Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Rolf comes into the DiMera mansion. Stefano tells him to drop his suitcase. Rolf offers to make him a drink. Stefano tells him to shut up in turn. They have very important business to attend to.

At the hospital, Steve tells Roman that he’s going to kill Stefano for taking their baby. Kayla demands to be able to see him. Roman tells her to hold on another minute. He needs their side of the story. Steve explains that they had oxygen on the baby, but they were incapacitated by the fumes. When they came to, Joe was gone. Kayla tells Roman that Stefano took him. Roman agrees that it’s unconscionable, but that’s Stefano for you. Steve says it’s on thing to go after them, but their kids? Kayla asks if Stefano’s new M.O is going to be stealing there kids. Roman says that whatever Stefano is up to is about to be over.

John comes into Marlena’s room at the hospital to find Lexie examining her. John asks if she has a fever. Lexie is reluctant to say anything or make predictions, even though John wants answers. Suddenly, Lexie goes over to one of Marlena’s monitors. She tells John that her brain activity is spiking. Sami walks in just in time to hear Lexie tell John that Marlena is waking up.

In the stairwell at the hospital, Tony and EJ talk about Stefano. Tony remembers how he used to disappear for months at a time when he was growing up. EJ doesn’t understand why he feels the need to sully the family name with his tricks. This time he’s resorted to chemical warfare. Tony says that they can make cracks at how their father amassed his fortune ,but it’s still theirs, and they have a problem. It’s time they met it head on. EJ thinks Tony must mean John Black. He is certainly a pretender to the throne, as they say. Tony agrees. Besides, this is about their birthright. EJ isn’t so sure he wants it. Tony says it’s up to them to bring dignity back to the family name. EJ reminds Tony that John has been good to him. Tony thinks EJ needs to reconsider where his loyalties will lie. EJ understands there will be war. Stefano will go gunning for John; but what should they do about it? Tony thinks they need to wrest control of the family empire from those who want to sabotage it.

Rolf tells Stefano how much he has missed him and his many ambitious projects. Stefano admits that Rolf has always been a loyal follower. Stefano then gets down to business, telling Rolf that he will have to go underground. He hands some papers over to Rolf for safe-keeping and tells him he needs a message sent to Marlena Evans. Stefano snaps a chess piece between his fingers. Rolf protests about the antique piece, but Stefano says they need to get busy making plans. Stefano is leaving the house and Rolf will be coming with him--unless of course, he’d rather remain here as John’s manservant for the rest of his life.

A nurse brings Joe over to Kayla and Steve. She assures them that his doctor checked him out and Joe is fine. She heads off and Steve worried that he isn’t fine. Kayla reminds him that Dr. Lopez has been Joe’s doctor since his birth, but Steve won’t listen. What about what Stefano did to him and to John? Kayla asks him not to go there, or he will drive himself crazy. Steve say that if Stefano did anything to hurt Joe, he’ll kill him. Kayla promises to help if that is the case.

Sami urges her mom to wake up. John thought she was snapping out of it. Lexie explains that Marlena’s brain is active, but a lot of factors go in to when exactly she will wake up. Lexie can’t say when that will be, exactly. John asks what turned it around for her. Lexie tells them that one of the nurses found a syringe by the bed. Kayla synthesized an antidote to the drugs Stefano’s men allegedly injected into Marlena. John grumbles about the “alleged” part. Lexie says that the injection saved Marlena’s life. John thinks that was timely on Kayla’s part. Lexie explains that Kayla didn’t give it to Marlena. In fact, they have no idea who did. She suggests they both go home. She has tests to run on Marlena, but will call them if her condition changes. She leaves. Sami tells John that he can’t fool her. She can see it in his eyes. He has a heart in there somewhere, and it’s breaking. He loves her mother. John says that he doesn’t understand love that well. Sami says he will know it when it happens. It takes over your whole body and your whole life, and when you lose it, you can feel your heart breaking. John says that he has been more concerned about Marlena lately, but he wouldn’t call that love. Sami asks why he won’t move on with Marlena. Is he still hung up on Ava? John starts to answer, but Sami interrupts him, saying that she gets he wants a new life and a new woman to move on with, but he has to be honest with her mom. As soon as she wakes up, Sami vows to tell her to stop wasting her time on John. John tells her to hold on. He didn’t say he was hung up on Ava. He just needs time to process all of this. Sami says she understands. Besides, she has no room to judge, being on shaky romantic ground herself. The one thing she knows for sure is that her children are the most important thing, so she is going to give them a big hug. John hopes her mom will be awake by the time she comes back. Sami says goodbye to Marlena and heads out, telling John to call her if anything changes. John smiles at Marlena.

