Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, John works on the electrical system for the ventilation system with Tony. He says that a few wires have been disabled, but if he can get them back in the right sequence, they’ll be in business. Anna comes in just then, choking and coughing. She collapses. Tony kneels down besides her, and passes out as well. Just then, John gets the air working again. The purple vapor is sucked back into the vents. Stefano’s voice comes in over the intercom, telling John that he is too late. John curses, asking what he has done. Stefano chuckles. John rips the intercom down and slams it against the wall. He rushes out of the room.

In Marlena’s room, a hand removes her oxygen mask. Marlena opens her eyes and gasps, “You!” Her twin smiles, saying that it’s her, Sam. Has Marlena missed her?

John bursts into Stefano’s room. A much younger Stefano sits on his bed. John demands to know where Stefano is. The boy says that his name is Stefano.

Marlena says she doesn’t know who this woman is. Her sister was murdered years ago. Marlena thinks that if this woman is the real Sam, then Marlena must be dead. Sam says she’s alive, but she’s not sure for how much longer. She tells Marlena that she has done a bad thing. Now she’s going to have to pay for it.

The boy insists that he is Stefano DiMera. John asks if this is some kind of setup. Stefano doesn’t understand. John asks if he knows who he is. Stefano shakes his head. John tells introduces himself, saying that he is Stefano’s half-brother. The boy says he doesn’t have a brother. John explains that his mother was Colleen. Does that ring a bell? Stefano glowers. Colleen ruined his life.

Sam tells “Marnie” that she crossed the line. She broke her oath as a doctor and hurt another person. Marlena sighs, saying that this must be about Stefano. Did he send her here to taunt her? Sam says no, and that Marlena summoned her herself. She is here to help her, and Marlena will understand that in time. First, Sami wants to know why Marlena did this. Why did she inject Stefano with a drug that she knew would incapacitate him? Marlena says she knows why, and besides, she doesn’t have time for this. Earlier today, one of Stefano’s men came to her home and injected her with the same drug she gave Stefano. If she doesn’t get the antidote in time, she’ll be paralyzed. She tells Sam it’s on the tray by her bed and begs her to give it to her. Sam says Marlena must answer the question first. Marlena sighs, saying she did it because of John. Sam also wants to know what happened when she visited Stefano in his jail cell. Marlena tells her that she knew the drug would paralyze Stefano and trap him in his own body. She even described what was happening to him after she injected him. Sami thought Marlena told him it wasn’t about revenge. That wasn’t true after all. Marlena explains that John was in a bad place. She knew that Stefano meant to make him into his pawn again, and she had to protect him from that. Sam says she wants the truth this time. Marlena moans, asking why she is doing this to her. Sam says it’s the only way to save her. Marlena finally admits that she did it because the bastard deserved it. Sam cheers, saying that they are finally getting somewhere.

John tells Stefano to hold on a moment as he tries to rush out of the room. Stefano says Colleen ruined his life. She tricked Santo into leaving his mother for her. John tells Stefano that Santo eventually came back. Stefano doesn’t think it was the same. His father was angry. John is sorry that happened, but it wasn’t his mother’s fault. Because of her father, she didn’t find out the truth about Santo until it was too late. Stefano cries, “NO!” and runs off. John follows him to find Santo standing by the nurse’s station. Santo smiles, calling John his son. He heads over, asking John to let him look at him. John tells him he has nothing to say to him. He abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. Santo wants to tell his side of things, but John isn’t interested in hearing his version of the truth. Santo swears that Colleen never told him she was pregnant. Had he known, he would have raised John as a son with Stefano. He would have raised them as brothers. John scoffs, wondering if he would have turned out a sick and twisted as Stefano. Santo says he knows what Stefano has done to John, but that wasn’t the boy he fathered. Life made him into a monster. Santo assures John that he loved his mother. He wishes things had turned out differently. John growls, agreeing.

