Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/08


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At the hospital, Roman talks to an officer as Nicole lurks nearby. Abe urges someone else to get the cameras up and running. They both join Lexie, who tells them that nearby patients have been moved to other floors. Roman says that someone has gotten the exhaust system working again on the seventh floor. Some kind of gas is being sucked through the exhaust system. Abe asks what it is. Roman isn’t sure, but it’s being diverted to a locked water filtration tank until it’s been determined if it’s dangerous. Abe asks where it’s coming from. Roman isn’t sure of that, either. Abe curses, wondering what is going on up there.

In the stairwell, EJ and Sami kiss passionately. Just as the feed for the cameras goes back up, Nicole walks by the computer and sees them.

In Lucas’ room, he and Chloe lie unconscious. He’s on the bed, and she’s sprawled out on the floor. Lucas slowly comes to and sits up. He spots Chloe and rushes over to revive her. She sits up, groaning about her head. Lucas helps her to a chair. She hopes that this means this gas and them being locked up here is all going to be over now. Lucas isn’t so sure. If Stefano DiMera is involved, it’s far from over.

In the lab, Steve screams for help at the door as Kayla completely breaks down. She shrieks that their baby is gone. Steve rushes over to try to comfort her, but she’s inconsolable. Steve vows that they will get Joe back. Kayla bawls. Who would do this? Who would take their baby? Suddenly, Kayla freezes in horror. She thinks Stefano did it. Steve isn’t so sure, but she tells him that Marlena told her that Stefano was the one that injected her with those drugs. Steve flies into a rage, swearing he’ll kill the SOB if he laid a hand on their baby. He screams at the door. Kayla agrees that they have to get out of here and joins Steve. They both pound and kick the door, yelling for help.

Nicole watches Sami kiss EJ and walks away, shaking her head. Roman comes over, saying that he thought she left. Nicole says he couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on. Another officer comes over to tell Roman that they’re working on getting the intercom and phone systems working again. They both head off. Nicole wanders back over to the computer and sees EJ and Sami locked in a passionate embrace. Nicole looks like she might be sick.

EJ stops Sami, saying that they can’t do this. She back off and puts her head in her hands. EJ apologizes. Sami chuckles, saying that he has nothing to be sorry for. She thinks they should just focus on getting out of here. Sami starts pounding on the stairwell door.

Lexie comes to Abe, asking if he thinks Stefano did this. Abe figured she was sure of that, too. Lexie tells him that although Stefano should have been awake, she tested him. He was comatose the last time she checked on him. Abe thinks it’s possible Stefano was faking it, or even took a drug to convince her that he was unconscious. Abe is sure Stefano is behind this. It’s just too coincidental. Lexie thinks that’s true. Abe glowers. When they catch Stefano, he’s going to be sorry he ever woke up from that coma.

Kate rushes into the hospital, past Nicole and over to Roman. She heard about the lockdown on the news and came down to see what happened. Surely he knows more than the news is telling her. Roman walks away. Kate runs after him, reminding him that Lucas is up there. Roman nods, saying Stefano DiMera is, too. Kate thought he was at the state facility. Roman says he was brought here because he had a seizure. Kate asks if he is still in a coma. Roma isn’t sure. Kate groans. She is sure Stefano is going to go after Lucas for shooting EJ. Roman tells her they can’t be sure of that. There are other people upstairs besides Lucas. Kate says they have to help them. Roman tells her they are doing everything they can--in fact, Sami and Marlena are up there as well.

Lucas looks out the window and tells Chloe that there are a ton of cops and press vehicles outside. Someone should be coming to rescue them anytime now. Chloe huffs, saying she isn’t sure she can wait on them. Lucas suggests that go try all the doors and elevators again. Chloe agrees, but says she is having trouble breathing. Lucas finds a paper bag in a drawer and has her seat down and take deep breaths through it. After a little while, she’s better, and they head outside. Lucas suggests they stick together. Chloe agrees. The thought of running into Stefano again terrifies her. Just then, Stefano chuckles, saying it should. Lucas and Chloe whirl around.

On the computer screen, EJ buttons up his shirt as Sami pounds on the door. Roman, Abe and Kate all head over and see the two. Roman says they need to find out which stairwell they’re in. Abe rushes off to coordinate rescue teams. Kate stands alone by the computer, shaking her head. She knew something was going on between those two. Lucas is so much better off without Sami. Nicole listens in curiously.

Sami wants to work on the door upstairs, but first EJ wants to hear her tell him that this didn’t happen because of the circumstances. Sami that wasn’t it. What happened happened, but not because of the gas. She remembers what she said, and she meant it. She couldn’t imagine her life without him. He thanks her and says the same. They hug.

