Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/14/08


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At the hospital, Roman tells another officer to find out what patients and visitors might be on the seventh floor. He instructs another to look at the security tape so they can figure out what they’re dealing with. Phillip comes up, telling Roman it’s all over the TV. The press is outside. Roman tells the officers to make sure their people know what to say to the media. At this point, it just looks like a simple security malfunction, and nothing else. The officers head off. Phillip asks Roman if it’s something more than that. Roman says that he guesses as much. He heads off to take a call as Nicole rushes up to Phillip. She heard what was happening, but could barely get in here. Phillip tells her that Roman and Lexie are working on it, but they don’t know what’s going on, other than the seventh floor is on lockdown.

Stefano comes into Marlena’s room on the seventh floor and removes her face mask, asking if she wants to say something? Marlena mutters. Stefano chuckles, saying that he has no intention of killing her. He has something far more interesting in mind.

Elsewhere on the floor, Tony, Anna, and John find he power hub for the floor. Anna fears one of them should have stayed with Marlena. John promises this won’t take long. Tony wonders what button controls the ventilation. Anna guesses one of them, but Tony tells her not to touch anything. They argue briefly about how she’s not allowed to help. Tony tells John that he thinks it’s odd that Stefano coming back like this could finally bring the two of them together. Stefano is the cause of the friction between them, but now he seems to be uniting them. John asks if Stefano has caused all of it. Tony says it was him among other things, including the fact that John took over the DiMera fortune all for himself. John smirks. So that’s what this is all about? Anna groans. What are they, five?

John thinks Marlena seems frightened. He explains that this is all about payback. She put him through hell when she put him in that coma. He wants her to feel the same thing. What was it she said to him? He’ll be trapped in his miserable body? Now she will go through it, too. She won’t be able to talk to her children or grandchildren. Stefano had a lot of time to think about his plan for revenge, and he thinks he has done a pretty good job. Marlena mutters ‘sorry.’ Stefano laughs. What she did is unforgivable. She mutters Johns name. Stefano doesn’t think John ever really belonged to her. Once Stefano gets rid of her, he will finally be able to reclaim his pawn.

John says that he didn’t take the DiMera fortune. It kind of fell into his lap. Tony doesn’t think so. Anna urges hem to get back to the task at hand. John asks Tony if he is jealous. Tony huffs. He just thinks John mishandled he newfound power. John gets back to work on the ventilation. He had no idea Tony wanted to continue his father’s legacy. Tony says he doesn’t give a damn about Stefano. The business is another thing entirely. John smirks. He can see the dollar signs in Tony’s eyes. Anna yells at them both to stop it.

Stefano tells Marlena that he is sorry it turned out this way. He always saw her as his queen of the night. Stefano flashes back to taking Marlena to the opera in disguise. She thinks the whole thing is very romantic. Stefano tells her that this night will affect her life forever, even though she doesn’t know him. Next, he flashes back to having dinner with Marlena on the pier. He urges her to stand in the moonlight and join him as his queen of the night. She must be with him completely. Stefano comes back to the present and tells Marlena they could have had everything. He would have treated her like royalty. She struggles to speak, muttering that she didn’t mean to hurt him. He thinks she must be jesting. He tells her that it’s now time for her to sleep. This is her final curtain call. Tears run down Marlena’s cheeks. Stefano picks up the syringe full of antidotes Kayla prepared. He thinks this might send Marlena into a lovely slumber.

Anna tells Tony and John to stop fighting and get to work before they all die. Tony agrees to set aside their differences, but they’ll resume this conversation later. John says he will set him straight. Tony counters, saying he is the one that’s going to be set straight. Anna huffs, saying they can kill themselves if they want to. She stomps off in a fury. John smirks, asking Tony if she brings that kind of energy to the bedroom. Tony walks off, slamming the door behind him. John assumes that means yes. Tony meets Anna outside. She cries, saying how worried she is ,what with being trapped in this hospital and Stefano being awake. She wonders what his return means for the two of them. Tony assures her that his vows are sacred. He will protect her from Stefano. Besides, life is too short for them to waste time worrying about him. Anna kisses him and tells him she loves him. Tony wants to go, but she tell him to go back and help John. She will be fine. She urges him not to fight.

