Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In a jail cell in France, Max asks Stephanie how he says “get us the hell out of here” in French. Stephanie wonders where his sister is. She’s the reason they’re in this mess. Max snarls that she’s probably on the beach while they rot in this hole. He wishes they could at least get their cell phones to call for help. He thinks there must be a law against their treatment. Stephanie isn’t sure they really go by the books here. Max sighs and lies on the bed, asking her to wake him when it’s time to eat. Stephanie asks if he is giving up. He thinks it’s useless not to. Stephanie isn’t so sure.

Melanie and her friend Michelle have coffee at the café. Nick walks in just in time to overhear Melanie telling her friend that she doesn’t have any money. Her latest boy was shipped off to boarding school in London, so she has to find a new guy to mooch off of. Michelle suggests the new transfer student, who looks great in shorts. Melanie is pretty sure he bats for the other team. Nick walks by just then, telling someone on the phone not to insult him. He wants six figures or he’s taking his prototype elsewhere. Melanie grins, saying she thinks she just found her new man.

Trent comes over to Nicole, who’s drinking at the bar at Chez Rouge. She grimaces, and he asks if she has had a bad day. She says it’s just gotten a lot worse. Trent feigns sympathy, saying that he isn’t happy when his wife isn’t happy. Nicole tells him to go to hell.

In Marlena’s hospital room, John gapes at her. Who is he? He’s John Black. Marlena nods, apologizing. Things just got a little fuzzy there for a moment. John says she gave him a chill there. She thinks he must have thought she lost her memory. She remembers everything--her friends, family, and her husband.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas tells Sami that he’s taking Allie. She gapes, wondering if he means to get permanent custody. Lucas nods, saying he’s taking her now. EJ tells Lucas that that is kidnapping. He can’t take a daughter from her mother. Lucas grumps, saying that Allie will finally have a peaceful life. EJ says she won’t because he’ll be thrown back in jail immediately, and he won’t be getting out anytime soon. Sami wants to talk to Lucas about this. He says that he has said all he means to say at the hospital. This isn’t about them. Sami says they are Allie’s parents, so this has everything to do with them. Lucas snorts, saying there is no such thing as ‘them.’ EJ suggests he go upstairs to check on the twins so they can talk alone. Sami asks him to double-check the windows. EJ assures her everything is secure. Lucas wants to know what Sami is so worried about. Lucas frets, asking is someone is trying to hurt the kids. EJ thinks Sami is trying to say she has had enough. Lucas says they have all had enough what with dealing with Stefano, and he guesses Sami is worried about him since he has disappeared. That’s all the more reason he needs to take Allie and keep her safe. Sami wants to figure something else out, but Lucas refuses. He is calling Mickey and putting an end to this once and for all.

Stephanie puts on makeup and fixes her hair. Max asks if she is getting all dolled up for the guard. He doesn’t think it will work since the guy is a cop. Stephanie reminds him that he’s French. It will work. Stephanie calls for the guard. Max laughs, saying he’ll give her a hundred bucks if she pulls this off. Stephanie reminds him that he doesn’t have a hundred bucks and calls for the guard again. He offers her dinner instead. Stephanie turns around, saying she’ll hold him to it. Just then, the guard, a decidedly mannish woman, comes in. Max tries hold to hold back his laughter as the woman booms, asking what Stephanie wants.

Michelle glances at Nick, who’s reading a paper at a nearby table. She thinks he’s a geek. Melanie thinks he’s kind of cute, but Michelle guesses he’s into the intellectual type. She suggests Melanie put her glasses on before she approaches him. Melanie does so and heads over to Nick, asking if he is finished with the paper. He loftily declares that he only reads the financial section. He suggests they share.

The woman guard stomps off as Max sarcastically tells Stephanie that that went well. She asks him to shut up. He thinks that was a she, but the mustache and the baggy pants confused him. Stephanie says she gets the picture. Max just thinks it’s going to take more than a low-cut dress to con theses bozos. Another guard comes in, telling them that Agatha left. He recognizes Stephanie from her racing days and introduces himself as Sebastian, or Seb. He says he knows her from a race at Curcuit de la Sarthe. Max thought that was the time she crashed. Stephanie sweetly replies that she is trying to forget that that happened. Seb winks, saying he loves the way Stephanie handles her curves. She grins, saying she thinks she is pretty amazing, too. Max glowers.

John asks Marlena if she remembers what happened to her. She tells him that she was getting ready for Bo and Hope’s wedding and had just gotten off the phone with him when the intruder overpowered her. She flashes back to the masked man injecting her with the toxins. She guesses someone found her and brought her here. John nods. He and Anna found her. Marlena thinks Stefano must have been behind this. He gave her the same drug she gave him. Marlena bursts into tears and tells John that he was in her room, taunting her. He told her that she would never see her children again and that she would suffer. John comforts her, asking her not to cry. He swears that everything is going to be alright.

