Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/08


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At St. Luke’s, the reporter, Brad, accuses Bo of being a disgrace to the force. Roman asks Bo what he’s talking about. Bo sweats and tells the reporter that this isn’t the time or place of this. Brad thinks this is all very nice, but he has to cover this story. It’s going to sell a ton of papers. Caroline asks Victor if he had anything to do with this. Hope tells Brad that he has no right to come barging in here. Brad says that he has a proof. He waves a piece of paper around, asking if they all want to know what Bo did.

Melanie is at the police station in Marseille. Apparently, she has been arrested because her friend Tiffany has accused her of stealing a bracelet. Melanie claims to be innocent, but Tiffany knows what a kleptomaniac she is. The cops search Melanie, but don’t find the bracelet. Melanie scoffs, saying she wouldn’t want that cheap bracelet anyway. Tiffany tosses her hair, declaring that those diamonds were real. Melanie says they were about as real as her boobs nose, and hair. The girls go at each other just a max comes in. He step between them, breaking it up.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Tony and Stefano have a chat. Stefano bemoans the fact that he has no one to turn to now that both of his sons have betrayed him. EJ doesn’t understand why Stefano is keeping his consciousness a secret, and he says that he wants to wait until the time is right for everyone to know. Tony thinks the time is right now. Stefano would be surprised at what has happened since he has been incapacitated. Stefano says he knows exactly what is going on, and everyone that betrayed him is going to pay. He knows that John took over his empire. Tony asks if John knows that he is awake. Stefano says that isn’t it. He flashes back to the first time John and Marlena visited him at the facility. John tells him all about his plans to take over his home and business. He also divulges that he met Colleen and knew she was his mother. John further admits to Stefano that they are half-brothers. Stefano comes back to the present and chuckles. He is going to make everyone that betrayed him pay.

On the floor of her bedroom, Marlena lies sprawled on the floor, seemingly unconscious. A syringe lies nearby.

Morgan and Phillip play poker out by the pool at the Kiriakis mansion. Morgan beats him soundly with a full house and proposes another game. Phillip flirts, saying he is sure to beat her next time. Suddenly, Morgan gets a call from her mom, but decides not to answer it. Phillip asks if they are having problems, and Morgan admits that they are because of her dad. She hasn’t seen him in two months, and is sick with worry, but her mom doesn’t even seem to care. She isn’t sure what happened, as her parents used to be really close.

Roman and Abe demand to know what is going on. Brad explains that Bo has been accused of tampering with police evidence. Everyone in the church gasps. Roman thinks the accusation is ridiculous. Brad says he has proof. In fact, he is pretty sure that Hope can help all of them out with it. Hope glares at him as John peers inside the church.

Phillip asks Morgan what went wrong with her parents’ marriage. She explains that her mother’s family was rich, and that always rankled with her father, who wanted to be his own man. She gave him some money to start his own business, and when it went under, she never let up about it. They tried to keep it together for her as long as they could. Phillip tries to soothe her as Morgan bursts into tears. She misses her dad so much. Phillip says he is sorry, but Morgan says he shouldn’t be. The only person that ought to be sorry is John Black.

Stefano tells Tony and EJ that he plans to get his revenge on John Black. He will make him pay for hat he has done, and he will make him his pawn again. Poor Marlena must be going through a lot right now.

Marlena wakes up briefly, then passes out again.

When Tiffany tells Max what is going on, he asks if the bracelet Melanie gave him earlier is the on she’s looking for .Tiffany says it is and Max gives it back to her, hoping there’s no hard feelings. He thinks that Melanie needs to apologize. Tiffany says she won’t accept it and decides to press charges against both of them. Despite their protests, Max and Melanie are both thrown into a cell.

Brad reads the email that was sent to the police station about the missing evidence. Kate decides it’s a good time to hightail it out of there, and she surreptitiously wheels Victor off. Roman accuses Brad of tampering with police computers to get the evidence, but Brad denies it. Roman wants him to come talk to them down at the station. Brad gets excited, yelling that Bo is protecting the murderer of Paul Hollingsworth.

Phillip vows to do anything to help Morgan find her father. She thanks him and he says he will make some phone calls and see if he can find anything out. He says that he would do anything for her and kisses her. Just then, Kate and Victor come in, asking for a moment alone with Phillip. Morgan heads inside. Victor breaks the bad news to Phillip--the press knows about the tape.

Abe asks Bo about the evidence. Bo fidgets and sweats. Brad yelps that there was a tape, but Bo got rid of it. Abe asks Bo if there was a tape. Bo closes his eyes and swallows. He admits that there was.