Stefano guesses there must be a painkiller in the syringe. He heads over to put it into Marlena’s IV. In her head, she pleads with him to give it to her. Suddenly, the lights flicker and go out. Marlena thinks, “NO!” Stefano pauses and recaps the syringe. He replaces it on the table and leaves, jokingly telling her not to go anywhere. Marlena cries.

John and Tony work on the wiring for the ventilation system. Tony takes over, and John sarcastically says he’d love to see some the technical innovations he made use of on the island. He wonders why Stefano tried to turn Tony into Robinson Crusoe. Perhaps it was because the old man never thought Tony was up to par. Tony pauses in his work and grimaces.

Nicole and Phillip ask Roman if he knows who is up on the seventh floor. Roman tells them he should have a list soon and heads off with another officer. Nicole worriedly tells Phillip that EJ was supposed to visit Stefano today. He asks if she has tried his cell, and she says it goes straight to voicemail. He tells her he fears that Lucas and Chloe are up there as well. He thinks Lucas was on the seventh floor. He ran into Maggie, who told him Chloe was visiting. He hopes nothing has happened to either one of them. He stops a nurse, saying he wants to call Lucas, but she apologetically explains that the phone lines are down. Nicole says she can’t take this. She feels like she’s in a slasher movie. Phillip puts his hands on her shoulders, trying to comfort her.

Anna goes into Stefano’s room and searches under the pillows, wondering what he is hiding. Behind her, she hears Stefano ask her what she is looking for. Anna whirls around to find no one there. She sighs with relief, assuming it is her imagination. She rifles through Stefano’s drawers. She hears his voice again, telling her that she is wasting her time and won’t find anything. Anna stands up to see Stefano standing in front of her, arms crossed and grinning. Anna shrieks.

Tony tells John that he and Stefano never really saw eye to eye on things. Besides, he was obsessed with John for so many years. John nods. Stefano was busy turning him into his pawn. Tony says it was more that that. Stefano cared more for John than for his own children. He starts choking and John takes over for him. Tony tells John that Stefano thought of him as the perfect weapon. Something happened that changed all that, though. John asks what that was. Tony says it was Marlena. John fell for the only woman Stefano ever really loved.

Stefano comes back to Marlena’s room, asking if she wants the syringe. He picks it up and wonders what’s inside. He knows it can’t be the antidote, as she told him there was none when she injected him. Marlena whispers fiercely that she’ll scream. Stefano tells her that all she needs to worry about is what goes on in this room. Sirens wails and helicopters whirr nearby. Stefano looks out the window and notes all the police cars and reporters. He thinks it’s too bad that Marlena won’t be able to give an appropriate goodbye to her loved ones. He asks about John. He heard he was up and about. She gulps and whispers, asking if she can ay goodbye to him, at least. Stefano isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Besides, he isn’t so sure John wants to see her. They’ve had marital strife, and he hears the two of them don’t get on together. This is for the best. Marlena says they did get along. John isn’t so sure. He heard the new John liked danger, and was even courting a mob princess. Unfortunately, her John is tucked away on that little disc. Marlena says it is fixed. Stefano chuckles and pulls the broken disc out of his pocket. Did she mean this disc? Marlena’s eyes widen.

Nicole apologizes to Phillip, saying she normally doesn’t get this emotional. She is really letting EJ get to her. She doesn’t think she has really felt this way since she met Eric. It’s weird since she was with Victor for so long. Phillip thinks older men can provide certain amenities younger ones can’t. Nicole laughs and tells him it’s ok. She knows he means money, and she knows what everyone thinks of her. She did marry Lucas for five million dollars. She sighs, saying she can’t believe she is telling Phillip all of this. Phillip tells her not to be so hard on herself. His father knew exactly what he was getting into when he married her. Nicole says she wishes she could just start over. Since she can’t, she just has to move on and find a man that can accept her for who she is, including all them mistakes she has made. Phillip thinks that if EJ can accept Sami for who she is, he should have no problem accepting Nicole. Nicole hopes that is true.

