Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/08


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Bo and Hope continue their carriage ride. We flash back to their trip to New Orleans so many years ago. Bo and Hope kiss.

At the hospital, EJ meets Tony and Lexie. He asks why Lexie has called them both in for a meeting. Lexie tells them that this is about Stefano. She wants to know what is going on right now.

Marlena gets out of the shower at her place to find a message from John on her phone. She listens as a masked man stalks her with a hypodermic needle.

In Stefano’s room at the hospital, John takes a pillow and places it over Stefano’s face. He pushes down and hisses that Stefano stole his life. Now he is taking back control. Stefano’s machines beep wildly.

Bo and Hope ride up to the church and Bo takes Hope inside. Hope gushes over everything Bo has done for her so far. She says that he has taken her breath away. Everything reminds her so much of their time in New Orleans. Bo smiles and reminisces. That was where she first became his. Even back then, he knew they would be together forever. Bo gets down on one knee and asks Hope to marry him. She throws her arms around his neck and agrees. She tells him how much this means to her as they enter the church. The whole family waits inside and Hope cries with joy. Bo thanks everyone for being there. He explains how important it is that they have the people that they love around them for this. He adds that even though Shawn and Belle couldn’t be here, they sent a letter. He reads it aloud. Inside, Shawn congratulates Bo and Hope and thanks them for their example. Because of them, he and Belle have a strong, healthy relationship and a great family. Bo talks about how lucky he is to have Hope, and how scary it was when he almost lost his life. Today is to celebrate everything that the two of them have been through. Bo adds that since they have done his a few times before, they’re having Caroline and Doug officiate in lieu of a priest.

John presses the pillow down on Stefano’s face. Suddenly, his phone rings. He glances at the caller ID and smirks. He removes the pillow, telling Stefano that he has more important things to do right now. He’ll be back shortly. John answers the phone to find Marlena on the other line. He tells her about how Ava left town. The police already know, but he wonders how that could be. He asks Marlena if she was the one that turned Ava in. The masked man pops out of Marlena’s closet and approaches her.

Doug tells the group all about the first time he saw Bo and how much he disapproved. He never would have thought he’d see the two of them together after all of these years. We flash back to Bo riding in on his stolen motorcycle and rescuing Hope from marrying someone else. Doug says there is so much more to Bo than he thought possible on that day. Doug hands it over to Steve and Kayla, and they talk about Bo and Hope exchanging their vows at Oak Alley Plantation. We flash back to the two doing so.

Lexie tells EJ and Tony that she didn’t want to have this meeting, as she ought to be at church, but the two of them are acting strangely. A few months ago, neither of them could care less what happened to Stefano, and now all of a sudden, the two of them are playing the role of the concerned sons. EJ and Tony squirm. Lexie huffs. She wants to know what is going on with the two of them, and she wants to know now.

Kayla talks about Bo and Hope’s wedding in England. We flash back to that as well, and next we see Bo and Hope setting sail on the Fancy Face as Steve and Kayla wave goodbye. Steve talks about how they returned to town, but circumstances kept them apart. Next we have a flashback of Zach’s birth. Bo tells Hope that he will always be with them in their hearts. Hope cries and agrees. Next, Kayla talks about their wedding on Christmas. We flash back to the two of them exchanging rings. Kayla says that the two of them have been through a lot, but she is sure that the best is yet to come. Bo and Hope smile at each other.

Tony tells Lexie that nothing is going on. She knows as well as they do that if Stefano wakes up, he will furious at anyone that is disobedient. EJ agrees. Lexie thinks they might be right. His tests show that he should be awake.

Marlena tells John that he is right. She saw Ava’s letter on the floor, and called the police after she read it. She says she is sorry, but she had to do it. She did it to protect him form getting into any more trouble. He asks John where he is, and when he tells her that he is in Stefano’s room, she asks him not to do anything foolish. The masked man approaches.

Caroline takes over for Steve and Kayla and reads a poem from Alice that she used to read to Tom every year. Hope thanks her through her tears, and Doug suggest that read their vows. Hope whispers to Bo that she hasn’t prepared anything. Bo thinks it’s ok. She does, too, and plans to speak from her heart. She says that she still sees the man she fell in love with so many years ago. He still makes her heart thump when he looks at her. She trusts him intrinsically, and she thinks he is an honest and god man. In short, he is her hero. She loves him more every day, and no matter what happens, they will always be together. She says she loves him.

As the masked man creeps up on her, Marlena asks John if he is still there. He tells her that Stefano is now at his mercy, as he was once at Stefano’s mercy. Marlena begs him not to do anything again, and he tells her that the old bastard is safe for now. He has something else that he needs to do. John hangs up and puts the pillow over Stefano’s face. He vows to keep control over the empire and walks out.

Bo tells Hope that he worked on his vows for a long time, but he kept wanting to say the same things. Essentially ,he loves only her, and he would not be the man he is today without her love and support. Doug says that it is now time to exchange the rings. Hope says she doesn’t have hers anymore. Bo pulls out a box and opens it. Hope gasps.

Lexie asks Tony and EJ if they are saying that they should avoid angering their father in case he wakes up. Tony and EJ agree. Tony thinks whatever is going to happen is going to happen. They just need to let him wake up naturally and go from there. Lexie says she has to go to Bo and Hope’s wedding now, but they will have to talk again later. She heads off.

Marlena gets dressed. She hears a noise, whirls around, and gasps.

Lexie sneaks into the church and sits next to Abe as Hope gapes at her ring. She asks Bo how it is possible. He tells her that this is a duplicate of the ring that went down with the boat. He coaxed the jeweler out of retirement, and had the ring engraved with the original date as well as today’s. Hope cries as he puts it on. She reminds him softly that she doesn’t have a ring for him. He calls Ciara over, and she has the ring. Bo explains to Hope that this is Shawn Sr.’s ring. Caroline wanted him to have it. Just then, Kayla sees John standing in the back of the church. Bo and Hope exchange rings and Doug instructs them to kiss.

EJ heads into Stefano’s room and asks him to wake up. They need to talk. Tony comes in just then and gasps. So EJ knows that Stefano is awake as well?

The masked man pounces on Marlena. She yells at him to stay away. He raises his needle. She warns to him to get back.

Tony and EJ head out in the hallway, demanding to know of the other why he didn’t tell. They both divulge that Stefano swore them to secrecy. They both wonder why Stefano lied to them, and head back in to his room to find out. EJ says they both know Stefano is awake. Tony wants to know what he is up to. Stefano’s eyes snap open.

Marlena grabs a letter opener from her desk and threatens the man.

Julie thanks Doug for the wonderful ceremony as Bo invites everyone back to the house for a New Orleans-style feast. Suddenly, a man introducing himself as a reporter shows up, wanting a quote from Bo. Hope thinks this is part of the wedding surprise, but Bo says it isn’t. The reporter wants to know how the detective sleeps at night, considering that he is a liar and disgrace to the police department. Bo gapes.

Marlena vows to stab the man if he comes any closer. He lunges for her. She shrieks and jabs at him with the letter opener. She misses and makes a run for it. The man catches up to her and throws her on the bed. Marlena screams. The man prepares to stab her with the needle.


Abe asks, "There is no evidence, is there Bo?"

Tony tells Stefano, "You have no idea what's happened since you've been incapacitated." Stefano replies, "You'd be surprised. Now I'm going to make everyone else who betrayed me pay."

Marlena lies on the floor, seemingly unconscious.

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