Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Marlena’s room at the hospital, smoke pours from the ventilation system. Kayla places an oxygen mask over Marlena’s mouth, telling her to relax and conserve her energy. Kayla heads outside to find out what’s going on, but promises to return soon.

In the lab, Steve rifles through the cabinets as smoke pours into the room. Joe fusses nearby. Steve runs over and soothes him, telling him that Poppa is here. He says that he’s got to figure out a way to get that door open.

In Lucas’ room, a nurse tells him and Chloe that the whole floor is on lockdown. She heads off, telling them that she’ll keep them updated. Chloe says she has a bad feeling about this. Lucas says that she also tends to worry too much. He thinks that everything will be fine. She asks how he is. Just then, Lucas spies the smoke pouring into the room. Chloe wonders what it is. Lucas starts pulling off his blood pressure cuff, saying he’s s not sticking around long enough to find out.

Steve works at the hinges of the door, and then the lock, but can’t get the door open. He pounds on it in frustration, asking if anyone is out there.

In Stefano’s room, chaos reigns as EJ and Sami fill Tony, Anna, and John in on what’s going on with the elevators. John turns the newscast up, and the reporter on the screen says that the seventh floor has been locked down, but no one knows why. The police department has arrived and is investigating. He adds that cell phone service has been interrupted. Everyone in he room looks at one another in sheer panic.

Joe fusses as Steve tries to soothe him. He tries to call Kayla, but the phone doesn’t work. Steve wonders what the hell is going on. Joe’s cries grow more insistent. Steve promises to find him some oxygen. He tries one drawer and cabinet after another, finding them all locked. Steve screams in frustration.

Kayla finds Susan, the nurse from Lucas’ room, in the waiting area trying the phone. She tells Kayla that the floor is on lockdown, but she doesn’t know why. The phones and intercoms aren’t working. Susan coughs. She adds that everyone on the floor seems to be trapped. Kayla gasps and rushes off, calling for Steve.

Sami bangs on the window, trying to break it. EJ tells her not to bother, as it’s safety glass. Sami rushes off, saying that she has to check on her mom. EJ follows. Anna moans, saying that Stefano poisoned them all. Why would he do this? Tony tells her that this is no time to panic. They all have to remain calm. Anna says she can’t be calm knowing she might die. Tony thinks they’d be dead already if Stefano meant to poison them. He asks John if he has any ideas. John thinks they need to find Stefano. Tony agrees. John thought that Tony might know where he is.

Steve finds an oxygen mask and puts it on Joe’s face. He hunts for another for himself a Kayla approaches outside. She heads inside and over to Joe. Steve shrieks from across the room as the door swings shut behind her.

Lucas gets dressed. He and Chloe cough and choke. She tries her cell phone as Lucas gets them a couple of towels to put over their faces. He instructs her to take short, shallow breaths. Chloe asks about the window, but Lucas says it can’t be opened. Chloe worries that the smoke might be fatal. Lucas promises her that they will find a way out of here, but she can’t panic and in hale more smoke. She has to focus. Chloe nods. Lucas tells her to follow him. They’re going to find a way out.

In the hallway, Sami tells EJ that she’s glad her mom is on oxygen. EJ asks if she is sure she wants to leave her mother in there alone, but Sami says that John promised to check in on her. She knows he won’t let Stefano get to her.

Of course, a hand that looks like Stefano’s is already in Marlena’s room. It removes her oxygen mask.

Sami tells EJ that she cant believe they cant get out of here. She holds a towel to her face and sighs, worrying about the twins. EJ says they are with Maggie, so they’ll be fine, but Sami thinks they need their mom. EJ thinks the most important thing right now is trying to find a way out of here. E tries to comfort Sami. She turns on him, screaming at him that he’s an SOB and that he did this to them. EJ is clearly confused as Sami rails against him for being obsessed with her mom. We flash to Sami’s point of view, and she sees Stefano laughing at her, instead of EJ’s concerned face. She shrieks at Stefano for hurting her family as EJ tries to get her to clam down. Suddenly, Sami runs off, telling EJ/Stefano to stay the hell away from her.