Tony tells John that Stefano never thought his own pawn could have feelings for anyone else. Tony thinks Stefano was jealous of both Roman and John, because he could never get Marlena to return his feelings. She was in love with John. Tony tells John that she still is. When he came back, no one was more shocked than Marlena. Tony really wishes John could have been around to see her at his funeral. We flash back to Marlena’s teary eulogy. Tony tells John that Marlena felt reborn after he came back. He remembers how nice it was to see her smile again. We flash back to Marlena discovering John in Rolf’s lab. Tony tells John that he surely must remember her look of joy. She’s a good woman. Can’t he give her another chance? John says that he isn’t the man she is looking for. That man is dead and gone. He hands Tony a wire, asking him to hold on to it. Tony can’t believe he is acting this way. Stefano may have not gotten Marlena, but he got the next best thing--revenge. He got what he always wanted--to separate John and Marlena. John pauses.

Phillip asks Nicole if she is going to tell EJ how she feels. She thinks it’s too soon. He thinks it’s because of Sami. If there’s one thing he learned in war, it’s that you can’t put off going after what you want. The next moment could be too late. Nicole sighs, saying that she has a lot of baggage. Phillip says that EJ has a lot, too. Phillip thinks she’s funny, smart, and good-looking. Is she so sure she wants to get involved with EJ? He isn’t exactly trustworthy. Nicole thinks they could make the perfect match. Roman gets the list of people on the seventh floor from another officer. Phillip and Nicole rush over to find out who is up there.

Stefano bets Marlena wants to know how he got the disc. It’s none of her business. He supposes she would like to have it, but it’s worthless. It can’t be repaired, so it serves no other purpose than as an interesting souvenir. He thinks John has moved on with his life. Marlena should do the same. She whispers no. He tells her that it isn’t fair to ask John to put his life on hold to take care of a woman that is paralyzed. It’s much better this way. He takes Marlena’s hand. She calls him a bastard. He frowns, telling her to choose her words more wisely.

John tells Tony that he and Blondie are still married. Tony says he isn’t wearing his ring, nor are they living together. Stefano’s reach is huge. He has managed to destroy everyone’s life, including John’s. John says he is happy with his life. Tony says he has no friends, and he has pushed his family away. John grins, saying he still has Tony--or is he still siding with Stefano? Tony sighs.

Stefano tells Marlena that he could end her life right now if he wanted too. He forces her to promise not to say another word. She nods slightly, and he tells her he has to go check up on a friend. She better not to anything stupid. He chuckles, remembering that he can’t do anything and heads out.

Nicole asks Roman if EJ is up there. He says he is, and also conforms that Lucas and Chloe are up there when Phillip asks. He heads off to ask about the cameras. Nicole wishes there was something they could do, and notes that Phillip seemed upset about Lucas and Chloe being in danger. She gets the feeling he isn’t over her. Phillip says it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t deserve Chloe or anyone else. Nicole asks what he is talking about. Phillip tells her she wouldn’t believe some of the horrible things he has done.

Stefano heads into his own room. He says he is sorry to someone, but they were getting too close. The camera pans in on Anna, unconscious, and tied to Stefano’s bed.

Nicole tells Phillip that she is the queen of bad behavior. It can’t be that bad. What, did he forge Victor’s signature on some checks? Phillip wishes that were all it was. Nicole sighs. She knows he probably doesn’t want to confide in he, but if he ever needs to talk, she is there for him. Phillip thanks her, but he thinks some things are best left buried. Nicole says she knows exactly what he means.

Tony tells John that he refuses to get in the middle of this. He could care less what either Stefano or John want. He just wants to put this childish rivalry to rest. John says it isn’t that simple. The time has come, and Tony has to make a choice--the man that banished him to an island for twenty years, or the man with a future who can give him a piece of it? Tony say neither of them will have a future if they don’t get the ventilation system fixed. They have to work together to do it. John takes that as Tony’s answer and gets back to work. Tony rubs his head and hears Stefano’s voice in his head, telling him that he has no backbone. He whirls around to see Stefano. He tells him that he is a bad and disloyal son. Tony screams that that’s enough ad goes after Stefano with a wrench.

Stefano comes back into Marlena’s room. He can’t believe she is still awake. He thinks she is really putting up a fight. He strokes her face with his hand, telling her to sleep. Marlena opens her eyes and finds the room empty. She whispers for help.


Kayla moans, “Help. We need help.”

Nicole asks Roman, “EJ is with Sami?” He replies, “Does that concern you?”

Sami cries, “You promised that you’d help me fight Stefano-- that you’d help me get out of here. Please, please-- EJ, you have to be ok.”

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