Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Anna shows up at St. Luke’s and finds John. She asks if the wedding is over and he says it is. Anna says she has something to tell Marlena about Stefano. She doesn’t think John will like it. In fact, he’ll probably freak out. Anna tells him that the phoenix has risen. John gulps and asks her to be more specific. Anna says that Stefano is awake.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Tony tells him that he can’t accept that Marlena caused Stefano’s coma. Stefano thinks that Tony doesn’t have a clue who he’s dealing with. Marlena is just a she-devil with a well-constructed façade. EJ says they are just trying to understand so that they can help him. Stefano snaps. How can they help him retrieve the lost time and all of those horrific memories, trapped in his own body like a rat? She tried to destroy his life, and Stefano is going to destroy hers in kind. Just then, Sami rushes in and gasps, “OMG!” EJ asks what she doing here, and she says she heard Stefano was transferred here. She had to come see him for herself. Stefano chuckles, saying that Sami is still the same headstrong girl. Sami marches over to his bed and glares. She heard what he said about her mother, and she wants to know what he has done to her. Stefano is silent. Sami screams at him to answer her.

Marlena lies on her bedroom. She moans for someone to help her.

John doesn’t seem to understand. Anna explains he’s moving and talking. Stefano’s awake. John thinks he and his brother have some catching up to do. Anna wishes she never had to see him again. The sound of his voice makes her blood run cold. John tells her not to worry, but she thinks she’d have to be in a coma not to. He has inflicted so much pain and suffering, even to those he loves, like Tony. John tells her that Stefano wont hurt her. She has his word. He wants to know why she can’t find Blondie. Anna isn’t sure. She has left Marlena messages and even gone by her house, but Anna can’t get her. John thinks she might know where he is and heads off. Anna follows him, yelling at him to wait.

Sami demands to know what Stefano has done with her mother. He chuckles, saying that he clearly hasn’t done anything, since he is incapacitated. He is sorry that she and Elvis are no longer married. Sami says she isn’t going to let this go. She wants to know where her mom is. Tony says she needs to lay off with the unfounded accusations. Sami tells him to back off, and EJ agrees. Sami is just worried. Tony doesn’t care. She wasn’t invited, and she has no right to run in here spewing bloody murder at everyone. Sami insists that Stefano has something plotted against her mother and EJ drags her out of he room. EJ tells her to lay off, since Stefano is sick. Sami refuses. EJ sighs, saying that he has enough on his plate right now. Sami says that her mother is missing. She’s left a dozen messages, and Marlena isn’t answering any of them. She knows Stefano did something to her. EJ says his father has been in a state facility. He has been unconscious. It’s just impossible. Sami thinks he had one of his minions do it. EJ calmly explains that he has just awoken from a coma. Sami huffs. Why was EJ in there anyway? How can he stand to be in the same room with that man after all he has done and after all EJ said? EJ says the way to get things done with his father is to be calm, not to scream at him like Sami did. Besides, they can’t be sure Stefano has anything to do with Marlena’s disappearance. She might not even be gone. Sami says that Stefano is awake and talking, which means that he has done something horrible. If EJ won’t find out what it is, she will.

John looks for Marlena back at the DiMera mansion, but she isn’t there. He calls for Rolf, but he doesn’t answer either. Anna thinks he must have left town when he heard Stefano was awake. John asks Anna if she went by the townhouse. Anna says she did. She rang the doorbell and talked to the neighbors. No one has seen her. John asks if she went inside. Anna scoffs, saying that she doesn’t have a key. John says he doesn’t need one. He heads off. Anna huffs, saying of course he doesn’t. She follows him.

EJ tells Sami to calm down and that everything will be alright. She thinks he is worried, too. She can see it in his eyes. Practically in tears, Sami pleads with EJ to tell her if he knows where or mother is or what Stefano has done to her. EJ says he has no clue. Sami fumes. If Stefano can’t have her mother, then no one can. That has always been his M.O. Sami starts to run into Stefano’s room, but EJ stops her. If she wants to find her mother, then they will look for her together.

