Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo asks Chelsea about the flowers. She says they’ve arrived and that they’re beautiful. Bo worries that he didn’t get enough. He paces around, admitting hat he is pretty nervous. Chelsea tell him to relax. Everything is going to be fine, and Hope is going to love her surprise. Maggie, Steve, Kayla, and Julie show up. Julie frets about Bo and Kayla not being dressed. Kayla and Maggie talk about Stefano and how he might come out of his coma. Bo says that he would rather talk about something else. Just then, Hope bursts in, asking what’s going on.

At the hospital, John asks EJ how Stefano is. EJ says the test results have all come back normal. He just hasn’t woken up yet. John wants to head in to see him, but EJ wants to talk first. He got a call from the D.A.’s office, and they seem to think that Ava has skipped bail. John says she has. She left him a note. EJ thinks he should have told him about it sooner. Jon reminds EJ that he didn’t tell him what was going on with Ava’s case. EJ says that it was Ava’s place to tell John that, not his. John grumps about Fitzpatrick being taken off the case. EJ reminds him he bribed a judge, not the whole legal system. John is still upset that he wasted money. EJ says that he is other things o worry about , like his own trial. John hopes EJ will protect his interests better than he did Ava’s. EJ frets. When Ava is found, she’ll get the maximum sentence. John isn’t worried. She’s a Vitali. They know how to disappear.

In Stefano’s room, Lexie tells Tony that she was here all night, monitoring Stefano. He hasn’t moved a muscle, but he should be awake, according to the test results. Tony gets the feeling that Stefano is biding his time, and waiting for the right moment to wake up. Lexie says they don’t have to worry about him. He’s been immobile so long that his muscles have atrophied. It will take weeks of physical therapy before he’s able to move again. Tony asks what happens now, and Lexie tells him that they will monitor him here for a few days. If there is no change, he’ll be sent back to the long-term care facility. Lexie heads off to do her rounds, and Tony cases the door behind her. Stefano says Tony’s name. He turns around and gapes. He starts to go for Lexie, but Stefano stops him, asking him not to tell anyone that he is awake. If Tony does this for him, all will be forgiven.

Maggie tells Hope that they have to get her dressed. Hope asks Bo what’s going on. Is this the surprise? Bo shrugs sheepishly. He couldn’t think of a better time to do it. Julie pulls out a make-up brush and tells Hope to close her eyes. She tells Bo and Steve to head off, as the ladies can take care of it from here. The head for the kitchen as Hope begs to be let in on the big secret. Kayla says that she will find out soon enough. Right now, she just needs to relax and let herself be pampered.

In the kitchen, Bo and Steve have a beer. Bo asks Steve if he thinks Hope is surprised. Steve does. Bo can’t believe he almost called this thing off. Steve asks him what changed his mind. Bo tells him that Kayla and Hope did. Hope found out all about Phillip and the tape. Steve nods. He knew she would. Bo says she was pretty upset, since she knows this can come back to bite him in the butt. The problem is that someone knows he took the evidence. Steve asks who. Bo says it was the same person that made Paul disappear. He thinks it’s John and his little partner, Ava. Steve can’t believe that. Bo tells him about the anonymous email and the surveillance tape showing Ava sending it. Steve asks if his name was on the email. Bo says no, and Steve thinks he’s safe. Bo isn’t sure for how long. Steve asks what he is going to do. Bo says he’s going to find out whoever is responsible for this and put them behind bars.

John asks EJ if the D.A. told him how he found out Ava left town. EJ says that he didn’t say. John says he has his suspicions. It was probably best that Ava left town. EJ hopes that John isn’t thinking of joining her. John says he isn’t. EJ hopes not. He doesn’t need another of his clients skipping bail. He wonders if John knows where Ava is. John says he doesn’t. EJ doesn’t think John would tell him if he did know. John agrees. EJ asks if John had real feelings for Ava. John says he did, as much as he is capable. He is sure she cared for him, too. It doesn’t matter now that she is gone. EJ thinks he needs to start focusing on his own trial. John has every intention of defeating these charges. Afterwards, he will get revenge on Phillip for getting him into this mess. EJ asks if John is going call on his services for that. John isn’t sure. He tells EJ that Stefano will probably wake up soon. He will want to retake control of his company. The time is near when EJ will have to make a choice. EJ smiles. If he has to choose between John and his father, he is going to choose himself. He chuckles and walks off.