Sam says she is here to help Marlena. She hasn’t been herself for quite a while. Besides, revenge was never her style. Marlena smiles and agrees, saying it was Sam’s style. Marlena flashes back to Sam drugging her tea years ago. Marlena comes back to the present, telling Sami she wasn’t very nice back then. Sam agrees. She was misguided, but Marlena helped her, just like she is going to help her now. She asks Marlena if she knows why she’s here. Marlena says it’s because Stefano tried to incapacitate her. Sami says that’s partly it, but it’s also because she lost her way. She has been so concerned about John and saving him that she has lost herself in the process. Marlena frowns. She knows who she is. She is a woman that loves her husband. Sami says this love has cost her dearly. It may even cost her her life.

John asks Santo what he wants. Santo tells him that he has a message for him. John wants to know whom it’s from. Santo says that isn’t important. What is important is that John knows that the life he is leading now is wrong. John doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Santo says he knows that Stefano stole John’s memories, but that doesn’t mean that he has to become cold and unfeeling. He knows that John used to be a good man, a son he could be proud of. John tells him that he doesn’t have time for this. Santo begs “Johnny” to listen to him. He is not like him or Stefano. He is a good man. John turns on him, furious. Unfortunately, his mother gave him up for adoption anyway. By the time she wanted him back, he was gone. She abandoned him. Santo insists that Colleen loved John. She did what she thought was best for him. John screams that she left him. Doesn’t Santo understand? He wheels around to find Santo gone. John weeps, saying Colleen left him.

In another part of the hospital, Stefano cradles Joe in his arms. He thinks he’s a fine young boy. Steven and Kayla must have big plans for him. Stefano chuckles. He has big plans for Joe, too.

Marlena tells Sam that she wouldn’t be here today without John. Sam thinks she wouldn’t be in this position if not for him. Marlena swears that she would do it all over again if she had to. When John died, she thought he life was over. Words can’t describe how happy she was when she found out he was alive. But then she looked into his eyes and realized that he didn’t recognize her. Can Sam imagine how horrible that was for her? Sami apologizes. Marlena admits that what’s worse is that John is acting just like Stefano, living in the mansion and running his empire. Her husband would have despised him. Sam says her husband hasn’t been around in a long time. Marlena say that she has to get better so she can help him. Sam says Marlena taught her that you cant help a person that doesn’t want to be helped. Marlena says she has to try. Sam asks what will Marlena do when it doesn’t work?

Santo reappears across the room and tells John that Colleen wanted what was best for John, just like he does. Santo knows that Marlena can help John. She is a good woman. John shakes his head. Marlena is in love with the person he used to be. Santo says that she can get that person back. John says he doesn’t want that person back. Santo doesn’t think he listens to what is going on in his own mind. John growls with frustration, saying that he doesn’t need Marlena. Suddenly, John hears his own voice behind him and whirls around to find the real John Black. He tells the new John that he is wrong about Marlena, and that’s a fact.

Old John tells New John that he is here to help. New John doesn’t want his help. He almost got them both killed. He turns around to find that Santo has disappeared. Old John tells him that he is certainly not the man they used to be. New John says he has heard that before. He doesn’t agree. He thinks running the DiMera empire suits him. Old John disagrees. In fact, he doesn’t like the way New John has been living their life. New John shrugs, saying that isn’t his problem. They are the rightful heirs to the DiMera name and fortune. Old John says they don’t need the money. They are already wealthy. New John wants to be wealthier. Old John thinks that New John must admit that being a DiMera has its disadvantages. For starters, he has a drug trafficking trial coming up. Old John thinks New John should have walked away from the empire. New John says that is what Old John would have done. He has always been a coward.

Marlena wishes Sam could have met John. She would have loved him. Sam asks her to tell her about John, and Marlena tells her about their child and John’s son from a previous marriage. She tells Sam how wonderful he is, and says they had some wonderful times together. Marlena flashes back to John giving her a special charm bracelet at Christmas, and another time where he recreated their first wedding night on the jet. Marlena comes back to the present. Sami can see why she loves him. However, she thinks John is gone now, and Marnie has to accept that. Marlena says she can’t do that.