Nicole asks Trent what he wants. He wants respect from his wife. Nicole demands that he stop calling her that. She asks him to leave her alone. Had she known that they weren’t divorced, she would have gotten one on her own. Trent isn’t so sure. She could barely take care of herself in those days, and it appears to be a struggle for her even now. She’s a helpless little girl that craves attention from men. Nicole tells him to shut up. Trent grins. What about that British fellow of hers, EJ DiMera?

Sami wants to go check on the twins again, but EJ assures her that they are fine. He double checked the windows, and if anything happens, they’ll hear it on the monitor. Sami agrees, saying that it has been a touch day what with Stefano’s and Lucas’ threats. EJ says it is getting to him, too, but he assures her everything will be fine as he pulls her into a hug.

Meanwhile, Lucas greets Mickey and Maggie at the door. Mickey asks Lucas if he is sure he wants to do this. Lucas nods, telling him that Sami and EJ are in the living room. He is positive that he wants full custody. Maggie asks Lucas if he really wants to take his daughter away from her mother. Lucas grumps, wondering what kind of mother would let her child stay in this house with Stefano on the loose. Lucas begs Mickey to help him make this work. Mickey isn’t so sure he can, what with Lucas’ situation. He says he will try and heads in to talk to Sami and EJ. Sami says she wishes Lucas would talk to her, and says she can’t understand why Lucas wants full custody. EJ doesn’t think Lucas has a chance. Sami agrees. Mickey tells them that he thinks Lucas has a good case. Sami gapes.

Marlena tells John that things aren’t ok. She has to find Sami because Johnny is not going to be safe. John assures her that they are both fine. Sami just left the hospital, in fact. Marlena insists that no one is safe while Stefano is out there. She flashes back to Stefano threatening her in her room. He says that he is going to eliminate her so that he can reclaim his pawn. Marlena comes back to the present with a shudder, saying that no one is safe with that madman around.

Nicole tells Trent that nothing is going on between her and EJ, not that it is any of his business. Trent is glad to hear that, as he would hate to tell Victor that they are legally married. Nicole says she has done everything he has asked, but Trent says that he needs her to do one more thing. Nicole refuses, saying she is done. Trent pulls out his phone, saying he is sorry to hear that. He scrolls through his address list, looking for Victor’s number. Nicole agrees to do whatever it is, but this is the last time she is helping him.

Seb brings Stephanie her cell phone and asks her not to tell anyone he bent the rules for her. She agrees and leans over to kiss him on the cheek as a thanks. He turns his head so that her lips land on his. Seb heads off and Max grumbles that Stephanie really worked him. She thinks he was much cuter than humongous Helga. Stephanie tries to call her parents, but gets voicemail. She asks them to call her back and hangs up. Max suggests she call Bo or Roman, but Stephanie doesn’t want her parents hearing that she’s in jail from someone else. He suggests calling his friend Daphne. Stephanie refuses. Max accuses her of being jealous, but she says she doesn’t want their story splashed all over the tabloid pages. Max asks if they have any messages. Stephanie checks and finds one from Nick. She squeals, telling Max that Nick is here in Marseilles.

Nick goes to the bar to get drinks. Michelle comes over and Melanie tells her that Nick is putty in her hands. Michelle tells her to signal if he gets creepy and scoots off as Nick comes back with some waters. He notes that she is reading the arts section, and she talks about the spring fashion preview in Milan. Nick thought he just read about the fall preview. Melanie tells him to shut up. Nick wonders if she treats all guys like this who buy her over-priced water. He just wants a nice conversation and to get to know her. He asks what she does here, and Melanie tells Nick that she is a student. She asks what Nick is doing here, but he remains vague. Suddenly, his phone rings. It’s Stephanie, begging Nick to come bail her and Max out of jail. She explains that Max’s sister, Melanie is a con artist, and she got them in to this mess. She gives Nick the street address and promises to explain the whole story later. Max jokes the Nick should just follow the rats and roaches. Nick promises to be there shortly and hangs up. Melanie asks him who that was.

Lexie comes into Marlena’s room, asking how she is. Marlena admits that she is ready to go home. Lexie reminds her that she has been through an ordeal and needs to take things slow. Lexie says she has to administer a few tests. She checks Marlena’s vision, then asks her a few questions to test her memory. She asks her name, and where she is, but when Lexie asks Marlena who she is, Marlena gives her a blank stare. Lexie and John fidget. Marlena chuckles, saying that she is kidding. She knows exactly who Lexie is. John pulls Lexie aside and asks her if Marlena is good to go. Marlena huffs, saying that she is perfectly fine. Why does he keep pretending that he is concerned about her?

EJ tells Mickey that no judge is going to give a guy custody that just got out of jail and has a history of alcohol abuse. Sami thinks they need to work out some joint custody agreement since she is Allie’s mother. Mickey says they still have on important issue to discuss--Stefano DiMera.

