Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Marseille, Melanie and Max sit at the café. He explains that he is her brother, but she doesn’t believe him. She is sure someone put him up to this. Whatever they said about her was a lie. Max assures her that he is telling the truth. In fact, he found out about her through their father, Trent. Melanie is still suspicious. If he is her brother, then why is he just surfacing now? Max tells her all about how Trent gave him up, and how he was adopted by the Bradys. He pulls out the picture of himself with his mother to show her. Melanie still wonders why Trent never said anything to her. She takes out her phone, saying that she is going to call him. Max yells that she can’t do that.

Phillip is sun tanning outside at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope bursts in just then, saying that they need to talk. Phillip wonders to what he owes this pleasure. Hope narrows her eyes. She thinks he knows.

At the DiMera mansion, John heads downstairs, looking for Ava. He finds her note and starts to read it. It says that she will be miles away by the time he gets this note. John sighs. He thinks she is making a big mistake. The bell rings just then, and John answers it to find Marlena. She tells him that Stefano has had a seizure. She thought he’d like to know he might be coming out of the coma.

In Stefano’s hospital room, EJ paces. He tells Tony he thinks the seizure might have made their father worse. He hasn’t moved a muscle since he arrived. Tony says that’s how alligators behave just before they attack. Tony is sure Stefano’s brain is already percolating and forming plans for revenge. When he wakes up, Tony fears he’ll bring down anyone hat displeased him, especially his children. EJ sighs. Tony reminds him that they are the ones that gave up on Stefano and put him in a state hospital.

Phillip offers Hope some lemonade, but she says that this isn’t a social call. Phillip doesn’t understand. She says he knows exactly what this is about--the tape and subsequent cover-up. She wonders how he could do this to Bo. He could lose his job, his reputation, or even go to jail. Phillip wonders how she knows about this. She says that she knew something was wrong with Bo and confronted him. He told her about the tape, including how Victor badgered him into handing it over. Phillip says that Bo handed it over to protect him. He did the right thing. Hope disagrees, saying that Bo committed a crime. She should make Phillip go down to the station and confess everything, but she ha to protect her husband, and herself. She is just as guilty now that she knows. Phillip says he is sorry. Hope wonders if he really is. Phillip says that Bo was just protecting his family, and that’s honorable. Hope says that someone sent an anonymous email to the station about the evidence. Someone else knows. Phillip doesn’t think it’s a big deal, since the evidence has been destroyed. Hope huffs. He has no idea what other evidence is out there. She heard what was on that tape, and that Phillip threatened to kill Paul. Phillip swears he is innocent. Bo believes him, too. Besides, if anyone had anything o do with Paul disappearing, they both know who that person is.

John doesn’t understand how this could happen after the injection Marlena gave Stefano. She shrugs. She gave him enough for an average man, but she must have underestimated his strength of will. John sighs. She should have known better by now. He wonders if she is afraid. Stefano will probably accuse her of paralyzing him as soon as he awakens. Marlena agrees that he will, but she is more worried about John right now. Stefano doesn’t like to share his toys, and John has taken over his empire. He may as well have painted a target on his back. John asks if they are till married. Marlena says they are. John is glad. Now they can’t testify against each other. Marlena doesn’t think there will be a trial. Stefano will want to deal with them in his own way. John thinks there might be one after he kills Stefano. He storms off, and Marlena gives chase.

Kayla examines Stefano as EJ and Tony hover. Tony asks if the coma has caused a lot of permanent brain damage. Kayla isn’t sure. Sometimes people wake up completely normal after being comatose for years. Tony sighs in disappointment, saying that he’ll pray for such a miracle. EJ doesn’t understand how a seizure could cause him to awaken from the coma. Kayla says any brain activity could cause it, but she’ll know more when they get the MRI results back. She heads off. EJ can’t believe this is happening. It’s just like their father to return from the proverbial dead once again. Tony glares at Stefano. He has a feeling he is up to something even as they speak.

Melanie asks Max why she shouldn’t call her dad. He says that it’s a long story, but she isn’t buying it. He can tell her, or she can call her dad and find out from him. Max tells her that Trent doesn’t know he’s here, and they aren’t on the best of terms. He found out about her, but Trent wouldn’t give him any information. So he headed over here to find her himself. Melanie thinks this is bizarre. He flew over here to track down a person he has never even met? Max says she is family, not just anyone. Melanie says she kind of likes the idea of having a big brother who shells out money for her. Max tells her not to make a habit of that. She asks if Trent would be mad that he found her. Max thinks so. He asks her not to tell him that they met. Just then, Stephanie comes in, and Max introduces them. A French guy comes up, wanting Max’s autograph. Melanie suddenly remembers that he looks familiar because he’s a race car driver. She is glad that at least her older brother is a celebrity.

