Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole flashes back to her black and white nineteen-thirties fantasy. She suffocates Sami in her bedroom. She takes the pillow off of Sami’s face. She stares straight ahead, seemingly dead. Suddenly, she sits up and starts choking Nicole. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs. She knocks her drink over, shaking.

In her fantasy, Lucas sits in his office. He thinks about catching Chloe with Phillip last night. He admits to himself that it hurt. Without those glasses and that bun, Chloe is one hot tomato. Even though he’s married, he thought Chloe was someone he could trust. Not like his two-timing floozy of a wife. Lucas pours a drink and sips it. Finding out she stepped out on him hurt, but not as much as seeing Philly kiss Chloe. We flash back to Lucas walking in while the two kiss. Chloe sees him and gasps.

Nicole pushes Sami back on the bed, wondering how many times she has to kill her. She smothers Sami with a pillow a second time. Sami kicks and struggles. She stops moving. Nicole sighs, wondering if she is really dead this time. She doesn’t think she can go a second round. Sami is motionless. Nicole gets up, satisfied. She thinks she looks better than Sami ever did. Anyhow, this is what she gets. No one messes with her man and gets away with it. A door slams nearby. Nicole gasps, saying that must be EJ.

Nicole comes back to the present, thinking that she has to get away with this, since it’s her fantasy. She goes back to the past where Nicole is dragging Sami’s body behind her full-length mirror. EJ comes in, calling Sami’s name. Nicole says she isn’t who he expected. She thought he was going out of town. He says he is, he just forgot something. Nicole thinks it must be his mistress. She says Sami Horton isn’t here, and she isn’t coming, either. Nicole asks if he is going to deny it. He says there’s no point, since he’s caught. Nicole asks if she wasn’t woman enough for him. He says that he loves her. She walks over to the balcony, wondering why he cheated on her. He says it’s just the way he is. She should have known that when she stole him from Mabel. Nicole thinks she’s good for him. He agrees, but he can’t stay faithful. This isn’t her fault, it’s his. He’s a no-good lousy bum, a grifter. She doesn’t deserve him. Nicole doesn’t think he’s so bad. She thinks she’s the right woman for him--definitely better than that floozy he was meeting here and planning to run away with. EJ explodes. Doesn’t she understand? He would have cheated on her in time, too. Nicole guesses this was all for nothing. EJ asks what she did. She stares at Sami’s legs poking out from behind the mirror.

Chloe tries to explain, but Lucas tells her there’s no need. She doesn’t work for him anymore. She can do whatever she wants. Phillip asks if Lucas has a bone to pick. He heard she and Lucas had a relationship. Lucas says it was nothing. Besides, he’s a married man. Chloe says that she doesn’t fool around with married man, but assures Lucas that what he walked in on wasn’t what it seemed. He says he knows what he walked in on and heads outside. Chloe starts to follow, but Phillip stops her. He thought she didn’t date married men. She says she is in love with Lucas, not him. The only reason she quit her job was because she couldn’t stand to be so close to him everyday and hiding her feelings. Phillip thinks she’s doing a pretty bad job. He can tell how she feels about Lucas, and how he feels about her. Chloe says that she realizes that leaving was a big mistake. Phillip tells her going after Lucas is a mistake. Phillip can give her everything he can’t. Chloe says she doesn’t care about money. Phillip reminds her she was singing a different tune just before he offered her a job. Chloe insists that she will be fine. Phillip thinks she’ll be eating soup down at the mission. He tells her to go get dressed for the first show, and to wear something tight and low. Chloe runs off.

EJ asks Nicole if Sami was here when she got here. Did she do something to her? Nicole denies that Sami was here or that she did anything. She would have, though, if she thought she would get EJ back. EJ thinks she’s a real hellion. She thought that was what he liked about her. He says it was that, and the fact that she’s a real class act. She’s too good for the likes of him. She never should have married him. She asks him to stay. He says he has to go. He’s sorry, but those are the breaks. Nicole begs him not to leave. EJ heads out. Nicole sighs. She’s down, but she’s not out. She just has to figure out how to get that hot broken sucker of a shamus to do her dirty work. We pan down to Sami’s motionless body.

Lucas comes back to his own office, thinking about what a horrible day it has been. He thinks he deserves a drink and pours himself one, thinking that he got jilted by two dames in one day. Maybe he should just give it all up and go join the French foreign legion. No dames over there, just sand and camels. His phone rings just then. It’s Nicole, telling him that she took care of Sami. Lucas doesn’t understand. Nicole tells him to come over and she’ll show him. She gives him the address, saying she did this for both of them, and hangs up.