Maggie asks Lucas if things are really over between him and Sami. Lucas says they are. He can’t trust Sami anymore, so he has to move on. Maggie asks if he plans on moving on with Chloe.

John tells Marlena that she would still be lying in a coma if not for him. Lexie suggests they step outside, and once there, she tells John that he can’t get Marlena agitated. She needs to rebuild her strength as she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. John thought she was getting better. Lexie says that they still don’t know what the residual effects of those toxins will be. They have to take things one step at a time. She gets a call and heads off to take it. John sighs.

Max hopes Nick can get them out of here soon. Stephanie hopes so, too. Max admits that this jail is actually better than some of the youth hostels he has stayed in. Stephanie says she is ready to go home, but Max wants to stick around a little longer and get some answers. Stephanie doesn’t understand what else he needs to know. She has known lots of girls like Melanie. She’s a rude, selfish, manipulative liar. Max think it might all be just an act. Maybe she is an attention-seeker. That doesn’t make her a bad person. Stephanie sighs. She knows Max had all of the huge expectations, but Melanie doesn’t care about family. All she cares about is herself. Stephanie just doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

Melanie asks Nick if that was his girlfriend. He says he doesn’t have one anymore. He just broke up with his girlfriend of a year. He asks if she has a boyfriend. Melanie says she doesn’t today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? Melanie asks him if he wants to get a bite to eat. He asks about Michelle, who has been staring at them the whole time. Melanie thinks she is just jealous. Nick says that he would love to go out to eat with her, but he has to go to the police station to pick up his passport. It was stolen. He asks if she would like to go with him and get something to eat after. Melanie agrees and heads off to tell Michelle about her plans.

Trent tells Nicole that he thinks Max went to France to contact a student named Melanie. Nicole wants to know who she is to Trent, but he refuses to say. Nicole says she wont do his dirty work without knowing who she is. Trent admits that Melanie is his daughter. Nicole thinks he has kids popping up all over the place. He warns her that this information doesn’t go past this table. He is only telling her because he trusts her. Besides, if she talks, he will go straight to Victor. Nicole asks what she should do. Trent wants to know if Melanie has run into Max. Nicole doesn’t understand why Melanie wouldn’t tell Trent herself. He says that she is cunning, and holds her cards close. He has to keep her far away from Max. Nicole guesses that Trent fears Max will tell Melanie what an SOB their father is.

Melanie tells Michelle that Nick is cool and totally harmless. She thinks he’s rich, too. Michelle agrees to book their flight to Milan and they high-five. Melanie almost feels bad for the guy, since he is so funny and smart. Nick walks up just then, asking if she is ready to leave. She says goodbye to Michelle and they head off together.

EJ tells Mickey that his father doesn’t have anything to do with this. Mickey disagrees. Stefano has disappeared, and could be a threat to the twins. EJ turns to Sami in exasperation, hoping she doesn’t believe this. His father could have taken the twins months ago if that is what he wanted. Mickey asks if they have seen Stefano. EJ says no. Sami is silent. Mickey asks her why she is being so quiet.

Maggie wonders if Lucas is rushing things with Chloe. Lucas says they haven’t even been on date. He is attracted to her because of the same qualities he sees in Sami, but it’s different with Chloe. She isn’t as angry as Sami is. Maggie is glad he is taking it slow. Replacing one bad choice with another is never a good thing. Lucas promises to keep that in mind and not get his hopes up about Chloe. Maggie thinks it sounds like he is already falling for her.

John tells Marlena that he is sorry about what he said earlier. He wants to protect her from Stefano and asks her to come home with him when she is released. Marlena says she is sorry, but she can’t do that.

Trent tells Nicole that he is confident in his relationship with Melanie. He doesn’t care what Max says to her. He just wants the two of them to stay away from each other. Nicole wants to know why. Trent refuses to say.

Seb brings Max and Stephanie out into the waiting room as Melanie tells Nick she wants to wait outside. Nick grins sheepishly at Max, telling him that he ran into someone. Max sees Melanie and grins, asking her how Georgie is. Melanie whirls on Nick, asking him if he knows these guys. Is this some kind of ambush?

Maggie tells Lucas that she just wants him to be happy. If Chloe can do that for him, then that is great. Lucas says the only thing that matters right now is getting his daughter out of this place. Sami tells Mickey that she and Lucas aren’t going to play tug-of-war with Allie like they did with Will as Lucas storms in. He tells Sami that she isn’t taking Allie away from him. Sami snorts, saying that’s what he thinks. Lucas asks her if she wants to go to court. There is no way in hell she would win. Sami glares.


Caroline tells Victor, “A reporter accused Bo of tampering with evidence, and I think you know why.”

Bo tells Roman, “I need to talk to you, not as my boss but as my brother.”

Kate tells Daniel, “And then there is this sense of dread I have that Chelsea will find out about us.”

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