do everything it takes to make sure that she is safe. The nurse comes in for tests and Roman heads outside. Later, Roman comes back to say goodbye. John joins him as Marlena yawns. John says he is still waiting on an answer. She says she appreciates his offer, but it’s too little, too late. The answer is no. Roman suggests that they let her rest. He says he is sorry, too, and kisses her forehead. He leaves. Roman urges her to get some sleep. He will make sure that she is safe, just like the old days. Roman heads out, too. John congratulates him, saying that he may have his shot after all. Roman leaves. John answers his phone and listens. He freaks out, yelling that he couldn’t have escaped.

Morgan tells Abe, Bo, and Hope that she knows she saw her father. Maybe he ran off because he was scared. Hope promises that they will find him. Abe says he has already put out an APB and the three head off. Phillip comes over, saying he hopes Paul is found. Morgan snaps that that will get him off the hook. Phillip says that he knows Morgan loves her dad, and he was only thinking of how happy it would make her if he turned up--and what that would mean for them.

Kate insists that she doesn’t know what Chelsea is talking about. Chelsea says they have both been lying to her, and she can’t believe Kate is going to keep doing it. She can’t believe Kate did this to her, and demands that she admit it. Just then, Daniel rushes up, apologizing. Chelsea thinks he is just sorry he got caught. Daniel swears that it is over between him and Kate. Kate tells him to be quiet. He tells her that Chelsea knows they slept together. She saw the text message Kate sent him.


A girl attacks Max, “What would you say if I told you I really wanted to kiss you right now?”

Steve calls Stephanie, “I don’t want to worry you more, but there something I need to tell you.”

Kate tells Chelsea, “I don’t really know where to begin.” Chelsea replies, “I think you should begin by telling me why you had sex with my boyfriend.”

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