New John tells Old John that he has emotional weaknesses. Old John reminds him that he is the one that destroyed the chance of getting his life back over fear of the past. Why did he destroy that disc with all of his memories on it? New John says he wants to live in the present. Old John tells him that Marlena isn’t just going to go away. In fact, the way he has alienated her makes him more cowardly. Old John says he has never been a coward. In fact, he has more intestinal fortitude than New John could ever muster. He thinks that New John walks around that mansion like he knows everything, but he doesn’t have a clue. New John smirks. And he does? Old John smiles and nods. Life is about love and family and friendship. He had it all before Stefano took it away. Old John says he is so busy living Stefano’s life that he doesn’t realize the life he had was so much better. Marlena was the best thing that ever happened to them, and New John just walked away. New John frowns, wishing Old John would do the same. Santo reappears, telling New John that Old John is right. Marlena is a good woman. Old John says that she is the mother of their children. She is the only one that can bring him back. John says he has made it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with his old self. Old John asks him to reconsider, begging him not to throw away the best thing that ever happened to them-- Marlena.

Marlena tells Sam not to ask her to give John up. She can’t do it. Sam smiles, remembering that people wanted Marlena to give up on her, too, and she wouldn’t do it. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that Marlena had her put in a sanitarium. Marlena reminds her that she was a drug addict. Sami asks her if she remembers the day she got sent away. Marlena flashes back to it. Sam thinks she deserves to go away for nearly destroying Marlena’s life. Marlena assures her that she is going to get help and that she’ll feel better when all of those pills are out of her system. Sam asks if Marlena can forgive her. Marlena says she can, but hopes Sam can forgive herself. Back in the present, Sami admits that Marlena gave her the courage to forgive herself and kick the drugs. Marlena says Sam did that all on her own, but John is in a different place. He won’t admit that he has a problem. That’s why she has to get better and help him, even thought he doesn’t think he needs it. Sam agrees. If anyone can help him, Marlena can. She thanks Sam, who says she has to go. It has been so good to be with Marlena again. She has missed her. Marlena cries, saying she has missed her, too. Sam turns to go. Marlena eyes the syringe and tells Sam that she needs her help.

Stefano asks Rolf if he has accomplished his mission. Rolf say he has, and that it is an honor working for Stefano again. Stefano nods, saying that there is much more to be done. He makes sure no one knows Rolf is working for him, then hands the baby over to Rolf, telling him that he knows what to do. Rolf promises to follow instructions closely and heads off.

Anna and Tony come to on the floor. Anna asks what happened. Tony thinks they must have passed out. She tells him she had the strangest dream about Stefano. Tony says he did, too, but since they are awake, John must have activated the ventilation system. She wonders where he is. Tony assumes he went after Marlena. Anna hugs him and frets about Stefano. Tony tells her not to worry, and that Stefano will get what he deserves. Anna doesn’t like to hear him talk like that. Tony assures her that he isn’t his father and they kiss.

Stefano makes a call and tells someone to make sure they follow instructions. He hangs up as Rolf comes back. He asks how it went and he tells Stefano that everything went perfectly. Stefano smiles. What he set out to do will soon be completed.

Marlena asks Sam to give her the antidote. Sam says she can’t. Only Marlena can help herself. Marlena explains that she can’t reach it. She is paralyzed. Sami smiles, saying she can do it and disappears. Marlena whispers that she can’t. Sam’s voice tells he she can. Marlena’s fingers twitch.

Santo asks John what he is going to do about Marlena. John says that she wants to turn him into someone he doesn’t want to be. Santo understands. He just wants John not to give up on love, no matter what he decides. He must never do that. Santo hugs him. Suddenly, John is all alone. A tear runs down his cheek.

Marlena slowly moves her hand towards the syringe. He fingers hit the table and her hand falls back on the bed. Marlena struggles and tells herself she can do this. Finally, she grabs the syringe and jabs it into her thigh.


Kate tells Roman, “My son is up there.” He replies, “So is Stefano DiMera.” She gasps, “Oh my God, then he’s going to go after Lucas for trying to kill EJ.”

Stefano tells Lucas and Chloe, “Because it is obvious that Samantha has finally realized that her place is by Elvis’ side.”

Sami says, “I couldn’t imagine my life without you, EJ.” He replies, “Thank you.”

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