Chloe practices her piece in the empty club. Phillip comes in and listens. She asks if he needs anything. He knows she thinks he’s going to make a play for her. He assures her that he isn’t going to make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. He isn’t that kind of guy. She worries that he’ll fire her if she doesn’t play ball. Phillip says he won’t. The customers love her, and he’s been making more money than ever since she started. Chloe says she can’t go back to Lucas anyway, now that he knows how she feels about him. Phillip thinks they might be able to work things out. Chloe knows Lucas wont leave his wife. Phillip thinks she needs some way to get over him. Chloe doesn’t think it will be easy. Phillip doesn’t think anything in life is easy. He kisses her.

Lucas comes into Nicole’s room to find her filing her nails. He wants to know what’s going on. What did she mean when she said she took care of Sami? Nicole offers to make him a drink, saying he’ll need one. He grabs her by the shoulders. What has she done? Where is his wife? Nicole shows him Sami’s body. Lucas cradles her in his arms, saying he isn’t taking the rap for this. Nicole shrugs. There isn’t much he can do. She came to him because his wife was sleeping with her husband. She was murdered in Nicole and EJ’s apartment. Lucas thinks she’d be as much of a suspect. She laughs. He has clearly forgotten who she and her father are. Lucas might get the electric chair, or worse, life. Lucas reminds Nicole that she didn’t have to kill Sami. She says she couldn’t help it. Sami gave her lip and she got out of control. She wants Lucas to help her hide the body. Lucas refuses. He’s not dumping his wife in the river. She didn’t deserve this. Nicole thinks it’s a little late. Lucas pulls a gun on her. He thinks it’s time she paid for what she did. Nicole wonders if he is man enough to pull the trigger.

Phillip pulls away. She asks what’s wrong. He says that he wants her, but he wants her to want him. Chloe says he is right. She is in love with Lucas. She thanks Phillip for being a better lug than she thought. She gets up to leave. Phillip tells her he meant what he said. If she walks out that door, she’s not welcome back. Chloe rips up her music. His customers deserve better than someone who only sings the blues. Phillip hopes she finds a way to forget about them. She tells Chloe to go after Lucas. She thanks him, kisses him on the cheek, and leaves. EJ comes in afterwards, asking for a whiskey. Phillip pours and asks him why he’s here so early and alone. Where’s the little twist he brought in the other night? EJ says that they are supposed to be going away together today, but she never showed. Phillip guesses she ditched him. EJ says no piece of skirt has ever ditched him. He thinks something happened to her. He doesn’t know what, but he has a bad feeling about it.

Nicole thinks Lucas has a big gun. Lucas thinks she should see the size of the hole it makes. She tells him to go ahead and plug her if he’s going to do it. She wants him to. He puts the gun away, saying he doesn’t rub out dames, no matter how much they deserve it. Nicole wonders what she is going to do now. Lucas doesn’t know or care. Nicole wails that she has nothing left to live for. Lucas shrugs. If she wants to take care of that, she’ll have to do it on her own. Lucas offers her his spare piece. It has no serial numbers and can’t be traced. She asks what she should do with it. He says that’s up to her and leaves, tossing the gun on the bed. Nicole picks it up and stares at it.

Chloe heads into Lucas’ office, but he isn’t there. She’s sure she lost any chance she had to be with him. We pan in on a photo of Sami as Chloe sighs and stares out the window.

EJ tells Phillip that he can’t imagine what happened to Sami. Phillip tells him to clam up as Nicole comes in. He asks what she’s doing here. He told her they were through. Nicole says she knows, but there’s something she has to tell him.

Chloe leans out the window, marveling at how high it is. Just then, Lucas comes in and rushes over, telling her not to do it. He hauls her away from the window. Chloe says she was just climbing out onto the fire escape. She could never jump, no matter how much she wants to. Lucas wants to know what’s wrong, but she’s hesitant to burden him with her problems. Finally, she admits that she quit her job. Lucas assumes Philly K. put the moves on her. She says no, thought she knows he wanted to. He was nothing but a swell gent the whole time she worked for him. Lucas asks why she left, then. She says it’s because she had everything but him. He is the only man for her. Lucas says that’s music to his ears and pulls her in for a kiss. She pulls back, asking about his wife.

