Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Nicole tells Trent that she thinks a brother trying to find his sister is a good thing. Trent doesn’t want to talk about it, but Nicole does. Trent is trying to keep those two apart, and she wants to know why.

At the prison in France, Melanie asks Nick why he didn’t tell her he knew Max and Stephanie. Stephanie demands to know why Melanie didn’t help them out after all that they did for her. Nick wants to know what’s going on. Stephanie says Melanie was in here with them and left them. Melanie huffs. Her friend bailed her out. She couldn’t help them because she doesn’t have any money. Stephanie thinks she could have done something. It’s her fault they’re in here. Melanie denies it. Stephanie tells Nick about the bracelet Melanie stole. She gave it to Max and he was arrested. Stephanie thinks Melanie is enjoying all of this. Melanie says that’s preposterous. She didn’t ask for this, in fact, they came looking for her. Stephanie thinks that was a huge mistake.

Chelsea comes into the pub and greets Caroline. They make small talk about her job at the hospital and Chelsea tells her she will be taking classes this fall for her new career. She really thinks that she has found her calling. Caroline heads off to get her an iced coffee as Henderson and Victor come in. He and Chelsea talk about his health since the stroke, and Victor says that he is feeling much better. They take a seat nearby. Caroline brings Chelsea her drink and notices Victor. She heads over and he asks for a couple of menus. Caroline says he will have to leave. He is no longer welcome here.

At the hospital, Daniel finishes examining Phillip. He tells him that he can leave after the nurse comes in to dress his wound, but he needs to find a ride home, as Daniel doesn’t want him driving. Kate comes in just then, saying that that Phillip has a ride, of course.

Down at the pier, Hope asks Bo if he is sure he wants to talk to Roman about this. Bo says he is sure. He is the one that screwed up with the Hollingsworth case, and he doesn’t want Hope to be implicated. Hope sighs. She sure hopes that Roman can keep quiet, or this is going to be disastrous. Roman comes up just then, saying that he will be the judge of that.

Kate asks how Phillip is doing. He says he is fine, but doesn’t need a ride. He was planning on calling for a car. Kate smiles at Daniel, telling him that Phillip thinks she hovers and babies him too much. Daniel tells Phillip that he is lucky to have Kate for a mother. She heads off just then to take a call. Daniel tells Phillip that he will send the nurse right in, and he heads out to talk to Kate. He tells her that he thinks she looks stressed. Kate says she is fine, but finally admits that the lockdown was enough to stress anyone out. Daniel is just glad it is all over. Kate admits that she also has a feeling of dread that Chelsea will find out about them. Daniel swears that she won’t. Kate wonders how he can be so sure of that.

Victor doesn’t understand. Henderson surreptitiously excuses himself to wait in the car. Caroline tells Victor that he hasn’t been welcome here ever since he put their son in danger. She saw him at the church, and she knows he knows what’s going on with Bo. Victor asks her to sit down. Caroline knows that Bo admitted to tampering with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case, and she thinks Victor knows what’s going on. Victor says that us true. He tells Caroline that the evidence implicated Phillip. Bo knew he was innocent, so he handed the tape over to Victor. Caroline asks what he did with it. Victor tells her he destroyed it. Caroline rages at Victor. She thinks he manipulated Bo into doing this. It goes against everything Bo stands for, and she will never forgive Victor for it.

Roman asks what disaster Hope is talking about. Bo tells Roman that this is about the Hollingsworth case. Bo tells Roman that he needs to talk to him, not as his boss, but as his brother. Roman says he can’t do that. Bo is under internal investigation. Hope pleads with Roman to bear Bo out. Roman refuses. Bo tells him that he did this for family. He snaps at Roman, telling him to get off his moral high horse and listen.

Trent refuses to discuss his children with Nicole. Nicole thinks she hit a nerve, but he insists that this is none of her business. She relents and starts to head off. Trent grabs her and tells her to sit down. If she ever leaves before he tells her it’s ok, he’ll head right over to Victor and tell him about their marriage. He thinks Victor would be very interested in that information. Nicole squirms.