Tony tells EJ that ego and greed corrupt, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The new order needs to be one of legitimacy and honest power--the power to change things for the better. Tony hugs him, saying he has to go find Anna and take her home, but they will talk later. Nicole comes in just then, asking if this is the famous stairwell. EJ says he is sorry he hurt her, but it isn’t as if he made her any promises. Nicole sniffs. Of course not. She just poured her heart out to him. That doesn’t mean she loves him. He ask if she does. She thinks he has a big ego,. She finds him pompous, stuffy, and besides, he isn’t her type. She doesn’t even blame Sami for what happened. It’s his fault. Her first impression of him was that he was in a class all of his own, but she was wrong. He is as insensitive and cruel as most other men. She stomps off, saying that she’s through discussing it. EJ insists that his relationship with Sami is complicated. She’s the mother of his child. Nicole thinks EJ is a liar, and has lied to her ever since they met. EJ swears that he cares for her and loves being in her company. Nicole can’t believe he has the gall to announce his half-baked feelings for her twenty minutes after making out with Sami. Nicole huffs off, telling EJ she wants him out of her life.

Stefano tells Rolf that the first thing he needs to do is dismantle the lab and move it to a different location. Rolf says that’s impossible. John Black forced him to dismantle it. He salvaged what he could, but it wasn’t much. Stefano curses. He doesn’t care if John is his brother. The man is finished. Rolf says he never cared for him. Stefano thinks he and Marlena make quite pair-- they’re both so malevolent and destructive. But vengeance will be his. He promises to raise a whole new generation of DiMeras--more powerful and invincible than ever. That way the vendetta will continue generation after generation, and he can focus on wreaking havoc on John and Marlena. Rolf hisses that someone is coming. EJ and Sami come in just then with a stroller. Sami heads off to get some more things out of the car. EJ comes into the living room, which is empty save for a small glass of liquor. EJ whispers, “Father.” Sami comes in just then, asking what’s wrong.

Nicole runs into Lucas at the hospital and asks how he is. He says he’s alright, and is actually kind of glad this whole thing happened. He’s not glad about Stefano being back or Marlena suffering, but it’s finally over between him and Sami. Nicole smiles, feigning shock. But Sami is such a great person that was always loyal to him. Lucas chuckles, wondering what man wouldn’t want Sami in his life. Nicole says that seriously, she is happy for Lucas. He is better off without Sami. Chloe walks up just then, saying she couldn’t agree more.

John sits by Marlena’s side. He says she has to wake up. He is willing to make a deal. He glances to the sky, then the ground, saying he’ll make that deal with either one of them, but she has to get back on her feet. He urges Marlena to wake up, saying that he has something important to tell her.

Nicole asks Chloe if she’s heard the big news. Chloe says that Lucas already told her. Lucas tells Chloe that he has to go check on Allie, but will call her later. He leaves. Chloe sighs, saying she doesn’t get him. A minute ago, he was totally into her, now he acts like he wants to get away from her. Nicole laughs, saying that men are supposed to be confusing and emotionally unavailable. She asks Chloe out for a cup of coffee. Chloe jokes about Nicole drinking something other than booze and they head off together.

Steve asks how long they have to wait and watch their family get picked off by Stefano. Roman promises that they will get him soon. Steve asks how much longer it will be. He paralyzed Marlena, gassed a whole floor at the hospital, and kidnapped their baby. Just then, Tony comes in, asking Steve to repeat himself. Steve tells Tony that Stefano took Joe. Did he know anything about that? Tony groans, cursing Stefano.

Sami asks EJ what’s wrong. He says nothing is, and that he is just a little jumpy. The twins seem to be fine. Sami can’t believe they are both asleep. Just then, one of the twins wails. Sami smiles, saying she knew it was too good to be true. She starts to head off for a bottle and notices the broken chess piece. She picks it up, asking what happened.

John tells Marlena that he knows he has hurt her, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. When he saw the pain in her face, it didn’t affect him then, but it had residual effects. He’s not the John Black that she fell in love with, but it has become clear to him that he needs her. She has to pull through this. Lexie comes in just then. John asks if the test results say that Marlena will be ok.