Lucas asks Stefano what he wants. Stefano chuckles, saying that he has compiled quite a list. Lucas is sure he is at the top of it. Stefano already came after him once for shooting EJ. Stefano says that was because he wouldn’t let Sami go. That’s why he’s surprised to see him here with Chloe. Lucas tells him she has nothing to do with this. Stefano tells Lucas to calm down. He isn’t going to hurt either one of them. Chloe tells him to leave them alone, then. Stefano says he can’t. He will not hurt Lucas, but someone else will. He pulls out a PDA and offers it to Lucas. Chloe tells him not to look at it. It’s a trick. Lucas does, anyway, and sees Sami and EJ hugging. He walks off. Chloe sees it and says she isn’t surprised. Lucas says he isn’t either.

Kate runs into Lexie, asking if she has seen Roman. Lexie tells her that he and Abe went up to the sixth floor a while ago. Kate asks if she knows anything, but Lexie says she doesn’t. All lines of communication to that floor have been cut. Kate worries that Lexie’s father is behind this. He might go after Lucas. Lexie sighs. She isn’t going to lie. Her father will go after anyone he feels wronged him. The thing is, that includes almost everyone trapped on that floor.

Lucas says this is old news. He told Sami it was over between them, and now he is telling Stefano. He wonders why Stefano is even doing this. Stefano wonders if that is Lucas’ backhanded way of asking if he is going to get back at him for shooting EJ. Stefano assures him that that is not what he is here for. His plan is too complicated for Lucas to understand it all. All he needs to know is that Samantha is in her rightful place at EJ’s side. Lucas doesn’t care about her. In fact, he thinks EJ and Sami deserve each other. Stefano agrees. Together, they wail be the future of the family. That’s why it’s a good thing Lucas is moving on with Chloe. Lucas tells Stefano to go to hell. He and Chloe head off. Stefano laughs, saying at least he won’t be alone.

Abe, Roman, and two officers break down the door into the stairwell. Sami hugs her dad and thanks him for rescuing them. Abe and Roman question them about the gas, and EJ says it seems to be non-lethal. It causes drowsiness and dizziness, and may have caused hallucinations. Roman asks Sami about Marlena, and she tells him she was in her room and fine the last she saw her. Roman sends the other officers up a floor to work on the other door. Abe asks EJ and Sami about Stefano, but Sami isn’t sure if he is awake. She thought she saw him, but she may have imagined it. Abe vows that they will get Stefano if he is behind all of this. He tells EJ and Sami to go downstairs and get checked out by Lexie. They head off arm in arm down the hallway as Nicole walks up.

Kayla cries and pounds weakly at the door. Steve helps her to sit down, assuring her that someone will come for them. Kayla worries that the gas killed everyone else. Steve reminds her that it didn’t kill them. They just passed out for a while. He promises her that they will get Joe back and everything will be alright. Suddenly, they hear a baby cry. Kayla’s eyes widen. She calls out for Joe.

Chloe wonders what Stefano is up to. Lucas doesn’t care, but he does find it weird that they haven’t seen anyone else. Plus, everything is still locked up tight. Chloe wonders if Stefano has something else planned. Lucas says they need to be ready if he does. They head back to his room to try the phone, but it doesn’t work. Chloe wonders what they will do now. Lucas suggests they sit tight in here since Stefano is still wandering around. Someone will come for them eventually. Chloe says she is glad Lucas is here. He hugs her, promising not to let anything happen to her.

Sami and EJ come downstairs to find Lexie and Kate. Lexie insists they get checked out, but they say they’re fine. Roman and Abe tells them that their men are working on breaking into the seventh floor. They’re cutting the door open in the stairwell. Abe pulls Roman aside and tells him they have to be ready if Stefano is up and awake up ther somewhere. They both head off. Sami tells Lexie and Kate about Marlena’s paralysis, and the antidote Kayla is working on. She also adds that Stefano is vowing revenge on everyone, starting with her mother. Lexie doesn’t understand. Sami tells her about the drug Marlena gave Stefano. EJ says that it trapped Stefano inside his own body. Sami thinks he deserved it. Kate asks if she has seen Lucas. Sami says she hasn’t since the lockdown. Kate wonders if she cares about Lucas at all. Lexie tries to smooth things over. Sami hugs EJ just as Nicole comes in and sees them.

Chloe asks Lucas if he is sure he is over Sami. She has heard him say as much before. Lucas says he got tired of the waiting game with her. He mocks her, pitching his voice higher and saying that he has feelings for both EJ and Lucas. He snorts, saying that is over her and the whole situation. Chloe thinks he’s angry now, but he might change his mind one day. Lucas says he won’t. He finally realized that he and Sami will never truly make each other happy. Now that he is finally free, he has to move on and start focusing on his son and his daughter. Chloe says she can be a part of that future if he plays his cards right. They kiss. Suddenly, they hear a baby cry and pull apart.