Max tells Melanie that he and Stephanie have every right to be angry with her, but it’s a waste of time right this minute. Stephanie asks Melanie is she can call George. Melanie scoffs, saying that he is currently on his way back to London for boarding school. It’s impossible. Stephanie groans. She really can’t help them at all? Melanie doesn’t think they need her help, after all, they have Nick. She’s sure that he can do something. Nick gulps.

The nurse finishes dressing Phillip’s bandage and sends him on his way. He runs into Chelsea with one of her patients out in the hall. Chelsea gets Erin to make peasantries with Phillip, and urges her to try to look at people when she talks. A nurse comes by to get her, and Chelsea tells Phillip that the girl has made a lot of progress. Phillip thinks she’s great with the kids. She asks if he has seen Daniel, and he tells her that he is around here with his mom somewhere.

Daniel knows that Kate couldn’t live if Chelsea found out. She asks if he is mocking her for voicing her concerns. Daniel thinks they are more like obsessions. He is starting to wonder if she wants Chelsea to find out. He has already told her that Chelsea will never know, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for her. Kate explains that secrets like this have a way of coming out. Daniel says no one even knows about it, so it won’t. He thinks keeps bringing it up because she is resentful that he moved on. Kate calls him an egotistical bastard. She just loves Chelsea, who has been through a lot of pain. She doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. Daniel apologizes, explaining that he is just protective of her. She nastily tells him that the obsession ends here, then. Daniel goes to hug her, saying that isn’t what he meant. Kate hisses at him not to touch her.

Victor says he feels badly about this. Caroline doesn’t think he felt badly enough to stop him from doing it. Victor insists that he never would have asked Bo to do this if he hadn’t told him about to begin with. Caroline explodes. Bo was trying to do his job, and Victor guilted him into it. Bo couldn’t say no to a sick and dying man. Victor says he was just protecting Phillip, but Caroline think he was doing it that Bo’s expense. He never should have come here. Victor agrees and starts to leave. Caroline tells him that she wishes Bo had never found out he was his father.

Chelsea asks if Kate is ok, and Phillip says she is just here to give him a ride. Chelsea asks Phillip if what happened to her dad at the church had anything to do with Victor. She knows something was going on between them and that Daniel wouldn’t let Bo see Victor. Phillip admits that the evidence Bo destroyed had something to do with him. He didn’t do anything, but the evidence made him look guilty, so Bo destroyed it. Chelsea can’t believe that Phillip is going to let Bo take the fall for this. Phillip sighs saying that sometimes people--even his father and brother--make bad choices.

Bo wants to make sure he is talking to his brother, not his boss, and Roman relents, agreeing to listen to him as family. Bo tells him that the evidence he tampered with was in the package Paul sent Morgan. On it, Phillip threatened to kill Paul. Roman explodes. He can’t believe Bo destroyed it. What the hell was he thinking? Bo pulls a tape out of his pocket, telling Roman that he didn’t destroy it. That was a duplicate. This is the original. He pulled a bait and switch. Roman wonders why he let that whole fiasco at the wedding go down if he had the tape the whole time. Hope explains that they think someone set Phillip up. Bo says they’re going to smoke the guy out. Roman asks who it is. Bo says it’s the new and strange John Black.

Nicole tells Trent that she would have stayed if he asked nicely, but he had to threaten her. She tells him to go ahead and tell Victor. Then at least he won’t have anything to hold over her. Just then, Trent’s phone rings. He yells into the phone, wondering how she could have maxed that one out. He tells the person on the other end to cancel the credit card and pay it off. Nicole guesses that Melanie likes to shop. Trent says he needs a stronger drink. Nicole thinks Melanie is going to put he daddy in the poorhouse if she keeps this up.

Melanie thought Nick was wealthy after making his eco-friendly rocket ship. Nick explains that he just got a small advance so far, and pulls Melanie aside to speak with her. Stephanie tells Max that she can’t stand her. Max doesn’t want to talk about this now, as he has a headache. Stephanie tries to call her parents again, but gets voicemail. She frets that something happened to Joe. Max tells her not to think like that, but Stephanie can’t help it. Max decides to call Caroline.

Nick tells Melanie that he thought this was her city. Surely she must know someone that can help them. Her brother is in jail. Melanie says she’s moved to tears, but there’s nothing she can do. She is as broke as Nick is. Nick thinks something else is going on. He suspects that this has nothing to do with money.