Julie finishes Hope’s makeup, and she admires Julie’s handiwork. Just then, Glorianne shows up. Hope didn’t know she made house calls. Julie hustles Glorianne upstairs to set up before she can spill the secret. Hope pulls Chelsea aside and asks her to tell her the secret. She threatens to revoke Chelsea’s privilege to borrow her jewelry. Chelsea thinks that’s harsh. Anyhow, she promised she wouldn’t tell. Maggie and Kayla congratulate her. Hope laughs, saying they weren’t supposed to hear that conversation.

Tony argues with Stefano, saying that he needs medical attention. He has to tell Lexie, and EJ should know as well. Stefano shakes his head. If he is to live, then the person that did this to him mustn’t know that he is awake. Tony asks if he is saying someone causes his stroke. Stefano nods. Tony asks who did this to him. Anna walks in just then and gaps, “OMG!”

Bo talks to Caroline on the phone and thanks her for thinking of including something of Pop’s. He knows that Hope will love it. He hangs up as Chelsea comes in to let Bo know that Hope is getting her hair done. Bo says that Steve is setting everything up in the back. Chelsea thinks that what he is doing is really romantic. She hopes a guy will do something like this for her one day. Bo thinks someone will. He hugs her.

Glorianne corms downstairs and presents Hope to Maggie, Julie, and Kayla, who applaud her curly hair. Hope says she thinks she has figured out what’s going on. Bo is taking her to a nice dinner. Maggie thinks that’s a good guess. Hope begs them for a clue. They think about, then refuse, chuckling.

Anna asks Tony if she hear right. Was he talking to Stefano? Tony tells her that Lexie told him that hearing voices could help bring Stefano back. Anna is aghast. Why would he want to? Tony reminds her that Stefano is his father. Anna pulls a crucifix out of her purse. She brought this just in case he wakes up. They can use it to stab him right through his black heart. Tony hauls her outside as Stefano peeks at them. Tony tells Anna that there’s something he has to tell her.

John calls Marlena and leaves her a message, saying that they have to talk.

Maggie tells Julie and Kayla that Bo had her chef make gumbo and crawfish etoufée especially for the surprise. Just then, Hope comes down in her dress. The others ooh and aah their approval. Hope asks if she heard Maggie right about the food. She hasn’t had those things since she and Bo were in New Orleans. Hope flashes back to that trip with Bo. He carries her upstairs and they make love. Hope comes back to the present and says that trip was special because that was were they were first married. It wasn’t legal, of course, and it was just the two of them, but it was on of the most magical day of her life. Hope flashes back to coming downstairs in her gigantic white wedding dress, and exchanging vows with Bo. Hope comes back to the present, saying she gets it. She’s getting married today, isn’t she? Julie and Kayla exchange glances.

EJ comes in to see Stefano, saying that it is hard to see him this way. He didn’t want to send him away to the long-term care facility, but the doctors thought it was the right thing to do. He tells Stefano all about his grandson. He thinks Johnny is sharp as a tack, just like his grandfather. He hopes that Stefano can see him soon. He turns to go, and Stefano opens his eyes, and calls EJ by name. EJ turns around and gapes.

Steve comes in from the backyard and tells him that Doug and Mickey are setting up lights for the reception. He saw Hope and she looks gorgeous. Bo wants to go see her, too, but Steve stops him. He’s under strict instructions not to let Bo see the bride. Steve thinks what he is doing for Hope is pretty cool. Bo nods. They have been through a lot, and she stood by him when most people wouldn’t have. She’s amazing, and he’s a lucky guy. Steve agrees, but reminds Bo that he is a good man, too. He deserves this. Bo and Steve head off to get dressed.

Tony isn’t sure how to tell Anna this. She tells him to just say it. He tells her that Stefano’s awake. He heard everything she said. Anna shrieks. Stefano is awake?! John and Lexie are standing right behind her. Lexie asks if it’s true. Tony sighs.

EJ tells Stefano that he has to go get Lexie. Stefano says he can’t tell anyone that he is awake. EJ reminds him that Lexie is his daughter, and a good doctor. Stefano agrees about her being a good doctor, but her worth as a daughter--well, the jury is still out on that. Just as the jury is still out on Elvis and Anthony. EJ says that Stefano has been in a coma. He needs to be checked out. Stefano says he feels invigorated. He can’t move much yet, but he is feeling stronger. EJ asks how long he has been conscious. Stefano says all that matters is that he is recovering. EJ agrees; it’s just that he said something earlier and want to know if he heard him. Stefano asks if he meant that he apologized and asked for forgiveness. EJ says it was something like that. He heads off to get Lexie, and Stefan warns him not to let his first act be one of disobedience. There are things that he needs to do. EJ can’t imagine what those might be. Stefano asks him to just trust him and not say anything to anyone. EJ reluctantly agrees.

