Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ paces outside Marlena’s hospital room as Kayla examines her. Sami and John look on. Kayla wants to help Marlena, but she can’t until she knows what happened to her. Sami scoffs, saying that Stefano did this. They all know it. Marlena stares at Kayla. Kayla tells Sami and John that she has to draw blood for testing, so they head off. EJ asks Sami what’s going on, and she tells him that it doesn’t look good. EJ thinks they need to find out what’s going on. John says he will be back, but EJ tells him not to waste his time if he’s going to talk to Stefano. John ignores him and keeps on walking.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Anna asks Stefano what he did to Marlena. He says he did what he had to do. She groans. She wishes he had never come out of this coma. Their lives were so much happier before. Stefano scoffs. She used to be a nuisance. Now she is just a meddlesome bitch. Anna gasps. Tony barks at Stefano to watch what he says about his wife. Stefano can’t believe Anna is Tony’s wife. Why does he keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Anna and Stefano argue. Tony tells them both to shut up. He needs answers. John walks in just then, and Stefano says hello. Tony asks John what he’s going to do to Stefano. John says he needs to keep him alive for now. He tells Stefano that he can handle whatever revenge he has planned for him, but he is going to tell John what he gad Marlena injected with so the doctors can help her. Stefano feigns surprise. He had no idea Marlena was ill. John comes over and whispers in his ear. He has one warning. John tells him to talk or else.

Steve comes into Marlena’s room, asking Kayla what happened. She explains that Marlena was injected with a paralyzing toxin. Marlena murmurs, “Stefano.” Steve asks Kayla if he did this. Kayla says there’s another reason she called him down here. Stefano is awake.

Stefano thinks that John makes big demands for someone who has nothing to bargain with. John grumbles. He and Marlena should have suffocated him when they had the chance. Stefano chuckles, saying they didn’t. That is John’s weakness. He asks Tony to leave him and John alone. Tony isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Stefano doesn’t think John would dare hurt him since he thinks Marlena’s life is in his hands. Tony and Anna head off. John asks Stefano how his coma was. Stefano says it was no coma. He was fully alert the whole time. John asks if he knows that they are half-brothers. Stefano says he does. John smiles, asking if Stefano knows he took over his house and empire. Stefano says he does, but all of that is about to change.

Kayla assures Marlena that she has put a rush on her tests. She is going to find out what Marlena was injected with and help her. Outside, Sami vents to EJ about Stefano always trying to control their lives. EJ doesn’t think that gave her mother the right to put his father in a coma. Sami doesn’t think her mother did it. EJ says his father does, and he does, too. Sami scoffs. Even if her mom did do it, it was only because she was desperate to protect her family. EJ thinks Marlena did it for revenge for John. Sami reminds EJ that he told them about John. What happened to him was terrible. EJ agrees, but his act was meant to stop all of this silly feuding, not drive Marlena to start the whole damn thing up again. EJ agrees that s father needed to pay, but EJ wanted him to go to prison, not into a coma. Sami tells EJ that there is a right and wrong side to this situation. She hopes he chooses which side he is on carefully.

John asks Stefano if he really means to exact revenge on Marlena and take his old life back so easily. Stefano reminds John that he hardly ever fails, and he doesn’t mean to this time either. Stefano says that the plans are already in motion. John chuckles. His last plan failed miserably. He tried to program John to kill Colleen Brady--his own mother. He was unable to kill her, though, despite Stefano’s hard-wiring. Stefano shakes his head, admitting that he was bitterly disappointed. He assures John that he is still his pawn, no matter what. John says that he controls the empire. He can snap Stefano’s neck like a pencil. Stefano ignores him. He reminisces about Colleen, calling her the tramp that broke his father’s heart. Stefano wonders where she is. John explains that she died surrounded by friends and family--something he will never know. Stefano thinks that all that matters is that she is dead. John is just glad she is safe from Stefano. Stefano says that it’s too bad the rest of John’s family can’t say that.

Sami comes into Marlena’s room, asking if she is doing better. Marlena stares straight ahead as Kayla says she is getting worse. Sami says there must be something she can do. Steve says he has to go take Joe to his doctor’s appointment, but will call Kayla later. He heads out, asking EJ if he has anything to do with this. EJ denies it. Steve walks off. Kayla tells Marlena that she wants to run a CAT scan and an EKG. Marlena whispers that she is wasting her time. Sami asks EJ if he knows what she could have been injected with. EJ has no idea. Sami thinks Rolf might know, and Kayla says that Roman is already looking for him. EJ heads out, saying he knows how to get in touch with Rolf. Marlena whispers that she knows what was in the needle. Kayla asks how she could know. Marlena struggles to speak, admitting that it was the same toxin she gave Stefano. Kayla asks how she knows that. Marlena says she is experiencing the same symptoms. She tells Kayla what was in the injection she gave Stefano, a mix of curare and other components. Kayla vows to find an antidote. Marlena thinks it’s funny--pretty soon she won’t be able to move or even speak. She cries. The only thing she will have left is her mind. Sami bawls desperately.