Melanie tells Max that Tiffany just hates her because her boyfriend dumped her for her. Max groans. He doesn’t know how they are going to get out of here. Melanie says she has an idea. She sidles over to the guard and makes up a sob story about singing at her grandmother’s funeral. The guard tells her that she isn’t going anywhere until she makes bail. Melanie huffs back over to Max, who wonders what’s wrong with her. Just then, Stephanie comes in, asking about Max. She offers to bail him out of jail, but when the guard asks about Melanie, Stephanie says she isn’t here to get her out.

EJ assures Stefano that he and Tony both care about him, but Stefano isn’t so sure. After all, EJ ratted him out to Marlena and gave up his secret about John. EJ swears that he just did that to get to Sami. He wasn’t being inherently disloyal. Stefano says that making the person pay that put him here is of the utmost importance right now. Tony leans in, asking who that is.

Marlena wakes up again and manages to pull her purse of the nightstand. The contents spill all over the floor. Marlena grabs her phone, then passes out again.

Everyone stares at Bo in shock. Abe takes Brad down to the station for questioning. Bo looks around and apologizes to everyone. Roman asks him what the hell is going on. Bo tells Roman not to worry. No one else is going to have to pay for his mistake. He knew that what he was doing is wrong, and he’s prepared to accept the consequences. John watches in the back.

Max says that he knows how Stephanie feels about Melanie, but he wishes she would bail her out, too. Stephanie flatly refuses, saying that Melanie is a spoiled thoughtless brat. Sitting here might do her some good. Melanie ignores her and asks the guard for a phone. She needs to make a call.

Victor tells Phillip that none of this looks very good for Bo. He has already called Gene Briscoe, his lawyer about the whole thing. Phillip groans, saying that this is all his fault. Suddenly, Morgan brings a phone out to Victor, saying it’s been ringing off the hook. Kate takes Victor back inside to take the call. Phillip tells Morgan that it’s time she knew what was going on.

Hope tugs on Bo’s arm, asking him to take her home. He says he is sorry, but he doesn’t think he is going home. Roman sorrowfully agrees. Chelsea yelps that they can’t arrest her dad. Daniel tries to soothe her.

Stefano tells Tony not to worry about who did this to him. He has already taken care of everything. EJ asks who did this. Stefano admits that it was Marlena. She is going to pay. Tony and EJ gape.

Marlena’s phone beeps. She struggles to speak.

Melanie throws a tantrum as Max sits glumly by her side. She yells at the guard to go ahead and hang her. Stephanie comes back with bad news. She doesn’t even have enough money to bail Max out. Melanie nastily suggests that Stephanie hike her skirts and get to work on the streets. French men can be quite generous--especially to brunettes. Stephanie gasps just as Georges shows up. She pulls him aside and he admits that he is here to bail Melanie out. He sold his watch to get the money. Stephanie hisses at him not to be crazy. Melanie catches sight of him and bats her eyelashes. She says they can be together if he gets her out of here. Stephanie urges him not to listen to Melanie. He can’t do this.

Phillip tells Morgan about the tape on which he threatened to kill Paul. He admits that he shouldn’t have said that, and reiterates that he had nothing to do with her father’s disappearance.

Roman tells Bo how sorry he is, but Bo understands. He tells Hope and Chelsea not to worry, and that he will be fine.

Georges bails Melanie out of jail and she flounces past Stephanie, sarcastically saying that she will miss her. They both leave. Stephanie asks the guard if there is anything she can do. She claims to be upset at being separated from Max. The guard says he knows how to fix that, an the next thing we see is Stephanie behind bars with Max. Max asks if they have a payment plan for bail, but the guard says they don’t do things the American way. Max and Stephanie shout after him as he leaves them alone.

Morgan slaps Phillip, tells him to go to hell, and storms out. Kate walks in just then, asking what’s going on. Phillip tells her that he told Morgan about the tape. Kate thinks he is better off without her. She swears that she and Victor will protect Phillip from whatever was on that tape. Phillip brushes past her to go after Morgan.

Mickey tells Bo that he will go with him down to the station as Roman leads him off. The rest of the family glumly follows. John comes into the empty church and crosses something off in his notebook.

Tony thinks Stefano is crazy. EJ agrees. Marlena would never hurt anyone. Stefano tells them they are both wrong. She set out to destroy his life and now he is going to return the favor.

Marlena lies unconscious on her floor.


EJ tells Stefano, "Father, we're just trying to understand better so that we can help." He replies, "How could you help me now?"

Anna says, "I was really looking for Marlena but I couldn't find her so--" John interrupts, "Are you going to tell me something about Stefano?" Anna says, "Yes, but I don't think you're going to like it."

Sami gasps, "Oh my God, it's true." Stefano says, "You don't seem happy."

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