Marlena tells John that he can’t do this. When and if Stefano wakes up, they will have to deal with him in a law-abiding fashion. John thinks that’s hypocritical of her to say, considering what she did. She says that she had no choice. She isn’t proud that she poisoned him, but he had hurt both of them so much. John growls. Well, it didn’t work, so all eh has to say is, ‘good job.’ He heads off. Marlena asks where he is going, and he says to the hospital. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Marlena tries to stop him to no avail. John storms out. Marlena catches sight of Ava’s letter on the floor and picks it up. In the letter, Ava explains that there is direct evidence linking her to the plane crash, so she is skipping town so she doesn’t have to spend years in jail. She knows that they tried to keep things light, but she wants him to know that she loves him, and he is the only reason that she is hesitant to leave. She hopes he can be happy in his new skin, because he deserves it. Marlena sighs and takes out her phone. She calls Roman and tells him that Ava skipped bail and left town.

Tony tells EJ he doesn’t know why he was so upset about Stefano waking up. Some people have life changing near-death experiences. Perhaps he will wake up and throw a party. He sighs. What is he thinking? Dracula never wakes up in a good mood; he just wakes up wanting a victim. Tony isn’t even so sure it will be him. He thinks EJ might want to reconsider his position as John’s lawyer. EJ says he isn’t the only one working for John. EJ sys PR work is completely different from being his lawyer. EJ says that Stefano might appreciate it. He always told EJ to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. Tony asks if EJ considers John to be an enemy. EJ says it doesn’t matter. John has their birthright, and EJ is not happy about it. What Stefano left behind belongs to his children, not John. Tony wonders if Stefano has been biding his time, waiting to take revenge on his enemies and seize his empire back from John. Kayla comes in, saying that that is a terrifying thought. She says she has the results from the MRI and shows them to Tony and EJ. The lighter areas seem to indicate that the seizure has jump-started some brain activity. She wants Lexie to take a look at these before she says more. EJ asks if Stefano will wake up. Kayla thinks the half the town would like to know that, but they will just have to wait and see. If he doesn’t show progress over time, hell be put back in long-term care, but he’ll stay in the hospital for now. John walks in, saying that he heard the old bastard was waking up.

John tells Hope that they both know that John is behind Paul’s disappearance. Aren’t the police investigating him? Hope says she isn’t about to discuss an investigation with him, and besides, her only concern right now is Bo. He could get into serious trouble for suppressing evidence. Phillip swears that if that happens, he will do anything he can to protect him. Hope glares. That’s nice of him and all, but this could already be out of their hands.

Kayla tells John that Stefano might be able to hear him. John asks when he is waking up, and Kayla explains that they don’t know if he will, or if he will have permanent brain damage if he dos. John hopes they are so lucky. Kayla says that that’s enough. John huffs. He is only saying what everyone else is thinking. He huffs off. Kayla tells Tony and EJ that this seizure could also indicate that Stefano is deteriorating further. They want to run more tests, so she asks Tony to sign some papers at the nurses’ station. He agrees and heads off. EJ follows and tries to comfort Tony. Tony says he has to call Anna and leaves. Just then, Nicole shows up, saying that she wanted to see EJ. He hugs her, saying he is delighted to see her. He explains what happened with Stefano. The doctors are saying he could wake up, but EJ thinks it’s more the beginning of the end. Nicole says that she is sorry. She knows this is hard for him. EJ says it is. His father was always such a huge part of his lie, even though he had been trying to get away from that recently. He knows that if he wakes up, there will be hell to pay. Nicole asks what will happen if he dies. EJ says that he will be devastated.

Melanie asks Max why he quit racing. He says it’s a long story. She thinks he has a lot of those. Stephanie explains that he moved onto other things. Melanie sniffs. She was talking to her brother, not her. Anyway, it is nice to have a celebrity in the family to brag about. Max says he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity. Stephanie agrees that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Melanie chuckles, asking how she would know. Max explains that Stephanie raced with him. Melanie doesn’t think she looks familiar at all. Max gets a call from Caroline and heads off to take it. Melanie thinks Max seems nice enough. Stephanie says he is a genius with a huge heart. But he isn’t perfect. He can be a bad judge of character. Melanie doesn’t think you should judge people at all. Stephanie says she ran into someone Melanie knows, a guy named Georges. Melanie’s eyes widen She wonders which one. Stephanie says it was the rich cute guy whose credit card she maxed out and then dumped. Melanie says he was an imbecile. Stephanie thinks he was sweet. Melanie glares at her as her phone rings. It’s Trent, calling to see how she’s doing. Melanie says he has been busy with summer school, and tells him she gave all her allowance to a nun collecting for a charity. Stephanie rolls her eyes. Trent agrees to wire her some more money and asks if she can talk. He wants some details about how her life has been going. Has she met any new and interesting people? She says she hasn’t as Max comes back over. She wonders who her dad had in mind.

Phillip asks Henderson to bring him the phone. Morgan says she isn’t Henderson. Phillip is glad because he could never pull that outfit off. Morgan hopes that was a compliment. He needs to be nice to her. Phillip asks why that is She says she relieved Henderson of his duties, so he has to put up with her whether he likes it or not. Phillip takes her hand, saying that he likes it very much.