Out in the waiting room, Anna scolds Tony for letting Stefano talk to her like that. Tony thinks they need to focus on Marlena, but Anan reminds him she wouldn’t be sick if Tony had just told everyone the truth about Stefano waking up. Tony says there’s no way he could have known Stefano would do this. Anna thinks they need to find out what Stefano gave Marlena and quick. Tony agrees. Stefano is thirsty for vengeance, and Tony fears he won’t stop until Marlena is dead.

John wonders why Stefano wants to hurt Marlena. He thought he used to be in love with her. Stefano admits that she was his Achilles’ heel, but she put him through living hell. He has to get vengeance. John asks if he will be satisfied once Marlena has paid. Stefano says no. He has to exact revenge on everyone that betrayed him. It’s all already in motion. John can do nothing to stop it. John puts his hand around Stefano’s throat, threatening to hurt him if he doesn’t tell him what he did to Marlena. EJ rushes in just then, yelling at John to back off. Stefano never responds to threats. John fumes, saying that he hurt Blondie. EJ huffs. It isn’t as if he is in love with Marlena, or he wouldn’t have been shacking up with Ava. Stefano asks if they mean Martino Vitali’s daughter. What did John have to with her? EJ explains that John had to move on because he couldn’t be what Marlena wanted him to be. Stefano finds that interesting. John says that he is helping Blondie because Stefano is after her. Stefano is his enemy, so Stefano’s enemies are now John’s friends. Stefano ignores him, asking how EJ knows so much about John. John says that EJ lives with him and represent him. Stefano says this is another betrayal. John tells him to get used to it. He has to go check on Marlena, but if she dies, John vows that Stefano will. He storms out. EJ tells Stefano that he has not betrayed him. He has his own reasons for wanting John destroyed.

Sami tells Marlena that she has to fight this. Kayla agrees. The only reason Marlena had no antidote for Stefan was because she never wanted or looked for one. Just then John comes in, telling Marlena that she has to fight, too. He is going to help her. Marlena smiles. Later, Tony comes into her room alone saying that he is worried about her. Marlena acknowledges him. He asks if it is true that she put Stefano into that paralytic state. Marlena admits that she did. He thinks she must have had good reason. Marlena agrees that she did. She had no choice. Tony disagrees. People always have choices. She shakes her head, saying that she had to protect her family. He is taken aback, saying that she sounds just like Stefano.

Stefano tells EJ that he can help him if he tells him what is going on. EJ says he can handle it himself, but Stefano isn’t so sure. He wants to know why EJ wants John destroyed. John comes in just then, telling EJ that his time is up. He needs to speak with Stefano. Stefano tells EJ to leave, and he heads out. John tells Stefano to talk or he will hurt him. Stefano laughs. He won’t be able to feel anything as long as he is partially paralyzed. John thinks he is lying, and wants to test him. He starts bending Stefano’s fingers back. Stefano growls that if he breaks even one of his fingers, someone else in his family will pay the price. Stefano already told John that the plans were in motion. Nothing he can do can change that. Stefano thinks he should perhaps blame himself for John’s stubbornness. He was trained so well that he seems unable to accept defeat.

Sami rushes up to Stefano’s room, preparing to barge in, but EJ stops her, saying John is in there. He doesn’t think that this is going to end well. Sami doesn’t think anything involving Stefano ends well, but she is going to make him tell her what he did to her mother. EJ doesn’t think so. Just then, a loud banging reverberates through the hospital. Sami wonders what that is. In his room, Stefano chuckles, saying that it’s done. John asks him what is done. Stefano says that the fate of his enemies is sealed.

Tony pities Marlena. She probably really thought she was getting rid of him, but she should have known better, considering all the failed attempts on his life. He supposes he can’t fault her for trying again. Marlena says she isn’t sorry. Tony doesn’t think she should be. In fact, he thinks it was her inherent goodness that undid her in the end. Stefano has no moral code, so it’s easier for him to exact vengeance. Marlena wonders what he will do to her. Tony thinks he already tried to kill her. He just prays he doesn’t succeed. Besides, this is about revenge on John and his children as well as her. He thinks he may try to kill Marlena, but Tony thinks he mostly came back to kill all of them.

Sami has a strange feeling something is going to happen. She heads off to get some air.