Tony hands Anna a towel and applies a handkerchief to his own face. Anna notes that it’s getting harder to breathe and suggests they get out of there. Tony doesn’t see the point as the gas is everywhere. Anna moans. Stefano really is trying to kill them, isn’t he? Tony isn’t sure. These kinds of toxins can cause anything from hallucinations to extreme anger. They won’t know what the symptoms are of this gas until they start. Tony hugs her.

John comes into Marlena’s room. Her mask is pulled to the side and her eyes are wide. Marlena coughs. John tells her that everything will be alright.

Anna wonders where Stefano could have gone. Tony is sure he must be around somewhere. He wouldn’t want to miss the show. He loves putting his enemies in mazes like this and watching them squirm. Anna groans and hugs Tony. She wishes Stefano had never woken up. They were so happy before. Toy apologizes, but she says it isn’t his fault. He thinks he could have done something, but Anna says he couldn’t have. They both know no one can stop that man once his twisted mind gets going. Tony curses Stefano, but Anna urges him not to feel guilty. He takes her face in his hands and tells her that no one is going to hurt her. They will never be separated again.

Kayla fusses over Joe as Steve paces. Suddenly, Kayla faints. Steve rushes over and gathers her in his arms.

John says he doesn’t understand what Marlena is trying to say. She rolls her eyes up at him. He asks if Stefano has been here. She blinks. John replaces her mask and tells her he will be right back.

Sami runs into the real Stefano in the hallway. She asks what he has done and what’s wrong with him. He tells her that he has been looking for her, but she warns him to stay away. She’ll scratch his eyes out. He chuckles, saying that is the lioness they all know and love. Sirens wails in the background and Sami smiles triumphantly. Her dad and the police are here, and they’re going to find a way up here and put him behind bars. Stefano says he has made sure that no one will get up here for a long time. He tells Sami that he doesn’t want to hurt her. In fact, he will make sure she won’t be as long as she cooperates. She says she would never do that after what he did to her mother. Stefano growls that Marlena had it coming. What she did was unconscionable and heinous. Sami has potential on the other hand. Sami goes around frantically to all the stairwell doors, trying them in succession, and finding them locked. Stefano says he can give her love, power, and money--everything she wants. She screams that he doesn’t know what she wants. He tells her that she and Elvis, along with Johnny, can be the future of the family. Sami tells Stefano not to even mention her son’s name. There is nothing he can offer Johnny. Stefano thinks otherwise. She and Elvis can have it all, and if they’re lucky, Giovanni can be the first in a long line of DiMera heirs.

Chloe and Lucas come back to his room. Lucas can’t believe nothing works and that they’re trapped here. Chloe says she has an awful headache. Lucas asks if she is ok. She says she is, other than that. She thinks they should split up to look for away out. Lucas is reluctant to leave her, but Chloe convinces him she’s fine, and he heads off. Chloe coughs.

Anna cries on Tony’s shoulder, worried and intimidated by Stefano. Tony tells her that she can’t feel that way, and that they have to find back. He thinks they ought to go look for John, but Anna says she can’t go on any longer. She has to rest. Tony doesn’t want to leave her alone, but Anna insists, saying she will stay right there, and Tony heads off.

John and EJ run into one another, and John asks how he is. EJ says his equilibrium is off, but other than that, he seems to be fine. EJ asks about Marlena, and John says he is on his way back to find her. John, in turn, asks about Sami, and EJ tells him that she went off on him. EJ thinks she thought he was his father. John nods, saying that the toxins could have hallucinogenic effects. EJ, who is squinting and sniffling, notes that John doesn’t seem to be affected at all. John nods. He has considered that. Perhaps part of Stefano’s brainwashing included exposing him to toxins so that he built up an immunity. EJ wonders if that is possible. John thinks it’s the only explanation. He wishes EJ luck and heads off.

Chloe rushes into Marlena’s room and asks what happened to her. Marlena is silent. Chloe coughs and notices more smoke pouring into Marlena’s room. She says she is going to find a doctor and will be right back. Chloe catches sigh of herself in the mirror. It appears that her old scar from the car wreck has reappeared. Chloe shrieks.