Phillip makes Nicole a manhattan and heads off to let her and EJ talk. He tells her to make it quick, as he has a train to catch. Nicole tells him his girlfriend isn’t coming with him. EJ asks what she said to her. Nicole admits she didn’t say much. She killed her. EJ laughs. He’s not falling for that. Nicole says she did. She struggled a lot, and took a long time to die, but she’d do it again if she had to. She can’t stand seeing EJ with another woman. He thinks Nicole is crazy. She says she is crazy for him. Now that Sami is out of the picture, it’s just the two of them. She wants another chance. EJ says it isn’t going to happen. Nicole guesses she has no choice. She goes over to her purse and pulls out the gun Lucas left her. She tells EJ that if he won’t be with her, then she is going to have to shoot him and then herself. Is it going to me him and her or death? EJ says it will be her, of course. He loves her and always has. He was only shacking up with that cheap tart because Nicole took him for granted. She apologizes. EJ takes the gun from her, assuring her that he meant what he said. He can’t believe she killed for him. No one has ever loved him that much. She says she does. He asks what she did with the body, and she tells him she dumped it in a trash bin behind Sami’s building. Was that stupid? EJ says no, but it was impulsive. He tells her he loves her, and says that she has to get out of Salem. They’re going to find the body pretty soon and come looking for her. He has to keep her safe. Nicole asks if he will come with her. He says he will, of course, but they have to go pack. He hauls her out of the club, leaving Lucas’ gun behind.

Lucas tells Chloe that there’s one thing he has to do before he leaves. Chloe offers to help him pack. Lucas says that he has to make a phone call.

Nicole and EJ start packing back at their place. She can’t believe he loves her, and she can’t believe she forgave his straying. She admits Sami paid for both their sins. He thinks Sami deserved it. She only seduced him to get her hands on Nicole’s money. He hugs her, saying that he won’t be taken in like that again. It’s just going to be him and her together--forever. She asks him to prove it. He kisses her. Nicole comes back to the present, wondering if EJ would love her if Sami was out of the picture. She decides any hope for her and EJ is nothing but a fantasy.

Back in their bedroom, Nicole and EJ being to undress each other. A knock sounds at the door. EJ offers to get it, thinking it’s the cabbie. Instead, Roman and Abe bust in, asking if she’s going somewhere. She says she and her husband are going on vacation. Abe says she’s going away, but not on vacation. Roman tells her they are here to arrest her for the murder of Samantha Horton. EJ and Nicole exchange glances.

Chloe asks Lucas if he turned Nicole in. He says he had to. Sami may have been a lying tramp, but she was his wife. He had to blow the whistle on her murderer. Chloe thinks it took guts. Lucas says he has those. It’s lucky breaks he has trouble with, but not so much now that she is around. Chloe knows they will be happy. She didn’t think she could love him anymore, but she does. Lucas says he isn’t looking for medal, just a fresh start. He’s looking for someone he can trust, and he has the feeling that someone is her. Chloe beams.

Nicole plays dumb, asking who Sami is. Roman tells her the jig is up. They received a phone call. They know Sami was sleeping with EJ’s husband. EJ swears it’s a damnable lie. Abe tells them the caller also told them where to find the body. Roman says they found a locket on Sami’s body with her and EJ’s picture in it. Roman is fairly sure they’ll find the victim’s prints in the house, and Nicole’s prints on the body. It’s time for her to go downtown.

Lucas and Chloe leave his office with a few boxes.

Nicole tells Roman and Abe that her daddy won’t let them get away with this. They tell her that they have plenty on her daddy. They can use it, and he won’t want that kind of scandal. Nicole begs EJ to help her as he calmly lights a cigarette. She begs him to wait for her, at least. EJ says he is sorry, but he isn’t that kind of guy. Roman says there won’t be much to wait for. Nicole is going to the electric chair. She pleads as they drag her off. EJ takes a wad of bills out of Nicole’s purse and smiles. Back in the present, Nicole groans. She can’t even get EJ in her own imagination. She heads off, saying she has to find out what’s going on at the hospital.


Stefano asks, “Have you completed your assignment?”

John screams at EJ/Santo, “I don’t need her!” His own voice comes from behind him, “Well, you’re wrong, John. And that’s a fact.”

An unseen woman asks Marlena, “Have you missed me?” She gasps, “You!”

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