John tells Stefano that mind games don’t work with him. What has he done? Stefano says he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise. Besides, telling John would give him a chance to prepare his defenses. John wonders if that means that this can all be stopped. Stefano laughs, saying it can’t. John says all he has left to do is make sure Stefano doesn’t have the pleasure of watching. He chokes him.

Anna comes into Marlena’s room, and Marlena tells her how worried Tony was about Stefano. Anna says that she is worried about Marlena. Marlena sighs, saying that it is getting harder to move and breathe. Anan urges her to fight. She can’t let that bastard win. Anna tells her that the doctors here are going to find out what’s going on and make her better. She has so much to live for that she can’t give up now. Marlena smiles. Anna vows that as soon as she gets better they will all find a way to destroy Stefano. Marlena says that revenge is what started all of this. Anna thinks it’s a fitting way to end it, too. it’s the only way that they can all live in peace.

Steve comes into Stefano’s room, yelling at John not to kill Stefano. John ignores him. Steve puts him in a choke hold and pries him off of Stefano. He knows what John is going through. Stefano stole his life, too, but he got it back. John can do the same thing. John says that Steve wanted it back. He doesn’t. Steve doesn’t think he knows what he wants. John lunges after Stefano. Steve stops him again, saying that if John kills Stefano, then Marlena does, too. John agrees to back off for now. Stefano chokes and thanks Steve. Steve tells him not to bother. When the time comes, Steve will kill Stefano himself if he has to.

Kayla does some calculations in the lab. She gasps, saying that she thinks she has found something that can help.

Sami tells EJ that the door to the roof is locked. EJ tries to make a call on a nearby phone, but it is disconnected. Sami says her cell has no service, either. EJ thinks this is weird. Perhaps there was a short somewhere that affected the phones and doors. Sami isn’t so sure that’s all it is with EJ’s father around. They both head off to investigate.

Anna asks Marlena if it is getting worse. Marlena tries to nod and barely moves her head, saying that she can’t move much. Anna curses Stefano, and Tony, too, for not telling everyone he was awake. Kayla comes in just then, asking to speak to Marlena alone. Anna heads off to find John. Kayla tells Marlena that she combined antidotes for the toxins Marlena identified. Marlena thinks some of them might be poisonous. Kayla agrees, saying that this antidote could make better--or it could make her worse. Kayla says she has done the best she can, but she fears that soon Marlena will be completely paralyzed. She asks Marlena if she wants to take the risk.

Sami and EJ meet back up. Sami tells him that the elevators are broken. EJ says that all of the stairwell doors are blocked, and the phones aren’t working. It seems everything on this floor is locked up or blocked off. Sami starts to panic, wondering what’s going on. EJ isn’t sure. Sami is positive that whatever it is is his father’s fault. EJ suggests they find out and they head off to Stefano’s room.

John and Tony head into Stefano’s room to find Anna inside alone. She tells them that she came to find John to tell him Kayla may have found something to help Marlena and she found Stefano’s bed empty. Tony wonders what could have happened to him. He was paralyzed. John smiles, saying he was faking it as Sami and EJ rush in. EJ tells them that the phones, stairwells, and elevators aren’t accessible. John thinks this must have been what Stefano was talking about. Sami tells EJ to turn the TV up. A newscaster says that the seventh floor of the hospital has been locked down for quarantine. The officials at the hospital have no comment. John chuckles. Sami gasps.

Steve comes into the lab with Joe in a car seat. He can’t find Kayla, but tells Joe he will be sure to tell her how great his check-up went. Joe fusses. Suddenly, the door swings shut behind Steve. He rushes over to find it locked. Steve bangs on the door and calls for help. Mysterious purple smoke pours into the room. He grabs the baby and puts him behind the counter, covering his seat with a blanket. Steve heads over to the vent, but the smoke chokes him. He heads back over to Joe, trying to protect him.

Kayla tells Marlena that she wants her to know the risks of the antidote before she administers it. The antidote could prove to be detrimental. Marlena says she understands. Purple smoke pours into the room. Marlena tells Kayla that she trusts her, and at this point she has no choice. Kayla nods, praying that this works. She prepares to inject Marlena, but begins choking on the smoke.

John ask Tony what the old bastard is up to. Tony has no idea. John says they have to find out. Sami says they have to get out of here. Tony knows Stefano is behind this. He thinks he has them all trapped here for a reason. Sami draws all of their attention to the purple smoke filling the room.


Tony tells Anna, “What difference will it make? The gas is everywhere.” She replies, “He really is trying to kill us, isn’t he?”

Sami screams at EJ, “OMG! OMG! You son of a bitch-- you did this--you did this to us!”

Tony asks John, “OK, so, do you have any ideas?” He replies, “Find this man.”

Stefano laughs.

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