Maggie tells Hope that she’s right. She’s getting married. Chelsea comes in just then, asking why they let the cat out of the bag. Julie says that Hope guessed. Kayla tells her that Bo has been planning this for months. Hope’s eyes fill with tears. Chelsea runs over with a tissue. Maggie present Hope with her something old--a handkerchief from the Brady hope chest. Kayla has her something new--a bracelet Hope admired in a store. Julie is next with her something borrowed--a necklace that belonged to their mother. Hope thanks her tearfully. It feels like her mother is here. Lastly, Chelsea presents Hope with a blue lacy garter for her something blue. Hope thanks them all so much for making this day special. Kayla thanks her for making her brother so happy for all of these years. Hope squeals, saying she can’t believe she is getting married again.

Tony tells Lexie and John that he was just explaining to Anna that Stefano can hear everything they say since he has normal brain activity. John nods, saying that Stefano could also be awake. He heads into his room to check. Tony pleads with Lexie, saying that John cant be alone with Stefano. Lexie heads in after John. Anna wonders why Tony didn’t tell them the truth. He explains that Stefano asked him not to. He told Anan because she is his wife, and he vowed to never lie to her again. Anna sighs. She Can’t believe this is happening when they were so happy. Tony promises that they will still be happy. Anna isn’t so sure. With Stefano waking up, it feels like something horrible is about to happen.

Julie applies waterproof mascara so Hope can cry all she wants. Chelsea comes in, asking if Hope is ready. She gives Hope her bouquet and Julie tells her it’s time. Her bridegroom is waiting. Hope heads out the door with Kayla. Maggie suggests that she Julie and Chelsea get ready.

John thinks they should give Stefano a dose of anti-psychotic drugs and send him back where he came from. EJ says that they aren’t going to do that. Tony agrees. John wonders why not as Lexie comes in. John says it’s about time. EJ asks what’s going on, and John says that Lexie is going to give Stefano some more tests. Lexie pulls out some instruments and tells him she’s going to be testing how conscious Stefano is. Lexie starts with Stefano’s hands as EJ wonders what she is hoping to accomplish. Lexie is hoping he’ll show that he feels pain. Stefano’s eyes pop open. John grins. He knew the bastard was awake.

Hope is outside, blindfolded. She asks Kayla what’s going on as the blindfold is removed. Just then, a horse-drawn carriage pulls up. Hope gasps and turns around to see Bo in a tuxedo. She hugs and kisses him, thanking him for everything. We flash back to Bo and Hopes trip to New Orleans years ago and their carriage ride. In the present, Bo carries Hope to the carriage and they ride off, laughing and kissing.

John tells Stefano to open his eyes. He knows he’s awake. Lexie thinks it might have just been a muscle spasm. John tells Lexie not to fall for his tricks. He’s a master deceiver. Tony asks about his prognosis. Lexie shrugs. He’s non-responsive, so she’s going to have to run more tests. She asks everyone to step outside. Once there, Lexie wants to discuss their next move. She has been speaking to some specialists, and they have suggested electrotherapy. EJ says no way, and Tony agrees. John wants to know when they begin. EJ refuses to let them shock his father back into consciousness. Tony agrees with EJ once again. What are their other options? Lexie says she isn’t as optimistic about them. She says they don’t have to decide for a few days, but if Stefano doesn’t regain consciousness, they’ll behaving this conversation again. John heads off to take a phone call. Lexie urges them to reconsider the electrotherapy, but EJ and Tony both refuse. Lexie is suspicious. Is there something going on with their father that they aren’t telling her?

Marlena arrives home, on the phone with Sami. She says she has to go take a shower so she can get over to the hospital. She hangs up and heads off to the bathroom. A masked man enters her room holding a syringe. In his bed, Stefano chuckles long and hard.


Hope tells Bo, “I look into your eyes and I still see the man I fell helplessly in love with when I was just a girl.”

Lexie tells EJ and Tony, “I want to know what’s going on with the two of you and I want to know now.”

John puts a pillow over Stefano’s face and bears down.

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