Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Nicole approaches a guard, saying that she needs to get up to the seventh floor. He tells her it’s impossible, as the floor is on lockdown. She asks why, but he isn’t sure. He tells her that the police are working on it. Nicole says someone she loves and cares about is up there. She wishes they would work faster.

Nearby, Abe and Roman discuss the lockdown on the seventh floor. Abe asks about an emergency override for the elevators and door locks, but Roman says it isn’t working. Abe wonders what the hell is going on up there. Roman isn’t sure, but he did get a list of the staff, patients, and visitors trapped. The list includes Sami, EJ, Tony, Anna, Lucas, Chloe, John, Marlena, Kayla, Steve and their baby. Abe heard Marlena was attacked in her apartment. Who the hell would do such a thing? Roman tells him that Stefano was also listed as a patient on that floor. Abe chuckles. He can’t really think that that is possible. Roman says it shouldn’t be, but its one hell of a coincidence. Abe reminds Roman that Stefano is in a coma. There’s no way he could have anything to do with this. Lexie comes up behind Abe, telling him not to be so sure of that.

In the power hub on the seventh floor, John asks Tony if he would rather throw his lot in with the man who banished him to live on a deserted island, or John, a man with a future who can offer Tony a piece of it. Tony agrees to work with him for now so they can get the ventilation system up and running. John turns back to the wiring. Tony clutches at his head and hears Stefano tell him that he has no backbone. Tony whirls around to see Stefano before him, telling him what a disgrace he is to the family. Tony calls Stefano a bastard and goes after him with a wrench. John grabs the wrench before Tony can hit him with it, saying that this is not a good way to start out their partnership. Tony shakes his head and looks at John in confusion. He stumbles outside.

In her room, Marlena flashes back to Stefano telling her that this is payback for what she did to him. He laughs, saying that the fun is just beginning. Marlena thinks to herself that she can’t let him do this to her or John. She has to get hold of that antidote. She eyes it on the table next to her bed. One of her fingers twitches. Marlena concentrates.

In the lab, Kayla tries to tend to a wailing Joe, but slumps to the floor. She crawls over to Steve, who is unconscious nearby. She tries to wake him up, but is unsuccessful. Kayla moans that they need help and crawls over to the door. She thumps on it feebly. Joe’s cries grow more insistent. Kayla tries to get back to him, but falls to the floor, unconscious.

Sami hides in the stairwell. She imagines that she hears Stefano’s voice calling to her as he comes down the stairs. In reality, it’s EJ. Sami trips him and he falls to the ground, motionless. Sami sighs with relief--until she looks down and notices she tripped EJ and not Stefano. She wails and goes down to the floor, telling him that she is so sorry and that he has to wake up.

Abe can’t believe that Stefano has come out of his catatonic state. Lexie says he hasn’t exactly. The brain scans done on him before the lockdown showed that he should be awake, by all rights. He could have woken up just before the lockdown. Abe shakes his head, saying he can’t believe it. Roman wonders how he would have had time to engineer this whole lockdown and God knows what else in the time since Lexie last saw him. It’s impossible. Abe says he would like to agree, but the one thing DiMera has taught them is that nothing is impossible where he is concerned.

Tony bursts into Stefano’s room to find Anna lying unconscious across the bed. Tony rushes over and tries to revive her, but has no luck. He gathers her in his arms, wondering how he could have ever left her alone.

Sami wails as she crouches by EJ. She says she is so sorry. She knows that he had nothing to do with any of this. She thought he was Stefano. He promised to help her get out of here, so he has to wake up. EJ remains unconscious. Sami bawls and tells herself to think. She checks for a pulse and breathing and finds both, but she fears EJ may have internal injuries. She screeches hysterically about how sorry she is and how her life won’t be the same without EJ. He starts to come to and opens his eyes. Sami sobs and moans.

Marlena gives herself a pep talk, telling herself that she can do this. She has beaten Stefano before, and she can do it again. Her fingers twitch.

Tony begs Anna to wake up. He kisses her, and she slowly comes to. He asks her what happened, and she tells him she saw Stefano coming towards her. That is the last thing she remembers. Tony asks if he hurt her, but she just can’t remember. She asks how the work on the ventilation system is going, and Tony tells her that he had an awful hallucination. He was working with John, and all of a sudden, he turned into Stefano. Anna cries, wondering what that awful man has done to them all. Tony hugs her, saying that he can’t begin to imagine.

John continues to work on the wiring for the ventilation system. He grumbles, saying that the jet was much easier than this.