Anna and John come back into the mansion. She cannot believe that someone would slash John’s tires. He thinks Rolf did it. Anna cant believe it. John explains that Rolf would kill his own mother if it pleased Stefano. Anan isn’t even sure Rolf knows Stefano is awake. John thinks he does. Serving Stefano is in his blood. Anna asks if he has another car. John says EJ has it, conveniently, but it’s no matter. He has a bike. He heads off as Anna asks what kind of bike he has. He comes back downstairs with a helmet and tosses it at her. She gasps and says se is wearing high heels. Can’t they just take a cab?

Tony demands to know if Stefano did anything to Marlena. Stefano snaps. Since when does he answer to him? Tony says this isn’t a joke. If Marlena is missing, the police won’t have a long list of suspects now that Stefano is awake. Stefano says he doesn’t care. Tony wants to know what he has done to Marlena. She’s innocent. Stefano says there is no such thing as an innocent person. As for what he did to her--well, he’ll just say that he believes in ‘an eye for an eye.’ Tony still doesn’t think Marlena is capable of hurting anyone. Stefano flies into a rage. After all he has been through, how dare Tony have the audacity to interrogate him? Tony tells Stefano to forget it. He can’t get through to Stefano anyway. He likes to get his own way and ruin others’ lives. That’s the way it has always been. Stefano cannot believe how disloyal Tony is. Tony says that his loyalties lie with Anna, and no one else. Stefano fumes, saying that Marlena injected him with a drug that induced his coma. We flash back to Marlena injecting him with the drug. Stefano insists that she shattered and tortured him, and unfortunately for her, she did not succeed in sending him to hell. Now she will pay for the rest of her miserable life. Tony asks him if he has proof. Stefano glares. His word isn’t sufficient? Tony doesn’t think it will hold up in court. Stefano says he isn’t taking this to court. Besides, he knows because she told him what she was doing to him, step by step. He was completely frozen, and he’ll never forget the look on her face. She looked happy. Tony shakes his head. Stefano can’t believe that Tony thinks he is making this up. Every moment for him was like torture. He tears up. Can Tony imagine what it was like to be trapped in his own body, trying to scream for help to no avail? Tony thinks it must have been hell. He ought to know, since Stefano sent him there. Stefano chuckles. Now he is awake, and he feels more alive than ever. If the citizens of Salem thought he was bad before they haven’t seen anything yet.

Anna and John come into Marlena’s room to find her on the floor. Anna panics. John grabs her and tells her calmly to call 911. Anna does so as John notes that Marlena isn’t breathing. He starts to perform mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions. Sami and EJ rush in just then. Sami shrieks, asking what happened to her mom.

Stefano cannot believe that Tony is siding with the enemy. Tony sighs. He thinks Stefano might have been mistaken about what Marlena injected him with. He spoke to Roman, and he and Abe said that Stefano was injected with sodium pentothal. Stefano scoffs. That wouldn’t cause his coma. Tony shrugs. Perhaps he had an averse reaction to it. Stefano says that this was no averse reaction. Tony says whether it was or no, he ought to be happy that he has survived. His legacy is important to his entire family. Tony thinks that Stefano has the opportunity to prove that he is the better man. He can prove to all of his detractors that they were wrong about him. Stefano refuses. Even if he wanted to, it is much too late.

John works on Marlena. Sami bawls and begs her to wake up. Suddenly, Marlena gasps. Sami cries with relief. John grins. Anna sighs with relief.

Stefano asks Tony if he thinks he is faking his paralysis. Tony isn’t sure what to think anymore. He spies Anna outside and comes out. She tells him about her and John finding Marlena unconscious. Tony gapes. Anna thinks Stefano had something to do with this. Perhaps the next time, Tony will think better about telling everyone that Stefano is awake, so he can’t hurt anyone else.

Sami, EJ and John stand by as Kayla heads into Marlena’s room. The nurse is glad they found Marlena when they did. EJ thanks John for finding her when he did. Sami glares, saying that it was the least they could do. Kayla ushers all three of them out, saying she will let them know when she has more information on Marlena’s condition. Out in the waiting room, Sami fumes about what that maniac might have done to her mother. They have to find out what happened. John says that he will go talk to Stefano. Sami says he can’t do it right now. Her mom needs him.