Roman asks Tony if he knows where Stefano is. Tony says he has no idea, or any idea where to start looking. He wants to come down to the police station and do anything he can to help. He just cannot believe that Stefano would inflict any suffering on that defenseless baby. Steve agrees. He and Kayla start to leave, and Roman tells them he has security posted at their place already. They leave as Nicole and Chloe come in. Chloe thinks Steve and Kayla must be relieved to be getting out of here. Nicole proposes a toast to her and Chloe and their fight against that egotistical horrible woman who manages to get sexy intelligent men wrapped around her finger. Chloe wonders if she means Sami. Nicole smiles, asking how in the hell she guessed.

Sami comes downstairs after putting the twins down. EJ asks her about the chess piece. She explains that the queen is broken. Stefano used to call her mom that, and it proves that he has been here. EJ gulps. Sami accuses him of already knowing that. He knew as soon as he walked in! EJ says that they can’t be sure of anything. Sami says that Stefano has been here. This place is not safe. They have to get the kids and get the hell out of here.

Lexie tells John that Marlena’s test results were very encouraging. She should be awake any time now. Marlena’s eyes flutter. John asks her if she is coming back to them.

Chloe can’t believe Sami stole EJ from, Nicole. Nicole says she never had him to begin with, it was more of a crush. She gushes about how great EJ is. Chloe thinks it sounds like more than a crush. Nicole says that is all it is, but he ruined it. He succumbed to Sami’s wiles after everything he said to her and after he pretended to care for her. Chloe thinks things would be different if Sami were out of the picture. Nicole says that’s not going to happen. Chloe thinks it will. They don’t even have to do anything. Sami always ends up shooting herself the foot. She’s never been in a happy relationship or made anyone happy. Nicole, says they haven’t either. Chloe smiles, saying they’re due. They toast again, this time to Sami coming up empty.

Tony asks Anna if she is sure she is alright. She says she is, and he tells her about Stefano taking Steve and Kayla’s baby. He is fine, and has been returned. Anna groans, saying that Stefano is a maniac. Someone has to do something. Tony tells her that he and EJ made a pact to take back the DiMera name. Anna sighs.

Sami tells EJ they have to leave immediately. EJ thinks they should just put double security around the house. Sami knows that wont do anything. Stefano is like a cockroach. He can survive anything. EJ says he won’t let her or the twins out of his sight, but he is not letting his father run him and his family out of their home. Sami understands how he feels, but this is John’s home, not theirs. They just need to let him deal with this and get the hell out of here.

Lexie asks Marlena if she can open her eyes and she does so. Lexie tells Marlena that she is doing great and heads off to run more tests. John tells Marlena that the last few hours have been strange. He’s talked to and seen people that didn’t exist. But it all put things into focus for him, and now he knows what he needs to do. It’s another mission where failure is not an option. He thinks they need to try to work on things--starting with heir relationship and maybe even their marriage. What does she think?

Anna cannot believe that Tony has made a pact with EJ. She says he can’t do this. Tony say he has to. This is about reclaiming the family name and banishing Stefano. Anna thought he didn’t care about all of this. Tony explains that he cares about the family name, which he helped to create in part. Anna doesn’t think he care about her at all. He says he does, but he also cares about the DiMera name. Anan is sick of hearing about it. She thinks he should let the police handle it. Tony says he can’t. They are ineffectual when it comes to Stefano, and they have no clue what he is capable of. This is his and EJ’s responsibility, and no one else’s.

EJ tells Sami that John wont be the master of this house much longer. Sami asks what that means as Lucas comes in. EJ asks him to go back to wherever came from. Lucas says he’d be happy to. He just came to collect his daughter, and he will be on his way. Sami asks what he is talking about. Lucas says he is taking Allie and leaving right now.

John calls Marlena “doc” and asked if she heard what he said. Marlena stares. John smiles. He knows he called her “doc” like the old John. That has to mean something. Maybe there is still a piece of him inside her, like she always wanted. Marlena turns to him and asks who he is.


Stephanie asks Max, “Where’s your sister?” He replies, “I’m sure she’s on the beach somewhere, soaking up the sun while we rot in this hole!”

Sami tells Lucas, “It’s about us!” He replies, “There is no us.”

Trent tells Nicole, “Well, if my wife’s not happy, I’m not happy.” She replies, “Go to hell.”

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