Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole comes into the DiMera mansion, calling for Rolf. No one answers. Nicole heads over to make herself a drink, guessing Sami and EJ are already making love by now. She doesn’t understand what EJ sees in Sami. Why would anyone want to be with someone that they have to convince to love them? Nicole wonders why she would ever think EJ would want to be with someone like her.

We flash to a black-and-white fantasy of Nicole’s. Lucas is a P.I. sitting in his office, smoking and lamenting the fact that it’s dead tonight and he has no work to do. He considers calling up his little woman to hit some hot spots, but figures it’s too hot outside for it. He hopes his wife found something to do tonight.

Meanwhile, his wife in the fantasy, Sami, canoodles in bed with EJ. Talking in a falsetto, Sami says that she thinks every girl should get herself a nice Brit. She complains about the heat, and that prompt EJ to tell her about his time in Singapore, and how he used to spend days in bed during monsoon season. Sami giggles and tells him how he does things to he that Lucas never could. EJ tells her not to mention her husband. Sami agrees as long as he doesn’t mention his wife. Just then, a door slams nearby. Sami and EJ hop out of bed. Sami squeals about Lucas finding her. EJ shoves her in a wardrobe and throws her clothes and purse in after her.

In Nicole’s fantasy, Phillip approaches a decidedly frumpy Chloe in his club. He notices that she’s been drinking the same cup of joe since earlier in the morning. Chloe sighs, saying her life is a mess. She asks him to leave her alone, but Phillip thinks he can help.

Sami begs EJ not to let his wife find him. EJ tells her not to make a peep. He shuts the door as Nicole comes in. She chuckles, wondering why she buys him suits as EJ shrugs on a robe. She says there’s nothing like hot beefcake off the hoof. He grimaces, saying she is home early. Nicole says she tried to take a drive down by the river to cool off, but it didn’t work. She asks what EJ has been doing. He says he tried to take a nap, but just ended up tossing and turning. Nicole smiles. She knows that he can mess up a bed. She asks if he is sure that is all he has been doing. Sami cowers in the wardrobe.

Nicole comes back to the present, sighs, and finishes off her drink.

Back in her fantasy, Lucas sips a drink. He has been trying to lay of the hooch at work, but there’s been no work. Pretty soon he and his wife will be eating bread and butter, sans the butter. Lucas leans against the window and sighs. He thinks to himself that he’s sorry he had to let his secretary go. She was a sweet kid. He sure hopes she lands on her feet.

Phillip tells Chloe that he can help her. He’s creative, and can come up with a lot of things to help her out. Chloe huffs, saying she isn’t that kind of girl. She rummages in her purse for a nickel to pay her tab. She can’t find one and moans about being broke. Phillip doesn’t think that’s a crime. In fact, he might have a job for her. He asks if she can cook. She says no, but she can sing. Phillip chuckles. She was the best in her church choir, right? Chloe says they gave her solos all the time. Phillip isn’t so sure. He doesn’t need someone putting his customers to sleep with hymns. She asks to show him what she can do.

Nicole asks EJ if he has been stepping out on her. He claims he hasn’t. She says she doesn’t mind paying for her toys, but she doesn’t like to share. EJ thinks it’s always about the money with her. Nicole says she knows the score. He married her for her money. EJ says he loves her eyes and lips. He moves in for a kiss. Nicole pushes him away. She knows it was her daddy’s bank account, too. She asks him if he loves her and only her. EJ says she is the most important woman in the world to him. She says that’s good. If she ever found out he was two-timing her, she’d make him pay. EJ says he is faithful to her. That’s what marriage is all about. Nicole heads off to get some ice for a cocktail and tells EJ to take a shower, as he’s all sweaty. She heads out. EJ goes over to Sami, who has gotten dressed by this time, and lets her out of the wardrobe. He hurries he out. She doesn’t think he cared about her at all, just his meal ticket. EJ says he loves her, but she has to get out of here. Sami dashes down the hallway. EJ shuts the door and light a cigarette, breathing a sigh of relief. He walks across the room, unaware that Sami has dropped one of her earrings. It twinkles on the floor.

Later, Nicole vacuums as EJ showers. He calls her from the bathroom, inviting her to join him. She doesn’t want to mess up her hair, but EJ promises to mess it up later anyway. Nicole chuckles, considering it, as she continues to vacuum. Suddenly, she runs across Sami’s earring and picks it up. She sits on the bed and stares at it in horror, heaving and holding back tears.

Lucas thinks that times are tough, but he’s glad to have the love of a good woman. Sami comes in just then. Lucas tries to kiss her, but she says it’s too hot. She hands him the mail and he groans. They’re all bills, and they’re all overdue. No one has come into the office at all. Sami says it’s fine. They’ve lived on eggs and bologna before. Lucas says it’s different this time. They’re flat broke. He’s going to have to sell her engagement ring. Sami reminds him it’s already in hock. Lucas apologizes. Sami doesn’t think her wedding band is worth much. Lucas tells her to never say that. It means everything to him. He suggests selling her earrings instead. Sami agrees, only to find one missing. She freaks. Lucas hunts around the floor, hoping she dropped it in his office. He asks where she’s been today. Sami says she’s been all over as she flashes back to rolling around in bed with EJ. Lucas asks her when the was the last time she had both earrings. Sami sweats.

Chloe sings for Phillip. He loves the performance and offers her a full-time job. She hugs him and thanks him, but tells him all she’ll do for her supper is sing. Phillip chuckles. She has a long way to go before she’s pin-up material. Chloe doesn’t understand. Phillip says her clothes look like they came from the salvation army. He takes off her glasses. Chloe complains, saying she can’t see. Phillip says that doesn’t matter. People can see her. With some make-up she might clean up fine. Maybe better than fine.