The nurse tells Kayla that they suspect poisoning since the EMTs found a syringe at the residence. She says blood is on its way down to toxicology. Kayla thanks her and the nurse heads off. Kayla leans over Marlena’s bed, concerned. She vows to do whatever she can to help her. She spots John outside and heads out to tell him they’re running tests on Marlena. He smirks, saying that the hospital is good at that. Kayla thinks he is one cold bastard. She saw him standing at the back of the church during Bo and Hope’s wedding. The old John never would have stood by while Bo was arrested at his own wedding. She thinks he looked happy. John wouldn’t go that far. Kayla says there was a time when Bo and Hope were like his family. Today, it was almost as if he was reveling in their misery. John thinks she saw what she wanted to see. She will never know how he feels. He suggests she stop analyzing him and get back to work on her patient. Kayla says it’s hard because they all know he’s a good man. They see glimmers from time to time, like when he was so heroic in the plane crash, and again tonight when he saved Marlena. Maybe those feelings are buried so deep that he can’t remember them, but she thinks he needs to be reminded that Marlena is the love of his life. John heads in to see Marlena. Sami comes up outside and watches him.

Tony asks about Anna’s helmet, and she explains that she had to ride around town on John’s Harley looking for Marlena. Tony thinks she is really courageous. He is in awe of her, and wishes he had a tenth of the heart and nerve she has. Ann blushes and thanks him. She thinks he has a lot of nerve and bravery in him. Tony kisses her and tells her that he has to go have a serious talk with his father. He heads in and Stefano asks how Marlena is. Tony snaps. She’s fighting for her life, of course. Stefano is glad that at least Tony can see that he is a man of his word. Tony cannot believe he has done this to an innocent person. Stefano shrugs. She drew first blood. He had to respond. Tony says that he refuses to share Stefano’s psychotic glee over this. Stefano asks Tony how dare he call him psychotic after he has suffered over the last few months. He wants Tony out of his sighs. Before he goes, he tells him that this was no random act of violence. This act had purpose. He says that he promised to send Marlena to hell. Now he is making good on that promise.

Sami comes in to Marlena’s room, and John says there is no change. Sami thinks it’s hard to see her mom like this since she is so used to seeing that others are taken care of. She tells John that she knows they haven’t gotten along lately. John doesn’t want to do this right now, but Sami thinks it’s important. He saved her mom’s life. John says they’re eve now. Sami tells John that Marlena loves him and always will. Sami believe he loves her, too, but he just doesn’t realize it. She knows he is sick of hearing other people tell him how he used to be. Sami thinks they all need to start having faith in who he is now. John says that he will hold her to that.

Anna and Kayla talk about Marlena, and Kayla says they are still waiting on test results. Anan asks if she has heard any news about Bo and Hope, but Kayla says she hasn’t. She honestly isn’t very optimistic about the whole situation. The charges against Bo are serious. Anna can’t believe he would do this. Kayla can. Bo’s family has always been more important to him than his career. Kayla says she has to go, but thanks Anna for helping to save Marlena’s life. Anna says it was all John. Kayla supposed they both deserve a thank you. She heads off.

Stefano wondered what happened to Tony. He used to have backbone. Now he is losing his mettle, and it makes Stefano sad. Tony scoffs. He was always under Stefano’s control. He calls that backbone? Stefano meant that he had guts. Mutiny and courage are not the same thing. Tony refuses to let Stefano turn Salem into his carnival of horrors. Stefano chuckles. When has Tony ever let him do anything? Tony says he doesn’t have the heart to se innocent people get hurt. He knows Stefano will say this is about family, bit it isn’t. Its about power and revenge. Stefano says this is all about family. Tony had better go ahead and pick a side, because the lines are about to be drawn in the sand. Tony asks Stefano what he is going to do. Stefano says that he will just have to wait and see.

Anna tells EJ that he ought to try going home and to sleep, but EJ says he has been having trouble lately. Just then, Sami comes out and asks to speak to EJ alone. They head off. Anna prays to God to protect them all from Stefano’s evil. Just then, smoke spews out of one of the vents in the waiting room.


Steve asks Kayla, “What happened to Marlena?” She replies, “She's been injected with a paralyzing toxin.” Marlena murmurs, “Stefano.”

Sami tells EJ, “As soon as they find out what Stefano did to my mother, I hope John kills him.” John says, “So, it is to be.”

Stefano says, “Hello, John.”

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