Phillip brings Nicole a coffee. She wishes she had something a bit stronger, but Phillip thinks she ought to stick to coffee. This could be a long wait. Nicole wishes she knew what was going on up there so she wouldn’t have to be so worried. Phillip doesn’t think she should bother worrying about EJ. Nicole huffs, saying that she cant help her feelings. She wish she had never said anything to Phillip. Phillip says he just meant that EJ can take care of himself. Nicole says there are other people up there she’s worried about, too. Phillip nods. He’s worried about his brother and Chloe. What makes it worse is that there are no lines of communication upstairs. That makes him think there’s more going on than a random malfunction. Nicole tells him that Roman is working on getting the security cameras up there so they can see what’s going on. Phillip wants to speak to him about it, but Nicole tells him that Roman is busy, and he shouldn’t bother him. Phillip scoffs, saying to hell with that.

Roman looks over a map of the hospital with Lexie and Abe, hoping for a point of access. He’d even take an air duct at this point. They just won’t know what’s going on until they can figure out why the system locked down. Phillip and Nicole come over, asking about the security camera. Roman tells them they’re working on getting them running. They ask about Lucas and EJ, and Roman tells them that Chloe signed in to see Lucas. EJ and Sami came in together, after Marlena was brought in. Nicole gasps, asking if they could be up there trapped together. Roman asks her if that concerns her. Nicole frowns, saying she is just surprised. She thought EJ was visiting Stefano alone.

EJ comes to slowly and sits up, groaning and holding his head. Sami apologizes profusely, telling him that she hallucinated Stefano coming down here after her. EJ says he remember someone tripping him. Sami explains that it was her. She ran down here to get away from Stefano, and she was sure he was following her to kill her. Now she knows it was WJ, and what a huge mistake she made. She had no idea what she was doing. EJ forgives her, saying they are all under the influence of this noxious toxin. He wonders if she knew what she said, though--she admitted her life wouldn’t be the same without him. Sami doesn’t think this is the time or place to discuss it. EJ thinks this is the perfect time. He needs to know where he and Lucas stand with her. Sami sighs. Where she stands with Lucas isn’t up to her. He dropped her like a hot potato because of one little mistake. When he came back, she was so focused on him, and making up for what happened with EJ--He interrupts, saying she pushed him away. Sami admits that she ignored what happened between them that night. She flashes back to them making love and tells him that that night changed everything. It may have been a mistake, but she can’t go back now. She also cannot continue to lie to herself about her feelings for EJ.

Anna comes into Marlena’s room, telling her she’s sorry she hasn’t been back in a while. She says all hell is breaking lose outside. They can’t find Stefano, and the poisonous smoke is still coming in through the vents. Marlena coughs and Anna notices that her oxygen mask ahs been removed. She places it back on and tells Marlena about Tony hallucinating that John was Stefano and almost attacking him. They’re both fine now. Marlena eyes the syringe. Anna tells her that the two men are working on the ventilation system. Anna promises that they will be out of here soon and they will get revenge on Stefano. Marlena eyes the syringe. Anna asks if she is trying to say something. Marlena eyes the syringe again.

John continues working on the wiring. Suddenly, Stefano’s voice comes through an intercom on the wall. He tells John that he has been a bad soldier, but all of that is about to change. He puts down his flashlight and heads over to the intercom, telling Stefano that he is a coward. Stefano thinks he needs to start behaving like the pawn he is. John grumps. He isn’t Stefano’s pawn. Stefano says he was and will be again. John doesn’t think so. He doesn’t seem to take to Stefano’s programming. Stefano admits there was a glitch last time. However, he is sure they can reboot. This time the metamorphosis will be complete. He’ll belong to Stefano again--this time forever.

Lexie comes over to Nicole and asks how she is doing. Nicole says she is upset like everyone else is. Lexie thought she seemed worried that EJ was with Sami. Nicole admits that she was surprised. EJ is her friend, and she was under the impression that he was through with Sami, other than the child they share. Lexie chuckles. So Nicole has a thing for her brother? She thought she only went after men with money. EJ is far from wealthy, though he might have been if John hadn’t taken over. Nicole says that isn’t all she cares about. Lexie asks if she is in love with him. Nicole says no, and wonders why Lexie cares. Lexie agrees that it’s none of her business. It’s just that she can see Nicole is in a difficult situation. EJ loves Sami, and Lexie doesn’t think that’s going to change anytime soon, despite what he says.

EJ tries to stand up, but Sami thinks he ought to be careful. He could have a concussion. EJ is more concerned with Sami. He wants to know if she meant what she said. Sami admits that she did. She changes the subject quickly, saying how worried she is about her mom and everyone else up there. EJ tries to comfort her, saying that Kayla is up there caring for her mom, but Sami is implacable. Stefano could have already gotten to her mom, and she’s already so weak. She bawls. EJ hugs her.