Sami can’t believe that this is what this is all about--Stefano wanting more heirs. He shrugs, saying that is the only way to immortality. Sami vows that her son will never be like him. He will be good and decent, and bring dignity to the DiMera name. Stefano claps, saying that is why he likes her. She has a fighting spirit, which is why she and Elvis need to keep procreating. Sami says she feels sick enough already. Stefano thinks between hers and Elvis’ genes, they could create a great race of DiMeras. Sami backs away, saying he is crazy. She hits the door of the stairwell and it flies open. She rushes inside, telling Stefano to go to hell. He says he isn’t this time.

Steve is able to revive Kayla. She wakes up, groaning about her head. She checks on Joe while Steve finds a surgical mask to cover her nose and mouth. She wonders what she would do without him. He promises that she won’t have to find out. Kayla remembers Marlena and goes into panic mode, saying she left her there all alone. Steve assures her an nurse is probably with her right now. Her first instinct was to check on Joe, and that was normal. Kayla nods and Steve looks around for something to cover the vent.

Sami rushes down to next floor and flashes back to agreeing to marry EJ to stop the vendetta. Next, she flashes back to her wedding, where Stefano extracts a promise from her to stay by EJ’s side. Next, she remember being in the hospital after Lucas shot EJ. Stefano vows that all the Bradys will die if his son does. Sami comes back to the present and cowers in the stairwell.

EJ finds Sami’s purse outside the stairwell. He calls out for her.

Chloe shrieks at her reflection and rushes out into the hallway, running into Stefano. She thinks he must be a hallucination, but he says he is very real. He asks about her opera career, but wide-eyed Chloe doesn’t answer him. She rushes off to get help. Stefano goes into Marlena’s room, asking how she is. He hopes she is uncomfortable and tells her to get used to that. He removes her mask and wafts some air under her nose. He replaces the mask and chuckles, saying the tides have certainly turned. Did she really think she could get away with what she did? She underestimated him. She always has.

Steve manages to cover the vent and comes over to tell Kayla. She moans and goes limp. Steve catches her and begs her to hang on for one more minute. Kayla says she feels awfully dizzy and faints. Steve urges her to wake up.

Lucas runs into Chloe, who is freaking out about her face. Lucas assures her nothing is wrong, and gets her to touch her face to prove it. Chloe swears she saw something eating away at her face. Does he think she was hallucinating ? Lucas thinks it’s possible. Maybe the vapors are responsible. He is just sure Stefano is behind this. Chloe says he must be because she saw him. Just then, John and Tony come in. John asks where she saw him, and Chloe says it was outside Marlena’s room. Tony and John rush off. Chloe wonders what is happening to them. Lucas isn’t sure, but he doesn’t think that he and Chloe are part of Stefano’s grand revenge scheme. He obviously has a score to settle, but it isn’t with them. Chloe wonders it it’s with Dr. Evans, then remembers that Lucas shot EJ. Stefano could be harboring ill feelings because of it. Lucas moans softly. Chloe asks if he is ok, and he says he needs to lie down for a second. She wants to get a nurse, but he says no, and climbs into bed. Chloe asks him another question, but Lucas is already unconscious.

John and Tony come out of Marlena’s room wondering where Stefano is. John is glad Marlena seems to be fine, and he and Tony discuss the possibility that John being Stefano’s lab rat may have made him immune to the effects of the vapor. John walks over to he wall and starts pounding on it. Tony asks what he is doing. John says that there’s a way to ventilate this building. He and Tony head off.

Stefano comes back into Marlena’s room and removes her mask, asking if she wants to say something. She seems to have something on her mind.

Kayla tells Steve that they have to get out of here. The oxygen won’t last forever. Just then, Steve passes out. Kayla goes to the floor trying to help him. Joe screams. Kayla tends to him, then slips to the floor. She crawls over to the door, crying out weakly for help.

EJ comes down the stairwell, calling Sami. She thinks she hears Stefano, and trips EJ as he comes downstairs. He falls and lands at the bottom, motionless. Sami laughs, telling him to die.


Anna wonders, “What are you hiding, Stefano?” He comes up behind her, “Looking for something, Anna?” She yelps.

Phillip asks Roman, “It’s more than a security malfunction, isn’t it?” He replies, “My guess--yeah.”

Stefano prepares a syringe, “Perhaps this will give you a lovely slumber.”

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