Steve and Kayla hear Joe crying. They rush over to the door and pound on it, yelling and begging to be let out.

Lucas and Chloe head out of their room and toward the direction the cries are coming from.

Steve looks for something to break the door down with. Kayla says they have to find Joe before that monster does something to him. Steve comes back with a bedpan and bangs on the handle as Kayla continues to yell. Just then, Lucas comes up outside and asks who’s in there. Steve and Kayla tell him what’s going on, and he keys Kayla’s code into the door. It opens and Steve and Kayla run out and off, after Joe’s cries.

Lexie tells Sami and EJ that she has a couple of cubicles ready so that they can have some blood drawn. Sami tells Kate that she thinks Lucas will be fine. Kate scoffs. Sami doesn’t know that, and besides, Kate know she doesn’t care. Kate huffs off. Sami sighs and heads off for a cubicle with EJ. Lexie heads over to Nicole and says she knows that Nicole has feelings for her brother. Nicole admits it, saying she doesn’t get what he sees in Sami. Lexie feels the same way. In fact, if Nicole can do anything to get him away from Sami, she thinks she should go for it. Nicole says she can’t. She has been down that road with Sami before, and she doesn’t have the strength this time. Just then, EJ comes up, saying that Sami is ready for Lexie. Lexie heads off and EJ hugs Nicole, saying he had no idea she was here. She says she came when she heard about the lockdown. He and Sami must have been through hell. EJ says they were lucky. God knows what everyone else up there is going through with his father. Nicole can’t believe he is actually awake. She can’t tell what’s worse than being trapped with Stefano, other than being trapped in a stairwell with Sami. EJ asks how she knows about it. She tells him about the camera feed. She saw them kissing, and the visual is permanently burned into her brain.

Lexie tells Sami that everything seems to be fine. They’ll wait on the blood work, and if that checks out, then they’ll know the gas wasn’t toxic. Sami explains that she hallucinated under the effects of the gas. She was better in the stairwell because there was fresh air in there, but everyone else must have been exposed to the gas longer. Lexie assures her that everyone will be fine. She heads off to check on EJ. Outside Sami’s cubicle, a nurse tells Lexie everyone needs to be on standby, as Abe and his men are getting ready to cut through the door to the seventh floor. Kate comes over, saying she hopes that doesn’t mean they are expecting injuries .Lexie says they have to be ready for anything. She excuses herself.

Lucas and Chloe think they hear a banging noise and head off in another direction to check it out. Steven and Kayla hear a fain cry. Kayla heads into a nearby room. Steve tells her to take it slow, as it could be a trap. She finds crib in the room, and Joe is inside. Kayla picks him up and hugs him, saying that he’s fine. She cries. Steve smiles and cuddles Joe.

Roman and Abe burst into Stefano’s room to find it empty, but aren’t surprised. Roman says he will check on Marlena, and then find Steve and Kayla. Abe says he can’t believe what Lucas and Chloe told them about Joe. What would Stefano want with him? Roman isn’t sure, but swears they will find him. Suddenly, Stefano appears on the TV screen above their heads. He says its about time they got here.

Kayla looks over Joe and decides that he is fine. She wonders why Stefano would do this. What was the point? Steve think he was just using Joe to rattle their cages. Kayla thinks all three of them need to get checked out. She spies a mark on Joe’s wrist and freaks out, but then she and Steve decide it’s just a freckle. They head off.

Stefano tells Roman and Abe via TV screen that he heard about the gas on the seventh floor. Fortunately, he was able to escape. He hopes no one will have any long-lasting effects. Roman smirks. Stefano tells them that he wants Marlena Evans arrested for assault and attempted murder. She put him into his coma with a drug she prepared. If they do not bring her to justice, Stefano will. He laughs and signs off. Abe and Roman exchange glances.

Kate hugs Lucas as he assures her that he is fine. Chloe says she is, too. Kate says she was worried when Sami and EJ didn’t know where they were. Lucas says he knows all about them being in the stairwell, and he doesn’t care. In fact, after today, thing will never be the same between him and Sami. He, Chloe and Kate head off.

Nicole asks EJ if he is sure he is fine. He says he knows she is upset. Nicole says he can’t understand. After what he told her about them having a chance, seeing him bonding with Sami was difficult. EJ wants to explain. Just then, Sami and Lexie come out, wanting EJ to be examined. He says he is fine, but Sami insists. EJ heads off. Nicole sighs.


John asks, “Dr. Carver, what’s going on? You said she was snapping out of it.”

Kayla tells Roman, “I really need to be with Joe.” He replies “Not now. One more minute, Kayla.” She brushes past him, “Come on, please. I just want to be with him.”

Tony tells EJ, “I think we have a problem that we’ve brushed aside and it is the time that we confront it head on.” He replies, “You mean John Black.”

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