Nicole comes into Lucas’ office. She introduces herself, but he already knows who she is. Everyone in town does. She points out a headline t Lucas, asking if he did this. Lucas admits that he helped put Big Lou away. Problem is, anytime someone comes to him for business, a mob goon shows up at their doorstep, telling them to take their business elsewhere. Nicole says she isn’t afraid of anyone. Besides, she needs a good P.I. Lucas says he needs a new client at thirty-five bucks a day. Nicole suggests twenty-five. Lucas says he’ll take forty for the whole job, but he wants it upfront. Nicole agrees and tell him she wants him to find the cheap tart that has been sleeping with her husband. Lucas asks if she has a name. Nicole says she only has one clue. She hands Lucas Sami’s earring.

Chloe sings in the packed club. EJ sits nearby as Phillip moves through the crowd. EJ wants a bottle of champagne and that songbird on the rocks. Phillip tells EJ to call his wife. This girl is taken. EJ chuckles. By him? Phillip nods. She just doesn’t know it yet. Any man that puts is hands on her is neither smart or concerned for his own health.

Lucas grimaces at the earring. Where did she get this? Nicole says she found it in her bedroom. Lucas shakes his head. This is Nicole’s lucky day. The case is closed. Nicole thinks that was fast. Lucas sighs. This was the hardest money he’s ever earned. That earring belongs to his own wife. She asks if he’s sure. He says he is. Nicole wonders what he will do about it. Lucas vows to think of something.

Later, Lucas sits alone in his office, playing with a pistol. Chloe comes in, still dresses from the club. Lucas barely recognizes her. He can’t believe this is the same girl who could barely make a cup of joe. Lucas hopes she isn’t here for her pay. Chloe says she has a well-paying job now. Actually, she came by because she wanted to give Lucas some money. Lucas refuses. The day he takes money from a dam is the day they bury him six feet under. He hopes she’s keeping her nose clean and not doing anything she might regret. Chloe says that her heart only belongs to one man. Lucas asks who that is. Chloe says it’s some P.I. Lucas moves in for a kiss.

Sami and EJ come into Phillip’s club. She thanks EJ for the new dress. Her husband never buys her things like this. He doesn’t think he knows how to treat Sami like a lady. Phillip comes over asking if they want a table or a bed. Sami giggles and heads off to powder her nose. Phillip tells EJ that if his wife finds out about this, he can say goodbye to all that money. If he isn’t careful, two-timing will be the death of him.

Lucas backs off. Chloe asks if she did anything wrong. Luca says the way he feels right now is illegal. She’s a real peach, and he’d even pay to be with her, but it’s illegal. Besides, he could never cheat on his marriage. Chloe says that Sami can. She could never love Lucas the way Chloe does. Nicole comes in just then, saying she’s ready to go on a stakeout with Lucas. Lucas says no. He’s going to be taking pictures. She can see those. Nicole says she’s going. Chloe asks who she is. Nicole tell her gruffly that she’s just a client, not the competition. Chloe tells Lucas to get in touch with her if he changes his mind. He asks how to do so. She tells him to whistle. Lucas doesn’t know how. Chloe tells him to put his lips together and blow. She leaves. Nicole can’t believe Lucas is already soft on another dame after being burned by his wife. Lucas wants to keep this relationship business-related. They head off.

Later, Nicole and Lucas head into Phillip’s club to find Sami giggling while EJ kisses her. Lucas asks if she needs more proof. Nicole can’t believe he would pick up a cheap tramp like that when he had her. Luca reminds her they’re talking about his wife. Sami and EJ dance as Chloe sings.

Sami comes into Lucas’ office later. He tells her that he saw her, and that the jig is up. She thought as much, since he didn’t come home the night before. Lucas asks how long this has been going on and with how many guys. She swears EJ was the first. Lucas asks if he will be the last. Sami nods. She’s going away with him. She hands him her wedding band and leaves, saying she’s sorry. Lucas whispers that they both are.

Phillip comforts Chloe, telling her to forget Lucas. He knows a guy that could make her happy if she would just give him a chance.

EJ packs his things. Nicole comes in, asking what he is doing. He says he’s going off for business. Nicole doesn’t buy it. It must be monkey business. They both knew EJ never works. EJ tell he things will be different when he gets back. For starters, he is moving out. She accuses him of wanting to shack up with another dame. He says there isn’t one, but he is still leaving. Nicole tries to convince him to stay, but no dice. EJ heads out. Nicole fumes. This isn’t over until she says it is.

Phillip kisses Chloe just as Lucas walks in.

Sami rushes into Nicole’s room, giddily calling for EJ. Nicole is there waiting instead. Sami says she was expecting someone else. Nicole knows it’s her husband. She asks how that tramp dare invade her home. Sami says she made a mistake and turns to go. Nicole takes off her scarf and wraps it around Sami’s neck, choking her. Sami gasps, wheezes and chokes. She falls on the bed. Nicole shoves a pillow over her face and holds it down until Sami stops struggling. Nicole smiles. That’s what Goldilocks gets for sleeping in Mama Bear’s bed. Nicole comes back to the present. It’s funny how she always ends up being the bad girl.


Nicole tells EJ, “Nicole: I'm the right woman for you, better than that tramp you were meeting here and planning to run away with.”

Chloe says, “Mr. Horton--big gun.” Lucas replies, “You should see the size of the hole it makes.”

Nicole says, “You gonna plug me? Go ahead. Do it.”

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