Daniel says he is sorry that he hurt Kate. He doesn’t have any excuses. He swears that he cares for her. She says she cares for him, too, but she has no regrets that they ended things. She reminds him it was a mutual decision, but she has been on edge lately, worrying about Chelsea and Phillip. He assures her that Phillip will be fine. She is sure of that physically, but the whole thing going on with Bo worries her. Daniel asks her if she had anything to do with what went down at the wedding. Kate admits that it had to do with evidence against Phillip, but tells him not to ask any more questions. Whatever Bo and she have done, they’ve done to protect those they love.

Victor says that knowing Bo has been important to him. Caroline rages. She has always turned a blind eye to his criminal activities, but not this time. He forced Bo’s hand to do his criminal bidding. She refuses to let him drag their son down with him. Pete comes over to tell Caroline that she ahs a call from Max. She heads off, telling Victor to be gone by the time she gets back.

Chelsea agrees that Bo made a bad decision when he chose to protect Phillip and he doesn’t even seem to care. Phillip insists that he does care. He also says that eh didn’t do anything wrong. He never asked Bo to do this for him. Chelsea says that it happened because of his actions. Besides, he knows Victor will resort to old-school tactics. Phillip thinks she has been watching too many movies. Besides, Bo did this for him because he knew he was innocent. Chelsea doesn’t think Phillip cares who he hurts. She understands what he is going through. She killed Bo and Hope’s son, and she has to live with that for the rest of her life. If he lets her dad go down for this, he will have to live with that forever, too.

Roman sighs. All the good intentions in the world doesn’t change the fact that both Bo and Hope broke the law. Bo reminds Roman that even with the tape, he doesn’t have a lot to go on. He begs Roman to bend the rules just a little and give him enough time to figure out what happened to Hollingsworth. Roman says he can’t. Bo tells him to go ahead and haul him off to jail, then. Roman relents and gives Bo 48 hours. After that, the evidence will be turned in and Bo’s fate with the Salem P.D. will be decided. Henderson heads out to bring the car around. Bo asks if he can speak with Bo for a moment alone. Hope says no.

Nicole heads off to powder her nose. Trent listens in on Caroline’s conversation with Max. Max tells her that Nick joined them in France. He asks Caroline not to tell Trent that he is there. Caroline agrees and hangs up. Seb tells Max and Stephanie that bail has been set at ten thousand euros. Melanie chuckles, saying you could spend a month at the Riviera on that. Nick can’t believe she thinks this is funny. It’s her fault they’re in this predicament. Max tells Melanie that he is calling Trent. She whines and grabs for his phone, saying he can’t. She’ll lose her freedom. Max scoffs and dials.

Kate tells Daniel that she tries to do the right thing, but it always ends up spiraling out of control. Daniel insists that she is a good mother. He knows she was only trying to protect the ones she loves. He hugs her just as Chelsea comes over and sees them.

Melanie tells Max that he can’t call her father. He’ll freak and put her in a convent. Max says he has money and she doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. Melanie whines that her life will be over. Max suggests she find a way to bail them out then. She has rich friends. Melanie says that her reputation will be ruined. Her friends will never let her live this down. Max can’t believe she is only thinking of herself, but her father won’t let her live this down either. So which is it going to be?

Chelsea watches as Kate and Daniel hug.

Victor tells Bo that he never should have let him take the fall for Phillip. He was ill, and he wasn’t thinking clearly. He offers to do anything he can to help. He adds that he told Caroline what happened and heads off. Hope comes over, asking what Victor wanted. Bo thinks he just wanted to make himself feel better. Bo says they have to find out what happened to Hollingsworth. If he’s dead, then they’ll know who killed him. Hope wonders if John would resort to murder to bring Phillip down. Just then, Phillip calls Bo, telling him that this mess has gone on long enough. He is not going to let Bo and Hope take the fall for this.


Hope asks Bo, “Where's Phillip anyway? Didn't he say he was on his way? Bo replies, “I wonder what he had in mind.”

Morgan tells Phillip, “You saved my life. I thought you cared about me.” He replies, “I do care.” Morgan snaps, “But then I find out that you threatened to kill my father.”

Marlena tells John, “You are not the man that I married. The truth is, we barely even know each other.”

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