Marlena shows up at the hospital and heads into Stefano’s room. He grabs her arm and tells her she isn’t going to get away with this. Marlena comes back to the present with a start and stares through the window into Stefano’s room. John comes up and tells her that she can watch, but she had better not interfere with him. She tells him that she can’t let him do this. John tells her not to worry. When he does decide to kill Stefano, it will be clean, quick, and won’t be traceable back to him.

Trent runs into Nicole at the hospital and asks for information on Max and why he went to France. Nicole tells him to be patient. She hasn’t found anything out yet, but she’ll let him know as soon as she does. Trent warns her to be civil or he will visit Victor down the hallway. He has known all about her and Victor since the beginning. Nicole can’t believe he waited this long to drop the bomb on her. Trent says he will continue to wait until the time is right. Trent thinks Victor would be upset to know she defrauded him out of so much money when they were never legally married. Nicole calls him a bastard. He tells her not to worry as long as she follows his instructions.

Max thanks Melanie for not telling Trent that he’s here. She says it’s no big deal. What her dad doesn’t know wont hurt him, and siblings have to stick together. Max asks if it is hard being so far away from her dad. Melanie says it isn’t. She has him eating out of the palm of her hand. Max thinks she is pretty good at lying to Trent. Melanie rages. How dare he call her a liar? He doesn’t know her at all! Max tries to soothe her, saying that he came here to learn more about her. She excuses herself to fix her makeup, saying she is excited. Stephanie thinks Melanie is a piece of work. Max thinks she‘s just a kid, but Stephanie disagrees. Melanie didn’t care about what happened to Georges, and she played Trent like a violin, lying to get more money. Max doesn’t care .Whatever she does to hurt Trent is just fine by him. Stephanie says she isn’t trying to tear the girl down, but she wants Max to take off his blinders. As soon as Melanie realized Max was a racecar driver, Stephanie could she the dollar bill signs in her eyes. Max grimaces. Stephanie asks if he already gave her money. Max says there was a situation. Stephanie sighs. She doesn’t want to see him getting hurt or used. Max says he knows she is concerned, but he wants her to cut Melanie some slack--at least until they hear the whole story. Stephanie promises to try. Melanie comes out of the bathroom and spots some police officers inside the café. She curses and looks for a way out.

Morgan rubs suntan lotion on Phillips’ shoulders. He thanks her and tells her she can move on to other areas now. She thinks he needs some ice water. He moves in for a kiss. She tells him not to move so fast.

Nicole tells Trent that he can’t tell anyone about their marriage. He grabs her arm, warning her to never say ‘can’t’ to him. EJ comes up just then, asking for a word with Nicole. He tells her that Stephanie sent him a text this morning, telling him that she and Max went to France to hang out with some old racing buddies. Nicole mouths that he is a lifesaver as Trent listens in. Aloud, she thanks EJ for the information. He says he is going to get some more coffee and heads off. Nicole asks Trent if he is satisfied, as she is sure he heard their whole conversation. He says he is for now, an Nicole tells him to go away. He heads off.

Marlena and John stare at Stefano. She says she doesn’t condone murder. John thinks she should have finished the old man off the first time. She says part of her regrets what she did. She is a doctor, and she used her training to hurt instead of heal. John thinks she was just meting out justice. Marlena disagrees. She did what she did out of desperation. Stefano’s one ambition in life was to destroy her family. She had to do it. John says he is grateful for his own sake. Marlena chuckles, saying that someone had to take care of him. She guesses that Ava is doing that these days. John says that isn’t exactly true. Anyway, if she doesn’t want to involve herself with Stefano, that’s fine. He, on the other hand, will find a way to diffuse the situation. Marlena asks him what he has in mind. He tells her that she doesn’t need to know the details.

Melanie tries to duck out of the café, but the officers stop her and place her under arrest. She protests, yelling for Max to help her. He follows her and the police out of the café. Stephanie throws her arms up in exasperation.

Morgan and Phillip kiss, but she stops him. He has to be careful, or he will pull his stitches. She says she spoke with Dr. Johnson and found out all about Phillip’s medications and how he should change his bandage. Phillip groans. When she said she was going to take care of him, he didn’t really think she meant it. Morgan says she did. Phillip says he is good at taking orders. She is glad. If he does what she says, they will get along just fine. He tries to kiss her again, but she stops him.

Marlena comes into Stefano’s room, saying that she isn’t sure if he can hear her, but she wants to know if he remembers what she did to him in his jail cell. She wants him to know that she would do it again in a heartbeat. Stefano stirs. Marlena’s face comes in out-of-focus. Stefano’s machines beep rapidly. Tony, Kayla, and EJ rush in. Kayla wants to know what’s going on. Marlena says she was just standing here. Tony hopes he isn’t waking up. Stefano thinks to himself, “Prepare yourselves. I will have my revenge.”


Chelsea tells Bo, “You just need to relax, decompress a little bit. Everything is going to go perfectly. Hope is going to love this.”

John tells EJ, “The time is near when you will have to a choice.”

Bo tells Steve, “Thing is, someone else knows I tampered with evidence.” Steve asks, “Who?”

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