Stefano tells John that they will get him back in the lab soon. John smirks, saying he doesn’t really feel the brotherly love here. Stefano says he didn’t feel it either while he was in a coma. John admits that he didn’t feel anything, but that is what Stefano wanted, right? Stefano says it is, but John does feels things. Part of his old self still lives, and they can’t have that. They must destroy the old John completely so the new John can take over. John shakes his head. Stefano is never getting him back in that chair, because he going to kill him first. He bashes the intercom with a wrench. Tony comes in just then, asking what’s going on. John tells him that Stefano wants to turn him into the pawn again, but it isn’t going to happen. Tony agrees and understands. He is on John’s side. He just came back to help. John grumbles, saying he hasn’t forgotten that Tony attacked him with the wrench. Tony tries to defend himself, but John say it’s too late. He’s had it with Tony. Tony insists that he had no idea he was attacking John. He hallucinated that Stefano was taunting him, and he flew into a rage. When he realized it was John, he held off. John asks if he has seen Stefano, but Tony says no. He would have been back sooner, but Anan passed out from this damn vapor. It’s even made John destroy the wall in here. John glances at the intercom and says that the real Stefano has been pushing his buttons. John and Tony get back to work on the wiring. John says they have to find a way to dissipate these fumes, or this could end very badly.

Anna asks what Marlena is trying to say. Marlena starts to gasp and choke. Anan tells her to calm down and breathe. Marlena’s breathing slows. Anna tells her that she has to stay strong and fight. She promises that they will get Stefano back for this. Anna leaves. Marlena gazes longingly at the syringe.

Nicole tells Lexie that she knows how EJ feels about Sami. She’s sure she doesn’t have to remind Lexie how many times Sami has gotten EJ’s hopes up, only to dash them when Lucas crooked his little finger at her. Nicole doesn’t think that EJ is going to put up with that anymore. Lexie thinks that would be for the best. Nicole thinks that Sami only wants what she can’t have, and right now, that is Lucas. Lexie nods, but thinks the only important thing right now is to get EJ, Sami, and everyone else upstairs out of the situation they’re in.

A man named Tim comes up to Abe and Roman. Roman asks for news. Tim says it’s good. He thinks they caught a break.

EJ holds Sami, asking if she feels better. She says she is still terrified for her mom and everyone else. She’s so worried about all of them. EJ is sure rescue attempts are being made. He wonders if she is worried about Lucas. Sami says she is, of course. EJ asks how she feels about him. Sami sighs. She says she loves Lucas, and she always will, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, and she has to accept that and move on. EJ wonders if Lucas saying all those things made her realize her feelings for him. Sami says that wasn’t it. He was lying there on the floor. She thought he was dead and that she killed him, and she realized some things. EJ wonders what that was. Sami says that she realized that anything is possible. That’s all she can give him right now. EJ hugs her, saying that that was more than he hoped for.

Tim tells Roman and Abe that they were finally able to wire the cameras from the seventh floor into the computer at the nurse’s station. Nicole comes over just in time to hear Roman say that he’s glad. Now they can finally see what’s going on up there.

Sami lies in EJ’s arms. She wishes they could stay like this forever, and everything would be ok. EJ kisses the top of her head, swearing that everything will be. Sami snuggles closer to him.

Stefano comes into the lab to find Joe screaming. Steve and Kayla lie unconscious on the floor nearby. Stefano stares at Joe and chuckles.

Sami and EJ kiss passionately. The red light on the security camera above their heads flicks on. Nicole comes by as Tim pulls the image up on his laptop. Nicole sees them kissing.

Steve comes to on the floor. He crawls over to Kayla and wakes her up. She comes to with a choke and a gasp and asks what happened. Her next thought is about Joe. She stumbles to her feet and rushes over to Joe’s seat. It’s empty. Kayla shrieks. She and Steve run over to the door and pound away, screaming for help.

John tells Tony that he found the connection that was disabled. If he can just get these wires back together in the right sequence, they’ll be back in business. Anna comes in and Tony tells her they’ll be able to breathe again soon. She rushes over to hug him, but collapses, coughing, and faints. Tony rushes to her side, but also succumbs to the vapors and passes out. John tells them both to hold on. They’re almost there.

Roman and Abe ask Tim what happened to the feed. Tim isn’t sure. He had it a moment ago, but he lost the signal. Roman takes a call from hospital security. He tells Abe that someone on the seventh floor is trying to activate the emergency ventilation system. It doesn’t look good.

Marlena sees a bright flash of light. A woman’s hand removes her oxygen mask. Marlena gasps, “You!”


Chloe tells Lucas, “My heart belongs to one man and one man only.” He asks, “Oh yeah, who’s that?” She says, “Some P.I.” They kiss.

Nicole tells Lucas, “I want you to find someone for me.” He asks, “Who?” She replies, “The cheap tart has been sleeping with my husband.”

EJ tells Sami, “Remember we don’t talk about your husband.” She giggles and squeaks, “Or your wife.”

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